Real Names: Unrevealed

Identity/ClassDemons possessing human mutant

Occupation: Instrument of Vengeance

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Red Right Hand, Satan;
   formerly Daken (Akihiro)

Enemies: Daken (Akihiro), Gamesmaster, Melita Garner, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch), Hellion (Julian Keller), Hellstorm (Daimon Hellstrom), Jubilee (Jubilation Lee), Amiko Kobayashi, Mystique (Raven Darkholme), Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner), Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett), John Wraith, X-23 ("Laura Kinney"), X-Club (Doctor Nemesis/James Bradley, EVA, Fantomex/Charlie-Cluster 7), X-Men (Archangel/Warren Worthington III, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Emma Frost, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Magneto/Max Eisenhardt, Rogue/Anna Marie, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Sub-Mariner/Namor MacKenzie), Yukio

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Wolverine, James Howlett, Logan

Base of Operations: Presumably back in Satan's Hell;
   formerly mobile across Earth in Wolverine (James Howlett)'s body;
   formerly Satan's Hell

First Appearance: Wolverine IV#1 (November, 2010)

Powers/Abilities: The possessed form of Wolverine regained all the powers of the original, including his powerful healing factor, his virtual immunity to poisons, most drugs and diseases. He possessed greater endurance, reflexes and superhumanly acute senses than ordinary humans. His entire skeleton was bonded to the nearly indestructible metal Adamantium, including his six retractable claws beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms. The Adamantium rendered his bones virtually unbreakable and his claws capable of penetrating almost any substance.

   In addition to these powers "Hellverine" possessed a wide variety of additional powers due to the multitude of demons possessing his form. He could teleport long distances across the globe in an instant. He could spit acid to start fires. He could summon and control vermin of any kind. He could use Hellfire in multiple ways, including shooting it from his mouth, igniting his Adamantium claws and boiling any mass of water around him. He had telekinetic powers he could use to levitate other or himself, appearing to fly or walk on water. He could turn his own blood into tendrils to use them like appendages. He was a telepath capable of trapping others in nightmarish visions, invade other people's minds during their dreams and trap other minds indefinitely. He presumably possessed even more powers, which remain unrevealed.

Height: (True forms) Variable; (possessing Wolverine) 5'3"
Weight: (True forms) Variable; (possessing Wolverine) 300 lbs.
Eyes: (True forms) Variable; (possessing Wolverine) Variable (due to possession)
Hair: (True forms) Variable; (possessing Wolverine) Black

(Wolverine IV#12 (fb) ) - Satan made a deal with the members of the Red Right Hand, who sought revenge on Wolverine, and promised them to open the gates of Hell and grant them dominion over some of his demons.

(Wolverine IV#5/2) - Mystique, posing as Wolverine's girlfriend Melita Garner, faked to be kidnapped by members of the Red Right Hand to lure Wolverine into a trailer. When Wolverine entered the trailer he found bodies hanging from the ceiling and the leader of the Red Right Hand using an incantation to summon demons to possess Wolverine's body and send his soul to Hell. Before Wolverine's soul left his body Mystique revealed herself and Wolverine swore to kill her for this. The ritual succeeded and the demons possessing Wolverine's body promised to fulfill their part of the deal and hunt down and kill whoever the Red Right Hand wanted them to though the demons also swore that as soon as they were done working for the Red Right Hand they would conquer everything.

(Wolverine IV#1 (fb) - BTS) - "Hellverine" cut through the house of a member of John Wraith's congregation and murdered a woman.

(Wolverine IV#1) - The man arrived with his wife's corpse at Wraith's First Kestrel Baptist Church and told Pastor Wraith about the attacker. John left the church after telling everyone else to stay inside and activated the security system, locking everyone else inside the church. Arming himself with an automatic rifle John heard the mines going off in the woods. He knew that it was Wolverine coming for him and that he was not even avoiding the mines. In the wood John fired at Wolverine, surprised at how fast he was moving, before he got knocked off his feet. John looked into the burning eyes of his attacker before he was swarmed by insects, snakes and other vermin. While John was incapacitated "Hellverine" made his way to the church and vomited acid on the stairs to start a fire. The church was fully on fire when John came out of the woods to attack his adversary, threatening to kill him with his bare hands, but "Hellverine" stabbed him in the gut with his Adamantium claws. John knew that this Wolverine was not Logan and wanted to know who he was and "Hellverine" just showed his eyes and asked John to tell him. John knew that his attacker came from Hell. John and his congregation died.

(X-23 III#3 (fb) - BTS) - "Hellverine" caught Gamesmaster when he tried breaking into X-23's mind.

