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Real Name: ?? Azopardi

Identity/Class: Human magic user; possible mutant (see comments)

Occupation: Broker

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Vincent Stevens, Strange

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Doctor Strange III#68 (August, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: He possessed unnatural luck. He owned magic items including the Levant Rubric and one of the Wakefield Falchion and knew some basics of magic.

History: (Doctor Strange III#68 (fb) - BTS) - Since childhood, Azopardi had the gift to be unnaturally lucky. He honed this ability, learning some basics of magic and used his luck to become rich, playing cards and reading and playing into the stock market. However, the more he got involved in the practice of magic to increase his "luck", the more he became superstitious and fearful that the forces of magic would have finally punished him for dabbling in their art.
    Hungry for arcane knowledge, Azopardi started to gather magic artifacts and went to live at the top three floors of a skyscraper. He chose that place because the tower stood at a natural dead spot, a confluence of the global Ley Line network, a place where the magic emanations could not be sensed from the outside of the building. He stored the artifacts in the vault under the tower, a more insulated place, where all magic became completely inert.

(Doctor Strange III#68) - One night, at the Byzantium Club, he met Dr. Vincent Stevens. Stevens beat Azopardi playing Poker, so Azopardi suspected that Stevens was a demon or an emissary of the "forces of magic" sent to kill him.

    Azopardi lured Stevens in his building. Stevens was really interested in seeing the magic artifacts in Azopardi's collection, especially the Levant Rubric, which could have freed from his condition to be only one magical aspect of the real Dr. Stephen Strange, and also to be freed from the persecution of the other, more violent, magic aspect, Strange. When Stevens saw the hologram of the Levant Rubric he decided to follow Azopardi in the Vault. Inside the Vault Stevens' magical form started to collapse, being affected by the cancellation effect of the Vault and Azopardi grabbed an enchanted Falchion to kill Stevens. In that moment, Strange smashed the Vault's wall, in rush and rage against Stevens. The anti-magic field faded, Azopardi more convinced than ever that the "demon" had finally come to take him out, slashed Strange with the Falchion, wounding him. But Strange's power was too strong and in a burst of rage shot his aetheric fire at Azopardi, who exploded screaming into pieces. The Vault and most artifacts were destroyed including the Levant Rubric.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett (writer), Melvin Rubi (pencils), Rich Rankin (inks).

Azopardi remembered he had the gift of "luck" since childhood. Mutants usually develop their powers in puberty, so it is rather unlikely that Azopardi was a mutant.
Azopardi's luck could be as powerful as uncontrollable. While Strange was pursuing Stevens, it was raining and Strange was struck by multiple lightning (but survived). Strange sensed that the attack was magical and when he later met Azopardi, knew that the cause had been Azopardi, but Azopardi himself didn't know it!

Profile by Spidermay.

Azopardi has no known connections to:

Levant Rubric

The Levant Rubric was reputed to contain the methods of creating a magical servitor.

The rubric was composed by a necromancer at the service of Darius of Persia, more than 2,000 years ago.

Azopardi hid the artifact in his Vault under the building, and reproduced the Rubric using a hologram in his flat.

Vincent Stevens was really interested in the Rubric, because he could have used it to change his own condition as a magic construct, becoming independent from his creator, Dr. Strange, and his magical counterpart Strange. But, when Strange rushed the Vault destroying the anti-magic effect, he also destroyed the Rubric, hitting it with his out-of-control tendrils of aetheric energy.

--Doctor Strange III#68



Wakefield Falchion

The Falchion was only one piece of a pair of Falchions enchanted to slay magical beings.

They were forged by the followers of Margaret of Anjou in the early 15the century to be used against Richard of York. Richard of York was defended by demonic guards, but Margaret's followers, thanks to the Falchions, managed to kill them and Richard.

As many other artifacts, a hologram of the pair of Falchions was seen in Azopardi's flat, but in the Vault, only one Falchion was seen.

After Azopardi succeeded in luring Stevens in the Vault, he grabbed the Falchion to kill him. The inert field was cancelling the enchantment on the Falchion but the blade itself was sufficient to kill the weakened Stevens. When Strange disrupted the inert field with his gatecrashing, the blade re-acquired its lethal enchantment, so it could wound Strange, when used by Azopardi.

--Doctor Strange III#68

Doctor Strange III#68, p14, pan4 (main image)

p13, pan4 (head shot)
p10, pan4 (Levant Rubric hologram)
p17, pan5 (Falchion)

Doctor Strange III#68 (August, 1994) - Dan Abnett (writer), Melvin Rubi (pencils), Rich Rankin (inks), Evan Skolnick (editor)

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