Real Name: Rorgg

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Spider Men)

Occupation: Ruler of the Spider Men

Group Membership: Spider Men

Affiliations: Monster Island's monsters (Abominable Snowman, Blip, Brute that Walks, Gog, Goom, Gorgolla, It the Living Colossus, a Lizard Man of Tok, Moomba, Two-Headed Thing, Xemnu, Zzutak and one of the Flora colossus (like Groot), among others), Grottu, Yucoya-Tzin

Enemies: Fantastic Four, Tim Johnson, Sif, X-Men (Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: King of the Spider Men

Base of Operations: Monster Island, sea of Okhotsk;
   formerly Isle of Exile;
   formerly unidentified planet of origin

First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery I#64/1 (January, 1961)

Powers/Abilities: Rorgg has six appendages, and possesses superhuman strength (class 50?) and size. He can generate webbing from his mouth that forms spider webs which travel at the speed of light; he can climb these webs to reach other worlds (apparently being immune to the effects of space), and the webs are stronger than steel. He can also release his webs in gobs of electrical energy.

History: (Journey Into Mystery I#64/1) - Rorgg led his Spider Men to Earth with the intent of conquering it, demonstrated to the inhabitants of a town in New Mexico how they could not break their webs, and that his people were superior. However, a teenager named Tim Johnson attacked Rorgg with a spray of DDT, and Rorgg was apparently killed by it. The other Spider Men abandoned Earth after seeing their leader fall.

(Fantastic Four Unlimited#7) - Rorgg's body was obtained by artist Frank Johnson, who placed it on display with other monsters, including the Two-Headed Thing, Grottu, and a Blip. However, Rorgg was revived by the Aztec Yucoya-Tzin, and the monsters were sent to battle the Fantastic Four while Yucoya-Tzin abducted Frank Johnson. Rorgg attacked the Invisible Woman and nearly swallowed her, but she escaped his mouth by placing her force field around herself in a ball, popping out when he clamped down. Ant-Man, the Thing, the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch then joined their powers against Rorgg, until he was overcome and collapsed.

(Journey into Mystery I#648 (fb) - BTS) - Rorrg and some of his Spider Men were banished to the Isle of Exile by Asgardians.

(Journey into Mystery I#648) - Rorgg and some Spider Men escaped the Isle of Exile and appeared in New York City where they were defeated and most of them slain in battle by Sif.

(Uncanny X-Men III#33 - BTS) - At some point, Rorgg relocated to Monster Island, sea of Okhotsk.

(Uncanny X-Men III#33) - Rorgg was one of the many monsters who witnessed the arrival of X-Men Magik and Shadowcat and got into a fight with them. They had come to Monster Island to save a little mutant girl called Bo. After they found her Magik teleported herself, Kitty and Bo back to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.

Spider Men?! Hey, I thought spiders had EIGHT legs...
--John Kaminski

In Monster-Size Hulk#1 (December, 2008) the Hulk defeated Rorgg in a fairy tale Goom told to his son Googam.
--Markus Raymond

by Prime Eternal. Updated by MarvellousLuke (Uncanny X-Men) & Markus Raymond (Journey with Sif).

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Images taken from:
Journey Into Mystery I#64, page 4, panel 1
Journey Into Mystery I#64, page 3, panel 7

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