Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Terrestrial (wolf) mutate;
    exiled citizen of Wundagore;
    former citizen of the U.S.A of the High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth (as Rex Carpenter)

Occupation: Would-be conqueror and destroyer;
    former president

Group Membership: New Men;
    formerly the
Legion of Light; a band of mechanical warriors

Affiliations: Aggression, Ani-Mutants (Simbus, Tantaro, Urson-Wellz, others), Bi-Beast, Brother Power, Brute, Deceit, evil New Men of Wundagore (Barachuudar, Cobrah, Haukk, Kohbra, Lizhardus, Monck, Pih-Junn, Snakar, Weezhil, others), the Infinity Thrall, Nekra, Rhodan and the Hounds of Helios, Triax the Terrible;
    formerly Astrella & Rex Carpenter, Equius, Captain Sylvester Hammer, Exodus, Knights of Wundagore, Man-Thing, the President and First Lady of the United States of America,
Sister Sun, Thena, They, United Nations Peacekeeping Force

Enemies: Acolytes (Joanna Cargill, Fabian Cortez, Decay, Gargouille, Kleinstock Brothers, Projector, Sanyaka, Scanner, Spoor, Unuscione, Amelia Voght), Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Arkon, Avalanche, Avengers, Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Luke Cage, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Rex Carpenter of Counter-Earth, Drax the Destroyer, Equius, Fenris, Feral?, Jane Foster, Gamora, Giant-Man (Hank Pym), Hercules, Heroes for Hire, High Evolutionary, Bobby Sue Hollis, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Infinity Watch, Iron Fist (Daniel Rand'Kai), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Knights of Wundagore (Delphis, Lady Ursula, Lady Vermin, Lord Churchill, Lord Gator, Lord Tyger, Sir Ram, Sir Wulf/Lord Anon), Diane LaMarr, Man-Thing, Maxam, Moondragon, Sen. Kyle Munson, New Men (Porcupinus), Nobilus, Omega Red, Pip, Prosimia, Kitty Pryde, Pyro, Random, Recorder#211/Memorax, Razorback, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Thanos, Thena, Flash Thompson, Thor (Odinson), Thunderstrike, the android Vision, Adam Warlock/Him, White Tiger, Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett); humanity in general (both Earth-616 and the Counter-Earth's High Evolutionary);

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Rex Carpenter, Hate-Monger, Karnivore, Lord Karnivor, Lord Anon (imposter), the Master of Hate, the Mentor, Senator Munson, the Omega, the Prophet, Super-Beast, the Ultimate Predator

Place of Birth: Wundagore Mountain, Transia

Base of Operations: Currently presumably the wilderness of Wundagore Mountain;
    formerly the Haven, a castle on the Hudson;
    formerly the Vault, Rocky Mountains, Colroado;
    formerly a space ship in Earth's solar system;
    formerly a secret base beneath Yonker's Coliseum, New York City;
    formerly an estate in Croton-on-the-Hudson in upstate New York;
    formerly various hidden bases on Counter-Earth;
    formerly Wundagore Mountain, Transia;

Education: Gained extensive knowledge of advanced science during his empowerment;
    self-educated to unrevealed level in all known sciences

First Appearance: Thor I#134 (November, 1966)

Powers/Abilities: The Man-Beast has the abilities of both man and wolf, genetically evolved to their peak mental and physical potential. He is an extraordinary genius, has Class 25 strength, superhuman speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes. He is highly durable and can regenerate from injury. He has superhumanly acute senses of hearing, smell, and taste, and can see beyond the spectrum of light visible to humans into both infrared and ultraviolet ranges. He is vulnerable to certain high-pitched sounds. He can communicate telepathically with New Men of his own creation. He can hypnotically control those of lesser will power and erect force barriers capable of repelling Thor's hammer or anti-matter barriers capable of disintegrating positive matter.

    The Man-Beast has extensive knowledge of numerous hand-to-hand combat techniques, though he is a relatively inexperienced combatant. He can sense vulnerable pressure points in the bodies of others. He is a master planner, and an accomplished geneticist and engineer, highly skilled in all known sciences. On at least one occasion he could use an advanced scientific technique to disrupt another being's sense of time leaving them unable to move (this sounds like something he actually might be doing telepathically, rather than via some "advanced science"). His knowledge of science and technology was further enhanced by transferring data from the Avians/Bird People from the mind of the Bi-Beast.

    The Man-Beast has occasionally worn various types of body armor. He has used a multitude of advanced weaponry. He has created a duplicate of the High Evolutionary's genetic accelerator capable of creating additional New Men to serve as his followers. His hate-amplifier can gather, amplify, and transmit emotional energy, usually hatred. He has used an army of bio-mechanical warriors. He formerly controlled the armies and weaponry of the United States of America of the High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth.

    He has used a cape to teleport himself and anything or anyone wrapped within its folds. He briefly held the scepter containing Isotope E, through which he could focus his psi-blasts, as well evolve or devolve others.

Height: 6'10"
Weight: 320 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: Brown
Other distinguishing features: The Man-Beast resembles a wolf in humanoid form

(Quicksilver#9 (fb)) - Seeking a race of warriors to defend Wundagore should mankind lapse into another world war, the High Evolutionary developed Isotope C, which could endow his knights with greater strengths.

(Thor I#134 / Quicksilver#9 (fb)) - As the High Evolutionary used his genetic accelerator and Isotope C on his first wolf, Thor arrived in search of Jane Foster--whom the HE had enlisted to educate his New Men, distracting him. The evolution was left unattended for too long, and by the time the HE realized this, the rays had become deadly and he cold no longer stop the process. When the wolf had evolved to the endpoint of human and lupine evolution the process finally stopped. The creature awoke, but as soon as it realized its self-awareness, it also realized that it hated all life. It sensed the approaching Thor and Jane Foster and prepared to destroy them.

