Type: Alternate Earth
Core Continuum Designation: Earth-8208

Environment: Essentially earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Alternate versions of races native to Earth-616

Significant Inhabitants: Celestials (not seen), Chosen Ones and their ship, humanity, Prophet, Seeker

First Appearance: Bizarre Adventures#32 (August, 1982)





(Bizarre Adventures#32/6 (fb) - BTS) - The Chosen Ones, twelve of Earth's finest sons and daughters, each of whom embodied one of mankind's great arts and sciences, were approved by the Celestials and taken into their ship, there to be tutored in the secrets of the cosmos.




(Bizarre Adventures#32/6 (fb)) - Shortly after the Chosen Ones departed Earth to be tutored by the Celestials, the man who would become the Prophet began to spread the message of Celestial salvation. Traveling the country, he gathered a multitude of disciples, all at peace with their Celestial destiny.










(Bizarre Adventures#32/6 (fb)) - As the first of the Prophet's predictions came true--that all mankind would be gifted with fabulous new powers, he met with greater resistance and rejection. Finally, he had no followers at all. What need did anyone have of an old man's talk of salvation when it seemed that salvation was already here in the form of wondrous powers.

(Bizarre Adventures#32/6 (fb) - BTS) - Unable to convince anyone that the transformation was but the first step towards deliverance, he left the world of men to await his destiny in solitude.








(Bizarre Adventures#32/6 (fb)) <2137 AD> - The youth known only as the Seeker was born, son of a psychokinetic mother and a metamorph father.

(Bizarre Adventures#32/6 (fb)) - As he grew, the future Seeker's parents watched him eagerly to see what powers he would demonstrate; they were most disappointed when he turned out to be normal, perhaps the only such child since the age of transformation swept mankind.

(Bizarre Adventures#32/6 (fb)) - In high school, the future Seeker told his classmates that he had empathy, figuring no one would be able to tell he was faking. This kids felt sorry for his weak "power," but he liked this better than rejection.

(Bizarre Adventures#32/6 (fb)) - One day a telepath learned the truth about the future Seeker, and he lost the few friends he had.






(Bizarre Adventures#32/6 (fb)) - In college, the future Seeker came across a film on the Prophet, detailing how he had predicted the age of transformation and salvation for all mankind. The future Seeker figured that the Prophet could tell him why fate had singled him out. He began to do extensive research on the Prophet.

(Bizarre Adventures#32/6 (fb)) - The Seeker spent three years searching for the Prophet.

(Bizarre Adventures#32/6) - Nearly 200 years after the Chosen Ones had left and about 40 years after the Prophet had gone into seclusion: In the Canadian wilderness, the Seeker scaled a treacherous mountain, at last locating the Prophet, floating above the mountain top. The Seeker set up camp waiting for the Seeker, who eventually confronted him. The two shared their stories, and the Seeker offered to become the Prophet's disciple.








The Prophet meditated, finding a kinship in the youth; suddenly the Prophet had a vision of the Young Gods' starship. He realized that they were returning to Earth and that the day of mankind's salvation was close at hand.
    The Prophet accepted the Seeker as his disciple, using his null field to lift the youth into the air. He told the Seeker of his prophecy for the Chosen Ones:

Upon completion of their discipleship, the twelve were destined to return to Earth to share with all mankind the wisdom and power they have gained. They would take mankind into their bosom and teach them how to attain their potential for godhood. The purpose of the era of transformation was to prepare the species for the ultimate transcendence.








    The Prophet brought the Seeker to the Site of Ascension on a plane in Kansas, just as the Chosen Ones returned to Earth. The Twelve appeared across the face of the Earth, telling the people of Earth to abandon their worldly ways and let them lead them to salvation. Every one of the six billion inhabitants of Earth heard their message in their own tongue. Throughout the world, people dropped what they were doing, gathering their loved ones and began their pilgrimage to the site emblazoned in their minds; not a single human being resisted their clarion call.

    Humanity flocked to the glowing shaft of light that lifted them into the Chosen Ones' ship. The last one to enter was the Seeker, but the Prophet, who was possessed of an energy-neutralizing null field, realized (as he had been hiding from himself for years) that he could not partake of the salvation he prophesied. As one of the Chosen Ones asked him if he was coming, the Prophet explained that he could not. The Chosen One told him to find peace on Earth..."It is all yours now."








Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald and Val Mayerik.

The Chosen Ones, though not named as such, fulfill almost every criteria of being their world's Young Gods (Bright Sword, Caduceus, Calculus, Daydreamer, Genii, Harvest, Highnote, Mindsinger, Moonstalker, Sea Witch, Splice, Varua).

Similarly, the Prophet pretty much has to be Wundarr, the Aquarian.

Sorry about the spotty images. My scanner/program doesn't have the ability to get rid of those dots, but they are scanner related.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

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            panel 5 (Age of Transformation)
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            panel 2 (Chosen Ones' ship)


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