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Real Name: Frederick Amos Duncan

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Security consultant, author;
    former FBI special agent, head of FBI's Special Mutant Division

Group Membership: None;
    formerly FBI, FBI liaison to Project Black Womb (Irene Adler, Carl Denti, Kurt Marko, Nathan Millbury (secretly Mr. Sinister), Amanda Mueller, Brian Xavier) and X-Men

Affiliations: Kyle Dansig, Helmut (dog), Foggy Nelson, Professor Power (Anthony Power), Bill Ross, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Jakuna Singh, others), Carl Denti (later X-Cutioner), "Logan's First X-Men" (Bomb/Anthony, Holo/Holly Bright, Meteor, Sabretooth/Victor Creed, Scout/Josef Dansig, Shadowshift/Jamie Dansig, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett, Yeti/Ben Goldendawn), X-Men (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Hank McCoy, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Iceman/Robert Drake, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey, Professor X/Charles Xavier)
    possibly Agent Baker (see comments)
    formerly Director Hartfield, Bolivar Trask, Virus (Lyle Doome)

Enemies: Valerie Cooper, Dazzler (Burtram Worthington), Henry Peter Gyrich, Juggernaut (Cain Marko), Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie), Bolivar Trask, Vanisher ("Telford Porter"), Virus (Lyle Doome)

Known Relatives: Unidentified sister

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: 1025 Sindoni Crescent. Hegeman, New York;
    formerly FBI headquarters, Washington D.C.
    formerly Project Chimera headquarters, Pennsylvania
    formerly Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: X-Men I#2 (November, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: Fred Duncan was a highly skilled security enforcement and investigations officer. He had access to large amounts of advanced terrestrial and extraterrestrial technology and weaponry. Fred was proficient in the use of a variety of standard small-arms weapons. Duncan often smoked a pipe.

Height: 6'
Weight:190 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White, formerly Brown/Blonde


(First X-Men#2) - The growing presence of mutants among the civilian population was cause for US government officials to consider ways of dealing with what they labelled "the mutant threat". FBI special agents Fred Duncan and Bolivar Trask were tasked to come up with strategies. But both men had diametrically opposed points of view. While Trask was afraid of this new species and wanted to eradicate them, Fred Duncan felt mutants could be useful assets if handled properly. FBI director Hartfield valued both opinions and not only funded Trask's Project: Sentinel, but also gave Duncan permission to carry out his plan, figuring the government had in the past employed special individuals, dating back to Captain America.

(First X-Men#2 - BTS) - Hartfield had secretly already drafted a mutant: Lyle Doome also known as Virus. Doome's powers allowed him to mind control others, giving Hartfield a way to keep other mutants under control if they decided to rise up against the government.

(First X-Men#3) - The FBI tracked down a potential new mutant, unaware it was actually Namor the Sub-Mariner, suffering from amnesia and living on the streets as a bum. With a group of prototype Mandroids ready to provide backup, Duncan and his men moved in to find Namor already fighting a group of other superhumans, "Logan's First X-Men" (Bomb, Holo, Sabretooth, Wolverine, Yeti), who fought the homeless man. They managed to defeat the Sub-Mariner, who fled after the fight. Duncan ordered his men to stand down since they had actually saved hundreds of civilians. Afterwards Duncan released an official statement to the media that they were glad to investigate any case of supernatural sightings.

(First X-Men#3 - BTS) - Boliver Trask had collected and imprisoned several mutants at the Project Chimera headquarters in Pennsylvania for experimentation.

(First X-Men#3) - Trask openly suggested that Fred Duncan must be a mutant, after all he let the team of mutants go free. Duncan witnessed how the discorporeal mind controlling mutant Virus took control of a mutant, using him as his vessel (or his "mount" as he called it). Just then, Wolverine's mutant team broke into the facility to free their fellow mutants, including the one Virus was using as his mount.

(First X-Men#4) - Duncan still hoped he could convince Wolverine and the others to join his cause without killing anyone. He gave Virus one final chance to recruit the mutants with his mind control powers. However, the sadistic Virus had no intentions of complying. He wanted to get his hands on Wolverine and Sabretooth, figuring that their enhanced healing abilities would allow him to use them as mounts indefinitely. Meanwhile, director Heartfield gave Bolivar Trask permission to send his Sentinels after Wolverine and the others. Shocked, Duncan convinced a soldier to drive him to the last known location of Logan and his men so he could warn them, unaware he was getting a ride from Charles Xavier.