(X-23 III#1) - In a dream "Hellverine" lured X-23 his hideout with Gamesmaster trapped in a cage above "Hellverine's" throne. "Hellverine" asked X-23 to join him and become his right hand in Hell. X-23 said nothing and woke up.

   On Utopia while X-23 was playing chess with Storm "Hellverine" approached X-23 from behind and tapped her on the shoulder. Feeling that something was off about him she left immediately. Unaware of his possession Storm tried to talk to Wolverine about letting X-23 join X-Force. "Hellverine" blamed everything that happened while X-23 was part of X-Force on her because he didn't force her to join the team.

(X-23 III#2) - As a demonic-looking illusory self "Hellverine" approached X-23 in a burning homeless shelter she was working at. He tried to convince her not to save an innocent homeless man, but she fought through the illusion and saved the man, who was scared of her.

   Later on Utopia "Hellverine" went to talk with X-23 and told Cyclops and Storm to leave because he wanted to take care of her by his own. After Cyclops and Storm were gone "Hellverine" grabbed X-23 by the arm when she tried to run away from him again. X-23 knew that "Hellverine" was not Wolverine and popped her claws. "Hellverine" confirmed to be the evil Wolverine from her dreams when X-23 figured it out. She stabbed "Hellverine" in the gut and when Hellion entered the infirmary "Hellverine" feigned to be the victim and that X-23 had snapped. Hellion used his telekinetic powers to trap X-23 in the air and went to "Hellverine" to help him, but as soon as he turned his back on "Hellverine" he was stabbed in the back by him. "Hellverine" then made a demonic deal with X-23, promising her to bring Hellion back to life if she joined him because she was soulless anyway. X-23 made a wager with "Hellverine" instead, trying to prove to him that she had a soul after all. "Hellverine" agreed and put her to sleep to meet with her there.

(X-23 III#3) - "Hellverine" tormented X-23 on her way to him, but during her journey she not only fought through the denizens he sent against her, but she also found her soul. When "Hellverine" finally approached he mocked her for giving up already. He showed her that killing was the only thing she was good at and asked her if she still wanted to save Hellion. He then offered his prisoner Gamesmaster to her as her first kill if she was ready to join him. Instead X-23 touched "Hellverine" and banished him with her soul from her mind. X-23 awakened in Storm's arms and Hellion was back alive according to her deal with "Hellverine".

(Daken: Dark Wolverine#2) - Though Mystique asked him for help to deal with the whole Wolverine situation she had caused, he had already been asked by the Red Right Hand to kill her after she had turned on them. Daken took Mystique out for dinner because he had declined to kill her and left for a moment before the wine arrived. "Hellverine" teleported in and Mystique was sure Daken had set her up. She fought "Hellverine" until Daken came to her aid and threatened "Hellverine", who burnt him alive.

(Daken: Dark Wolverine#3) - While Daken was still burning "Hellverine" threatened an innocent woman. Mystique transformed her body into an armored form to fight "Hellverine" and save the woman. "Hellverine" was surprised that she apparently cared enough for Daken to die for him. Mystique transformed into a black panther, but was easily hurled away by "Hellverine". She fled and transformed into a balding man, but "Hellverine" could smell her soul and easily found her. He was ready to carve her up when the local police arrived. While "Hellverine" killed one of them Mystique escaped and turned into a woman in a red dress. "Hellverine" stood over the charred body of Daken.

(Daken: Dark Wolverine#3 - BTS) - "Hellverine" took Daken to a nearby roof where Daken healed up (this was actually a scheme by Daken to fake his own death).

(Daken: Dark Wolverine#3) - Upon awakening Daken was angry with "Hellverine" because killing Mystique wasn't part of his deal with the leader of the Red Right Hand. "Hellverine" revealed that the Red Right Hand had no power over him and even if he did the old man would've wanted Mystique dead. Daken attacked "Hellverine", who easily picked him up by the neck and tossed him though a window. Daken told "Hellverine" that he would not pay "Hellverine" for dealing with Wolverine, but "Hellverine" assured him that he would collect his payment soon. "Hellverine" then teleported away.

(Wolverine IV#2 - BTS) - Mystique revealed to Melita that Logan's soul was in Hell and Melita got mad and made some calls.

(Wolverine IV#2) - Yukio was called by Melita Garner, who asked for her help, but while they were still on the phone "Hellverine" attacked Yukio. After telekinetically lifting Yukio off the ground "Hellverine" stabbed her through the chest. "Hellverine" assured her that she would go to Hell where she would be defiled by the foulest muck-beasts. In response Yukio spit blood in his face. "Hellverine" dropped her, took Yukio's phone and told Melita that Yukio was dead and that he was not Logan anymore.