(Thor I#135) - The Man-Beast (a.k.a. Super-Beast) attacked Thor, with neither one able to defeat the other until the HE appeared and used his Sub-Sonic Discordian, a super-powered dog whistle designed to bring instant death to any wolf. The Man-Beast was severely pained by this but not killed, and he fled until he had escaped its range. Repelling Thor's hammer with a force field, he then locked himself in a vault which he then fortified with an anti-matter barrier. The Man-Beast then located the genetic accelerator and used it to create an army of his own New Men. The HE used a vibra-beam that drove the Man-Beast and his followers out into the open in order to destroy it.
    Count Tagar led the Knights of Wundagore to join Thor and the HE in opposing the evil New Men

(Wolverine: First Class#3 (fb)) - Lady Shadra and Squire Gulo held the line against the evil New Men, keeping them at bay.

(Thor I#135) - Thor again squared off against the Man-Beast. Prepared for the Man-Beast's assaults, Thor managed to overpower him. The evil New Men were driven into a Star Chamber, into which the evil New Men were driven, and the Star Chamber was launched into space. It brought its passengers to the distant galaxy Dromisana.

(Quicksilver#9 (fb)) - The High Evolutionary destroyed Isotope C, feeling it was too dangerous to risk another attempt.

(Marvel Premiere#1 (fb) - BTS) - In Dromisana, the Man-Beast waited for the moment when he could have revenge on his creator, growing stronger and more subtle in the process.










(Marvel Premiere#1) - The High Evolutionary became exhausted during the process of creating his Counter-Earth and he fell asleep. Watching from a distance via a view-screen, the Man-Beast chose this moment to lead his New Men (including Kohbra) to assault the HE's ship, blasting and killing Raam with an energy pistol and then using the HE's machinery to guide the newly developed humanity on Counter-Earth to murder each other, to wage war, to rape and slaughter, to torture, and to crucify a would-be messiah. The HE than revived and--having grown more powerful--attacked and threatened to overpower the Man-Beast, who summoned his New Men to aid him. Though the HE stopped them as well, the distraction allowed the Man-Beast to strike him down with a psychic blast. Before the Man-Beast could slay the HE, Him--the creation of the Enclave whom the HE had rescued from space--emerged from his cocoon and rushed to attack the New Men. The Man-Beast teleported himself and his followers down to Counter-Earth, and the HE considered destroying his now-tainted world, but Him convinced the HE to allow him to track down the Man-Beast and to save humanity. The HE gave Him the Soul Gem and sent him to Counter-Earth with the new name of Adam Warlock.

(Warlock I#6 (fb) - BTS / Marvel Premiere#1 - BTS) - As Counter-Earth developed into the modern era, the Man-Beast stifled all super-hero creations. Reed Richards' Rocket Team flew into a cosmic storm, but the Man-Beast stopped the cosmic rays from mutating them. Only Reed Richards was allowed to develop super-powers, and even his were suppressed at the time.

(Warlock I#6 (fb) - BTS) - The Man-Beast had a secret passage into Reed Richards' laboratory designed.

(Marvel Premiere#2) - From within their base, Wundagore III, the Man-Beast directed Kohbra to locate their golden foe. When Kohbra found him in California, he--with the Man-Beast's approval--sent Rhodan and his Hounds of Helios to slay him. Warlock defeated Rhodan's hounds, then used his soul gem to transform Rhodan back into a normal rat, which was apparently slain by a barn cat.

(Warlock I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Man-Beast adopted the form of a human known as the Prophet.

(Warlock I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The High Evolutionary altered Counter-Earth so that it vibrated on a different plane, a mere micro-second out of synch with the rest of the dimension, so that it could be seen from space.





(Warlock I#1) - Adam Warlock and friends encountered the Prophet as he preached on the streets. Suddenly a pair of costumed New Men, Haukk and Pih-Junn, appeared and pretended to attempt to slay the Prophet, but Warlock defeated both New Men as intended. The Prophet pretended to have a vision about Warlock's significance, after which he convinced Warlock to follow him into tunnels beneath the city streets. The Prophet led Warlock to the lair of the Man-Beast and his legions, the latter of whom appeared and attacked Warlock. As they struggled, the Prophet pulled off his mask, revealing himself as the Man-Beast.







(Warlock I#2) - The Man-Beast asked Warlock to join him in ruling Counter-Earth. Warlock refused, attacking the Man-Beast's New Men, including Monck, whom he devolved back into a normal gibbon. The Man-Beast then broke up the fight and convinced Warlock to accompany him so he could show him by Counter-Earth should be destroyed. Hoping to corrupt Warlock's soul--and thus negate his control over the Soul Gem (or Soul-Jewel as it was called back then). The Man-Beast turned his hypnotic gaze on Warlock, who seemed to break free of it, but the Man-Beast caused him to see visions of his human friends betraying and denying any knowledge of him. Enraged, Warlock unleashed a blast that seemed to destroy the Man-Beast, but he then turned his powers against  Counter-Earth, attacking various militaries and world governments. He finally confronted his friends and prepared to slay them, but realized in time that they were not evil. The whole experience was then revealed to be an illusion of the Man-Beast's, and Warlock had foiled his plans. The Man-Beast then attacked the weakened Warlock, who nonetheless managed to use his soul gem against the Man-Beast. Feeling himself begin to devolve back into a wolf, the Man-Beast released his astral self/psychic essence into the air. Warlock tried to follow the mist-like form of the Man-Beast, but lost it in a crowd.



(Warlock I#2) - Warlock failed to see the Man-Beast's essence entering the form of Rex Carpenter.

(Warlock I#3) - Rex Carpenter, now a presidential candidate, was seen at an Air Force base by Adam Warlock and friends. Gen. Ross (?) denounced his groundswell without political connections, but Carpenter asked Warlock not to let Ross sway him, telling Warlock that he sensed their destinies were intertwined. Shortly thereafter, Warlock and the base were assaulted by the New Man Apollo/Triax.

(Warlock I#4) - Carpenter convinced Col. Roberts that only Warlock had the power to deal with Triax.

(Warlock I#4 (fb)) - Astrella Carpenter, Rex 's sister, announced that Rex could stop Triax.

(Warlock I#4) - Rex confronted Triax, who became filled with terror and took to the air. In his panic, Triax took Edward and Ellie Roberts hostage, and he eventually cast Eddie to the ground, killing him. Rex commented that at least Triax was disposed of.