(First X-Men#5) - As Duncan and Xavier reached Logan's location, the mutants were already engaged in an all-out battle against the Sentinels. During the fight, Virus tried to take matters in his own hands. As the mutant camp burned, Duncan tried to stop his fellow agent Dansig who realized two of the mutants trapped in the inferno were his sons. Fred couldn't prevent his colleague from running to the burning cabin, while Logan managed to kill Virus and destroyed the last Sentinels.

(First X-Men#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Sentinels' failure to apprehend the mutants was a costly one: with billions wasted by the FBI, all those responsible for the fiasco were fired, including Hartfield and Trask. With them gone, Fred Duncan was made head of the new Department for Mutant Affairs, allowing him to come up with a new policy regarding mutant/human relations, as long as it was cheap. Duncan still hoped he could recruit Logan sometime in the future.

(First X-Men#5) - Hours after the battle between Logan's mutants, the Sentinels and Virus had ended, Duncan watched how Logan freed himself from under the debris of the burned down cabin. Fred swore he had no part of, nor did he approve of the Sentinels being sent against them. He also informed Logan about his new position as head of Department of Mutant Affairs and asked the feral mutant to join him. Logan once more refused the offer, figuring he wasn't even able to save the mutant teens under his care.

(X-Men I#38/2) - As head of Department of Mutant Affairs, Duncan and his aide Bill Ross decided the time had come to further investigate the so-called mutant menace. Ross suggested to involve the print media in their investigation. Reading about the FBI's plans in the paper, the powerful telepathic mutant Charles Xavier decided to act and visited the FBI headquarters in Washington.

   Duncan and his aide rewatched a movie reel for the tenth time of the first time an alleged mutant was caught on tape using his powers. The movie showed a young Scott Summers lifting up his glasses to unleash a powerful eye beam that destroyed a crate about to fall on a group of humans. Instead of thanking him, the people became scared and angry. Watching the footage, Duncan was convinced the boy's motivations were genuine and he decided to search for his whereabouts.

   Around that time, Professor Xavier made his presence known by mentally incapacitating Duncan and Ross, forcing them to pay close attention to his proposition. Revealing his identity and status as a mutant, Xavier proposed to help the FBI in locating young mutants. Xavier in return promised Duncan to keep them updated on their progress as he helped them master their gifts at his school. Duncan took the Professor up on his offer, as both men decided to join forces for the survival of all humanity.

(X-Men I#39/2) - Duncan provided Xavier with all the information the FBI had collected on possible mutants. They both decided Scott Summers would be the first viable candidate for recruitment. However when Duncan called the Sunset Orphanage he learned Summers has disappeared during a visit to New York City. While Duncan started a search for the missing teen, Xavier decided to pay Scott's optometrist a visit.

(X-Men I#42/2 - BTS ) - Charles Xavier rescued Scott Summers from the clutches of mutant criminal Jack O'Diamonds and decided to enroll him in his School for Gifted Youngsters at his home in Salem Center.

(Uncanny Origins#1 (fb) - BTS ) - Xavier and Scott Summers visited FBI agent Duncan in his Washington office to discuss recent events. Fred used his connections to make sure Scott was placed in Xavier's custody.

(Gambit III#22) - At some point, Duncan served as FBI liaison to the Black Womb genetics project, which was initially focused on the investigation and initiation of human mutation through the use of extraterrestrial technology (see comments).

(X-Men I#2 - BTS) - While Xavier used the information he received from Duncan's FBI files, he provided Fred with a special psionic headband that allowed him to mentally speak with the Professor whenever he wanted to. In return, Duncan donated a special aircraft to Xavier, the McDonnell XV-1 convertiplane, courtesy of the FBI's department of special affairs.

(X-Men I#2) - Fred Duncan donned Xavier's headband while sitting behind his desk at FBI headquarters. Instantly contacting the Professor, Duncan informed him about the mutant teleporter Vanisher who has threatened to steal the nation's continental defense plans. Xavier offered to send his X-Men to capture the teleporter, but in spite of their best efforts the mutant teens proved no match for the wily Vanisher. Just as the villain was about to make his move on the White House, the X-Men wheeled out Charles Xavier who used his telepathy to disable the Vanisher's powers, allowing an easy capture.