(Wolverine IV#2/2) - Amiko got home to Yukio's apartment and was welcomed by "Hellverine". Yukio, who was barely alive, told her to run away, but Amiko instead took a sword to fight "Hellverine", who cut apart her sword after taking a few kicks and slashes from her. Yukio stabbed "Hellverine" through the back to save Amiko from him. "Hellverine" told them that there was nowhere they could hide and that they could thank Logan for ending up in Hell soon. Yukio then grabbed Amiko and jumped with her through a window onto the roof of a train passing by.

(Wolverine IV#3) - "Hellverine" was smiling while he was standing on a pier (presumably in San Francisco).

(Wolverine IV#3 - BTS) - "Hellverine" put on Wolverine's X-Men costume.

(Wolverine IV#3) - "Hellverine" teleported to Utopia were he headed directly to Logan's quarters, ignoring everyone on the way. He was moments away from burning all of Logan's possessions when Shadowcat greeted him. When she saw his red eyes she realized that something was wrong with him. "Hellverine" hit her as hard as he could and she wondered what had gotten into him, but before "Hellverine" could attack her again he was knocked down by Colossus, who asked Wolverine to fight to regain his senses.

(Wolverine IV#4) - "Hellverine" attacked Colossus, but couldn't get through his metal skin. When "Hellverine" threatened Colossus' sister the Russian tossed him through the roof. Colossus asked Shadowcat to get Cyclops, but before she could "Hellverine" was already back. While crashing through several floors "Hellverine" drew blood and realized that he just had to cut his way through Colossus metal skin to get to his actual flesh. Shadowcat, Angel and Iceman came to Colossus' aid, but "Hellverine" easily took care of them by leaving Shadowcat stuck to the roof, breathing fire on Iceman and blinding Angel. He then went right back to his attack on Colossus, who was saved from his onslaught when Ghost Rider (Blaze) and Mystique arrived. Ghost Rider used his chain with a hook on one end to hook "Hellverine" shoulder and drag him to the outside and over the sea back to San Francisco with his motorcycle.

(Wolverine IV#5) - Ghost Rider (Blaze) dragged "Hellverine" through the city heading to Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill, but the demonically possessed mutant rammed his claws into the street and his feet into the ground to hurl Ghost Rider and Mystique off Ghost Rider's bike. "Hellverine" approached Mystique, who sprayed him with holy water, giving Ghost Rider (Blaze) an opening to punch and headbutt "Hellverine" into submission, but it failed. "Hellverine" cut off Ghost Rider (Blaze)'s head and stabbed Mystique through the gut, but Blaze's brother Ghost Rider (Ketch) was already waiting for "Hellverine" to be distracted enough for him to grab him by his leg and drag him into the church were Hellstorm was already waiting for "Hellverine" to perform an exorcism on him. Hellstorm soon felt Logan's soul returning to his body, but the fight was not yet won. Hellstorm warned the others to not let Logan get away because his mind was still in turmoil, but Logan ran to the outside where the X-Men were already waiting for him.

(Wolverine IV#6 - BTS) - On Utopia Emma Frost homed in on Wolverine's mind and told Cyclops about his the chaos in Wolverine's head.

(Wolverine IV#6) - Sitting on the steps of Grace Cathedral Wolverine tried to remain in control over his body while Melita was talking to him. Feeling he was going to fail he told Melita to run away after accidentally cutting her arm with his claws. The demons regained control and stabbed Wolverine's own body with their claws and then started laughing because if they couldn't have Wolverine's body nobody should.

   Inside his mind Logan's soul kept fighting the demons while the X-Men blamed Mystique and her allies for what was going on with Wolverine. Hellstorm explained the situation while Melita just asked the X-Men to let Hellstorm and the Ghost Riders finish their work, but Hellstorm revealed that it was now up to Wolverine to get rid of the demons himself because they had dug themselves too deep into Wolverine for an exorcism. Inside Wolverine's mind Logan faced off with the horde of demons controlling his body, who showed him how they were burning away portions of his mind bit by bit, turning it into a Hell-like landscape. He ordered them to get out, but the demons had no interest to leave his body and return to Hell after the mess Wolverine had left behind. Wolverine attacked the demons, who swore to tear his soul apart and then crap out his remains. Emma Frost tried to invade Wolverine's mind, but the demons merely looking at her was too much for her to handle and she retreated. Cyclops gave Wolverine five minutes to get rid of the demons himself and asked the X-Men to stay back. Hellstorm and the Ghost Riders stayed because the X-Men either had to deal with a possessed Wolverine or demons seeking a new host body, which they were in Hellstorm's opinion not capable off. "Hellverine" ignited his claws with Hellfire and easily defeated Hellstorm and the Ghost Riders while the X-Men were still waiting for Cyclops to give the order to attack. When "Hellverine" was threatening innocent bystanders Cyclops finally gave the order. Magneto used his powers to lift "Hellverine" into the air by his Adamantium bones and promised to finish him quickly.

