Swords of Sorcerous Might


Athame X-Men: True Friends #2 (1999) Sacred cultural blade, used by Amahl Farouk in sacrificial ceremony.

Benin Dagger Gambit #1 (2004) 15th Century, "Prayer Blade," used to sacrifice kids and summon Vodū Gods to bind them into servitude, stolen from Orlean Cooper by Fast Jack Jessup.

Black Blade (aka Sword of Evil) Wolverine #1 (1988) - Forged by Muramasa circa the 17th century, contains part of his soul and madness, worshipped by Cult of the Black Blade, recently wielded by Jessica Drew, Wolverine, & Silver Samurai. Possesses wielder, transforming them into super-strong masters swordsmen with an unquenchable bloodlust; did not possess the being who was a perfect match for it: the Silver Samurai.


Black Blade of Baghdad Alpha Flight #32 (1986) Weapon of Black Raazer. Saps life force, sometimes shrinking victim's height.


Black Tongue Deadpool Team-Up #886 One of the 13 cursed blades that kills with one cut. Wielded by Gin Goh.

Black Wind - see Kurokaze.


Blade of Blood (referenced) Wolverine Soultaker #1 (2005), (seen) Wolverine: Soultaker #4 (2005) Ceremonial weapon of the Shosei Order, soaked in the blood of the deceased priestesses of that order, sought by Ryuki to unleash the demons of Ashurado, given to Hana when she took Amiko Kobayashi and Yukio hostages, reclaimed by Mana after Hana's death.


Blade of the Demon Slayer Savage Sword of Conan #175 (1990) Belonged to an allegedly invincible warrior circa 18,000 BC.


Blade of Pazuzu - see Amulet of Pazuzu.


Blades of Zz'ria Excalibur #42 (1991) Wielded by Kylun; cleave through magical constructs, metal, & stone; lethal to even the most powerful evil magical beings; pass through the virtuous and pure without causing injury.


Caliburn (a.k.a. Sword of Dawn) Knights of Pendragon #15 (1991) gifted to the Pendragon Adam Crown of the Knights of Pendragon by the Lady of the Lake (Niamh). Durable, amplified Crown's Pendragon powers.


Chaos Sword Marvel Fanfare #8 (1983) Wielded by James Mandarin while under the Slitherer in Shadows' influence.


Crystal Sword Warheads #6 (1992) Formed from Crystal Wand of Aeish, given to the Warhead Gregory by Mys-Tech's Rathcoole to slay Mephisto but proved insufficient for the task.


Crystal Sword Warheads #10 (1993) Formed from the sister to Aeish's wand, located in Hell by Warheads in failed plot of Blackheart's against Mephisto; later transformed into dagger and used by Blackheart to temporarily destroy Mephisto. Able to slay even a Hell-lord like Mephisto.

Dagger of Loki Tales to Astonish #1 (1994) Asgardian blade, bestowed Loki's power on Mad Viking (Knut Caine).

Dagger of Mordred (a.k.a. Ebony Dagger) Marvel Super-Heroes #17 (1968) Forged from same Starstone/meteorite as Ebony Blade, wielded by Mordred the Evil, used to slay Black Knight (Percy of Scandia), passed on to le Sabre. Able to slay holder of the Ebony Blade.


Deathsword New Mutants #82 (1989) Forged from Uru metal by Eitri under duress from Hela who then empowered it with magic. It was intended to be used by Mirage to slay Odin during the Odinsleep. Eitri deliberately forged a defect in it so that he and Cannonball could destroy it before it could be used.


Death-Sword of Kx'ulthuum Conan the Barbarian #170 (1985) Briefly wielded by Conan. Aided Kx'ulthuum's efforts to conquer Earth, branded its wielder such that the wielder's touch would be fatal; brand vanished and curse faded with Kx'ulthuum and the Death-Sword's apparent destruction.


