Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Skrull), possibly a mutate (see comments)

Occupation: Assassin

Group Membership: Skrull Empire

Affiliations: Unrevealed backers in the attempted assassination of the Shi’ar Emperor, The Killer-Folk

Enemies: Devil Dinosaur, Gladiator, Moon Boy, Shi'ar Empire

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: impersonated Seven Scars

Base of Operations: Formerly the Shi’ar Empire and The Valley of Flame, currently unknown (see comments)

First Appearance: Devil Dinosaur Spring Fling Special#1 (June, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Other than the normal Skrull shape-shifting abilities, the Assassin had superhuman strength to match Gladiator, and the ability to transform into a tyrannosaurus with equal, if not greater, strength than Devil Dinosaur. He was also able to survive in the void when Gladiator carried him back to the Shi'ar warship. He had incredible superhuman durability, being able to survive a fiery crash at the force of a small meteor.

(Devil Dinosaur Spring Fling#1 - BTS) - The Skrull Assassin unsuccessfully attempted to murder the Shi'ar Emperor, but managed to escape in a Shi'ar shuttle, pursued by a Shi'ar battleship carrying Gladiator, of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.

(Devil Dinosaur Spring Fling#1) - The Assassin's ship was shot down, crashing into the Valley of Flame. The resulting fireball advanced on Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur. The pair were trapped at a cliff, but Devil threw his little friend to safety and was hit by the blast. Fearing his best friend dead, Moon Boy started to mourn, only to be captured by the rogue Skrull. The Assassin told Moon Boy he needed "a pawn to help him blend in". As the Skrull dragged Moon Boy along, they ran across a trio of Killer-Folk. Moon Boy foolishly told the Skrull about Seven-Scars (the very evil and very dead former leader of the Killer-Folk), trying to warn him of the danger, so the assassin changed into Seven Scars' form and announced to the startled Killer-Folk, "Seven Scars has returned from the Dark Valley!", and, holding up Moon Boy, " We will celebrate with this pathetic creature!" Naturally, he would have to get rid of Moon Boy, who knew he wasn't Seven Scars, so they tied him to a pair of stakes, (similar to the ones the real Seven Scars tied him to to sacrifice him to Long-Legs, just before Seven Scars had a meeting with the bottom of Devil's foot in the original Devil Dinosaur#2.), and started throwing spears at him, purposely missing to prolong his torment.

Suddenly Devil appeared, terrifying the Killer-Folk, but the Skrull decided to hurt him, to "Kill the one he holds most dear." As he hurled the spear straight at Moon Boy's chest, the furry youth yelled for Devil to avenge him. The spear never hit its mark, however, as Gladiator took it for him, "No innocent shall die under the watchful eye of Gladiator!" After handily taking out the Killer-Folk, Gladiator was knocked into Devil by a blow from the Skrull, but before he could return to the battle, Devil stopped him…he wanted this Skrull that dared to threaten his friend. "By all appearances you have me outmatched, Monster! So let me even the odds!" At this he transformed into a giant, green version of Devil, "Now die by the jaws of your own dark reflection!", As the two battled, the Skrull used his superior intellect to knock Devil to the ground, and as he prepared to crush Devil's head "like an overripe melon!", Moon Boy leapt to his friends rescue, grabbing a spear and hurling it into the Skrull's neck. "I was saving you for last! But know you've made yourself the appetizer!" But, just before his jaws could snap shut, Devil bit into his tail, and dragged him back, away from Moon Boy, shaking him mercilessly like a rag-doll until, weak from blood loss, the Skrull reverted back to his natural form. Devil hurled him into the distance, where Gladiator caught him; as he was taken back to the Shi'ar ship, the Skrull remarked "I HATE dinosaurs!"

Comments: Created by Phil Crain, Kevin West, and Bob Almond.

I'm sure this particular Skrull won't be coming back, unless this unnamed Emperor has a soft spot in his heart for people who've tried to kill him. Gladiator was the only member of the Shi'ar party who arrived in the Valley of Fire because the ships launch bays had been sabotaged by the Skrull Assassin, and Gladiator is the only one on board who could survive in the void. At one point, there is a close-up of the Skrull, in Seven Scars' form, but he's given Moon-Boy's blue-black fur -- maybe he just lost his concentration for a minute.

Dinosaur World, the home of Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy is an alternate Earth (Earth-78411). Given that, it is unclear whether this Skrull (and Gladiator, and the Shi'ar, etc) was from Earth-616, or from another dimension. He could well have been from Earth-616, but fled extradimensionally in order to try to escape the wrath of Gladiator, who pursued him nonetheless. If he was from Earth-616, then it is conceivable that the Shi'ar Emperor he had attempted to assassinate was Lilandra's brother and predecessor, D'Ken.

by Darc_Light

The unnamed Skrull assassin should not be confused with:

Devil Dinosaur Spring Fling#1 (June, 1997) - Phil Crain (writer), Kevin West (pencils), Bob Almond (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)

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Last updated: 12/12/2003

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