Real Name: Nyx

Identity/Class: Goddess (Olympian), possibly degenerated into demon status

Occupation: Goddess of the Night; Predator, would-be conqueror

Affiliations: Fear Lords (Dweller-in Darkness, Kkallakku, Lurking Unknown, Nightmare, Straw Man); Ares (former lover); Psycho-Man (pawn); Thog and his demons (pawns); Daveroth, Denak, Draggus, Farallah, Mhytorr, Rangsabb, Sligguth (mystic entities which she has invoked for power)

Enemies: Athena, Bruce Banner, Amadeus Cho, Clea, Dr. Strange, Leah, Loki, Rintrah, all the other Fear Lords

Known Relatives: Erebus (ex-husband); Eurynome (mother); Ophion (father);
Aether, Hypnos, Keres, Charon, Momus, Eros (not Cupid), Thanatos (sons), Hemera, Nemesis (daughters);
Deimos and Phobos (children by Ares);

Aliases: Night (her name translated from the Greek); "Aphrodite", Nyx

Base of Operations: Unrevealed; formerly the Halls of Fear dimension

First Appearance: Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#31/2 (July, 1991)


Powers/Abilities: Nox has unspecified powers relating to darkness. Unlike many of the other Fear Lords, she does not actually feed on fear, nor does she require it to survive. She apparently cannot actually generate fear in and of itself. However, she does derive great aesthetic pleasure from stimulating fear in others, especially mortals (whom she refers to as the helpless ones).
Nox can generate darkness, and can create solid objects out of darkness (this may be some aspect of the Darkforce, into which she taps). She can form powerful tendrils to physically bind others, or to "strangle their souls." She can create a sword which can steal souls even as it slays. In addition, she can open dimensional portals and can call on a number of mystic entities for magical power. She has a weakness to light, especially to that of the all-seeing Eye of Agamotto.
She is apparently effectively immortal--immune to the effects of disease and aging. It is unlikely that she could be slain by conventional means.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 270 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

History: (Greek Myth) Nox is one of the most ancient of the Olympian Gods having been born before the Hyborian Age. She was said as being born out of Chaos and the wife of Erebus, the god of day, however, later myths later claimed she was born from the Titan Ophion and the ocean-goddess Eurynome. She and Erebus gave birth to the abstract gods of the Greeks such as Hypnos, the god of sleep, Keres, the god of punishment, Momus, the god of ridicule, Charon the ferryman-god and the first Eros, mentor to Cupid, the son of Aphrodite. She was also rumored as being the grandmother of Gaea, Mother Earth, through Aether and Hemera, but this is obviously erroneous.

(Dr. Strange III#32/2(fb))-Posing as the Greek love goddess Aphrodite/Venus, Nox made love to the war god Ares/Mars. This revolted her, but achieved her purpose: From this union she bore two sons, Deimos and Phobos (Fear and Terror).

(Dr. Strange III#32/2(fb))-Nox traveled to the Microverse, aka Sub-Atomica, where she found a scientist on the world of Traan, and guided him in his efforts to unlock the enigma of fear. This man went on to become the Psycho-Man.

(Dr. Strange III#32/2(fb)//Man-Thing I#22(fb)+19-22-BTS)-Nox guided the demon Thog to obtain the Nightmare Boxes and use them in a plot to plunge the universe into madness.

(Dr. Strange III#31/2-33/2)-Nox was summoned to the Halls of Fear, where she joined with several other Fear Lords in the planning of a plot to plunge Earth into terror, allowing them to take it over.

(Dr. Strange III#38, 39)-As part of this plot, Nox (alongside Kkallakku and the Fear-Eaters) attacked Dr. Strange and his allies, Clea and Rintrah. The increased levels of fear produced by previous efforts of the plot allowed her to reincarnate her two children, Deimos and Phobos. While Strange was occupied by the Fear-Eaters, Nox and her sons of the night abducted Clea and Rintrah to some pocket realm in which to slay them. However, Strange managed to overcome his own attackers, and sent a burst of light into the pocket realm. This weakened Nox and her children long enough for Clea and Rintrah to free themselves, and for Strange to arrive himself. As Clea and Rintrah threw off the effects of fear, Deimos and Phobos melted away into nothingness. Nox attempted to call on an array of dark magical entities to enfold and slay the heroes in night's shadow, but Strange used the Eye of Agamotto's light to disrupt her spell.
Nox recognized that Strange had found her weakness, and since she was not as intimately involved in the Fear Lords' plot, she chose to teleport away rather than risk capture or destruction.

(Hercules: Fall of an Avenger#2) - Nyx arrived late at Hercules' funeral to oppose Athena's claim to the Olympian throne. She brought along Nightmare as her champion. Amadeus easily caught Nightmare in Bruce Banner's pocket teleporter.

(Journey into Mystery I#633) - The Fear Lords met to discuss the Serpent's recent attacks on Earth. Nightmare was not present at the meeting as he planned to harvest the fear left behind by the Serpent for himself.

(Journey into Mystery I#636) - Loki and Leah tricked the Fear Lords into a meeting to tell them about Nightmare's scheme to harvest fear the Serpent brought to Earth in a crown to become the King of Fear resulting in an endless battle over the crown between the Fear Lords in Nightmare's realm.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Jean-Marc Lofficier.

The connection of the Fear Lords to other entities, such as the Dark Man, the Asgardian manifestation of Fear, @ Thor I#323, is unknown.

Deimos and Phobos will get a profile in a few weeks.

A big thanks to Will U, for supplying all of the relevent mythological data!

Will suggests that Keres, Nox's son, may be the Huntsman.

Nox has an entry in Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Other Monstrosities.

Eros, the son of Nox, has not been seen in the Marvel Universe. He should not be confused with:

Nemesis, the daughter of Nox, has not appeared in the Marvel Universe. She has no known connections to:

Thanatos, the son of Nox, has no known connections to:

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