Left to right: Pressure, Primevil, Rune, Thor, Hardcase, Cayman, Lukasz (I think), Mantra, Warstrike

Timeline/Dimension: Ultraverse, although one of its main effects was establishing contact with Earth-616's reality.

Instigator: Argus

Purpose: Argus wanted to reclaim the three Keys (Crystal Crown, Roc's Egg, and Windsword) needed to repair the Crucible of Life that would allow for Argus' continued existence. Rune wanted revenge on Argus and also lusted after the Crucible of Life.

Allies: Lord Pumpkin, Necromantra, Primevil (summoned - or in Primevil's case, created - by Argus to seek the Keys).

Opposition: Boneyard, Cayman, Feline, Flygirl, Hardcase, Pressure, Rune, Thor (of Earth-616's dimension), Warstrike (also summoned by Argus, who did not know at first exactly whom to trust).

Location: Vahdala and various nearby regions of the Godwheel (a celestial body as big as a solar system).

First Appearance: Godwheel#0 (January, 1995)

Significant Previous Events:

(Rune I#9) - Pandora was sacrificed to bring the god Argus back into existence. Argus fought his ancient enemy Rune briefly, hurting him badly before leaving to Vahdala; he didn't notice Rune following him.

(Mantra I#17) - Mantra succeeded in creating a NuWare body for Lukasz to inhabit. Unfortunately, Eden Blake's body was then possessed by the evil entity Thanasi, giving origin to Necromantra.


(Godwheel#0) - Rune and Argus arrived at Vahdala, where they learned that the Crucible of Life needed the three Keys to be used. The Keys had been placed away from his direct grasp, so he would need mortal agents. Having obtained Rune's Star Stones after a short fight, he learned from them about Earth's Ultras and decided to summon a handful of them to do his bidding - namely Boneyard, Cayman, Feline, Flygirl, Hardcase, Lord Pumpkin, Lukasz, Necromantra, Pressure, a discarded Prime skin husk and Warstrike. Infighting ensued briefly, until Necromantra offered her services to Argus in exchange for the deaths of the other Ultras.

(Godwheel#1) - Having run short on options, Boneyard, Cayman, Feline, Flygirl, Hardcase, Pressure (actually Rune in disguise) and Warstrike made an impromptu alliance aboard the Godyacht. They intended to recover the three Keys before Argus' agents (Lord Pumpkin, Necromantra and Argus' own creation Primevil, based on Prime's skin husk) did.

(Godwheel#2) - Feline and her Freex allies (including the disguised Rune) obtained the Windsword despite Primevil's best efforts. Lord Pumpkin obtained the Roc's Egg for Argus.

(Godwheel#3) - Necromantra defeated Lukasz and Warstrike, obtaining the Crystal Crown, and returned to Argus. The Ultras also returned to Vahdala, hoping to forcibly take the Crystal Crown and the Roc's Egg from Argus, but Pressure found them and exposed Rune as her impostor. The resulting confusion and infighting resulted in Eden Blake regaining the control of her own body from Thanasi, effectively making Necromantra again into "regular" Mantra - except that Lukasz' mind was still in his NuWare organic body. Argus briefly succeeded in tapping the Crucible of Life's power, but Rune disrupted him. The serious adverse results led to Argus' fatal mistake of opening a portal to Earth-616's dimension, where he hoped to find suitable allies. Instead he got Thor, who turned against him and helped the Ultras in banishing both Argus and the Crystal Crown through another portal. Rune recovered his Star Stones and followed Thor to Earth-616 without his consent.

Significant Consequences:

  • The existence of the Godwheel and of Vahdala was revealed to a number of the Ultras of various allegiances. The Godwheel would later become the arena of various Ultraverse plots and battles. This was particularly relevant to Necromantra, Lord Pumpkin and Loki (of Earth-616's reality). Not much so to Rune, who had known about the Godwheel for a long time already. Mantra was also aware of the Godwheel's existence, at least since Giant-Sized Mantra#1. Or possibly from her immediately previous story in Mantra#12.

  • Argus temporarily merged with Lord Pumpkin and briefly gained the power of the Crucible of Life. Despite that he ended up defeated and apparently banished.

  • Thor learned of the Ultraverse and allied with the Ultras against Argus and Rune. None of the others (except possibly Rune) noticed, but his evil brother Loki also found out about the Ultraverse and stood there for a good while, conducing various plots related to his ultimate goal of collecting the Infinity Gems (as mentioned in the Nemesis profile).

