Real Name: Logana ??

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-89923) human mutant

Occupation: Adventurer, waitress

Group Membership: Co-owner of Bud's Sud's

Affiliations: Death, Ivory, Marble Comics (Tom DeFalco, Bob Harras, Terry Kavanagh), Dr. Hank Prim, What-iffer the Watcher, many others;
Forbush Man of Earth-665, Milk & Cookies of Earth-9047, Spider-Ham of Earth-8311

EnemiesLand Shark, Lifeguard, Mr. Hide, Negative Forbush Man

Known RelativesBud (father), unidentified mother, Wolvie (cousin)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An apartment somewhere in New York City

First Appearance: What The--?!#9 (October, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Wolverina's skeleton and fingerlails were laced with Adamantium, rendering her bones and fingernails virtually unbreakable. Her fingernails can extend to 1" length or stay retracted to resemble normal fingernails. Her skeleton also includes six retractable, bone claws, three in each arm, beneath the skin and muscle of her forearms. She possesses a powerful healing factor and enhanced human strength.

Height: 5'5" (by approximation)
Weight: 138 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Brown


(What The--?!#11/3 (fb) - BTS) - On New Year's Eve Bud was left by his wife, who took their baby daughter with her.

   Fifteen years later Wolverina, secretly Bud's daughter, but neither of them was aware of that, was hired by Bud as a waitress at Bud's Sud's.

(What The--?!#9) - Marble Comics editor-in-chief Tom DeFalco hired Wolverine's long-lost cousin Wolverina.

(What The--?!#11/3) - On New Year's Eve Wolverina worked at Bud's Sud's in New York City and took some orders. When Mr. Hide saw the many heroes and villains assembled at Bud's Sud's he planned to blow them all up with a bomb and become master of the world (though he didn't know what to do in case he succeeded). The presence of Death scared everyone at the club, but even worse the New Heroes on the Block were entering the club and they were still minors. Wolverina promised Bud she would take care of the latter latter problem. Volunteering for charade the What-iffer found a way around his oath to reveal that Wolverina was Bud's long-lost daughter. After learning of their relationship to each other the surprised father took his daughter to his office to let her sign some papers to make her co-owner of Bud's Sud's. In the office they found Mr. Hide with the bomb. Wolverina attacked him, but was unable to stop the bomb from blowing up Bud's Sud's. Fortunately for them Mr. Hide was the only one dying that night after his fight with Wolverina because Death didn't want to kill the mood at the party by killing everyone. Bud hugged Wolverina and Death, then relaized he had lost his bar, which was quickly rebuilt by Dr. Hank Prim, who had kept a replica of Bud's Sud's shrunken down in his pocket. The New Year's Eve party continued at the rebuilt club.

(What The--?!#15/2 (fb) - BTS) - Ivory moved in with Wolverina.

(What The--?!#15/2) - Wolverina and Ivory went sunbathing at the beach. All men were staring at them until they ran away from the monstrous Land Shark. Wolverina and Ivory quickly put on their costumes to deal with Land Shark, but Lifeguard got into their way. He didn't want any bloodshed on the beach and instead opted to save the helpless women themselves. Wolverina rammed his pompous, chauvinistic butt into the ground with a single punch, then released her Adamantium nails to go at it with Land Shark. Ivory suggested to try their feminine capabilities, but after Land Shark punched them through a lifeguard stand even Ivory suggested to thrash Land Shark. Overheard by Land Shark Ivory's comment opted him to tell his origin. After learning that he was mutated by a shake (the wrong package was sent to him) he had ordered through a comic, Wolverina made fun of his origin. Angered by her comments Land Shark rammed her headfirst into the ground and kept beating on her until Ivory tried to reverse Land Shark's transformation by flirting with him. When Land Shark responded to her flirtatious behavior Wolverina joined her plan. Land Shark changed back to human form and Wolverina was going to kill him, but was held back by Ivory.

(What The--?!#15/2 - BTS) - Land Shark promised Wolverina and Ivory to reform and find a job.

(What The--?!#15/2) - One week later Wolverina and Ivory were sunbathing at the beach again. When people started running away again they were shocked to see that the former Land Shark had returned and was trying to sell Grit magazines to everyone. They ran away as well to avoid him.

(What The--?!#20/3) - Wolverina destroyed the camera Negative Forbush Man used to spy on Spider-Ham, Milk & Cookies. She offered her help to them to find Negative Forbush Man and thwart his plan.

(What The--?!#20/4) - Wolverina along with Spider-Ham, Milk & Cookies made their way to Negative Forbush Man's hideout and ambushed him. Wolverina and Cookies fought Negative Forbush Man to distract him from Spider-Ham, who freed Forbush Man. Negative Forbush Man knocked down Wolverina, Milk & Cookies, but was then assaulted by Spider-Ham and Forbush Man. Before Negative Forbush Man could hit a final blow against Forbush Man Wolverina cut off the Infinity Wart, which Negative Forbush Man was using to merge the heroes' three worlds into one. With the Infinity Wart gone Negative Forbush Man seemingly perished in an energy explosion. Afterward Forbush Man suggested to band together with the others as a team, but Wolverina and the others rather headed back home.