(Warlock I#5) - Rex Carpenter was elected U.S. president and took office.
    Later, Victor von Doom learned that a proposed nuclear test in the Mohave desert near the San Andreas fault might set off a cache of outlawed war weapons buried near the fault, which would cause an earthquake that could kill millions of people. Von Doom contacted Carpenter, telling him to call off the test, but Carpenter refused, telling him the test was importance for the safety of everyone in the USA.
    The test indeed caused earthquakes, which activated the Deathbirds, anti-personnel missiles. Von Doom again called Carpenter, asking him for his authorization to call in Air Force help. Carpenter again refused, this time stating that he didn't want to make the incident seem like the end of the world by such an action. Telling von Doom to do what he could on his end, Carpenter hung up.
    After Adam Warlock and von Doom stopped the Deathbirds, Carpenter appeared on national television, denouncing Warlock as a dangerous threat and stating that they must stop at nothing to rid the country of this danger.

(Warlock I#6 (fb)) - Carpenter directed the military to arrest Warlock, to investigate his part in the Mohave disaster, and to ascertain if his alien jewel was truly hypnotic.

(Warlock I#6) - Responding to Carpenter's instructions, the military began attacking Adam Warlock. Von Doom called Carpenter and tried to get him to call off the attacks, but Carpenter merely commented that certain classified documents indicated Warlock was both an alien and dangerous.
    As Reed Richards transformed into the Brute, the Man-Beast appeared in the shadows, revealing his involvement in the Brute's creation. The Man-Beast then hypnotized the Brute and sent him to destroy Adam Warlock, but Warlock defeated the Brute, who turned back into Richards.

(Warlock I#7) - After Warlock had repaired the destroyed Golden Gate bridge, Carpenter was forced to reverse his public stance on Warlock, recognizing him as a hero. Carpenter then arranged a secret meeting with Reed Richards and mentally transformed him back into the Brute and sent him after Warlock anew. Warlock again stopped the Brute's rampage.





(Warlock I#8) - Carpenter secretly arranged the Council to oppose Warlock, then led them to the Lincoln Memorial, where a band of protestors were opposing the treatment of Adam Warlock. A pair of demons--Aggression and Deceit--appeared to torment the protestors, and Warlock fought them. The battle eventually shifted to the oval office, where Carpenter was revealed as the demons' creator. When questioned by Warlock, the Man-Beast emerged and took corporal form, abandoning Carpenter's body in order to battle Warlock.

(Incredible Hulk I#176 (fb) - BTS) - Adam Warlock was defeated and taken captive by the Man-Beast who had his agent Lizhardus torture him to break his spirit











(Incredible Hulk I#176) - Two weeks later, the Hulk was trapped aboard a rocket that transported him off of Earth. Circling the sun, it somehow achieved attunement with Counter-Earth and crash-landed in the ocean. The presence of the Hulk was reported the president by General Caraway. The Man-Beast then sent his aides--Barachuudar, Cobrah, Snakar, and Weezhil--to seek out the Hulk as the first part of his plan to crush the resistance/followers of Warlock and then to gain revenge on the High Evolutionary.
    The Man-Beast was frustrated that Lizhardus had not been able to break Warlock's spirit, and Lizhardus suggested Operation Smear.
    The Man-Beast's aides--disguised in human form--arrived at the Washington monument, directing the military to capture the Hulk. When the Hulk attacked them directly, they briefly resumed their true forms and fought back, and Cobrah subdued him with a gas-emitting mask.
    Sent by the High Evolutionary, Memorax (the former Recorder) ambushed Lizhardus and freed Adam Warlock.

(Incredible Hulk I#177) - As the Man-Beast's aides brought Bruce Banner into the White House, Lizhardus informed the Man-Beast of Warlock's escape, infuriating him. The Man-Beast had his aides implant a micro-transmitter into Banner in the hopes that the Hulk would seek out Warlock's followers (whom he had associated with @ Incredible Hulk II#158). The-Man-Beast had Baracchuudar activate the device's sonic probe, causing Banner agony, which transformed him into the Hulk. Escaping as planned, the Hulk was located by Porcupinus and the other followers of Warlock, who brought them to Warlock and the Resistance's headquarters. A week later, Warlock, the Hulk, and the Resistance enjoyed an overly-symbolic "Last Supper," at which point the Man-Beast began "Operation Betrayal," activating the sonic probe and sending the Hulk into a violent rampage. During this struggle, the Man-Beast and his aides arrived, blasting Warlock. The Hulk overcame the pain caused by the sonic probe and attacked the Man-Beast's aides, but the Man-Beast used a more powerful version of the probe to subdue the entire resistance. The Hulk reverted to Banner, and Warlock was captured and sentenced to death by public trial.
    The Man-Beast then confronted the imprisoned true Rex Carpenter, retook possession of him, and whipped the public into a frenzy against Warlock. Shortly thereafter, Warlock was placed onto an ankh-like table on the White House lawn. The Man-Beast's power caused the public to cry for Warlock's death, and Carpenter/Man-Beast was only too happy to obey. As Warlock died, a cocoon surrounded him.