  • Rune was transported to the Earth-616 (the Marvel Universe Earth) in the aftermath, as seen in Rune/Silver Surfer.

  • Primevil was created.

  • Eden Blake retook control of her own body from Thanasi/Necromantra, thanks to Rune's attack to Necromantra.


Created by

  • Chris Ulm & Dan Danko (writers); Mark Pacella, Scott Benefiel & Keith Conroy (pencillers); Jerome K. Moore, Rodney Gates & Jim Amash (inkers) - issue#0
  • James D. Hudnall (writer); Gary Frank & Aaron Lopresti (pencillers); Joe Rubenstein & Aaron Lopresti (inkers) - issue#1
  • Gerard Jones (writer); Mike Wieringo & Gabriel Gecko (pencillers); Gary Martin & Temujin Minor (inkers) - issue#2
  • Mike W. Barr (writer); Joe Madureira, John Statema & George Pérez (pencillers); Jasen Rodriguez, Steve Moncuse & Temujin Minor (inkers) - issue#3

Quite a variety of creators. Notice that#0 is written by Rune's plotter and, naturally enough, emphasizes Rune and Argus (his nemesis from his own book). Similarly#1 is (I assume) something of a Hardcase spotlight (I hope so anyway - that is one fine character),#2 has lots of Freex moments and #3 has important Mantra developments, reflecting their respective writers.

Godwheel featured some unlikely alliances. Most notable are Boneyard and a disguised Rune fighting side-by-side (to a point) with Hardcase and his allies. It was strictly circumstantial however - no hints of anyone reforming at all. It was also the first major storyline for Necromantra as well as for Lukasz in his new male body.

Necromantra's mystical power was fueled by death. That was no doubt part of her motivation for killing the other Ultras.

Hardcase was using a full helmet during Godwheel. That is unusual for him, since he was a famous Ultra with no secret identity - and an actor to boot. I understand that his face had been badly scarred not long before, and the effects of that scarring over both his careers were explored in his solo book at the time. I may be wrong. Sebastien Andrivet adds: Hardcase had indeed been severely burned and disfigured during a recent epic fight against the killer robot NM-E, and even with his regenerative powers it took a long while to grow his face and hair back. Those with him in the picture are Flygirl and, obviously enough, Lord Pumpkin.

Mantra was the body of Eden Blake (who never died) inhabited by the ancient warrior Lukasz' spirit. As reported above, they had solved their body overpopulation problem just prior to Godwheel, with the unfortunate side effect of turning Mantra into Necromantra. Boneyard was a major Mantra villain. Warstrike began as a Mantra supporting character and later got his own book. Hardcase was the original leader of Ultraforce and one of the first and most respected Ultras. Cayman and Pressure were Freex members. Feline and Flygirl were students of Contrary's Academy of the New Elite and Freex associates. Lord Pumpkin was a Sludge villain that would shortly later get his own book. See also the Clarifications.

Profile by Daevanator with a jumbo-sized help from Snood and other Internet sources, mainly the Mantraverse.


Godwheel, the event, takes place on but should be distinguished from

  • Godwheel, the Ultraverse celestial body @ Mantra#12, Giant-Size Mantra#1

The Necromantra featured in the Godwheel limited series is Eden Blake possessed by Thanasi. Its first appearance was @ Mantra I#17, immediately previous to Godwheel. It was the precursor of, and almost but not quite the same being as

  • Necromantra, Marinna - daughter of Lukasz and Eden Blake, born and grown literally overnight and also possessed by Thanasi @ Mantra I# 18

Primevil was created in this story (issue#0) and should be distinguished from

  • Prime, founder of Ultraforce, one of the main Ultraverse heroes, who "donated" the skin husk from which Argus created Primevil

images (thanks to the Mantraverse):

Group shot with Thor: Godwheel#3 (Feb 1995), front cover art

Argus: Godwheel#0 (Jan 1995), front cover art

Lord Pumpkin, Necromantra, Primevil: Godwheel#0 (Jan 1995), back cover art

Cayman, Feline, Primevil: Godwheel#2 (Feb 1995), back cover art

Flygirl, Hardcase, Lord Pumpkin: Godwheel#2 (Jan 1995), front cover art

Other appearances:
Godwheel#1-3 (January-March, 1995)

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