Alaric is killing Dr. Strange with the Sword of KamuuALARIC

Real Name: Alaric

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Mystic, immortality seeker

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Sword of Kamuu

Enemies: Clea, Doctor Strange, Namor the Sub Mariner, possibly other mystics

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Alaric the Mystic

Base of Operations: Worldwide

First Appearance: Doctor Strange II#31 (November, 1978)
{I Difensori#14/3 Editoriale Corno}

Powers/Abilities: Alaric was a mystic of lesser importance with unspecified magic powers. His powers highly grew when he came in possess of the Sword of Kamuu that granted him greater strength (same class of Namor?) and other mystic powers, such as breaking and neutralizing spells of other enchanters.

Alaric has just wounded NamorHistory:
(Doctor Strange II#31 (fb)) - Alaric was an evil mystic with dreams of domination. He killed the previous possessor of the Sword of Kamuu. He learned that if he killed the Sorcerer Supreme he would gain immortality, so he launched his assault on Dr. Strange.

(Doctor Strange II#31 (fb)) - Learning of the threat posed by Alaric, Dr. Strange placed Rings of Raggadorr to protect not only his Sanctum, but also the city of Manhattan and even the nation of the USA.

(Doctor Strange II#31 (fb)) - Thanks to the Sword of Kamuu, Alaric easily broke the barriers around the American Continent.

(Doctor Strange II#31 - BTS) - Dr. Strange wished to battle Alaric in some other dimensional plane, rather than in Manhattan, where their struggle would do great damage. To this end, he sought the aid of Namor, descendent of Kamuu.

(Doctor Strange II#31) - At sunrise, Alaric reached Manhattan and slashed through the Rings of Raggadorr that protected the island. He landed and then strode to Dr. Strange's house, immediately breaking the protective spells on the doors. He entered and found Clea protecting Strange, who was in trance, as his astral self was in Atlantis. Alaric used the Sword to reflect the Flames of the Faltines launched by Clea, then struck with a spell that knocked down the disciple. Alone with the inert body of Strange he swung his Sword, but just that moment the astral form of Strange reunited with his body, and the Sorcerer avoided the blow. Strange shifted the fight onto another dimensional plan and launched enchantments of attack, but the Eye of Zartra (in the Sword's hilt) neutralized them. Namor then arrived and attacked Alaric, but Alaric immediately recovered from the Atlantean's left hook. Alaric wounded Namor, then told Strange that he would be next to fall, after which Alaric would then claim Clea as his own. However, Alaric had unwittingly--by drawing the blood of Kamuu's descendent--triggered the Curse of Zartra. Alaric continued to fight Strange who managed to dodge his blows, and soon the Curse affected Alaric: he started to lose his strength and his magic energy for having spilled the blood of the Avenging Son. Alaric was almost destroyed by the Sword, and Strange took back Namor, Clea, and himself back to Earth.

    The weakened Alaric was imprisoned in the Dyzakk's Cage--where he would drift forever--by Clea and the Sword of Kamuu was returned to Namor, interrupting the Curse on Alaric.

(Doctor Strange II#32) - Doctor Strange gave the Sword of Kamuu to Namor. Namor donated the Eye of Zartra to Strange, reducing the enchantment and the power on the Sword.

Comments: Created by Don McGregor, Ricardo Villamonte/Tom Sutton.

Probably Alaric survived to the Curse but is still imprisoned somewhere.

Profile by Spidermay (with the help of Angelo Mammone) and Snood.

Alaric has no known connections to

Doctor Strange#31, p10, pan2 (Alaric with the Sword of Kamuu)
Doctor Strange#31, p14, pan1 (Alaric, head shot)

Doctor Strange II#31 (November, 1978) - Don McGregor (writer), Ricardo Villamonte (pencils), Tom Sutton (inks), Roger Stern (editor)

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