Devil's Dagger Marvel Spotlight #7 (1995) Intended to be used by a demon to sacrifice Roxanne Simpson to "Satan" (Mephisto and possibly others). Commits the souls of those ritually slain to "Satan."


Dragonfang Defenders #15 (1974) Carved from tusk of extradimensional dragon by Asian wizard Kahj-Da, passed by Ancient One on to Dr. Strange, who passed it on to Valkyrie. Highly durable.


Dragonslayer Power Man/Iron Fist #119 (1985) Created by Master Khan to kill or banish Chiantang.


Ebony Blade Black Knight #1 (1955) Carved from a meteorite by Merlin, given to Black Knight (Percy of Scandia) after several others failed to be able to wield it, passed down Percy's line to numerous Black Knight's, usurped by Sean Dolan to become the Bloodwraith. Cleave most substances and energies, virtually indestructible, causes madness in wielders, especially when used to draws blood.


Ebony Blade New Excalibur #10 (2006) Composed of or implanted with vampire fangs and replaced original by vampires to weaken Black Knight as an enemy against Dracula.


Ebony Blade of Proctor Avengers #375 (1994) Alternate dimensional counterpart, claimed by Avengers of Earth-616 after Proctor's death, briefly stolen by Bloodwraith.


Ebony Dagger - see Dagger of Mordred.


Edge of Intrados Nightstalkers#11 (1993) Used by Blade to summon and examine visions of his life.


Excalibur Black Knight Comics #1 (1955) Gifted to King Arthur Pendragon by the Lady of the Lake, briefly held by Black Knight (Dane Whitman) in Otherworld. Virtually indestructible, sheathed in a magical scabbard that prevented its holder from losing any blood.


Five Fingers of Annihilation X-Force #1 (2004) Passed from Dominicus Pierce to Shatterstar (Gaveedra-7) who brought it with him to the monks on Mt. Xixabangma, used against the Skornn. Knife; a blood sacrifice can open a Celestial portal.


Flaming Sword of Satan - see Sword of Satan


Ginrei (a.k.a. Silver Spirit) X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame #4 (2006) One of Japan's five "Swords of Secrets," held by Clan Yashida.


Glorywand Epic Illustrated #11 (1982) Imbued with magical power by Lianissa, wielded by Wulfbuck, broken in battle with Nightgaunt; Nightgaunt gave hilt to Lord Raven, stolen from Raven by Mud-Butt, who dubbed it his "Power-Rod"; returned to Wulfbuck, blade recovered, used to drive Nightgaunt off Weirdworld. Fire energy blasts (even when blade was missing).


Godslayer Annihilation: Ronan#3 (2006) Powerful sword used by Gamora, apparently destroyed by Ronan


Grasscutter - see Kusanagi-No-Tsurguri.


Gub-gala-emegir Howard the Duck #3 (2002) Sword emerging from the Amulet of Pazuzu; warrior using the amulet and the sword also referred to by this name.


Honor Sword of Clan Yashida Wolverine #1 (1987) Forged 800 years ago from meteorite by Masamune (a man of consummate nobility and grace)/demon smiths in caves of Kyushu, said to possess a portion of Masamune's soul.


Justicar Midnight Sons Unlimited #4 (1994) Sword of Foundry, used to slay her by Blade, tempered on her blood, then used to slay the Fallen.


Kurokaze (a.k.a. the Black Wind) X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame#4 (2006) One of Japan's five "Swords of Secrets," acquired by the Path of Destiny.


Kusanagi-No-Tsurguri (a.k.a. Grasscutter) Black Axe#2 (1993) Legendary magical sword found by Shinto god Susanoo and given to Amaterasu, later used by Yamato-Take, known for its use to cut down a field of burning grass, sought in modern times by Kage and other members of the Hand from a family that made swords for Yoshida clan, later stolen by the Hand, recovered by Chaste & Daredevil.

Magus Sword Man-Thing #7 (1980) One of several similar swords forged by Miguel Diasturian, used by Captain Fate and then John Daltry; the Hell-lord Thog manipulated Daltry via the Sword and then briefly wielded it against the Man-Thing.


