Real Name: Zirksu

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Skrull, 1950's)

Occupation: Spy

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Cold Warrior, Vince Rivers, a motorcycle gang, pro-communist thugs

Enemies: Professor Potter, 3-D Man

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Buzz, Diabolik, Doc Rock, Richard M. Nixon

Base of Operations: Mobile in Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere#35 (April, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Zirksu possessed the traditional Skrullian powers of shapeshifting, assuming the forms of various humans and a bird. He was skilled at impersonating others. He had access to some advanced Skrull technology, including an Augmatron which could shatter walls, blasters inside of his gloves, a motorcycle which could travel at super speeds, and devices in Vince Rivers' speakers which drove people wild. He also helped develop the Cold Warrior's suit.

History: (Marvel Premiere#35) - In 1958, Zirksu assumed the identity of Diabolik and employed a number of gunmen to serve the cause of Communist Russia. His activities attracted the attention of the 3-D Man, who had himself received his powers while aboard a Skrullian vessel, and he defeated all of Diabolik's men. Diabolik then revealed himself to the 3-D Man as a Skrull, and gloated at how his shapeshifting powers could easily manipulate people because of the cold war climate. The 3-D Man struck Zirksu, and knocked him out of a window. Zirksu shifted forms so that the 3-D Man could not pick him out of the crowds below, and escaped.

(Marvel Premiere#36) - As the bike gang leader "Buzz," Zirksu led a gang in stealing papers on UFO sightings (actually Skrull vessels) from Professor Potter outside of his observatory. This attracted the attention of the 3-D Man again. Zirksu escaped on a motorcycle, and taunted the 3-D Man with his true face as he fled.

Later, Zirksu posed as "Doc Rock," television host of "Teen Beat," and promoter of teenage rock star Vince Rivers. Zirksu installed technology in Rivers' speakers so that the teenagers who heard him perform would run amok. The 3-D Man exposed the technology and Rivers was taken away, while Zirksu avoided detection.

(Marvel Premiere#37) - Zirksu sent an Augmatron to Rivers to break him out of jail, but Rivers was stopped by the 3-D Man. Zirksu followed the 3-D Man as a bird, and attempted to kill him with an energy blast as he remerged with his brother, Hal Chandler. Instead of killing the 3-D Man, it changed his powers so that Hal became the mind controlling the 3-D Man.

Zirksu then went to meet with Professor Sinkovitz in the guise of vice-president Richard M. Nixon, and helped him complete his Cold Warrior battlesuit. He convinced Sinkovitz that the 3-D Man was a communist agent, and that the Cold Warrior had a patriotic duty to stop him. However, the Cold Warrior failed, and Zirksu believed he had no more use for Nixon's body, and would never assume the form again. "At least...probably never."

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Jim Craig and Dave Hunt.

The Nixon-Skrull seen in Avengers Forever#4-5 may be an alternate version of Zirksu.

by Prime Eternal

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Buzz- Marvel Premiere#36, page 3, panel 3
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