(Incredible Hulk I#178) - Devastated by Warlock's death, Banner transformed back into the Hulk, and Carpenter/Man-Beast commanded security to stop him. the Hulk nonetheless escaped with Warlock's cocoon, and he brought it into the Resistance's underground cavern where it was laid to rest.
    Meanwhile, the Man-Beast revealed his true identity to his military advisors, mentally commanding them to mobilize the armed forces for war, which they did over the course of the day. The Man-Beast attempted to activate their nuclear arsenal, but the generals had managed to resist his commands sufficiently to deactivate the command console. The Hulk and the Resistance then broke in, and the Man-Beast engaged the Hulk directly, but found his hate power merely increased the Hulk's rage. The Man-Beast collapsed the roof on the Hulk, but the Hulk recovered and fought back, finally overpowering the Man-Beast. The Hulk threatened to kill the Man-Beast, but the newly resurrected Adam Warlock then arrived, devolving the Man-Beast and his followers back into their original forms. The wolf that was the Man-Beast fled out into the wild.
    At the same time, reporters Ben Vincent and June Volper broke the real Rex Carpenter out of his prison cell.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#15 (fb)) - After fleeing from hunters for a time, the wolf began to recall its past, and it eventually transformed back into the Man-Beast.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#15 (fb)) - Taking human form, the Man-Beast became an astronaut. He spent mothers secretly altering a rocket so that when it was launched he was able to use it to pierce the time-lag barrier that separated Counter-Earth from Earth, and he piloted the rocket around the sun to Earth.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#12 (fb)) - The Man-Beast came to Earth like a flaming meteorite, arriving in Vietnam where he was observed by smuggler Achmed Korba and his employees. Korba investigated, and the glowing figure spoke to him.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Sha-Shan's father, the High Priest of the Hidden Temple, instructed her join with Korba, to balance and attempt to minimize his evil.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#12 (fb) - BTS) - Korba reported his experience as meeting a mentor, or divine teacher, who cleansed him with light, turning him on to the tao, the true way to the path of love and eternal human happiness. This mentor told him to carry the message of love-through-light to the world, to make converts for the day when the mentor would reveal himself to all men. To aid Korba, the mentor granted him the power of light, though to prevent him from becoming too powerful, the mentor made it so the power could only be used in conjunction with one of purity and innocence, Sha-Shan. Korba became Brother Power, and Sha-Shan became Sister Sun.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#12 (fb) - BTS) - Korba and Sha-Shan traveled to the USA, and Korba opened a successful restaurant to use as his base from which to spread the word and make converts to his movement, the Legion of Light. Legion recruits spurned all worldly possessions, turning them over to the movement when they joined.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#15 (fb) - BTS) - Because the irony amused him, the Man-Beast adopted the identity of the Hate-Monger while Korba won converts for him in the name of love.

(Thor I#316 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Man-Beast and the Bi-Beast met, forging a secret alliance.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#12 (fb) - BTS) - Using a restaurant as a base, the Legion of Light movement went from major city to major city, building and growing.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#12) - Brother Power and Sister Sun brought the Legion of Light to Manhattan, and they spoke publicly in Central Park. Brother Power and Sister Sun used their powers against Flash Thompson and Spider-Man when they denounced the Legion.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#13) - As the Hate-Monger, the Man-Beast met with Brother Power and Sister Sun, denouncing their public display of power and then striking Brother Power down when he argued back. The Man-Beast revealed that a transmitter had been attached to his car, and that their enemies would use it to track them there.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#13 (fb) - BTS) - The Man-Beast had two others dress as Brother Power and Sister Sun and meet with him.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#13) - Spider-Man looked in on the Man-Beast, but was then struck down by the real Brother Power and Sister Sun. Spider-Man's allies, Razorback and Flash Thompson were overpowered and captured by the Legion of Light, and the three invaders were chained inside a cell, with a time bomb set to kill them. The Hate-Monger appeared via viewscreen, telling them that the explosion would be blamed on them, as a senseless attack on a peaceful cult.





(Spectacular Spider-Man II#14) - Hidden in a limousine, the Hate-Monger joined the Legion of Light in Yonker's Coliseum in preparation for their major rally. The Man-Beast unmasked, mocking Korba's aspirations to the trappings of evil, while the Man-Beast was evil incarnate.
    Having escaped the bomb, Spider-Man, Razorback, and Flash Thompson sneaked into the Colisseum, but were confronted by the Hate-Monger and his Legion. The Hate-Monger used his power on Spider-Man, forcing him to attack and defeat Razorback. Flash jumped atop the Hate-Monger, who hurled him to the floor, but in the process lost his mask and stood revealed as the Man-Beast.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#15) - The Man-Beast overpowered Spider-Man, Razorback, and Flash, then collapsed the ceiling above them, which supported the field holding the crowd above. At the same time, the Man-Beast hooked himself into a power amplifier, broadcasting his appearance on the field above and filling the crowd with his hate. He intended to frame the heroes for the deaths that would ensue, which would fill those present with hatred, which would make them more susceptible to his will. In addition, the crowd's hatred would be channeled through his amplifier through the Legion's sunburst signal on the stage and beamed through the television cameras focused on the emblem. This would then be transmitted to the millions watching the rally on television, causing them to receive his message of hate across the planet.
    Spider-Man and Razorback slowed the collapse, and Sister Sun worked to have the crowd safely exit the field, while Korba tried to whip the crowd into a frenzy. The crowd survived due to the heroes' efforts, but those listening to Korba captured Razorback, while Spider-Man went after the Man-Beast.
    As Spider-Man fought his way past the Legion, Sister Sun attempted to turn their followers from the Man-Beast, but he released the limitations on Korba, allowing him to strike Sister Sun down. Spider-Man confronted the Man-Beast, who focused his hate-power on him, threatening to destroy him. Cleared of the Man-Beast's influence, Legion member Bobby Sue Hollis (sister to Razorback) confronted and denounced the Man-Beast, distracting him enough that Spider-Man could punch him out. As the hate amplifier struck the wall, it exploded, seemingly destroying the Man-Beast and freeing the Legion from his influence.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#15 / Spider-Woman I#15 (fb) - BTS) - The Hate-Monger's rally was viewed over television by the stuporous Nekra while she was held by S.H.I.E.L.D. The hatred energies neutralized the drugs in Nekra's system, restoring her memory, power, and hatred, and she escaped.

(Thor I#316 (fb)) - The Man-Beast lay under the rubble caused by the explosion for three days, after which the infusion of supreme hate strengthened him, enabling him to burrow his way free.

(Thor I#316 (fb)) - The Man-Beast rejoined the Bi-Beast, and the two combined their powers. The Man-Beast gained the Bi-Beast's vast android knowledge of science and technology. The Bi-Beast actually decreased in size during the transfer, but his will to destroy Earth was strengthened by the driving force of hate.

(Thor I#315 (fb) - BTS) - The Man-Beast was secretly present as the Bi-Beast captured a number of freighters sailing the ocean, enslaving their crews and using the ships themselves to begin construction of a city to replace the Aerie (the home of the Bird People/Aerians that had built the Bi-Beast).

