Real Name: Adolf Hitler

Identity/Class: Currently energy-based being; Formerly Human Technology User; Citizen of Germany (legally deceased)

Occupation: Would-be Conqueror, former Dictator

Group Membership: None;
former leader of the Kubekult, the Project, a Neo-Nazi compound in Idaho

Affiliations: Josh Glenn, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Arnim Zola;
(agents): American Panther, Julian Chambliss, "Red Hate," anti-government rebels of San Gusto, various storm troopers, Ali, Rachel (unwittingly), people of Hell's Kitchen;
formerly Dr. Kaupfman, Clyde Wyncham of Earth-1219

Enemies: Black Panther (T'Challa), Laura Brown, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Sharon Carter, Dum Dum Dugan, Falcon (Sam Wilson), Nick Fury, Nick Fury Jr. (Marcus Johnson), Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing), General McAllister Groves, Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Gabe Jones, Dr. Kaupfman, Man-Wolf (John Jameson), Namor, Donna Maria Puentes, Rachel, S.H.I.E.L.D., Sofija, Yousuf Tov, United States of America, Jimmy Woo, Clyde Wyncham of Earth-1219, unidendified victims on Earth-1219;
formerly Red Skull

Known Relatives: Arnim Zola (creator), Adolf Hitler (genetic progenitor), several cloned spare bodies including Edmund Heidler

Aliases: Adam Hauser, Nazi X

Place of Creation: Berlin, Germany

Base of Operations: Mobile in Earth's orbit;
formerly Hell's Kitche, New York City, New York;
formerly the Stonewater, Louisiana;
formerly the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrier;
formerly the Idaho;
formerly the Cosmic Cube;
formerly the Island of the Exiles;
formerly the Tallulah Gorge, Georgia;
formerly Arnim Zola's headquarters in Switzerland (various clone bodies);
otherwise mobile

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#21 (December, 1963)


Powers: Originally, the Hate-Monger had no superhuman powers. However, Zola energized his mind so that the Hate-Monger could, upon facing death, automatically transfer his mind from one body to another. The Hate-Monger had access to high-tech weaponry such as the Hate-ray or H-ray. This ray affected the emotional center of the human mind so as to aggravate sentiments of dread, hate, and fear to abnormal levels. The H-ray could even unlocked repressed feelings of this kind. The H-ray could also transmute loving feelings into equal or greater feelings of hate. The H-ray could be utilized in many ways, from a handgun, a satellite, or one could "bounce" it off the moon to blanket any part of the Earth facing the moon at that time.

Later, after his Cosmic Cube-induced rebirth, the Hate-Monger had a variety of superhuman powers. He could instill hate in others and fed off that same hate. He could also appear to different ethnic or social groups as a member of that group, even appearing different to multiple groups simultaneously. He could fire energy-blasts from his eyes. An energy being, he wore a mask to hide his true form and was relatively immune to conventional injury. He was able to "re-grow" the arm that was destroyed by the missile blast.

The Hate-Monger also had the sub-surface missile, which could bore through solid rock thanks to a powerful burst of flame, allowing underground travel through the rock of the ocean floor. Upon arrival, coolant would douse the area around the emergence of the missile, allowing safe exit. The Rabble Rouser had a similar device.

Nazi X had enhanced human strength and durability, but also lacked eyes, ears, or any other obvious sensory apparatus. As such, it was a mindless, rampaging creature. Its brain was protected within a dense, armored shell.

The "Red Hate" armor granted him superhuman (Class 10) strength and durability.

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark brown


(OHotMU 2006#5) - In the last days of World War II the Hate-Monger clone was created by Arnim Zola.

(Super-Villain Team-Up#17 (fb) ) - Hitler, after his original body's destruction at the hands of the original Human Torch, awoke in a cloned brain provided by Arnim Zola. Zola, in his own disfigured original body, clasped his hands in celebration at his success. Zola soon created full-grown cloned bodies for Hitler. Eventually, Zola and Hitler refined the mind-exchange techniques so that Hitler could jump from specially prepared bodies easily. Hitler decided to adopt a new identity, that of the Hate-Monger, wearing a purple hood to conceal his identity.

