Membership: Agent of Heaven, Agent of Hell, Agent of the Realm Between

Purpose: Judging souls and sending them to their final destination

Affiliations: Garvey, Ruth Hart, Ayla Prentiss, Tragg, Presumably the forces of Heaven, Hell and the Realm Between

Enemies: Darrel Daniel, Man-Thing, Richard Rory

Aliases: Soul-Slayers

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: (mentioned) Man-Thing I#5 (May, 1974), (seen) Man-Thing I#6 (June, 1974)

History: (Man-Thing I#5 - BTS)-The Critics confronted the spirit of Darrel Daniel, and demanded that he show them his life story in play form.

(Man-Thing I#6)-The Critics watched on as Darrel transformed Man-Thing, Richard Rory, Ayla, Tragg and Garvey into performers in his play, representing different people Darrel knew during his lifetime. The first act showed Darrel's formative years, and the Critics applauded. They approved this section of his life, but the Critics demanded the play continue. They started to doubt Darrel's life in the next act, and demanded he play it through to the final act. The play ended with a reenactment of Darrel's suicide, and the Critics were displeased. They found his life to be a failure, both artistically and morally. Furthermore, they did not see a place for him in Heaven, Hell or the Realm Between. Their decision was to destroy his soul, sending him to permanent oblivion. Richard Rory objected, feeling compassion for the man whose life he had just seen laid bare. The Critics warned the cast of players not to interfere, or they would be authorized to obliterate their souls as well. Man-Thing attacked the Critics, but their battle accomplished nothing. Ayla begged them to stop, and offered her soul as a sacrifice to save Darrel's. This gesture touched the Critics, and the Agent of Heaven allowed Darrel's soul to enter Paradise. The Critics then disappeared into the ether.

Comments: Created by Frank Chiaramonte, Mike Ploog and Steve Gerber.

Heaven and Hell are pretty self-explanatory, but the Realm Between is a bit nebulous. It is never clearly stated if this means Limbo, or another dimension entirely. It is also never explained if the Critics are called upon to judge any soul whose standard of life was in question, or if they just passed judgements on suicides.



No known connection to

Agent of Heaven

Wielded a sword, and possessed the authority to send souls to Heaven.

--Man-Thing I#5(bts), 6






Agent of Hell

Wielded a trident, and possessed the authority to send souls to Hell.

--Man-Thing I#5(bts), 6







Agent of the Realm Between

Wielded an axe, and possessed the authority to claim souls for the Realm Between. After a period in the Realm Between, a soul would then fall to Hell or rise to Heaven.

--Man-Thing I#5(bts), 6






Man-Thing I#6, page 15, panel 1

Man-Thing I#6, page 16, panel 2

Man-Thing I#6, page 17, panel 4

Man-Thing I#6, cover

Man-Thing I#5-6 (May-June, 1974) - Steve Gerber (writer), Mike Ploog (pencils), Frank Chiaramonte (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)

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