(Thor I#315 - BTS) - The Man-Beast remained in hiding as the Bi-Beast captured a Stark cargo freighter, including ship doctor Don Blake. As the city was launched into the air, Blake became Thor and overpowered the Bi-Beast. The flying city landed on the Florida beach.

(Thor I#316) - Shortly after Iron Man arrived to investigate the lost freighter, the Man-Beast activated his ship, sending a drone to free the Bi-Beast and then using a tractor beam to pull him into the ship. As they fled, Iron Man blasted the ship. Though the ship fired back, knocking Iron Man out of the sky, the ship was damaged and soon crashed in the Florida everglades. The Man-Beast sent the Bi-Beast to find tools and materials to repair their craft, secretly intending to use the Bi-Beast only to get to Counter-Earth (see comments). The Bi-Beast found and enslaved a group of motorhome drivers, forcing them to repair the ship, but the smoke from their welding was discovered by Thor and Iron Man. The heroes confronted them and the battle was joined, with the Man-Beast having to depend completely on physical power as Iron Man's armor and Thor's godhood rendered them resistant to his hate-power.
    When the Bi-Beast fell in battle, the Man-Beast rushed into the repaired ship and fled, but both Thor and Iron Man blasted the ship, which crashed into a bog of quicksand. The unconscious Man-Beast was watched by the Man-Thing, who was drawn to his overpowering hatred.

(Thor I#317) - The Man-Thing pulled the Man-Beast from the wreckage, leaving him outside Cape Canaveral. When the Man-Beast awakened, he broke into the base and fought his way to a weather satellite preparing to be launched. Don Blake was visiting the base, learned of the attacks, and sought out the Man-Beast, while astronaut Diane LaMarr suited up and tried to stop the Man-Beast herself. She was easily overpowered, but Thor then arrived and attacked the Man-Beast. As the rocket was launched, the Man-Beast kicked Thor out of it, while his hammer and Diane LaMarr remained aboard. Thor grabbed the launching rocket, and as they left the atmosphere Diane opened an airlock to let him in, but both she and the Man-Beast were pulled through the airlock by explosive decompression. Thor eventually knocked the Man-Beast into open space and rescued Diane, returning her to Earth.

(Wolverine: First Class#3 (fb) - BTS) -  The Man-Beast returned to Mt. Wundagore. Shortly thereafter New Men began disappearing at alarming rates while strange lights began to emanate from the mountain peak above.

(Wolverine: First Class#3 (fb)) - As the Man-Beast levitated and rearranged large pieces of the Evolutionary's machinery, Bova investigated him, glimpsing his shadowed form unseen.

(Wolverine: First Class#3) - When Wolverine and Kitty Pryde, seeking Magneto, came to Mt. Wundagore, Bova described what she'd seen, and Wolverine mistakenly assumed she had seen Magneto in action. After Wolverine unwittingly summoned the High Evolutionary -- who had been demoralized after glimpsing the Beyonders and who had made Wolverine a knight (Sir Wolverine), apparently purging him of his animal side -- they investigated Bova's findings and found instead the Man-Beast. Kitty, meanwhile, had been turned into a literal cat woman by Prosimia, who had been trying to remake her in the form of the legendary Lady Shadra.

(Wolverine: First Class#4) - As Man-Beast unleashed his even New Men against them, the High Evolutionary levitated into the air, declining to protect his loyal servants and instead deciding to observe the battle and see which side was worthy of his support. As the armored Kitty fought the Man-Beast's New Men, the Man-Beast cast an illusion of himself by his machinery, leading the High Evolutionary into a trap. As the Evolutionary approached the illusory form, the Man-Beast ambushed him, catching him with a powerful blast and then overpowering him. On the verge of defeat, the HE converted himself into energy and fled his armor. The Man-Beast donned the armor and then struck down Kitty, killing Prosimia with his next blast when Prosimina leapt in front of it to save Kitty. Enraged, Wolverine leapt at the Man-Beast, carving open his armor. Noting that Wolverine was a more perfect predator than himself and that Wolverine had been born of nature rather than science, the Man-Beast fled, intending to re-evaluate his plans.
    The Evolutionary reclaimed his armor.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#4 (fb)) - As Thanos' manipulation of the Infinity Gauntlet disrupted the stasis field around the High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth, destroying everyone on it, the Man-Beast (as the Omega) somehow saved twelve doomed souls. He molded their thoughts and selves, turning them towards pure hatred and poisoning their hearts against their creator, the High Evolutionary. Granting power to these twelve, known only as They, the Omega sent them to destroy the High Evolutionary.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#3) - The Omega (or one of They) ambushed and captured Pip the Troll as he piloted a stolen Avengers Quinjet over New York.
    The Omega confronted Drax the Destroyer as he flew in the orbit of Saturn, duping him into coming aboard his ship to watch Alf cartoons. The Omega then offered Drax drugged flowers to smell, and Drax quickly fell victim to them and was captured as well.
    They assaulted the High Evolutionary's hidden base, which was protected by Nobilus, some New Men, and Adam Warlock, while the High Evolutionary himself had been driven insane by his recent viewing of the birth of a Celestial. Warlock instructed Nobilus to send the New Men against They so that he could learn their attackers' strengths and weaknesses. They overpowered the New Men, while Warlock seemingly vanished.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#4) - They entered the High Evolutionary's caverns, where Warlock (somewhat off-balance due to his recent return to mortal form after abandoning the Infinity Gauntlet) ambushed and overpowered one of them, before being overpowered by a second. Sending Warlock's imminent death, the Soul Gem lashed out to protect him, draining his attacker's memories, but Warlock was overwhelmed by the rush of emotions and memories and passed out. The rest of They assumed him to be neutralized and left him behind while they sought out the High Evolutionary. As They defeated Nobilus, Warlock recovered and confronted them. Warlock forced They to recognize him as their former savior on Counter-Earth. Unable to deal with their conflicting emotions and the Omega's programming, They detonated their armor's weapons, killing themselves.
    The Omega located and entered Moondragon's new ship, using an ultrasonic weapon to incapacitate both Gamora and Moondragon and then taking them captive.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#5) - Gloating over the capture of Drax, Gamora, Moondragon, and Pip, the Omega explained to Triax why he felt using instrumentation to wield the energies of the Infinity Gems was much safer than risking his own existence by using them as Thanos had. Warlock tracked the Omega to his base, and the Omega sent his drones and then Triax after him. Warlock defeated the drones with minimal effort then overpowered Triax, recognizing him by his fighting style despite his armor. However, by the time Warlock had located the Omega himself, he had drawn upon the energies of his prisoners' gems to create the massively powerful Infinity Thrall (accessing the Power, Time, Mind, and Space gems). Removing his helmet, the Omega revealed himself as the Man-Beast.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#6) - Warlock was clearly no match for the Infinity Thrall, nor could he escape the creature. Instead, Warlock managed to lead it back to the Man-Beast and position himself so that when it tried to smash him it destroyed the instrumentation that granted it existence. Triax realized what was happening and tried to get the Man-Beast to stop it, but he angrily shoved Triax aside, and the Infinity Thrall destroyed itself, causing terminal damage to the Man-Beast's space ship. With no time to take their prisoners or their prisoners' gems, the Man-Beast led Triax to an escape pod and they fled.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#22 (fb) - BTS) - Needing Munson's support on a particular bill, the President of the United States (POTUS (in this case, though topical, it was Bill Clinton)) appointed him as special liaison to the United Nations on the Monster Island (to deal with the dual threats of the Mole Man and the Infinity Watch).