(X-Men I#10 - BTS) - Duncan contacted Charles Xavier and the X-Men to investigate the appearance of a so-called "Antarctic wild man and his tiger", who turned out to be Ka-Zar (Kevin Plunder) and his sabertooth tiger Zabu, caught on camera while apparently attacking an Antarctic exploration party.

(X-Men I#16 - BTS) - When Xavier managed to escape the clutches of Bolivar Trask and the Master Mold, he contacted Duncan in an attempt to stop the menace of the Sentinels. Duncan made sure all local police forces assisted Xavier in destroying the Sentinels base.

(X-Men: Odd Men Out (fb) - BTS) - Xavier projected his astral form to Duncan's offices to tell his friend that he had went into hiding for the last months to prepare defenses for the approaching invasion of the alien Z'Nox. To make sure he wasn't missed, Xavier allowed the terminally ill shapeshifter Changeling to take his place, only letting his telepathic student Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) in on the situation. So, when "Xavier" lost his life battling Grotesk, everyone except Marvel Girl thought the professor dead. Xavier asked Duncan to disband the X-men, so no one could accidentally stumble across any evidence of his actual whereabouts.

(X-Men I#43 - BTS) - Duncan informed the X-Men that he wouldn't be attending Xavier's funeral, reasoning it might blow their cover if the director of Mutant Affairs was seen at the services along with five teenagers. The X-Men didn't have too much time to mourn or ponder the wisdom of Duncan's words, they were too consumed by stopping Magneto's latest plan.

(X-Men I#46) - After having dealt with Magneto once more, the X-Men finally had time to properly mourn their fallen mentor. This time, Duncan did attend Xavier's funeral and was present when Charles' attorney Foggy Nelson read Xavier's will. After that, Duncan accompanied the team back to their school where he wanted to discuss some serious matters with them. Before that talk could take place, the Juggernaut (Cain Marko) showed up looking for his step-brother Charles.

   Juggernaut grabbed Duncan, slammed his head against the ceiling and threw him out of a window. After an extensive battle, the X-Men managed to defeat their massively powerful opponent and discovered Duncan had survived his run in with Cyttorak's avatar with no apparent injuries. Fred then revealed he wanted the X-Men to split up, reasoning that without Xavier around to protect them, the team would be an easy target for the ever growing population of evil mutants. He also added that he believed the X-Men could do more good apart and spread across the country. Promising to send every individual X-Man a letter with instructions, the team agreed to follow Duncan, as they closed down the school and went their seperate ways.

(X-Men I#47 - BTS) - As Beast and Iceman made their way towards the big city (New York, presumably), Beast revealed he didn't believe Duncan's theory that staying together would prove more dangerous. Somehow ironically proving his own point, the two teens inadvertently wound up fighting Maha Yogi.

(X-Men I#48 - BTS) - While Cyclops accompanied Jean who had been hired as a model for a photoshoot, Jean thought back on how Fred Duncan ordered the X-Men to split up. Not too long after that, Marvel Girl and Cyclops faced Quasimodo and his Cybertron robots.

(Ka-Zar I#2/2) - Duncan arrived with local police officers to stop the Angel from killing the two men who had just murdered his father, Warren Worthington II by order of the criminal Dazzler (Burtram Worthington). Duncan wanted to help Angel get their leader, but Angel refused any and all assistance as he swore revenge.

(Ka-Zar I#3/2) - Duncan was surprised by Angel's comments, likening his remarks to "the rotten philosophy of Magneto". After talking some sense into the winged teen, the police were allowed to take the Dazzler's henchmen into custody even as Angel proclaimed he would find his father's killer. At the police station, Duncan led the interrogation process of the Dazzler's cronies. When they seemed on the verge of confessing, both were instantly incinerated by the anti-matter in their costumes, activated by the Dazzler via remote control.

(Marvel Tales II#30/3 - BTS) - After the Dazzler fell to his presumed death during a final confrontation with Angel, young Warren Worthington III's sense of honor was satisfied. However, he neglected to inform Duncan or the other officials how things ended, nor that Dazzler was secretly Burtram Worthington, a man with a recorded criminal past and his uncle.

(X-Men: The Hidden Years#17) - Duncan visited Xavier in Dunfee, Illinois where Charles was staying at the home of Andrea Martin while he studied her daughter Ashley's mutant powers. Duncan wanted to seal the house down due to damage caused by a rogue Sentinel, but the Professor persuaded him to leave the matter in his hands. On a personal note, Fred confessed he still had trouble dealing with Xavier's return from the dead. (see comments).