BTS - Much of what the Hate-Monger did in the decades immediately after his awakening in the cloned brain remains unknown. Nevertheless, within those at least forty years since the end of World War II, scientists under the Hate-Monger's employ created the H-ray. Using the H-ray, by the time of the modern era the Hate-Monger had begun a public career espousing class, racial, and religious antagonism in the United States. He came to employ storm troopers to flank him as he spoke in public.

Also at some point towards the beginning of the modern era, the Hate-Monger set his sights on the Hispanic country called San Gusto. He used the H-ray to breed civil strife in that country, directing a revolution.

(Fantastic Four I#21) - The Hate-Monger's public appearances soon gained the attention of the Fantastic Four, whose member the Thing was Jewish. The Fantastic Four happened upon one of the Hate-Monger's demonstrations as the enthralled throng attacked a lone man. The Fantastic Four came to the man's rescue, but the Hate-Monger used the opportunity to blast them with the H-ray. The ray worked as he hoped, as each member of the Fantastic Four was overcome with such hatred for each other that the group parted ways.

Nick Fury, who in the years since his struggles with Hitler in his original body, had become a C.I.A. agent (but not yet an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.) appeared to the Fantastic Four to ask for aid in dealing with the revolution in San Gusto. He met with Reed Richards who, scoffing at the idea of asking his teammates for help, went to San Gusto alone. Realizing that the Hate-Monger had somehow affected the minds of the Fantastic Four, Fury tricked all of the other members into going to San Gusto, as well.

The Hate-Monger, having kept the Fantastic Four and San Gusto under surveillance, learned of what happened, and used the sub-surface missile to get from New York City to San Gusto. Meanwhile, leader of the Fantastic Four Reed Richards (while in San Gusto) defeated some of the rebels and uncovered one of the Hate-Monger's Hate-ray machines. Finding a passage to one of the Hate-Monger's hideouts, he was taken prisoner. However, Nick Fury arrived to free him, and forced the Hate-Monger to administer a cure for the H-ray. The Hate-Monger then swiftly activated a bulletproof glass partition that he ducked behind, separating him from Fury and Richards. Fury worked on breaking through and sent Richards to administer cures to the other members of the Fantastic Four: Ben, Johnny, and Sue. Soon, Richards found his teammates and managed to administer this cure to them, as well.

Fury managed to penetrate further into the Hate-Monger's hideout, as the Hate-Monger tried to activate a large scale H-ray. The Fantastic Four arrived as Fury engaged the Hate-Monger's men in hand-to-hand combat. The Human Torch, Reed, and Ben aided Fury in defeating the storm troopers, but the Hate-Monger saw the opportunity to blast them with the H-ray pistol again. However, the Invisible Girl yanked on his arm, throwing off his aim so that he hit some of his own storm troopers. Enraged at how he had gotten them into a battle with the Fantastic Four, they shot the Hate-Monger. Reed unmasked the Hate-Monger, shocked to find Adolf Hitler's face.

BTS - The Hate-Monger jumped into another Zola provided body.

(Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I#9) - In a newly-cloned body, the Hate-Monger next set up base on an island, where he developed his own version of the Chinese Psychotron to deal with intruders, programmed computers containing the minds of all of Hitler's greatest advisors, and built up a stockpile of nuclear weapons to launch upon the world. One of his men was sent to assassinate Nick Fury, which brought SHIELD to the Hate-Monger's island. He was confident that Fury and his men would not be able to defeat him, but he had not counted on the treachery of his chief scientist, Dr. Kaupfman, or that SHIELD agent Laura Brown had infiltrated his staff. Kaupfman shot the Hate-Monger and remained behind to destroy the island, while SHIELD fled. The Hate-Monger, dying, shot Kaupfman in the back, but he successfully destroyed the island with his dying breath.

(Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I#10) - Shortly afterwards, in yet another new body, the Hate-Monger set up base in a space station orbiting Earth, from which he planned to drop a germ bomb on New York City. Nick Fury boarded the space station but was again captured by the Hate-Monger's men. The Hate-Monger explained to him how killing the population of New York City would turn the people of Earth against one another, leading to them wiping each other out. Fury was strapped to the bomb itself, and ejected to Earth. However, on its way down, one of the Hate-Monger's pilots sent to observe the bomb was startled by a fast-moving object and collided with the bomb, setting Fury free.

(Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I#11) - In yet another plot, the Hate-Monger planned to use his Hate-Ray to turn the youth of America against its adult population. Fury again invaded the Hate-Monger's space station, and the two grappled, the Hate-Monger being badly beaten. Desperate to escape, he ran into what he believed to be his private chamber, but it was actually an escape hatch. He died in Earth's orbit.

(Creatures On the Loose#34 - BTS, 35) - The Hate-Monger began another plot, the Project, in which he had a starship built, with which he planned to retake his space station and blanket the entire Earth in Hate-rays. Included in this project was an unnamed armored mercenary ("Red Hate"). This operation was based in Georgia, in Tallulah Gorge. When John Jameson happened across the gorge, the mercenary and his agents fired on him, and as it was just the right time of day, they soon found themselves fighting the Man-Wolf.

The armored merc attacked and defeated the Man-Wolf, bringing him in to the Hate-Monger's ship. Though annoyed at the intrusion and distraction, the Hate-Monger thought that a study of the Man-Wolf's form might yield the ability to use its power to create an army of similar superhuman warriors under his command. Like a good villain, the Hate-Monger ranted and raved, reviewing his history and his plans, long enough for SHIELD agents, led by Fury and Dugan, to locate and invade his base.

The Man-Wolf broke his bonds and took vengeance on the now-unarmored mercenary, who quickly fell before him. The Hate-Monger himself donned the mercenary's armor and fled into and launched his ship. The Man-Wolf pursued him into the ship, lodging open the hatch in the process. The armor gave the Hate-Monger a definite advantage, and he was soon choking the life from the Man-Wolf. However, as the ship gained altitude, sunlight shined into the ship, beginning the transformation of the Man-Wolf back into John Jameson. Though weakening physically, Jameson's mind won the day, and he flipped the armored Hate-Monger out the hatch door and then closed it. The Hate-Monger managed to hold onto the side of the ship, but as it continued to soar upwards, the great heat melted his armor, and his flaming, unarmored form fell back down to Earth.

(Super-Villain Team-Up#16 (fb)) - The Hate-Monger and his men, with their moon probe, found the Red Skull defeated on the surface of the moon after a battle with Doctor Doom (as seen in Super-Villain Team-Up#12). This marked the first meeting between the Red Skull and the Hate-Monger in the modern era. The Hate-Monger unmasked himself as Hitler, but the Red Skull did not initially believe his claims of being the reincarnated form of his former mentor. Regardless, the Hate-Monger provided the Red Skull with some of his resources and even introduced him to Arnim Zola.

(Captain America I#211-212) - Arnim Zola unleashed Nazi X--an android/genetic creation with the brain of Adolf Hitler--on Captain America and his ally, Donna Maria Puentes. Following a brief skirmish, Nazi-X was incapacitated by its creator Arnim Zola. Later, Nazi-X was strapped to a gurney in preparation to transfer its brain into the body of Captain America.

Zola's plan to put Hitler's brain into Captain America's body was foiled by Donna Maria, who hurled a vial from Zola's lab counter at him, which reacted with the volatile chemicals he was using, engulfing both Zola and Nazi X in flames. Cap and Donna Maria escaped from Zola's castle, leaving the madmen to their fates.

(Captain America I#227-228 - BTS) - The Hate-Monger aided the Red Skull in the latter's construction of the Death's Head Satellite. "It was the supreme modification of my Hate-ray -- and I gave it to you freely!" Though the Red Skull managed to transform the crew of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier into pawns of the Red Skull, Captain America managed to destroy the Satellite.


