Real Name: Garvey (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Carnival owner

Affiliations: Critics, Madame Swabada, Man-Thing, Ayla Prentiss, Tragg;
    formerly Darrel Daniel

Enemies: Darrel Daniel, Ruth Hart, Richard Rory

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Man-Thing I#5 (May, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Garvey was a shrewd man and a schemer. He only resorted to fighting when facing someone weaker than himself.

History: (Man-Thing I#6 (fb)) - Garvey was a semi-successful carnival owner; his two top stars being Tragg and Ayla Prentiss, a woman he was enamoured with. Garvey was approached by Darrel Daniel, who wanted to be a clown in his carnival. Garvey initially balked at the idea, but reconsidered when Tragg whispered in Garvey's ear, letting him know that Darrel was an eccentric millionaire.

(Man-Thing I#6 (fb)) - Garvey was pleased that he could leech away Darrel's fortune, and he made sure Darrel stayed with the carnival by having Ayla pretend to romance the clown. This romance got a little too real for Garvey, and he warned Ayla to watch it.

(Giant-Size Man-Thing#5 (fb) - BTS) - Ted Sallis and Ellen Brandt visited Garvey's Carnival, stopping at the stand of Madame Swabada.

(Man-Thing I#5) - Garvey's carnival came to Citrusville, Florida. Ayla informed him that Darrel was missing, but Garvey didn't care. Ayla pleaded with Garvey to look for Darrel, and Garvey responded by beating her. Two onlookers, Richard Rory and Ruth Hart, stopped Garvey before he could seriously hurt Ayla. Garvey was infuriated and had Tragg attack Rory. Rory, Ruth and Ayla fled in Rory's truck, with Garvey and Tragg close behind. As Garvey approached Man-Thing's swamp, Darrel Daniel's ghost jumped in front of his car, causing Tragg to crash.

(Man-Thing I#6 - BTS) - Garvey was injured in the crash, but eventually stumbled into Man-Thing's swamp.

(Man-Thing I#6) - Garvey met up with Darrel Daniel and a cast assembled to replay Darrel's life story for the Critics. Darrel transformed Garvey into a replica of his father Milo Daniel for the performance. Garvey and the rest of the cast performed Darrel's story from childhood right up until his suicide. Garvey watched, stunned, as the Critics rendered their final decision on Darrel's fate.




Comments: Created by Frank Chiaramonte, Mike Ploog and Steve Gerber.

    Man-Thing I#6 sets the date of Garvey and Darrel Daniel meeting as 1968, but this reference is topical, meaning only that they met 6 years before the time of the story.

    Garvey and Ayla's relationship wasn't explained in much detail. They may have been lovers, or Garvey might have just had a crush on her. When Ayla Prentiss was last seen she said she was going back to the carnival. This could imply that Garvey decided to leave the carnival after his life-altering experience in Man-Thing's swamp. Then again maybe she still had feelings for her abusive boss.


No known connection to:

Tragg has no known connection to:

Ayla Prentiss

Ayla was a highwire artist at Garvey's carnival. Her father was a famous clown, and she jumped at the chance to teach Darrel the profession. Garvey wanted her to pretend to be in love with Darrel, but her affections seemed genuine. She followed the runaway Darrel into Man-Thing's swamp, and was part of the cast that replayed Darrel's life story for the Critics. When the Critics threatened to obliterate Darrel's soul she proclaimed her love for the clown and offered her soul in his stead. The Critics were moved enough to send Darrel to Heaven, and Ayla returned to the carnival.

--Man-Thing I#5 (6(fb), 5, 6, 7






Tragg possessed peak human strength and below average intelligence. He was loyal to Garvey who made him a sideshow star as "The World's Strongest Man." Tragg convinced Garvey to hire Darrel Daniel, informing him that the would-be clown was a generous millionaire. When Ayla fled the carnival to find the missing Daniel, Tragg drove with Garvey after her. Darrel's recently departed ghost caused Tragg to crash. Injured and infuriated Tragg followed Darrel's ghost into Man-Thing's swamp. Tragg ran afoul of Man-Thing and the two fought each other until Darrel broke them up and announced they would be players in his life story. Tragg was forced into the play, and watched dumbfounded as the Critics made their final judgment on Darrel's soul.

--Man-Thing I#5 ([Giant-Size Man-Thing I#5(fb)], ManTh6(fb),  5, 6



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