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#14) - Senator Kyle Munson lobbied to have the U.S. military (under the direction of the United Nations) assault Monster Island. Gamora tried to speak to Captain Sylvester Hammer diplomatically, but when he tried to have her bound and gagged she single-handedly took out him and his his troops.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#22 (fb) - BTS) - Mentally controlling the leaders of several countries, "Sen. Munson" manipulated them into forming a United Nations Peace Keeping Force, led by Capt. Sylvester Hammer and including a number of highly advanced weapons intended to take out the Infinity Watch. Due to "Munson" 's psychic powers, everyone gave him 100% cooperation.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#22) - Capt. Hammer led the Peacekeeping Force to invade Monster Island. However, the Watch was away (on the Infinity Crusade), and the Mole Man sent a giant mutate and an army of Moloids to dispatch the invaders, who were sent back aboard their ship with only their underwear.
    The POTUS and First Lady discussed the problems "Munson" was causing.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#26) - "Munson" and his aide, Ralph Shaw (Triax), met with the Avengers (Black Widow, Captain America, Giant-Man (Pym), Hercules, Thunderstrike, Vision), psychically commanding them that Adam Warlock must die.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#27 (fb) - BTS) - Though unaffected by "Munson," the Vision realized he did not have the power to physically stop the others, so he pretended to be mesmerized as well, waiting for the moment to step in and stop them.
    Shortly thereafter, the Avengers appeared on Monster Island, ambushing and knocking out a Moloid and the newly arrived Maya before confronting the Infinity Watch and announcing their intent to kill Warlock.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#27) - "Munson" explained to "Shaw" that if the Avengers slew Warlock that his thirst for vengeance would be sated, but if the Avengers lost, one of their members might be killed, leading the super-heroes of the world to take down the Infinity Watch for vengeance. The battle between the teams was back and forth, but the Vision ended it by ambushing and taking out Hercules, after which he instructed Moondragon to use the Mind Gem to purge the Avengers of their mind control

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#28) - "Munson" spoke to the U.N. announcing the deaths of the Avengers at the hands of the Infinity Watch, but the Avengers and Watch members then appeared and denounced him. Warlock exposed "Munson" as the Man-Beast, defeated Triax, and then dropped the Man-Beast in a savage battle, demonstrating that he had regained his mastery of combat. Captain America stopped Warlock short of delivering a deathblow to the Man-Beast, promising that he would be taken to a special prison for super-villains.

(Thor I#473) - As Karnivore, the Man-Beast appeared to the newest New Men--Simbus, Tantaro, and Urson-Wellz, whom the High Evolutionary had abandoned in favor of his Godpack. Karnivore offered to turn these New Men into a fighting force to destroy the Godlings and High Evolutionary.

(Thor I#475) - Lord Karnivor (as he was called in this issue), now commanding a small army of New Men (re-christened "Animutants"), leapt amidst their combat training, tearing our Equius' throat and killing him for failing to kill his defeated opponent. He then showed Simbus his "ace in the hole" to deal with Thor.
    Later, while Thor was exploring caverns deep within Mount Wundagore, Lord Karnivor led the Animutants in an assault on the Godlings. Thor arrived and joined the battle, but Karnivor then showed him that he held Jane Foster-Kincaid hostage, threatening to break her neck unless Thor switched sides and fought against the Godlings. Not wishing to allow herself to be used in such a fashion, Jane leapt free of Karnivor, falling towards certain doom. Thor caught Jane, after which Karnivor attacked the High Evolutionary himself. The speed and ferocity of his assault overwhelmed the High Evolutionary, but Thor came to his rescue and--after some savage struggle--drove Karnivor off. Realizing he was outmatched, Karnivor rushed to his escape module and flew off before Thor could stop him.

(Heroes for Hire#12 (fb) - BTS) - The Man-Beast was sent to the Vault.

(Quicksilver#11 (fb) - BTS / Heroes for Hire#12(fb) - BTS) - In the days following Exodus' first assault on Wundagore (@ Avengers I#380-382), the High Evolutionary began to create new Knights using his newest power source, Isotope E. Among these Knights were Lady Vermin and the White Tiger. He also created Sir Wulf, believing a wolf's ferocity would be useful in the war to come, but he also realized that the other Knights would not trust another wolf given the problems with the Man-Beast. Proclaiming Sir Wolf as Lord Anon, he kept his nature a secret, cloaking him in armor that covered every inch of his body and even prevented his scent from being detected.

(Heroes for Hire#12 (fb) - BTS) - When the High Evolutionary instructed the White Tiger to seek out and destroy the Man-Beast to prevent him from interfering with his plans.