BTS - The Red Skull and the Hate-Monger relocated to the former Isle of Exiles, where they began to plan new plots. They captured many Israeli commandos sent to hunt them down, and put them to work as slave labor. For added fun, they had a specially-made dining run constructed above the dungeon where the slaves were kept; the floor of the dungeon was made of (presumably bulletproof) glass, so the Red Skull and Hate-Monger could see the slaves fulminate against them as they ate exquisite, gourmet meals.

One of the Israeli commandos sent to hunt down the Skull and Hate-Monger was Yousuf Tov. Tov was assigned to hunt down the Red Skull and Hate-Monger as Nazi war criminals. Intelligence had indicated that the Skull and Monger had an immense clandestine project in progress, involving scientists recruited from S.H.I.E.L.D., A.I.M., and the Soviet bloc. However, instead of being placed into forced labor as happened with another agent named Rachel, Tov was pampered by his captors, although he was kept on a short leash; a neuro-detonator was implanted in his neck as a fail-safe.

(Super-Villain Team-Up#16) - After suffering derision from the other prisoners who called him a traitor, Tov was shown the purpose of the secret project: the creation of a Cosmic Cube. The Skull, noting that information had to still to be extracted from S.H.I.E.L.D. and A.I.M., requested that Tov put his skills and security clearances into gaining it. Also, the Skull, realizing that the Cosmic Cube could only be wielded by one person, knew that his alliance with the Hate-Monger had a very temporary and conditional quality to it. He offered Tov the chance to act as his secret trump card by doing away with the Hate-Monger at an opportune time.

Tov refused the Skull's offer, so the Skull gave him a small taste of the pain the neuro-detonator could bring. Later, Tov employed a ruse; reading the newspaper while under the eye of one of the Skull's guards, Tov keeled over, seemingly in excruciating pain. The guard, who had not activated the neuro-detonator, presumed it had malfunctioned, and not wanting Tov to die before his master had made full use of him, neutralized the device. After the device was neutralized, Tov attacked the guilt-ridden guard, as he had only feigned the pain.

Escaping the Skull's mansion, Tov stole a gun from another guard and went to the slave pens. He shot the lock off of the cage door. However, the other prisoners, assuming Tov's loyalties lay with the Skull and Hate-Monger, refused to join him, assuming his action represented some sort of ruse or trap. Undeterred, Tov continued his escape attempt. When one of the Skull's guards shot Tov in the arm, the other prisoners realized the sincerity of Tov's actions and attacked the Skull's minions. Tov made it to the docks, where he stole a boat.

Hours later, Tov saw a ship flying the U.S. flag. Boarding it, Tov received a rude surprise when he saw the Red Skull and Hate-Monger onboard. In fact, the ship belonged to them, serving as a ruse to help recapture any of their enemies who attempted to escape the Isle of Exiles. Brought back to the Isle, the other prisoners saw Tov as he was led back to incarceration.

(Super-Villain Team-Up#17 (fb)) - Rachel was punished for her part in the escape attempts; the SS lightning bolts were carved into her cheek. Weeks later, however, she managed to strangle a guard with a makeshift rope made from her hair and spittle, managed to steal a boat, was caught in a storm, but washed up alive on shore. She contacted S.H.I.E.L.D.

However, Rachel did not realize that the Hate-Monger had secretly guided her actions through an enslaved psychic named Ali. The Hate-Monger intended to use her as his trump card to eventually aid him in defeating the Red Skull when the time came, as the Hate-Monger knew only one hand could wield the Cosmic Cube.

(Super-Villain Team-Up#17) - Thanks to an armed raid on an AIM base, the Hate-Monger and Red Skull kidnapped Dr. George Clinton, who had helped created the original Cosmic Cube. Showing Clinton their equipment, they explained that while Clinton had created MODOK, a giant biological computer out of a man, to manipulate the myriad variables needed to create a Cosmic Cube, they had another idea. Namely, they would use normal human brains hooked in series as a bio-computer. Clinton, horrified, knew that the information overload would burn out these brains. The Skull noted that they had a supply of replacements, showing Clinton a slave pen, which included Tov.