Mikage X-Men Unlimited #50 (2003) Azuma slew its holder to gain it, but the holder's daughter, Renge, fled with it; Azuma finally gained it, but was then slain by the spirits within it; Wolverine threw it into molten steel to dispose of it. Absorbs the souls of those slain by it,


Mournblade Marvel Graphic Novel#2: Elric: The Dreaming City (1982) Twin to Stormbringer, sometimes wielded by Yrkoon.


Muramasa Sword Wolverine #40 (2006) One of several swords by Muramasa; forged using Wolverine's fury following the murder of his wife, Itsu; recently claimed by Wolverine, given to Cyclops to use against him if he were ever brainwashed again.


Needful Thor #296 (1980) Created by Odin, wielded by Siegmund (a past reincarnation of Thor) until destroyed by Odin so Siegmund would be slain by Hunding, re-forged by Siegfried (another reincarnation of Thor).

Odinsword Journey into Mystery #117 (1965) constructed from Ring of the Nibelung by Odin as weapon against the Celestials, forged of uru, the Destroyer used it to slice off the arm of Nezarr and impale Arishem before Arishem melted it down to slag.


Oversword - see Odinsword.

Sabre of Sorcery Tales to Astonish #101 (1968) Wielded by Heimdall against the Hulk. Project energy and/or flame blasts.


Sacred Blade of Suma-Ket Namor #36 (1993) Wielded by Suma-Ket, leader of the  Unforgiven Dead, in battle and in sacrifice to the Old Ones. Able to impale Namor the Sub-Mariner.


Sacred Sword of Satan - see Sword of Satan


Sakki Daredevil #319 (1993) Associated with the Hand, started to rot due to use for seppuku.


Scarlet Sword Conan the Barbarian: Scarlet Sword #1 (1998) Wielded circa 13,000 BC by the Acheronian Thun'da of the Snow-Mane who eventually perished battling Stygians, recovered and wielded in 10,000 BC by Lord Grondee, Captain Kaanga, Conan, and the Great Guardian of Potosi before finally being destroyed after forcing itself in the Great Guardian, forged by magic of a wizard that hated Acheronians. Large red broadsword, virtually indestructible, transformed wielder to mimic Thun'da and to possess her memory and persona; compelled wielder to slay anyone it had wounded


Scimitar of the Arabian Knight Incredible Hulk #250 (1980) Granted by Eastern magicians to Abdul Qamar (Arabian Knight) and his 13th century ancestor, passed to successor after Qamar's death. Cleave virtually any substance and fire concussive blasts.


Scimitar of Ra-Mon-Beth What If #28 (1981) Earth-8180, wielded by Ghost Rider-powered Crimson Mage in plot to slay the Pope, used instead by John Blaze to slay Crimson Mage instead.


Scimitars of Vacharn Conan the Savage #10 (1996) Forged by Vacharn, Uldulla and Wokal. Could slay demons and necromancers.


Scythe of Imhotep Savage Sword of Conan #202 (1992) Able to shatter mystic bonds and allowed him to assault the holder of the Amulet of Pathir.


Silver Scythe Tomb of Dracula #1 (2004) Forged by a master mage and given to Michiyo Watanabe so she could gain revenge on the Yiki Onna vampire who slew her mother. After drinking Michiyo's blood, it then claimed that vampire's blood from the very mist itself.


Silver Spirit - see Ginrei.


Solar Sword Iron Man #26 (1970) Wielded by Val-Larr & past defenders of Luminia. Absorb and emit light as bursts and strobes; builds to critical mass in a light-rich Earth-like dimension.

Sorrowsword See Sverosorg

Soulsword Magik#4 (1984) Creation of Magik (Illyana Rasputin), created from darkest portion of her soul, while in Limbo-Otherplace, later given to Shadowcat, then Margali Szardos, then Magik (Amanda Sefton).
    Disrupt magic.


