Real Name: Probably inapplicable

Identity/Class: Cosmic entity/Abstraction

Occupation: Undoer (destroyer)

Affiliations: Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Epiphany

Enemies: All life, Eternity, Rick Jones

Known Relatives: Epiphany ("sister"), Eternity ("father"), Galactus ("sibling")

Aliases: No One, the Undoer

Base of Operations: Throughout the universe

First Appearance: Captain Marvel VI#2 (October, 2002) (heard), Captain Marvel VI#4 (December, 2002) (seen)

Powers/Abilities: Entropy had incredible godlike powers superior to that of most cosmic beings and on par with such beings as Eternity. His power allowed him to do virtually anything and everything.  In his own words, he was "beyond the cosmos, outside its perimeters and parameters."

History: Billions of years ago, probably at the beginning of time, when Eternity first manifested itself, Entropy was created.  Entropy was a representation of Eternity, and his entire purpose was to destroy, as Eternity's purpose was to create. 

(Captain Marvel VI#1 [BTS]) - Entropy caused Captain Marvel's cosmic awareness to go out of control and drove him insane.

(Captain Marvel VI#2) - While trapped in the Microverse (an extra-dimensional realm), Rick Jones sought out someone called Shingo Doon to assist him in curing Captain Marvel of his insanity.  Before Shingo Doon could help him, he was destroyed.  Entropy's voice then called to Rick and told him there was nothing he could do and that Marvel's fate was sealed.

(Captain Marvel VI#3) - For 28 days, Rick tried to escape the cabin in which Shingo Doon had lived, which was atop a mountain.  Every time Rick attempted to escape, Entropy would stop him somehow through earthquakes and avalanches. 

(Captain Marvel VI#4) - Rick woke up in a room without knowledge of how he got there, after he had escaped the mountain with a woman named Epiphany.  He heard Epiphany talking to Entropy in the bathroom, and wrapped himself in a blanket, then went to confront Entropy.  Rick saw a cosmic looking figure facing him wrapped in an identical blanket looking back at him.  At about that time, Captain Marvel tried to kill himself, and due to their symbiotic relationship, Rick collapsed on the floor.

(Captain Marvel VI#5) - Entropy revealed that its appearance had mirrored Rick's since Entropy normally only appeared to people in a form they could understand.  Entropy met with Captain Marvel and revealed to him that it was he who made Marvel go insane.  Entropy went on to show Marvel a series of situations in which a man tried to please his father.  Entropy then went on to reveal his true purpose and nature: that he was the offspring of Eternity, and that he was out to destroy the universe and wanted Marvel's help.  That was why he drove him insane.  Marvel gladly accepted.

(Captain Marvel VI#6) - Entropy, Epiphany, Marvel, and Rick stood in nothingness.  Apparently, Entropy and Marvel had successfully destroyed the universe and killed Eternity.  After an argument over whether or not Marvel was God, Marvel asked Entropy whether or not he was God.  Entropy didn't answer.  Entropy said that he had achieved the purpose for which he was created.  Now that he had destroyed everything in the universe, there was nothing left for him.  Entropy didn't know what he would do.  Rick suggested he create something.  Creating something was the first new concept Entropy ever had and decided to do it.  However, he had never thought of creating and didn't know how.  Rick told him just to go with what he knew.  All he knew was what his father was, so he created a big bang, recreating the universe, and became the new Eternity.  Time rolled back on itself, until it came back to the modern day, and everything became as it was--except  Marvel was still insane.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Chris Cross

I wouldn't necessarily call Entropy the antithesis of Eternity; in fact, I'm not sure what to classify him as in regards to Eternity, but the most important thing to know is that they had opposite goals, and each other's destruction in mind.  I also hesitate when I refer to Entropy as "he".   Entropy is a cosmic entity and, in all likelihood, has no gender.  Entropy is referred to as a male probably just to put it into human terms and to make it easier.

I'm was initially confused with this ending.  Wouldn't this create a loop of some sort in which this new Eternity would create another Entropy at the beginning of time and in the year 2002 that Entropy would replace him?  This loop would go on forever and nothing new would happen.  I'm going to go with two things.  First, that this was a one time thing and that when time rolled back on itself, Entropy was not recreated, and second, that Eternity, when next seen, will be held in the same regards he was before, as if this didn't even happen.

The word Entropy has several definitions, but the one that the writer had in mind was "the tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity."  He also may have had in mind "inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society."

Entropy and other Cosmic Entities/Abstractions

Being a destroyer, Entropy may be knowingly or coincidentally affiliated with other destructive Abstractions such as Death, Oblivion, Lord Chaos, Un-Being, Rot, and Galactus.  The latter is also an "offspring" of Eternity, making Entropy and Galactus "siblings".  Entropy may be related to any or all of these other Abstractions, but their exact relationships remain unrevealed.--Kyle

by Stunner

Profile updated/edited by Kyle Sims

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