Membership: Couleur (in training), Kwate, Tomothy (current leader), Sir Percival (former leader), among many others over the centuries

Purpose: Preventing any supernatural species from becoming too dominant

Affiliations: Blade, everybody who helps them

Enemies: Blade, Tryks (Cilla, Rowkis, and others), generally vampires and other monsters

Aliases: Seofon, Seofon Inc.

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Blade II#1 (May, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: All members of the Seven aged backwards. (see comments) All members were trained in armed combat and were taught vast knowledge about supernatural beings and the ways to destroy them.


(Blade II#2 (fb) - BTS) - More than thousand years ago the Seven started to fight Tryks and other supernatural threats to humanity.

When they realized that they could never destroy all monster they adopted the policy of "Vampiric Equilibrium". Their new goal was to prevent any supernatural species from becoming too dominant to ensure a peaceful existence for humanity. Their main target became Tryks because they could easily wipe out all the other vampires if their number wasn't kept low by the Seven.

(Blade II#4 (fb) - BTS) - When Seofon started working underground the Tryks thought they had vanished.

(Blade II#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point the Seven killed a fully-grown Tryk and he became part of their museum. At another point the painting of a 16th century painting of a Tryk Queen came into possession of the Seven. They stored many other items and weapons in their museum over the many years of their existence.

(Blade IV#1 (fb) - BTS) - For years Seofon Inc. worked hard to build a network of contacts across the world. If a contact needed help they could call Seofon and where from that moment on indebted. Once Trust was established the contact got a tracking unit from Seofon to locate fresh "Produce" (the name Seofon gave Tryk infected humans).

(Blade II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Kwate's partner was killed when they missed the 24-hour window for a Tryk transformation and found a newborn Tryk.

(Blade II#1) - Seofon Inc. got a call from their contact Wilbur. Kwate and Seofon alumni Couleur were sent to deal with the Tryk case. It was Couleur's first case and he was nervous, but Kwate calmly explained to him everything. They met with Wilbur in the hotel he located the "Produce" and after a little small talk Kwate told Wilbur that Seofon Inc. would send him tickets for a two-week vacation in Hawaii and a new Mercedes. With the presents Seofon ensured that contacts kept everything secret. Kwate and Couleur entered the hotel room and found a middle-aged man in his bed. Couleur watched as Kwate located with a portable x-ray the Gutsucker (name for the second Tryk phase) in the men. He tested Couleur's knowledge about V3s and then continued with the standard procedure. Kwate pulled two cables from his suitcase and attached them to the "Produce". A high-voltage electrical shock drove the Gutsucker from the "Produce's" body. Kwate killed it with a biogenic poison and then put it in his suitcase. The man was now another mysterious death case and Kwate and Couleur left. While they left Couleur asked why it wasn't as dangerous as the training video implied and Kwate told him that it was dangerous if the "Produce" had already turned into a Tryk. Kwate revealed the fate of his former partner to Couleur.

(Blade II#2) - Kwate went with Couleur to their boss and warned Couleur to stay on topic. Tomothy's bodyguard was mistaken for Tomothy by Couleur to start the embarrassing first meeting, but Tomothy was cool with it because it was a common mistake. Tomothy told Couleur a few things about the history of the Seven, their enemies and the Seven's way to deal with them. Couleur assured Tomothy that he would try his best for their cause and Tomothy rammed him his skateboard into the ribs. Couleur got angry and therefore passed Tomothy's test who told him that it was important in their business to become aggressive if somebody attacked him because wimpy behavior would get him killed. Kwate helped Couleur up and the old man wanted to know if there were more tests. Kwate told him to never let his guard down.

Some time later Tomothy called Kwate from the biannual Seofon Inc. shareholders meeting and informed him about the destruction of two Uukog squads by Blade. Tomothy suspected that Blade had help, but it didn't matter because Blade had gone too far for too long. Tomothy ordered Kwate to kill Blade before the vampire clans started a war. Kwate and Couleur were driven to Tomothy's estate and Kwate told his new partner that they just told to kill Blade.

(Blade IV#3) - In front of Tomothy's estate Percival was served some wine in his playpen. Kwate and Couleur entered the mansion and Couleur was shown the Seven's museum and armory. Couleur saw one of the few fully-grown Tryks ever slain by the Seven, the painting of a Tryk Queen and a sword forged to slay Tryks. Couleur learned a few things about the powers of a Tryk Queen. On the question why the Seven didn't use the sword to kill Tryks, Kwate replied that they weren't trained anymore in sword combat. They entered the newest section of the armory to get sniper rifles with explosive rounds for their assignment.

(Blade II#4) - By monitoring the NSA the Seven learned by deciphering a phone call from the vampires where Blade was kept by Valencia and his allies. Kwate and Couleur waited nearby on a hill armed with sniper rifles. Couleur still was unsure about killing Blade, but Kwate reminded him that it was an order.

(Blade II#4 - BTS) - The Tryk Rowkis surprised Couleur, took away his gun and bonded him.

(Blade II#4) - Kwate watched Blade leaving the building where the vampires had kept him. He turned around to look for Couleur and saw him standing at a tree. Kwate thought he had to pee and was distracted enough for Rowkis to take away his weapon and bond him as well. After Rowkis had beaten up Blade he took Kwate and Couleur with him to his colony's lair. There he showed Cilla the Seofon tattoo on Kwate's belly. Rowkis wanted to interrogate the Seven members, but Cilla told him to bring them to the Waters of Luthuk first.

