Membership: Empathy, Enmity, Entropy, Epiphany, Eternity, Eulogy, Expediency

Purpose: Each member serves its own purpose in the cosmic scheme of things. Collectively, they keep several essential parts of the universe running smoothly.

Affiliations: The Seven Friendless have in one way or another affected every single living thing in the entire universe, whether or not they know it.

Base of Operations: Throughout the universe of Earth 616 and possibly other dimensions beyond our understanding

First Appearance: (As a group) Captain Marvel VI#25 (June 2004)
                               (Eternity) Strange Tales I#137/2 (October, 1965)
                               (Epiphany) Captain Marvel VI#3 (November, 2002)
                               (Entropy) Captain Marvel VI#4 (December, 2002)

History: (for individual history of Epiphany and Entropy, see their individual profiles)

(Much of this is pure speculation) The "Seven Friendless" were a group of incredibly powerful cosmic entities, each of which served an enormous purpose in the universe. Eternity, the living embodiment of the universe was presumably created before any of the others of the "Seven Friendless" at the birth of the universe, as the others tended to address him as their "father." The other six appeared to be the embodiments of forces that exist within the reality that is Eternity (confused? good! us also!). The Seven Friendless have apparently been behind the development of the entire universe since its earliest days. (The force that each member represented should be self explanatory in accordance with that individual's name).

Under unknown circumstances, Eulogy took up the guise of "Al" and worked at the comic book store owned my Marlo Jones.

(Captain Marvel VI#1-6) Entropy and Epiphany encountered Captain Marvel and Rick Jones, causing Marvel to go insane, and eventually destroying and recreating the universe (see their own profiles for details).

(Captain Marvel VI#25) - Eulogy, possibly on behalf of the other six Friendless, decided that it was time to "strike the set" of the universe of Captain Marvel and Rick Jones' run of adventures (end it). He appeared to Rick and Marlo Jones and explained that all things had to end eventually. It was his job to say nice things at the end to ease the transition to entropy, kind of like a eulogy at a funeral. Rick demanded a happy ending to his run of adventures, and Eulogy asked Expediency to grant Rick his happy ending. Expediency then simply typed on a keyboard and gave Rick and Marlo the happy ending they wanted, as well as separating Rick from Marvel. Eulogy pulled away the solar system as if it were a backdrop of a movie set and persuaded Captain Marvel to go quietly into nothingness, convincing the hero that nobody ever did or will need him.

Comments: (Group) Created by Peter David, Keith Giffen, and Al Gordon
Eternity created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko
Entropy and Epiphany created Peter David and Chris Cross

The "Seven Friendless" are named thusly because they have no friends, according to Eulogy. 
I'd think they are a parody to the Endless, characters from DC's Vertigo line, associated with the Sandman, I think.

    The Seven Friendless were created in the last issue of Captain Marvel. Their actions in that issue seemed to be almost 100% symbolic of how Peter David was feeling regarding the end of the series. In this symbolism was Eulogy going on about things that were supposed to happen in the Captain Marvel series had things not been cut short, such as Genis marrying Songbird and being separated from Rick. Eulogy also said to Captain Marvel, "I wish to congratulate you on a great run. Longer than many people thought you'd go." He also goes on about how people got bored of Captain Marvel during his insanity stint (just like in real life, myself excluded), and mentions how all things end, and some are restarted and some aren't (a clear reference to comic series). Eulogy also mentioned how one door opens and another closes, which was exactly what was happening for Peter David. At the very end, after Captain Marvel is erased, it ends up that there was someone out there who needed him after all. That is symbolic of how we, the fans, could have enjoyed Captain Marvel had he not been cancelled. Thus Eulogy was giving the eulogy for the Captain Marvel series. (Which was a real pity by the way. It was a great series that was very well written and fun to read, not to mention being one of my favorite characters. Here's to the hope that one day Captain Marvel will return with another good writer behind him.) 

Profile by Stunner

Clarifications: (For clarifications on Epiphany and Entropy, see their individual profiles through the links above)

The Seven Friendless should not be confused with:

Empathy should not be confused with:

Expediency should not be confused with:


Apparently the cosmic force that is responsible for ending things and giving a eulogy of sorts, Eulogy was probably created in the universe's early history. Under unknown circumstances, he took the human guise of "Al" and worked at Marlo Jone's comic store, Golden Orange comics. Eventually, he revealed his true identity to Rick and Marlo when he ended their run of adventures and "struck the set" of their universe (erased it). He convinced Captain Marvel to succumb to his ending after persuading the hero that no one would ever need him.

--Captain Marvel VI#25


Apparently the embodiment of and/or cause of all quick and expedient solutions, Expediency was probably created in the universe's early history. The only time Expediency was observed was when at Eulogy's request, he granted Rick Jones and Marlo the happy ending they wanted.

Expediency is apparently an incredibly powerful and at least semi-essential force in the universe, with the ability to make anything happen expediently. His other powers and/or possible limits are unobserved.

--Captain Marvel VI#25

Eulogy) Captain Marvel VI#25, page 10, panel 5
(Expediency) Captain Marvel VI#25, page 15, panel 2

Captain Marvel VI#2-6 (December, 2002 - April, 2003) - Peter David (writer), Chris Cross (#2-3, 5), Ivan Reis (#4) & Paco Medina (#6) (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Captain Marvel VI#25 (September, 2004) - Peter David (writer), Keith Giffen (pencils), Alan Gordon (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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Last updated: 10/13/2004

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