Spear of Destiny Wolverine: Evilution (1994) Used by the Roman Centurion who pierced Christ's side with it during the Crucifixion. According to legend, whosoever held it controlled the fate of the world; allegedly sought by Adolf Hitler during World War II to ensure the victory of the Third Reich; acquired from the Historical Museum and Archive in Germany by Steve of the Devos, used as part of spell to summon the Saviour and reverse time to bring mankind back to a pre-technology state; used by Wolverine to banish Saviour. A replica was held by GRAMPA. It is uncertain whether the Spear used by Thanatos of Earth-9309 was this same Spear or an alternate reality version.


Star Sword Creatures on the Loose #26 (1973) Forged by the god Gorm from the Star Stone (meteorite), used to drive off the Dragon Kings on at least two occasions, once by Thongor.


Stormbringer Conan the Barbarian #14 (1972) Weapon of Elric of Melniboné. Sentient soul-drinking blade, grants strength and vigor to wielder.

Sverosorg I am an Avenger #4 (2011) Allows wielder to sidestep the timestream. Shoots energy blasts, creates storms. Once belonged to a viking prince and previously to an Asgardian prince. Used by Loki until Justice and Firestar buried it inside a building.

Svraden Thor: Son of Asgard#6 (2004) Sword of Balder, forged by Sindi using a scale from Hurakei, feather of Gnori, jewel of the Jenna, and the water of the Lake of Lilitha.


Sword in the Stone Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#8 (1986) Removed from a steel anvil and marble block by Arthur Pendragon, proving his worth as the king of Camelot; eventually broken in battle.


Sword in the Star Marvel Preview#4 (1976) Sentient sword, worshipped by Wayfinder and his people in reality-7414, traveled to Earth-616, created the Microverse to allow his people to escape demons attacking them, then became the Enigma Force.


Sword of the agent of Heaven Man-Thing #6 (1974) Wielded by one of the Critics judging Darrel Daniel, used to send souls to Heaven.


Sword of the American Samurai Elektra #11 (1997) Gifted to the American Samurai by the Keepers of the Sacred Koan. Cuts through solid walls.


Sword of Asmodiar Marvel Preview #22 (1980) Wielded by demon Asmodiar against King Arthur Pendragon & Merlin, able to slay Asmodiar.


Sword of Azrael Wolverine #48 (2007) Able to cut through virtually any substance


Sword of the Basilisk Marvel Team-Up #80 (1979) Wielded by the demonic Basilisk to slay Satana.

Sword of Bone Secret Defenders #16 (1994) Transformed from one of his own ribs by Cadaver (Cody Fleischer). Covered in blue flames, affect magical and other powerful beings


Sword of the Crusader Thor #330 (1983) Empowered by Arthur Blackwood's ancestors, wielded by Blackwood as Crusader. Power varies with faith of its wielder


Sword of Dawn - see Caliburn


Sword of Demonicus Ghost Rider #76 (1983) Used by Mephisto to remove briefly Zarathos from Johnny Blaze


Sword of the Devourer of Souls Savage Sword of Conan #90 (1983) Immense weapon wielded by Devourer of Souls, powered by infernal otherworldly force that ravages and numbs the body while paralyzing the soul


Sword of Doom - see Twilight Sword.


Sword of the Elder Gods Conan the Barbarian #199 (1987) Created by the Primal Gods of the Hyborian Era (sometimes referred to incorrectly as Elder Gods), used by Conan to slay the Devourer of Souls.


Sword of Evil - see Black Blade.


Sword of Fangs Mantra #1 (1993) Weapon of Gwendor, stolen by Mantra (Eden Blake/Lukasz).


Sword of Frey Thor #294 (1980) Later held by Balder. Can fight of its own accord when unsheathed.


Sword of Gagol Hulk Comic #9 (1979) Formerly wielded by Gagol, chief troll of Otherworld, used against Black Knight (Dane Whitman). Could be charged with flames.