(Heroes for Hire#12 (fb) - BTS) - The Master of the World contacted the White Tiger, offering to share with her the whereabouts of the Man-Beast if she would obtain something for her. After she had done so (obtaining for him the materials, but not the means to use them), he told her that the Man-Beast was at the Vault.

(Heroes for Hire#1 - BTS / Heroes for Hire#12 (fb)) - The Man-Beast was amongst the many super-villains escaping from the Vault when the U-Foes destroyed its generators under the guidance of the Master of the World.

(Heroes for Hire#12 (fb) - BTS) - The Man-Beast escaped before the White Tiger could stop him, and she was unable to catch his scent among the others. She then traveled to New York, seeking allies to aid her in her task.

(Quicksilver#11 (fb) - BTS) - The Man-Beast secretly slew and replaced Sir Wulf as Lord Anon.

(Quicksilver#1) - "Lord Anon" was one of the Knights of Wundagore attempting to defend Mount Wundagore from the siege of Exodus and the Acolytes. Anon agreed to join Quicksilver in attempting to retake the Citadel of Science, but in mid-struggle the High Evolutionary decided that the battle was lost and he teleported his Knights, Bova, Luna, and Quicksilver to a safe haven. The HE knighted Quicksilver and put him in charge of the other Knights until he was prepared to retake the Citadel.

(Quicksilver#2) - Anon and the other Knights established a new base in the Haven, a castle on the Hudson, and Anon quickly separated from the group, telling the others he would be taking the largest room for himself. Anon joined the others to discuss a dimensional disturbance, which turned out to be the arrival of Thundra from Polemachus. He joined them in confronting Thundra as well, which led to a battle with Arkon.

(Quicksilver#3) - In mid-struggle, Arkon asked Anon what kind of animal he was, and Anon replied, "The worst kind!" The fighting stopped when Arkon was convinced that he was being manipulated by his own priests, and that Thundra had been drugged by the same priests. Anon and the others joined Arkon in traveling through a portal to Polemachus, where they reversed the drug's effects on Thundra and stopped the priests from trying to move Polemachus into the Earth dimension to replace Earth. Anon joined the rest of the Knights--save Lord Delphis who stayed behind to help stabilize Polemachus--in returning to Earth.

(Quicksilver#4 (fb)) - Quicksilver introduced Crystal to Anon and the rest of the Knights.

(Quicksilver#5) - Anon joined the other Knights for dinner in New York City, where he criticized Quicksilver for having run off without them (to Attilan) and suggested that they consider a new leader. Sir Ram was furious at the suggestion, but Lord Gator calmed him down. The Knights later split up, with Sir Ram, Lord Churchill, Lord Tyger, Lord Churchill, and Lady Vermin seeing a show (Cats), after which they were drugged and captured by an agent of Exodus (or of his allies--Avalanche, Fenris, Feral, Omega Red, Pyro, and Random--who had joined forces with Exodus and the Acolytes in hopes of being cured of the Legacy Virus).

(Quicksilver#8) - Lord Anon tracked the missing Knights to an abbey fifty miles north of the Haven. He ambushed and slew the agent who had captured the Knights, then made his way into the castle and joined in a breakout, stabbing Random from behind. He then led the Knights against the mutants, personally overpowering Avalanche, whom Gator stopped him from killing. Having gathered the formerly imprisoned Knights' armors, Anon then led them into the mutants' ship, which was programmed with the coordinates of the High Evolutionary's location (Exodus had been planning on using the Knights' as hostages to force the HE's compliance). Arriving in the Savage Land, they were then attacked by savage New Men, and Anon slew his own wolf-like attacker, arguing against the Quicksilver (who had tracked the Knights in an Avengers Quinjet) and Gator about killing. While Quicksilver fought a stampeding triceratops, Anon used a weapon from their ship to blast it. Quicksilver was stunned by the blast, and Anon claimed that he had thought Quicksilver would have been able to dodge the blast. As the forces of Exodus arrived in another ship, the ground beneath the Knights collapsed and they fell into the cavern of the HE, who revealed that his condition was unstable, showing how he had taken on an ape-like form.

(Quicksilver#9) - The mutant allies of Exodus then arrived and attacked the HE and the Knights, seeking to steal the powerful Isotope E, the source of the HE's power and the only thing keeping him stabilized (the mutants wanted it to cure the Legacy Virus). Anon was blasted by Fenris in the course of the struggle and his armor cracked. Unaware of this Anon, secretly followed the HE as he fled with Isotope E, intending to take it for himself. However, Lord Churchill recognized Anon's scent and confronted him with this knowledge. Anon easily disarmed Churchill and then slew him, then told the others that Churchill had been slain by the mutants. The delay allowed the HE to take a more stable and powerful form. The Knights flew the Avengers Quinjet back to the Haven.

(Quicksilver#10) - The Knights underwent a training session, with Anon disabling several robot attackers.

(Heroes for Hire#15) - The White Tiger traveled to the Haven to meet with the HE and the other Knights and propose an alliance with Heroes for Hire to re-take Wundagore. Anon watched secretly from a distance.
    Anon later entered the HE's private laboratory, sharing Quicksilver's prolonged absence (and not explaining that Quicksilver was involved in a battle against the Kree Lunatic Legion), and then eyeing the containment device for Isotope E before departing under orders. As soon as the Heroes for Hire--Ant-Man, Black Knight, Cage, Iron Fist, and White Tiger--arrived, the White Tiger sensed Anon's true identity, but he struck her down with his sword before she could attack him. Anon prepared to deliver the killing stroke but was stopped by Iron Fist, and a battles between the Heroes and the Knights ensued. The HE then appeared and used Isotope E to devolve the Heroes for Hire into ape-men, and Anon told him that the White Tiger had attacked him for no reason. The HE then took the Knights aboard his ship, intending to retake Wundagore.

(Quicksilver#11) - Anon spoke in private with the HE, earning his confidence and stating that the White Tiger had mistaken him for the Man-Beast because he was a wolf-man. The HE considered calling off the assault on Wundagore, but Anon encouraged him, promising that he would receive everything that was his due. The Knights entered Wundagore through a secret cavern. The HE sent Bova to prepare the infirmary for coming casualties while he himself went to gird himself for battle. Within the infirmary, Bova found the corpse of the true Anon. Too late they realized the deception and rushed to the HE's side, finding the unmasked Man-Beast standing over the HE, having struck him down and stolen Isotope E.