Comments: Created by Peter David (writer) & Rurik Tyler (artist).

Wolvie's long-lost cousin was a bit of a mix between Lady Deathstrike (fingernails) and Wolverine himself.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Wolverina is the cousin of Wolvie, a Wolverine parody, but has no known connection to:


(What The--?!#11/3 (fb) - BTS) - On New Year's Eve Bud was left by his wife, who took their baby daughter with her.

(What The--?!#8/2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Bud opened Bud's Suds, a bar for heroes and villains to unwind.

(What The--?!#8/2) - Bud was looking for a new waitress and interviewed Patsy, the former Hell-Kitten, who needed a job after separating from her husband. He tried to track down his lazy busboy Peatro while Catsy got dressed for the job.

   He had a talk with No-More, who whined about being written and drawn by John Byrne. Bud then gave Patsy a few tips on her new job, telling her about how Klang liked to drink in reverse to not have to pay his bill and how Gnat-Man shrunk down to get drunk on beer shot.

   Later that night Bud realized that he had not been making any profit for six months. My-Fistoe appeard to collect the rent and threatened to shut down the bar and destroy the will of those partying there if Bud didn't pay him. Bud promised to somehow get the monet and My-Fistoe gave him until midnight the next day. Patsy secretly overheard everything and told the other heroes about it. The heroes and villains offered to help him with their powers, but when Bud told them that it was not about power but about anyone paying the bills, they all walked away. Wondering Man suggested a charity benefit and Patsy offered to co-host it.

   The next evening the charity benefit was hosted by Patsy and Captain Ultra-Brite, but they lost track of time and My-Fistoe won...only to lose seconds later/before when Klang traveled back in time to pay My-Fistoe with the money earned at the benefit that night on time. My-Fistoe cursed at Bud for actually succeeding. The heroes celebrated Bud while Patsy reunited with her ex Demon.

(What The--?!#11/3 (fb) - BTS) - Fifteen years after losing his daughter Wolverina, secretly Bud's daughter, but neither of them was aware of that, was hired by Bud as a waitress at Bud's Sud's.

(What The--?!#11/3) - On New Year's Eve Bud had a big party at Bud's Sud's. Bud was a bit grim that night because he was thinking about his daughter. USAJerk talked to him a bit about it, but wasn't very supportive and just told him to lighten up. Later that night Bud learned from the What-iffer, who found a way around his oath by revealing the relationship between Bud and Wolverina in a game of charade. Bud took his surprised daughter to his office to have her sign some papers that made her the co-owner of Bud's Sud's. Inside his office they encountered Mr. Hide with a bomb. Bud sent his daughter against the villain, but Wolverina was unable to stop the bomb's explosion. Fortunately for everyone, Death, who was also at the party, didn't have the heart to take everyone with her because a high body count would kill the party. Bud hugged Wolverina and Death, but the realization that he had lost his bar made Bud sad again. Again, fortunately for Bud, Dr. Hank Prim had a replica of Bud's Suds built and shrunken down with him. Prim expanded the bar and the New Year's Eve party could continue.

(What The--?!#24/4) - On Christmas Eve Bud tried to console Pulverizer sitting at the bar in Bud's Suds when a fight between Thung and Bulk broke out. The bar was destroyed, Bud lost his insurance premium and all heroes were arrested except for Bulk and Thung.

--What The--?!#8/2 ([What The--?!#11/3 (fb)], [What The--?!#8/2 (fb)], What The--?!#8/2, [What The--?!#11/3 (fb)], What The--?!#11/3, What The--?!#24/4


He was a life guard on the beach Wolverina and Ivory were sunbathing. When Land Shark attacked the Lifeguard came to the rescue of the "helpless" women. Wolverina rammed him right into the ground with one punch and Ivory welcomed the chauvinistic Lifeguard to the 90s.

--What The--?!#15/2

images: (without ads)
What The--?!#15, p11, pan1 (main image, on left)
What The--?!#15, p10, pan4 (head shot)
What The--?!11, p27, pan6 (second set of claws)
What The--?!11, p27, pan4 (Bud)
What The--?!#15, p12, pan2 (Lifeguard)

What The--?!#8 (July, 1990) - Scott Lobdell (writer), Dale Keown (pencils), Harry Candelario (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
What The--?!#9 (October, 1990) - Peter David (writer), Rurik Tyler (artist), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
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What The--?!#20 (August, 1992) - Reneé Witterstaetter (editor)
   Story 3: Barry Dutter (writer), John Costanza (pencils), George Wildman (inks)
   Story 4: Scott Lobdell (writer), Dennis Jensen (pencils), Barbara Kaalberg (inks)
What The--?!#24 (December, 1992) - Reneé Witterstaetter (editor)
Story 4: Aaron Lopresti (writer/artist)

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