Sword of Gonra Kull the Conqueror #9 (1985) Forged by the Scorpion god for Gonra circa 19,500 BC, used to fight off army of invaders at the Temple of the Scorpion God. Enhanced fighting prowess.


Sword of Graven Conan the Barbarian #143 (1983) Used to fight the Dragon of Set and protect town of Solvantha.

Sword of Justice Nightside #1 (2001) Earth-1211, one of the three "Lost Treasures of Tao," formerly held by Suzuki Shosan, obtained by Simon Benedict, returned to Shosan by Sydney Taine.

Sword of Kamuu Sub-Mariner #62 (1973) Pre-Cataclysmic weapon forged using Orichalcum and arcane elements, wielded by Kamuu, last king of pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis, intended to be wielded by rightful heir to Atlantis' throne; previously held by Kamuu (first king of post-Cataclysmic Atlantis), Alaric, Namor, Andromeda, Sean Dolan (Bloodwraith). Durable, increases wielder's physical and/or magical powers, powers amplified by the Eye of Zartra; brings death curse to wielder if used to slay an Atlantean.


Sword of Korrek (Adventure into) Fear #19 (1973) Wielded by Korrek of Katharta. Cleave most other metals, project mystic force.

Sword of Light Heroes for Hire #2 (1997) Gifted to Black Knight (Dane Whitman) by Lady of the Lake to replace the Ebony Blade. Releases energy stored within Shield of Night.


Sword of Master Pandemonium Scarlet Witch #1 (1994) Wielded by Master Pandemonium following his second transformation and alliance with Lore.

Sword of Might Captain Britain #1 (1976) Offered by Merlyn or Roma to beings to test their mettle; those who accept it over the Amulet of Right are considered less worthy; it was once referred to as Excalibur, but this appears contradictory; previously wielded by the Reaver (Joshua Stragg) and Captain Britain (Kelsey Leigh), who now wields it as Lionheart. An apparent alternate dimensional counterpart is held by Albion.


Sword of Mogul Thor #137 (1967) Wielded by Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, allowed him to match blows with the Mjolnir-wielding Thor.


Sword of Naram-Sin Dead of Night Featuring Devil-Slayer #3 (2009) Wielded by MAX reality's Devil-Slayer/Shagish Chulepti, used by Danny Sylva to decapitate the demon Belathauzer and the angel Gabriel.


Sword of Nauda Marvel Comics Presents #107 (1992) Wielded by Nauda of the Silver Hand (of uncertain connection to the Celtic God Nuadhu). Fire-covered, virtually indestructible.


Sword of Necromon Hulk Comic#62 (1980) Wielded by Necromon, leader of the Nethergods, against the Black Knight (Dane Whitman) & Arthur Pendragon, shattered by the Arthur's Excalibur.


Sword of Nox Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #38 (1992) Created from Darkforce, wielded by Nox vs. Dr. Strange; steals souls as it slays.


Sword of Omen Legion of Night #2 (1992) Wielded by Omen of the Legion of Night. Banish or destroy demons.


Sword of Rimthusar Thor #320 (1982) Wielded by Rimthursar, the Cruel Striker, creator of the Menagerie; shattered by Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.


Sword of Satan Marvel Spotlight #7 (1995) Granted to demon servant of "Satan" (Mephisto and possibly others) to battle the Ghost Rider (John Blaze/Zarathos). Generate flames, slice demon flesh.


Sword of Scathach Guardians of the Galaxy Annual#3 (1993) Gifted to Cuchulain by his mentor, the prophetess Scathach. Highly durable


Sword of Scone X-Men: True Friends#3 (1999) Wielded by a time-traveling Shadowcat in 1936, restoring Shadow King to corporeal form. Disrupt psychic (and possibly other) energies.


Sword of Scotia Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors (1991) Legendary sword of Ian Og, wielded by Duncan Ferguson as the Clansman. Six foot claymore (two-edged broadsword) able to deflect bullets; must only be used against those who deserve its dire justice.


