Real Name: Long-Legs

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional arachnid (Earth-78411/Earth-Dinosaur World), mutate

Occupation: Predator, Worshipped by the Killer-Folk

Affiliations: (former) The Killer-Folk

Enemies: Devil Dinosaur, Killer-Folk, Moon Boy

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Spider God

Base of Operations: A cave in on the outskirts of a forest in the Dinosaur World dimension

First Appearance: Devil Dinosaur#2 (May, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Long-Legs is a giant spider with highly venomous poison that paralyzes its prey. Oddly enough, Long-Legs does not appear to use any form of webbing.

(Devil Dinosaur#2) - The heroic young wanderer known as Moon Boy and his constant companion, the flame-red Tyrannosaurus Rex known as Devil, were attacked by the brutal race known as the Killer-Folk, led by Seven-Scars, and Moon Boy was taken captive by them. As Moon Boy awoke, he found himself tied between two stakes as the monstrous Long-Legs emerged from its cave. The sadistic Killer-Folk taunted Moon-Boy with vivid descriptions of the horrible death he was about to endure--"See the sharp claws of Long-Legs rise to strike!" "They will pierce him until he is stiffened by their poison! It will be pleasing to watch!". The laughter stopped, however, when one of them heard a noise behind him. Devil arrived, having only been knocked unconscious, and carrying a flaming branch from a raging fire in the nearby forest, setting the field alight and trapping the Killer-Folk within a wall of flame. Then Devil rushed over and "he literally snatched Moon Boy from the jaws of death!". Devil carried Moon Boy safely through the flames (stepping on Seven Scars on the way out for good measure), leaving the Killer-Folk to their doom. Desperate, the Killer-Folk took refuge in Long-Legs' cave--"He is nowhere to be seen, perhaps the flames took him!" Wrong. "The great spider has been robbed of a victim and harassed by the fire. He is in no mood to tolerate intruders. His claws rise up as he lunges to attack….Soon after, an outbreak of howls and screams can be heard above the roar of the flames…"

Comments:Created by Jack Kirby.

Omm? Well, since Devil Dinosaur is set in the prehistoric era, not the Hyborean, and Long-Legs likely survived the fire….perhaps he lived on to become the spider god Omm…
    While I really like Omm, I can't endorse this comment. Devil Dinosaur was set in an alternate dimension, Dinosaur World. Could he have been an alternate world version of Omm...I guess...

by Darc_Light

Long-Legs should not be confused with:

Devil Dinosaur#2 (May, 1978) - Jack Kirby (writer/artist/editor)

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