Real Name: Gagol

Identity/Class:  Extradimensional (Otherworld) Troll

Occupation: Troll Chief

Group Membership: Troll's of Otherworld

Affiliations: Servant of Mordred; commander of Mordred's troll forces

Enemies: The Black Knight (Dane Whitman)

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Chief of Trolls

Base of Operations: Otherworld, although we only saw him in action on Earth

First Appearance: Hulk Comic#9/2 (May 2nd 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Gagol had immense strength to an unspecified degree (probably not quite superhuman), and was armed with a burning blade. The Black Knight described him as a creature of fire, so the flames which ignite his sword might come from him rather than the weapon itself. Water, specifically that from Earth, is deadly to him, burning his flesh like acid.


(Hulk Comic#9/2) - The Black Knight was battling Mordred's troll minions, hacking through them with little difficulty, when suddenly their ranks parted to allow a dark figure to step forward into battle. This giant troll, armed with a sword of fire, identified himself as Gagol, Chief of Trolls. His first blow, a near miss, unhorsed the Knight, and the second nearly took the head of the downed hero.

Gagol melts away.The Black Knight was forced to retreat from the burning blade, until he found his back to a stream. Realising what he must do, the Knight skillfully disarmed his opponent, sending the fiery sword into the river where it was extinguished. Gagol charged his foe, but the Knight fell backwards, bringing his foot up to launch his enemy flying into the water. An Otherworld creature of fire, the pure waters of Earth melted the skin clean off his bones, killing Gagol in seconds.

Comments: Created by Parkhouse and Stokes.

Mordred's trolls first appeared two issues earlier, in Hulk Comic#7, so it is possible that Gagol is present but not identified in the two prior episodes of the story.

Although the text of these stories refers to Modred, that character is meant to represent the illegitimate son of Arthur, who is better known as Mordred (or Mordred the Evil, first adapted in Black Knight Comics#1 and Marvel Super-Heroes II#17), to distinguish him from Modred the Mystic (first adapted in Marvel Chillers#1). I have thus edited the profile to refer to him as Mordred.

Profile by Loki

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