Rachel, meanwhile, had bitterly and fervently contacted S.H.I.E.L.D. to attack the Isle of Exiles, but she did not know exactly what Tov had discovered; as the Skull, Hate-Monger, and Arnim Zola used a device to extract information from Clinton's mind, they began the process of creating the Cosmic Cube. A S.H.I.E.L.D. strike force soon flew for the Isle of Exiles.

When informed of the arrival of the S.H.I.E.L.D. planes, the Skull ordered two specially constructed, virtually impregnable secondary adamantium hemispheres to be formed into a dome over the island (as well as later ordering decoy doubles of himself and the Hate-Monger to be deployed). However, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents used an Overkill Horn confiscated from Hydra to pierce the dome and infiltrated the Skull's buildings.

In the ensuing confusion, the Hate-Monger managed to slip away. He had engineered Rachel's escape to produce just such a diversion. Going down to Arnim Zola, who stood outside the locked chamber where the creation of the Cosmic Cube process took place (which could only be opened by both the Hate-Monger and the Red Skull together), the Hate-Monger revealed his plan: He intended to use the mind-transference techniques that had enabled him to survive the destruction of his original body at the hands of the original Human Torch to transfer his mind into the matrix of the Cosmic Cube, becoming the Cube itself.

Meanwhile, Rachel destroyed what she thought was the Red Skull (in fact a decoy) and saw Tov had been used for part of the bio-computer, his brain damaged by the process. Still, she carried him away with her before S.H.I.E.L.D.'s final firebombing of the Isle of Exiles.

Later, in a subterranean chamber underneath the Isle, the Red Skull held up the Cosmic Cube. Looking at it, he told of how he had discovered the Hate-Monger's plan and had concealed from him that they had not been able to isolate the omni-dimensional x-element that served as the core of the Cube's power. They had only managed to create the outer shell of a Cosmic Cube, which, once complete, served as an inescapable prison for anything inside. That said, the Skull left the non-functioning Cosmic Cube on his desk -- with the Hate-Monger's mind trapped inside.

(Captain America I#299) - The non-functioning Cosmic Cube lay in a storeroom in the Skull's headquarters, the Skull House. Captain America, dying of old age, walked by the door to the room and thought he heard a voice. After a moment, he walked on, deciding it was nothing, leaving Hitler's trapped mind screaming for escape.

(Marvel 1985#4) - Hate-Monger was pulled to Earth-1219 to the year 1985 by the mutant Clyde Wyncham and murdered several people.

(Marvel 1985#5-6 - BTS) - Heroes from Earth-616 traveled to Earth-1219, convinced by young boy Toby Goodman, to defeat the villains. Afterward the villains were returned to Earth-616, including Hate-Monger.

(Captain America I#446 (fb)) - At some point, Hitler's face disappeared from the non-functioning Cosmic Cube. The Red Skull surmised that he had gone mad or had his consciousness somehow subsumed by the Cosmic Cube. He gave it little thought.

(Captain America I#446 (fb)) - The Kubekult, fanatics who had discovered the fate of the Hate-Monger, acquired the Cosmic Cube and (using stolen A.I.M. technology) managed to spike it with energy such that it had flashes of full power.

(Captain America I#446-448 - BTS) - The Kubekult was briefly spiked with energy, resulting in a world where the Nazis won World War II and Hitler was in charge. After some battles, Sharon Carter was able to steal the cube and gave it to Captain America. The Red Skull trapped Cap in the cube, pitting his will against Hitler's. Cap ultimately escaped from the cube, forcibly extracting himself and shattering the cube, apparently killing the Red Skull.

(Captain America III#19 - BTS) - The Red Skull, having internalized the Cosmic Cube, was tricked by Captain America into entering the anti-matter beam of Galactus' original ship. As he was disintegrated, the Skull made two wishes of the cube's power:

  1. To be somewhere safe, away from people, where an object of great power laid. (This leads to him appearing on Muir Island where he finds Douglok and the Transmode virus, in the pages of Uncanny X-Men.)
  2. To create a Hate Monger being, either with Hitler's original consciousness, or a copy thereof. (See comments)

BTS - Apparently returned through the second wish, the Hate Monger took charge of a Neo-Nazi camp in Idaho. They then kidnapped General McAllister Groves while he was on vacation, and used his ID clearance to infiltrate a biological weapons facility. There they stole Anthrax missiles for future use, while leaving the African-American General's ID behind with the word "Rebirth" written on it.