(Shanna the She-Devil I#5) - Pooling their resources, Duncan and Xavier tracked down two mutants in Africa: the Mandrill and another whose power rating was even higher, but nevertheless proved unable to identify (it turned out to be the Mandrill's partner Nekra). Contacting African-based SHIELD agent Jukuna Singh to retrieve Shanna the She-Devil and her friend Patrick McShane to a local SHIELD carrier, Duncan and Xavier briefed Shanna on the situation and asked to keep them informed of any odd occurrences so they could provide assistance if needed.

(X-Men Forever I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Duncan became the Director of the FBI. During a meeting with Senator Robert Kelly he was impersonated by Mystique.

(Marvel Team-Up I#118 - BTS) - Using his contacts within the FBI, Professor Power sought to arrange a formal meeting with Professor Xavier. Xavier was contacted by Fred Duncan, who set things up, not realizing it would be a trap to capture Xavier.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#17 (fb) - BTS) - Duncan took on a new protégé and started mentoring young FBI recruit Carl Denti.

(Uncanny X-Men I#142 - BTS) - The X-Men saved the life of Senator Robert Kelly from a reorganized Brotherhood of Evil Mutants led by Mystique.

(X-Men: Odd Men Out (fb) - BTS) - A few months after these events Duncan was called to the White House to consult with the president, senator Robert Kelly and national security advisors Henry Peter Gyrich and Valerie Cooper. The group was discussing a new classified anti-mutant initiative called Project Wideawake. Duncan was appalled by what he heard, but his misgivings were summarily dismissed when it became clear Gyrich and Cooper had the president's ear.

(Uncanny X-Men I#150 - BTS / X-Men: Odd Men Out (fb) - BTS) - Duncan watched Magneto's televised speech to the leaders of the world, ordering them to surrender political control to him. He later learned the X-Men had proven instrumental in the mutant master of magnetism's defeat.

(Uncanny X-Men I#158 - BTS) - As anti mutant hysteria flared up, Moira MacTaggert informed the X-Men that Charles used to work with the FBI in the early days of the team. This meant there were extensive files on the original X-Men and most likely on them as well. In order to protect their identities and their family and friends, Kitty Pryde suggested they asked the visiting Starjammers to devise an open ended computer virus that would erase all references to the X-Men from the federal database. Wolverine, Storm and Carol Danvers travelled to the Pentagon where, despite an altercation with Rogue, the undercover operation went off without a hitch.

(X-Men: Odd Men Out (fb) - BTS) - Furious about the fact unknown forces had penetrated and sabotaged the federal government's database, Gyrich barged into Duncan's office, demanding an explanation. Coyly informing the security advisor he had no idea how something like that could have happened, Gyrich immediately blamed "the mutants" for deleting the files. He then ordered Duncan to restore the files, figuring he had power over him now that the Department of Mutant Affairs was answerable to the Gyrich headed Project Wideawake. Duncan scoffed at the notion and tendered his resignation.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#12) - Fred Duncan was listed as being deceased.

(X-Men: Odd Men Out (fb) - BTS) - The reports of Fred Duncan's death proved slightly exaggarated, as he turned up alive and well, working as a security consultant after leaving the FBI. Thanks to his lucrative private sector job, Duncan took the opportunity to buy his dreamhouse, while still having plenty of free time left to write a tell-all book on the government's mismanagement of anti-mutant hysteria.

(X-Men: Odd Men Out) - While Duncan was working on his book, he was suddenly visited by an astral projection of Charles Xavier. Xavier had Duncan's house surrounded by his X-Men should some random villains decide to attack. Xavier had come to visit Duncan to catch up and reminisce on the good old days. After covering most of what had happened since Duncan saw Charles for the last time in Illinois, Fred revealed he planned to publish a book on what he had experienced working with mutants.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#17 - BTS) - Fred Duncan died during an event involving evil mutants. If this had anything to do with the book he was writing stayed unrevealed.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#17 (fb) - BTS) - With Duncan's death former protégé Carl Denti gained access to all the objects, devices and weapons that Duncan had been stockpiling over the years. He even had artifacts of Shi'ar, Sidri and Z'Nox origin. Denti used these technologies to become the X-Cutioner, hoping to avenge his former mentor by killing mutants who had done wrong. Denti was convinced it was Duncan's respect for the X-Men that had blinded him to the very real threat some mutants could present.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer), Jack Kirby (pencils) & Paul Reinman (inks).