(Wolverine IV#7) - Inside Wolverine's mind Logan's soul ran from the demons while they burnt away his mind around him to make room for themselves. They burnt the forest where a tree grew each time he killed and his graveyard of regrets. When he reached the fortress around his heart he released all his past identities to take the fight to the demons.

   In the real world "Hellverine" was kept floating int he air by Magneto, who started sucking out the Adamantium out of his body until "Hellverine" just blocked Magneto's powers and started chocking him. Magneto then tore a sewer cover to pieces and shot "Hellverine" with the projectiles. "Hellverine" claimed to recognize Magneto from the past and turned his blood into tendrils to remove Magneto's helmet to torment him with vision from his childhood in concentration camp. Namor then tackled "Hellverine" and took him into the ocean to drown him, but "Hellverine" defeated him by burning him underwater. "Hellverine" walked on the water back to the shore while Cyclops told Emma to start Plan B while he held off "Hellverine" until the X-Club arrived to kill him. Melita, Jubilee, Rogue, Shadowcat and Storm convinced Emma to help them save Logan instead. "Hellverine" blocked Cyclops' optic blasts and was going to kill him when Rogue hit him as hard as she could. Storm used the winds to carry "Hellverine" across the bay to Angel Island. Arriving there Emma was joined by Jubilee, Melita, Rogue and Shadowcat to invade "Hellverine's" mind while Storm kept him floating in the air.

   In Wolverine's mind his soul and his past identities were in a losing battle against the horde of demons possessing his body until Emma and the other women arrived to join the battle. Not far away the soul of the recently deceased Nightcrawler watched the battle from the shadows and decided to save Wolverine from this hellish influence by opening a door with the Phoenix sign above to take out the demons with fire.

(Wolverine IV#8) - While Storm kept "Hellverine" helpless in the air Doctor Nemesis arrived on the scene and shot him in the face with a bullet filled with a deadly mix of diseases. Storm tried to explain that a battle was happening right now inside Wolverine's mind between the demons possessing him and Wolverine, who was aided by several X-Men. Nemesis told her that Wolverine was going down and to get the other X-Men out of his mind.

   In Wolverine's mind Logan's souls and the minds of Emma, Melita, Jubilee, Rogue and Shadowcat kept fighting the demons, but they were losing too much ground against the demons. Logan eventually told the women to get out, but instead they moved further into Wolverine's mind to find some of his best kept secrets. Logan kept fighting, but his chances were slim until Nightcrawler arrived with Jean Grey, actually a part of Wolverine's subconscious believing itself to be Jean, to aid him against the demons.

   In the real world "Hellverine" breathed fire at Storm to finally get out of her wind prison. He went after Doctor Nemesis and Fantomex when Cyclops arrived and shot him in the face with an optic blast.

   In Wolverine's mind Logan's soul and the women were surprised by the arrival of Jean Grey, but Emma quickly explained what she actually was. Jean banished Emma and her team from Wolverine's mind.

   In the real world Emma and her team woke up while Nemesis and Fantomex opened fire on "Hellverine", who ran through their gunfire and breathed fire at them while inside Wolverine's mind Logan's soul realized that he was dying on the inside and the outside. Jean told Logan that she was the part of her he was holding on to and that he should finally let her go. In the real world "Hellverine" puked due to the disease bullet he was shot with by Nemesis. In his mind Logan's soul was surrounded by the demons. He had stopped fighting, while Nightcrawler didn't want to give up and Jean asked Logan if he wanted to live. He agreed that he wanted to live and Jean released the flame of the Phoenix to incinerate the demons, freeing Wolverine of his possession for good.

Comments: Created by Jason Aaron (writer), Renato Guedes (pencils) & Jose Wilson Magalhaes (inks).

The demons claimed to have met Magneto in a concentration camp when he was still a child. One or more of the demons possessing Wolverine allegedly possessed a Nazi officer during World War 2.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Wolverine aka. "Hellverine" should not be confused with:

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X-23 III#2, p4, pan1 (illusory self)
Wolverine IV#4, p7, pan 2 (blue & yellow)
Wolverine IV#6, p12, pan3 (demons in Wolverine's mind)
Wolverine IV#7, p7, pan5 (blood tendrils)

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