Real Name: Baron Ludwig von Schtupf

Identity/Class: Human, mad scientist

Occupation: Would-be world conqueror; some sort of scientist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: A group of servants/soldiers/scientists

Enemies: Frankenstein Monster, agent Judith Klemmer (SHIELD), Man-Wolf, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law Division), Spider-Man

Known Relatives: His mommy (unnamed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A castle somewhere in the Balkans


First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up I#36 (August, 1975)

Powers: None; von Shtupf had all sorts of advanced weaponry and equipment, such as a teleporter, a laser dissector, and an energy blaster able to drop the Frankenstein monster.
He was also a complete nutjob. He may have designed his equipment, or possibly paid someone else to do so.



"I called myself the Monster Maker, and such I intend to be. With the aid of my dissector, I will break the two of you down (Spidey and Frankie, that is)--so that I can learn how you are constructed, and how you gained your unique powers. Then, through the aegis of my incredible brilliance, I will create an army of monsters--creatures possessing the strength of Frankenstein's monster--the agility of Spider-Man--and the fearful appearance of--the Man-Wolf! Using these creatures >sob<, I will have my revenge on a cruel and uncaring world >sniffle<--a world which will pay for mocking my genius!"


von Shtupf, apparently independently wealthy or something, equipped his castle with advanced weaponry, hired a small army of agents, and set out on his plan. He teleported Spider-Man and the Frankenstein monster to his castle. He appeared before them and introduced himself, at which point Spidey kicked him in the gut, and broke himself and Frankie out of the castle. Outside, they came upon a woman being menaced by von Shtupf's agents, and they saved her, at which point she gassed them. They woke up inside a lodge where the woman revealed herself as Judith Klemmer, agent 324 of SHIELD. She told them von Shtupf's plans and then headed back with them to stop him.
By the time they returned to his castle, von Shtupf had now captured the Man-Wolf, as well. The Man-Wolf attacked Spidey and Frankie, and then abducted Klemmer and escaped. von Shtupf blasted his two original captives with some energy ray and recaptured them. While preparing to cut them up with his dissecting lasers, he told them his plans, and then (like any good mad scientist) he left them unsupervised, certain that they'd never be able to escape. Surprisingly enough, they did escape. Spidey and Frankie found von Shtupf upstairs napping (literally), and Spidey webbed him up. von Shtupf was momentarily indignant before bursting into tears.
They then rescued Klemmer and brought in the Man-Wolf.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway and Sal Buscema

von Schtupf. Now that's comedy! They might as well have made him a member of a group called For Unlaw Carnal Knowledge...go ask someone who knows a little yiddish (not your grandmother) if you still don't know get it.

OK, here's what should happen: von Shtupf breaks out of whatever nuthouse he's in, and decides to try again. Only this time, he goes for something really powerful--the Chicken Cow.
von Shtupf sneaks up on the sleeping Chtylok and blasts it with some stun ray. Half-awake, the Che-K'n-Kau reaches over and swats the annoyance ...leaving von Shtupf.......Shtupffed.



Clarifications: Ludwig von Schtupf, the Monster Maker, has no connection to:

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Marvel Team-Up I#36, p5, pan2(main image)
  p5, pan4 (head shot)
  p12, pan4 (Judith Klemmer)
Marvel Team-Up I#37, p12, pan7 (Schtupf cries)

Marvel Team-Up I#36-37 (August-September, 1975) - Gerry Conway (writer), Sal Buscema (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks), Marv Wolfman (editor)

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