    While researching Fred Duncan I actually found out a few surprises. Though Marvel Saga consisted of reprinted panels of older comics, Marvel Saga#4 actually had one original panel, the panel depicting Fred Duncan and Bill Ross watching the footage from Scott Summers. The panel showed partly an old panel from X-Men I#38 but the panel from Marvel Saga#4 zoomed more out thus showing Duncan and Ross watching the footage. The other big surprise for me was the last name of Fred Duncan's aide Bill, in Uncanny Origins#1 his last name Ross was revealed.

    In X-Men I#38, Duncan acted as if Cyclops was the first mutant he ever saw, while clearly he had already met Wolverine's team and Virus by that point. It could be that Duncan feigned ignorance because that particular affair had been classified by higher ups who didn't want any mention of the fiasco on file. The presence of his aide Bill Ross further cements this theory, presumably Ross didn't have Duncan's level of clearance, making it extra plausible Fred kept quiet.

    The storyline from X-Men I#38/2 & 39/2 precedes the events of X-Men I#2 since it's backup strip chronicling the Origins of the X-Men.

    In X-Men I#46 Fred was called Amos Duncan.

    The events of Shanna the She-Devil took place around X-Men I#83 (that consisted of reprints at the time).

    The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#12 1983 listed Duncan as deceased under the X-Men Allies.

    1998 Wizard Presents Cerebro's Guide to the X-Men#1: Packaged with Wizard's X-Men Special Edition#1 includes profiles of the various X-characters, amongst them Fred Duncan it offered an update to his character: Some years ago Duncan mysteriously disappeared, his current status is unknown.

    Duncan revealed in X-Men: The Hidden Years#17 that any Sentinel activity fell under the mandate of his department.

    X-Men: Odd Men Out is likely to take place around Uncanny X-Men I#290 and before the events of Uncanny X-Men Annual#17.

    The Black Womb project had a shockingly high fatality rate. Given Fred Duncan's altruistic attitude, it's more than likely he was kept in the dark on this particular point.

    The X-Men First Class series that spanned three volumes from 2006 until 2009 depicted new adventures of the original X-Men, loosely placing it within the 616 universe. It featured Agent Barker, a mysterious agent who worked with Professor X in the early days. He worked in a one-man branch of the FBI specializing in the extraordinary. One would have thought this to be Fred Duncan until he finally appeared himself in the final series. Agent Barker likely fell under Duncan's jurisdiction.
--Sadly, Marvel editorial's current policy is that the First Class series were not in Reality-616. Hopefully that changes at some point. They have my vote. Great stories, impressive effort to stay in-continuity...and succeed. Snood.

(X-Men: First Class Finals#2) - After the original X-Men fought and defeated rogue mutant Frederick, Duncan and the special forces of the FBI arrived to Xavier's school to take him into custody. Duncan noted this re-opened and closed the case that Agent Baker was working on back when they first encountered Frederick.

X-Men Forever I#3 reveals that during the events of X-Men I#100-101 Mystique impersonated Fred Duncan during a meeting with Senator Kelly, in which Kelly calls Duncan "Director."
--Mike O

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Fred Duncan has no known connections to

McDonnell XV-1 convertiplane

The McDonnel XV-1 was an experimental compound gyroplane developed for a joint research program between the US Air Force and the US Army in an attempt to explore technologies to develop an aircraft that could take off and land like a helicopter but fly at faster airspeeds, similar to a conventional airplane. The XV-1 would reach a speed of 200mph, faster than any previous rotorcraft, but the program was terminated due to the tip-jet noise and complexity of the technology which gave only a modest gain in performance.

   The technology was roughly ten years old when Duncan offered one of these convertiplanes to the original X-Men for transportation. The X-Men used the machine to reach Washington D.C. to oppose the Vanisher. However five issue's later in X-Men I#7 the X-Men had already let go of the McDonnel XV-1 and used a helicopter in the Return of the Blob.

   The McDonnell XV-1 color scheme has changed upon the years due to different reprints. As both images show.

--X-Men I#2

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Shanna the She-Devil I#5, p8, pan5 (on video screen)
X-Men: The Odd Men Out, p14, pan6 (with Gyrich)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#12, head shot (allegedly deceased)
X-Men I#2, p13, pan6 (McDonnell XV-1 convertiplane)

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