(Captain America III#25) - The Hate Monger's men captured Nick Fury, who had infiltrated their compound. When Captain America and the Falcon went to investigate, their ship was attacked by the Neo-Nazis, and the two heroes were gassed unconscious. The Hate Monger then made his dramatic reappearance.

(Captain America III#26) - Captain America and the Falcon were chained up while the Hate Monger explained his plans to spark World War III. The Anthrax missiles would be launched into Europe and the Middle East, decimating millions. At the same time, General Groves would be blamed for the crisis, resulting in a race war within the U. S. The Hate Monger then spray-painted a swastika on Captain America's shield and dumped Cap in a cellar prison, where the captured Nick Fury was being held. Cap and Fury eventually escaped and made their way to where the Hate Monger was launching the missiles.

(Captain America III#27) - Captain America fought the Hate Monger and placed the villain's arm, along with his desecrated shield, under the launch flame of the missile. The flame burned away the Hate Monger's arm and the painted swastika. After disabling the missiles, Cap chased the Hate Monger, who escaped by shedding his costume in a river.

BTS - The Hate Monger "regrew" his arm and regrouped with the Red Skull aboard the captured S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

(Captain America III#45) - In Stonewater, Louisiana, the Hate Monger (under the guise of Adam Hauser, a union representative from New York City) incited striking workers to attack and slaughter a group of visiting Mexican teachers, telling the rioters that they were losing their jobs to the illegal immigrants. Later the Hate Monger conferred with the Red Skull.

(Captain America III#46-48) - In a variety of guises, the Hate Monger appeared to many ethnic and social groups in Stonewater, inciting them to riot. He led a mobs defeat and capture of Nick Fury. He also gathered those with telepathic potential and planned, along with the Red Skull, to amplify their hatred through S.H.I.E.L.D.'s PSI devices, resulting in mass riots and destruction across the U. S.

Having captured Fury and Captain America, the Skull and Hate Monger revealed their plan to the heroes. Namor appeared and attempted to rescue the heroes, only to have his rather large temper make him easy prey for the Hate Monger's powers. The Hate Monger then attempted to force Cap to give into his hate, but Cap overcame these attempts, resulting in an overloading of the PSI devices and the apparent destruction of the Hate Monger.

(Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521) - Josh Glenn, a fan of the Hate-Monger, who had taken on the Hate-Monger mantle inadvertently awakened the real Hate-Monger, who could sense Glenn's call despite being in space. Hate-Monger's awakened spirit hitched a ride back to Earth on Angrir's hammer and soon found Glenn, taking possession of him. With him under his control he immediately turned a racist police officer into his first henchmen the American Panther.

   Hate-Monger's persuasive powers soon spread the hate among the people of Hell's Kitchen. He and American Panther observed Black Panther protecting an innocent woman and overheard them talk about the Devil's Diner, which offered refugee to everyone in need of it during the attacks all over the US by the Serpent (Cul) and his Worthy. Hate-Monger took a photograph and reported a twisted story of Black Panther terrorizing innocent people, which was published in the New York Spot the next day.

   Hate-Monger riled up more people against immigrants, including Julian Chambliss, the former owner of the building the Black Panther had bought and took over Hell's Kitchen with the angry mob. They marched into the Devil's Diner and confronted T'Challa, who was running the diner under the alias Mr. Okonkwo. When the American Panther joined the already heated situation T'Challa and his Serbian waitress Sofija left before it got completely out of hand. Hate-Monger riled up the people a bit more inside the diner.

(Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#522) - Hate-Monger gained more and more followers in Hell's Kitchen using his persuasive powers. During the riots caused by him the American Panther tried to resist Hate-Monger's control, but failed. Hate-Monger forced American Panther to lick his boots, Mr. Chambliss followed suit, even though Hate-Monger wasn't even using his powers on him.

