Real Name: Mogul

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Asgard) warrior/magic-user

Occupation: Tyrant

Group Membership: Ruler of Zanadu

Affiliations: Abu Dakir, Demon-Riders, Jinni Devil, Mutaurus, Ogur the One-Eyed, Sulibeg;
    also commanded an elite guard of warriors.

EnemiesAlibar, Fandral, Hermod, Hogun the Grim, Saguta, Sif, Thor, Volstagg

Known RelativesShezada (sister)

Aliases: Mystic Mogul, Warlock Supreme, Prince of Darkness

Base of OperationsZanadu (the Mystic Mountain), within the Forbidden Land, the border of the lands of Gunderheim, Hindi, and Skornheim, on the periphery of the landmass of Asgard

First Appearance: Thor I#137 (February, 1967)






Powers/Abilities: Mogul has a variety of magical powers, including teleportation, matter rearrangement, and illusion casting. He apparently created the Demon-Riders.

    Mogul wielded an enchanted sword that proved sufficient to allow him to match Thor and Mjolnir blow for blow, and even come out on top. He also used a flat craft--similar in appearance to a flying carpet--on which he could levitate. He used an Enchanted Crystal to view distant events. He had a potion that contained the Spotted Plague, sufficient in the amount of a hand-held vial to infect a small nation. He had a number of other unidentified magical items.

    Mogul controlled a number of powerful agents, including Demon-Riders, Jinni Devil, Mutaurus, and later Ogur the One-Eyed. His elite guard of warriors wielded conventional swords.



Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 660 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black


(Thor I#137/2 (fb) - BTS) - Long ago, Mogul conquered the home of Hogun the Grim. Thousands perished rather than surrender, and many more died under his tyranny, as Mogul had slain Hogun's forebears and laid waste to his land. Hogun escaped, alongside his father and brothers. Hogun and his relatives dedicated their lives seeking to locate the Mogul's home, the Mystic Mountain, to recover the battle standard of his people, but to no avail. Hogun's father and all of his brothers perished seeking the Mountain.

(Thor I#137/2 (fb) - BTS) - Saguta fled the Mystic Mountain, but was discovered, tortured and left for dead, as a warning to others, that none could flee from Mogul.

(Thor I#143/2 (fb) - BTS) - Mogul used his sorcerous power to create the 40 Demon-Riders.

(Thor I#137/2) - When Hogun--alongside Thor, Fandral, and Volstagg--encountered Saguta and learned that Mogul was responsible for his condition, he challenged Mogul to show himself. Mogul indeed appeared, taunting the others with his powers. When they rushed him, Mogul had his giant Jinni pick him up and carry him off, returning to the Mystic Mountain.

(Thor I#138/2 - BTS) - Searching for Mogul, Thor and the Warriors Three encountered and defeated Ogur, proving their worth to his master, Wazir, who told granted them the knowledge of the location of Zandu.

(Thor I#139/2) - Mogul sent away his dancers and other entertainment, having grown tired of their revelry.  His advisor, Abu Dakir, informed him of the approach of the quartet of gods, and Mogul then used his Enchanted Crystal to visualize the invaders. He then sent his Jinni Devil to destroy them.

(Thor I#140/2) - Mogul watched the struggle, in which the Jinni fell before the quartet of gods.

(Thor I#141/2) - As the quartet stormed Zanadu, Mogul unleashed his elite squad of guardsmen against them. From within his castle, Mogul armored the captured thief Alibar to lead his Demon-Riders against the invaders. However, he knew that Alibar could never control the Demon-Riders, but rather just ride before them.

(Thor I#142/2) - Mogul unleashed firebolts against the remaining countrymen of Hogun, who were still his prisoners, as they cheered the approach of Hogun. Still unsatisfied with their reaction, Mogul forced his servant, Sulibeg, to give him his potion, which contained the Spotted Plague. Mogul then took to his Flying Carpet and prepared to unleash the Plague on all those who defied him.

(Thor I#143/2 - BTS) - Volstagged forced Mogul's sister, Shezada, to give him the Enchanted Rod of Wondrous Wizard Power.

(Thor I#144/2) - As Fandral, Hogun, Thor, Volstagg, and Alibar routed the Demon-Riders, Mogul plotted his supreme feat of totally villainy and vengeance: slaying all who lived with the spotted plague.

(Thor I#145/2) - As Mogul prepared to dump the plague over Zanadu, the heroes made their way to his throne room. Alibar conjured Mogul's image in his Enchanted Crystal, and he then followed Hogun's directions, precisely mouthing a spell that unleashed a bolt of temporal force, defeating Mogul.

(Thor I#474 (fb) - BTS) - Although apparently destroyed by that bolt, Mogul was instead trapped within the Enchanted Rod, which was kept under guard by the new ruler of the Mystic Mountain, Alibar.

(Thor I#474 (fb)) - Shezada seduced Alibar, tricked him into sending away his guards, and then freed Mogul from the Enchanted Rod. Mogul summoned his servants, retook control of Zanadu, and threw Alibar into the dungeon.