Sword of Skulveig Thor Annual #18 (1993) Formerly wielded by Skulveig, a fire demon of Muspelheim, eventually taken by his son Hrinmeer (a.k.a. Flame) who slew Skulveig. Composed of unidentified metal, at least previously coated with poison from the fangs of Cerberus.

Sword of Stargod Marvel Premiere #45 (1978) Origin unrevealed, wielded by Stargod of Other Realm, passed on to John Jameson when he gained the power of Stargod.


Sword of Strength Conan the Barbarian #128 (1981) One of the Cornerstones of Creation, forged by the Primal Gods of the Hyborian Era (believed to be Crom, Mitra, Asura, and possibly others); apparently represents the force that give man his fortitude, fierceness, and price. Immense sword able to be won only by feats of strength, amplifies wielder's strength, either enlarges wielder to hold it, or shrinks to fit wielder's frame.


Sword of Tem Conan the Barbarian I#164 (1985) Hidden by the "Elder Gods" (more properly the Elder Gods of the Hyborian Age or Primal Gods) near the imprisoned Dark Angels

Sword of Tolometh Conan the Adventurer #14 (1995) Associated with mystic beings Tolometh and the location Poseidonis, shares property with scabbard, used to kill blind warrior from Yamatai.


Sword of Ultimate Shadow Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #46 (1992) Wielded by Necromancer of the High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth, used against Dr. Strange of true Earth, claimed by the latter after Necromancer's defeat. Scimitar-shaped, cause great pain, even to astral self & through mystic defenses.


Sword of Yama Amazing High Adventures #5 (1986) Seemingly gifted circa the 1870s AD to an Indian rebel known as the Mahdi, but Yama and his fellow gods actually only gave the Mahdi illusory weapons for attempting to order them about, and he died in battle against the British. Blade covered in fire.


Sword that Conquers All Conan the Barbarian #248 (1991) Over 15, 000 years old, granted to the Stygian warrior Katuman by the the sorcerer Shu-Onoru, who obtained it from his demon familiar Helgor. Shatter or melt most substances on contact, leaves trail of energy able to subdue most humans.


Swords of Secret X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame #4 (2006) Five blades of ancient power, includes Ginrei & Kurokaze.


"Tryk Slayer" Blade #3 (2002) Created centuries ago by a Seven swordsmaster who fused medieval science with the black arts, given to Blade by the Seven to kill Tryk vampires.

Twilight Sword Thor I#337 (1983) Created by Surtur using the "Burning Galaxy" (created by exploding the home galaxy of the Korbinites), intended to set the universe afire, later used as a power source by Loki and Morgan Le Fay.


Wakefield Falchions Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #68 (1994) Two blades forged by followers of Margaret of Anjou in early 15th century, enchanted to slay magical beings, used against Richard of York and his demonic guards, one Falchion was part of Azopardi's collection, used against Strange and Vincent Stevens.

Windsword Godwheel #0 (1995) Associated with reality-93060 (Ultraverse), one of the three items of Vahdala (part of the Godwheel)'s Crucible of Life, the power of which was sought by Argus, Rune, Lord Pumpkin, and others.


Wolfblade Werewolf by Night #2 (1998) Ancient dagger in three parts, collected by Jack Russell Werewolf from Cult of the Third Moon, from a carnival, and from the wolf-demon Vârcolac; possibly helped Russell achieve peace with his Werewolf nature


Wordsword Captain Britain and MI13 #8 (2009) Paper mache blade made from pages of magic books; effective against demons and other magic sources; used by Blade (Eric Brooks) against Plotka.


"Zarathos Blade" Ghost Rider #93 (1998) Carved from one of Zarathos' ribs, given by Blackheart to Black Rose to kill Ghost Rider/Noble Kale, instead used against Blackheart (to minimal effect); later wielded by Pao Fu against Belasco, Hela, and Pluto; according to Blackheart it is the only thing that could kill Ghost Rider/Kale.


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