   Hate-Monger took control over the local police, who put up a banner at their precinct in support of Hate-Monger and his cause---HATE. While Hate-Monger put together a plan with the police and Chambliss to take control over Manhattan while staying away from any part attacked by Angrir (the Thing turned into one of the Serpent/Cul's Worthy). Black Panther attacked the precinct, but was overpowered by the American Panther. Hate-Monger promised to have Black Panther and his ally Sofija executed when the police precinct's generators suddenly went out.

(Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#523) - Hate-Monger watched as the lights went out and was unable to do anything against Black Panther, who was using night vision goggles. Hate-Monger fled the scene, leaving behind the American Panther.

   An half hour later Hate-Monger had riled up a large crowd again and was going to burn down a refugee center, but Black Panther arrived to stop him. Hate-Monger told him that he couldn't stop him without killing the body of Glenn, but the Panther had already taken this into consideration and had come up with a device to exorcise Hate-Monger's spirit from Glenn's body. Though he wa able to attach it to Hate-Monger's forehead he was stopped by the rioting crowd from activating the device. When immigrants came to his aid the American Panther was the next to stop him. Moments later he succeeded and Hate-Monger's spirit was removed from Glenn's body with an electrical charge. Hate-Monger's spirit seemingly returned into space.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Clarified by Peter Gillis

The Squid's comments:

Prime Eternal's comments:

The Hate-Monger's space station is better known to comic readers as Samarobryn; it was also used by Egghead in Avengers I#64 and Sub-Mariner I#14, NASA in Avengers I#210, and the Thunderbolts in Thunderbolts#12. (see comments under the Weathermen)

The Hate-Monger's appearances in Nick Fury are some truly bad comics. Throughout, artist Frank Springer attempted to emulate Jim Steranko's work on the series, most noticeably with the two-page spreads that would appear in every story, and the attempts at psychedelicism and surrealism. But nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to issue #11, where the young people of America conquer the country, like something from the movie Wild in the Streets. For, you see, the American people are helpless against their own youth. You can tell this story was written before the Kent State shootings.

The fast-moving object that startled the Hate-Monger's man in Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I#10 was, quite possibly, Santa Claus.

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Thanks to Ron Fredricks for cleaning up the handbook (second position) and the Nazi X image.

Profile by The Squid, Per Degaton, Prime Eternal, Snood, and Kyle Smith

Hate Monger is not be confused with:

The Project, run by the Hate Monger, has no known connection to:

Josh Glenn

(Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521 (fb) ) <One year ago> Josh was almost thirty, his wife suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and he was close to losing their apartment. At work his boss Singh was frustrated with Glenn's performance at his job because Glenn didn't finish the weekly reports. Back home Josh talked to his wife about his problems at his job and about an article on Hate-Monger, who he thought was a man standing up for the people and was therefore murdered by the Fantastic Four and again by Captain America. Josh became a fan of the Hate-Monger.

<Eight months ago> On the 4th of July Josh went to work wearing a Hate-Monger hood at work to express his patriotism in front of the foreigners working with him. He was fired.

<Five months ago> Josh as the Hate-Monger regularly recorded a blog with his webcam instead of searching for a new job, rambling against immigrants. His wife wasn't pleased.

<Three months ago> Josh wasn't allowed back in his apartment after his wife got a restraining order against her increasingly erratic husband. He blamed her lawyer Azevdo for losing his wife.

<One month ago> Josh put on a Hate-Monger hood and gave hate speeches against immigrants on the streets of Hell's Kitchen. The only thing he got in return was a hot dog thrown at his head by a vendor, who was one of the immigrants he was rambling about.

<One week ago> Josh tried to break into Mendez Pawn Shop, but Black Panther stopped him and hung him from a street light.

(Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521) - Sitting at a street corner Josh Glenn held up a sign saying that immigrants stole his job and wife. As the Hate-Monger he collected money for his revenge. A police officer told him to leave even though he understood Hate-Monger's cause. When Hate-Monger's spirit was inadvertently awakened by Josh's call it returned to Earth hitching a ride on Angrir's hammer. It found Josh and took possession of him, transforming the understanding police officer moments later into his henchman American Panther. Controlling Josh Glenn's body the Hate-Monger used his persuasive powers to take over the people of Hell's Kitchen.

(Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#522) - Hate-Monger's spirit controlled his willing pawn Josh Glenn and took control over Hell's Kitchen with the help of a growing angry mob and the local police.

(Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#523) - Hate-Monger was still in control of Glenn's body until Black Panther used a device that used electricity to exorcise Hate-Monge's spirit from his body. Afterward Glenn told Black Panther that he had never felt more like himself when the Hate-Monger was in possession of him. The police didn't care for the possession story and arrested Glenn for taking over a police precinct.

(Fury: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary#1 (fb) - BTS) - Glenn, as the Hate-Monger, did business with Hydra.

(Fury: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary#1) - Nick Fury Jr. tried to capture Hate-Monger at a Hydra Base, but instead of catching him they both ended up in a time machine, which transported them to the year 1965. While Fury was caught by the local police Glenn escaped and made his way to the Honolulu home of the Dunham family where he tried to assassinate the young Barry Dunham (Google him ;) ). Nick Fury and his time-travelling son Nick Jr. stopped Glenn's assassination attempt of the young boy. 12 hours later Nick Jr. traveled with Glenn back to the present using one of many emergency time portals hidden all over the United States.

--Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521 (Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521 (fb), Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521-523, Fury: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary#1


(Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521 - BTS) - Mrs. Glenn hired attorney Azevedo in getting a restraining order against her husband, Josh.

--[Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521]

Mrs. Glenn

(Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521) - Mrs. Glenn, unable to work due to her chronic fatigue syndrome, listened to her husband Josh complain about his job while she ate pizza. When Josh was fired for wearing a Hate-Monger mask to work, Mrs. Glenn was furious. Her parents, who were Canadian, paid the rent for months while Josh ranted about immigrants on a blog. Eventually, Mrs. Glenn hired lawyer Azevedo to get a restraining order against Josh.

--Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521


(Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521 - BTS) - Josh Glenn, acting as the Hate-Monger, tried breaking into the pawn shop owned by Mendez, but Black Panther stopped Glenn.

--[Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521]


(Bkack Panther: The Man Without Fear#521 (fb) ) - Businessman Singh scolded Josh Glenn for being late with a deadline at work. When Glenn showed up to work with a Hate-Monger mask, Singh fired him.

--Black Panther: The Man Without Fear#521 (fb)


This unnamed mercenary was the primary operative of the Hate-Monger in the Tallulah Gorge, Georgia based Project. Posing as a gas station attendant, he warned John Jameson to stay away from the Gorge. When Jameson went there anyway -- seeking solitude as he prepared for his nightly transformation -- the merc led his men to fire upon him. Soon, they were fighting the Man-Wolf, but the merc managed to take him out with the butt of his rifle. Thinking the Hate-Monger might be interested in this beast-man, the merc brought the Man-Wolf inside the Project. The Man-Wolf attacked them again, and again was knocked out by the merc's rifle butt. Waiting for the Hate-Monger, they threw the Man-Wolf in a cell, but by morning, he was Jameson again. That evening, they took him to the edge of a cliff where they planned to shoot him and dump his body. Jameson's new hippie friend, Joel Stevens, provided a distraction to allow Jameson to get away, but the merc killed Joel and then put on his armor and went after the Man-Wolf.

In his armored form, he recaptured the Man-Wolf, and this time brought him before the Hate-Monger. However, it wasn't long before SHIELD stormed the base. The Man-Wolf broke free, and the merc (who had taken a stun blast as SHIELD burst in) was soon at the receiving end of his anger, and his claws.


--Creatures on the Loose#34 (Creatures on the Loose#34-35


He's unidentified, but I chose the name "Red Hate" as a hybrid of Redneck and Hate-Monger. It sure sounds better than the Neck-Monger!




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