(Thor I#474 (fb)) - Hermod and Hogun arrived to try to rescue Alibar, but were defeated and imprisoned as well. Hermod eventually escaped and headed back to Asgard by himself.

(Thor I#474 (fb)) - Mogul transported the Mystic Mountain to just outside the city of Asgard, and led his servants to attack. Hermod returned just seconds before, giving scant warning to his allies. The gods of Asgard defeated Mogul's minions, and Thor confronted Mogul himself. Mogul nearly overpowered Thor, but the God of Thunder rallied and managed to hold his own against Mogul's magic blade long enough for Sif, Alibar, and Hogun to force their way into Mogul's throne room. Alibar spoke a spell that unleashed the power of the purloined Lamp of Alaeddin, which shrunk Mogul and Thor down and sent them into its interior. Thor--who was totally alien to the magic of the Lamp--was expelled from it, but Mogul was trapped within. Thor combined the power of his hammer with the spell of Alibar, such that the lamp would be sealed forever. Certainly no mere rubbing with cloth would ever break its seal.
    Within his prison, Mogul's rantings of revenge went unknown to his enemies.

(Nextwave#11 - BTS) - The Beyond Corporation somehow created duplicates of Mogul and unleashed them on Nextwave when they invaded their State 51 base, but Nextwave made short work of them.

Comments: Created by Stan "The Man" Lee, Jack "King" Kirby, and Vince Colletta.

    Thor I#474 describes Moguls' magic as coming from ancient Baghdad.

    I don't know how long ago the original encounter with Mogul was. It was one of the "Tales of Asgard," and could well have been centuries before the modern era. The Marvel Chronology Project puts is before Thor's 19th Century adventures anyway. Mogul claimed that his flying craft gave rise to legends of the Flying Carpet, but obviously flying carpets do exist in the Marvel Universe. However, perhaps his "Flying Carpet" existed before any others, giving an indication of how old the story might be...not that I know when that was, though!

    The characters from Mogul were patterned to some degree after Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves.

    The Mystic Mountain is named both Zanadu, Zandu, and Xandu. Further information and clarifications in that forthcoming profile.

Mogul supposedly died during the Ragnarok in Thor II#85.

Mogul has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1960s Handbook.

No known connection to:

Abu Dakir

    Advisor to Mogul, he notified his master of the approach of Thor and the Warriors Three to the Mystic Mountain. He accompanied Mogul as he examined his Enchanted Crystal and summoned the Jinni Devil. In the second battle against the Asgardians, he notified Mogul as the warriors approached, predicting that the gods rode to their doom.

--Thor I#139/2 (474(fb)





    A former countryman of Hogun's, he escaped from Mogul's control, but was captured, tortured, and left for dead by Mogul. He lived long enough to be found by Hogun and his allies, and to tell them who had killed him, sending them on a mission of vengeance.

--Thor I#137/2





    Sister to Mogul, she encountered Volstagg after he came to the Mystic Mountain. She used her feminine wiles to keep Volstagg offguard as she sprung a trap door, sending him hurtling into the Chamber of Doom so that he would be slain by Mutaurus. However, Volstagg managed to grab Shezada and pull her down with him. Not wanting to be slain, Shezada directed Volstagg to the room where he would find the Enchanted Rod of Wondrous Wizard Power, with which he defeated Mutaurus.

    After Mogul had been defeated and replaced by Alibar, Shezada seduced Alibar and released her imprisoned brother. She stood beside Mogul as he prepared to engage the Asgardians, and then joined with Abu Dakir in taunting the imprisoned Hogun and Alibar. As Balder and Sif stormed the throneroom, Shezada destroyed the Enchanted Rod, so that it could not be used to imprison Mogul again.

    She was also referred to as Sherzada.

    She can fire destructive energy blasts.

--Thor I#143/2, (named) Thor I#474 (143/2, 474(fb), 474(fb)

    Hey...if she can fire energy blasts powerful enough to destroy the Enchanted Rod, why didn't she just take out Volstagg that way? Maybe her power has a mass or volume limit? Or maybe she didn't have her powers in that first encounter, and Mogul granted them to her so that she might better be able to defend his fortress in his absence?






    A servant of Mogul, he mixed the Spotted Plague potion for him. Less than appreciative, Mogul considered testing the potion on him, but instead just kicked him aside when he pleaded for mercy.

--Thor I#142/2



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Other appearances:
Thor I#138-145 (March-October, 1967) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Jack Kirby (pencils), Vince Colletta (#138-142, 144-145) & Bill Everett (#143) (inks)
Thor I#474 (May, 1994) - Roy Thomas (writer), Sandu Florea (pencils), Bob Petrecca (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Nextwave#11 (February, 2007) - Warren Ellis (writer), Stuart Immonen (penciler), Wade von Grawbadger (inker), Nick Lowe (editor)

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