(Heroes for Hire#16) - The Man-Beast held the HE hostage, but Lady Vermin distracted him and the other Knights knocked him off balance, allowing Bova to take the HE and flee. The Man-Beast focused his psi-blasts through the Isotope E scepter, knocking the Knights back, but was then confronted by the Acolytes and Exodus, who proposed an alliance. Refusing to share his power or his dreams, the Man-Beast attacked them, and Exodus shielded himself from the Isotope's radiation. Exodus sent the Acolytes after the New Men while he battled the Man-Beast, but after some struggle the two agreed to join forces to take down the HE. They appeared before the newly arrived (and re-evolved) Heroes for Hire--Ant-Man, Black Knight, Cage, Iron Fist, and Thena, telling them to surrender. Quicksilver tried to take the scepter from the Man-Beast but bounced off his shield. Not realizing that the HE was no longer the Man-Beast's hostage, the Knights agreed to follow the Man-Beast's orders to save their lord, and they joined the Acolytes in assaulting the Heroes for Hire. The rest of the Heroes fell before the onslaught, and the Man-Beast struck down Cage with the scepter.

(Quicksilver#12 (fb) - BTS) - Quicksilver and the Heroes for Hire (including the White Tiger) were imprisoned within Wundagore Mountain (Exodus felt that he might need their power against the Isotope E-powered Man-Beast, while the Man-Beast wished to keep Thena around in case he needed help against Exodus).

(Quicksilver#12) - While the Man-Beast mocked Sir Ram for having to serve his enemy, Quicksilver broke free. He then met with the Knights, telling them that the Man-Beast was not holding the HE. Quicksilver then stole Isotope E from the Man-Beast, forcing him to bluff his way past Exodus, and then freed the Heroes for Hire and led them against Exodus and the Acolytes, while the New Men located Bova and the HE, though the Man-Beast tracked and confronted them, threatening to take possession of the HE. Lady Ursula tried to stop the Man-Beast, but he began to take control of her mind, and she shot herself in the head so she wouldn't become his pawn. The White Tiger--immune to the Man-Beast's psychic power--then leapt to the attack. As the other Knights prepared to take the HE to Quicksilver to heal him and stabilize his power, the He then had another fluctuation, gaining immense power (and madness to go with it). He blasted the Man-Beast, little caring that the White Tiger was affected as well.
    Meanwhile, Quicksilver amplified his own power with Isotope E and defeated Exodus, after which the HE appeared alongside his Knights, proclaiming that he would lead the world into its next phase of evolution and slay all who opposed him.

(Heroes for Hire / Quicksilver Annual 1998) - Recovering from the HE's blast, the Man-Beast followed the sounds of battle towards the HE, while the White Tiger followed him. As Quicksilver, the Heroes for Hire, and the Acolytes opposed the power-mad HE, the Man-Beast met with Exodus and Thena, proposing they merge themselves into a Uni-Mind to stop the HE. Reluctantly agreeing, Thena initiated the process, while the White Tiger approached from behind, preparing to strike the Man-Beast down. Fearing that Thena would be injured if the White Tiger attacked the Man-Beast during this merging, Iron Fist was forced to strike her down when she refused his commands to stop. The combined psychic power of the Man-Beast, Exodus, and Thena weakened the HE, and he reverted to normal size and power. They then dissolved the psychic union, after which the Man-Beast unleashed "the psychic equivalent of a fragmentation bomb" that stunned Quicksilver, the HE, and Exodus. However, the recovered White Tiger then attacked him, and the two fought savagely, with the White Tiger eventually gaining the advantage. The Man-Beast taunted her with whether she had become too human to kill him, but the High Evolutionary took away the choice by using the Isotope E scepter to turn the Man-Beast back into a wolf, which fled the Citadel.

Comments: Created by Stan "The Man" Lee, Jack "King" Kirby, and Vince "the...Prince" Colletta.

    Upon his emergence from the genetic accelerator, the Man-Beast claimed to have the brain and the knowledge of humanity one million years in the future. The brain, I'll buy, but not the knowledge. I would think he would have to learn something first.

    The creation of life and the acceleration of time, history, etc. of Counter-Earth is WAY beyond the scope of anything the High Evolutionary has ever been able to accomplish. He had the Soul Gem at the time, and the Fantastic Four Encyclopedia confirms that he had other Infinity Gems as well, perhaps Space, Time, and Power. The Time Gem would have definitely been required. It could also explain the temporal paradox of beings on Counter-Earth having pasts pre-dating the creation of Counter-Earth, such as Necromancer glimpsing the meeting of Dr. Strange and Eternity.

    Religious parallels abounded in the 1970s, with the Man-Beast as the devil and Adam Warlock as Jesus Christ.

    Thor I#316 makes it sound as if the Man-Beast had long been allies with the Bi-Beast. I guess they could have joined forces after the Man-Beast returned to Earth in the flashback of Spectacular Spider-Man II#15, but prior to that there's really no way they could have met.
    A caption in Thor I#316 explained that the Man-Beast was unaware that Counter-Earth was no longer orbiting Earth's sun at the time of the story.

    In Quicksilver#3, they used Apomorphine to reverse a drug affecting Thundra. I'm no pharmacologist, and I work in animals and not people, but the only thing I've ever seen Apomorphine used for is to induce vomiting. If you were trying to reverse a narcotic, like morphine or cocaine, etc., you would use Naloxone, known more commonly as Narcan.

    Yes...turn the Man-Beast back to a harmless wolf...that's always stopped him forever before!

Another reason that the Man-Beast may have used the Hate-Monger identity was that the real Hate-Monger's first name was Adolf. The name Adolf is "derived from the Old High German Athalwolf, a composition of athal, or adal, meaning noble, and wolf, meaning wolf". So the name Adolf means "noble wolf".
--Per Degaton

    Thanks to Per Degaton for pointing out the Nekra information!

Profile by Snood.

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