Meanwhile Blade had found Tomothy's mansion by cracking the software on the access card one of the captured Seven members had dropped. He entered the mansion and Tomothy's bodyguard told his boss about the intruder. Tomothy wanted Blade with him in the library and asked for some weapons. When Blade entered the library Tomothy sat in his chair with alcohol and cigar in his hands. He told Blade the history of the Seven and the trouble Blade caused with his behaviour. Sir Percival, who was with his playpen in the same room took his rifle and Tomothy told Blade to drop his gun before Percival shot him, but Percival left the rifle to chew on a teddy bear. Tomothy was now in the worse position and made a proposition to Blade. He asked him to rescue Kwate and Couleur from the Tryk lair. He told Blade about the Waters of Luthuk inside the lair that could turn a Daywalker into a true human. This was a story he made up to win Blade for this mission and it worked. Tomothy then offered Blade the "Tryk Slayer" sword.

(Blade IV#4 - BTS) - Blade took the sword and returned home with the thought on his mind that he could become 100% human.

(Blade II#5) - Blade still thought about going with the sword to the Tryk lair when he got a call from Susan Vendermeer (Cilla in disguise) and got a life feed of her kidnapping. Blade found the Tryk lair and tried to call Tomothy, but his handy had no signal. Tomothy, who was in bed with his maid, was sorry and hoped that Blade could safe Kwate and Couleur on his own.

Blade found Susan and she led him to Kwate and Couleur. They were handcuffed beneath the Waters of Luthuk. Susan begged him to safe them and Blade went inside and forgot about them after the Waters had touched him.

A short time later after all Tryks except for Cilla were dead, Blade returned to Kwate and Couleur and took them with him.

(Blade II#5 - BTS) - Angered by Tomothy's lies about the Waters of Luthuk Blade didn't want to give the sword back to the Seven. Kwate and Couleur left without it.

(Blade IV#5) - Kwate and Couleur were on Seofon's personal plane. They contacted Tomothy and informed him that the sword was still in Blade's possession and that Cilla was pregnant from Blade. Tomothy told them that legends suggested that a male offspring from such a union would be bad news for the whole world. Due to the destruction of a whole Tryk colony the Vampiric Equilibrium had to be restored and the Seven decided to let Blade continue his work as a vampire slayer.

Comments: Created by Christopher Hinz (writer) & Steve Pugh (inks)

Blade II was the title published under the MAX imprint. So, don't buy it for your kids.

Seofon is Old English for Seven.

Sir Percival and the Seofon name indicate a British origin of the organisation known as the Seven.

I smell magic! The reverse aging could be caused by a magic introduction ritual all members had to go through, but nothing more is known about it.

I remember an old Spider-Man foe called Drom the Backwards Man that aged in reverse too. He became an old man after birth for unknown reasons. A connection? Maybe there is one, but we'll never know.

The Tryk Queen painting the Seven possessed could be an image of Cilla's mother.

In Blade II#6 a boy resembling Tomothy was seen in the ranks of Dr. Whyte's "Vampire Aware" group, but I doubt that it was Tomothy.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

The Seven have no known connections to

Couleur has no known connection to:

Kwate has no known connection to:

Sir Percival has no known connection to:

Tomothy has no known connection to:


Couleur was an elderly retired man who hadn't worked a regular job for fifteen years when he was contacted by Seofon Inc. It is unknown what his former occupation was, but Kwate and other members of Seofon thought that Couleur had what it needed to become a member of Seofon. After a week of training he became Kwate's partner and accompanied him on several field assignments. He made his first experiences with Tryks, met with Seofon leader Tomothy, was assigned to assassinate Blade and he even got kidnapped by Tryks. Blade saved Couleur and Kwate. He wasn't made a full member of the Seven yet, but it was only a matter of time until he became one.


--Blade IV#1 (Blade II#1-5




Kwate had been a full member of the Seven for an unknown time. Due to the reverse aging process he became younger. Even though he had a lot of experience with Tryk he lost his last partner to one. He made Couleur his new partner and introduced him to the destruction of Tryks, the Seven's history and their leader Tomothy. With Couleur he tried to kill Blade when they were surprised and abducted by the Tryk Rowkis. Kwate and Couleur were saved by Blade.


--Blade IV#1 (Blade II#1 (fb) - BTS, #1-5



Sir Percival

Percival was a former leader of the Seven. Due to the reverse aging process he had to retire into the playpen. Before his retirement he was a crack shot. Now he had problems to stay focused and loved to play with teddy bears and building blocks.


--Blade IV#3 (Blade II#3-5





"Tryk Slayer"

It was created centuries ago by a Seven swordsmaster who fused medieval science with the black arts. Due to its supposed supernatural powers it was used to kill Tryks. Tomothy gave the sword to Blade and he refused to return it to the Seven after he had saved Kwate and Couleur from the Tryks.


--Blade IV#3 (Blade II#3-5




He was the current leader of the Seven and of their corporate identity Seofon Inc. Due to the reverse aging process he looked like a teenager and developed an interest in skateboards. Kwate introduced Couleur to him and Tomothy tested Couleur. He stayed in contact with Couleur and Kwate and soon ordered them to assassinate Blade. They failed and Blade went to Tomothy, who was able to pull Blade to his side with a few truths and lies. He gave Blade the "Tryk Slayer" and sent him out to save Kwate and Couleur. Blade succeeded and Tomothy's men reported everything Tomothy needed to know about Blade and Cilla.


--Blade IV#2 (Blade II#2-5









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#2, p10, pan5 (Kwate)
#4, p20, pan4 (Sir Percival)
#3, p13, pan1 (sword)
#2, p8, pan1 (Tomothy)

Other Appearances:
Blade II#2-5 (June-September, 2002) - Chrisopher Hinz (writer), Steve Pugh (artist), Bronwyn Taggart (editor)

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