Real Name: Omega

Identity/Class: Terrestrial (Attilan) android

Occupation: Weapon

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Alpha Primitives, Maximus;
   formerly Ultron-7

Enemies: Avengers (Iron Man/Tony Stark, Mantis, Scarlet Witch, Swordsman/Jacques DuQuesne, Thor, Vision), Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, Thing), Inhumans (all), Kree, Quicksilver, Franklin Richards, Ronan the Accuser

Known Relatives: Inapplicable

Aliases: The Ultimate Assassin; Ultron-7

Base of Operations: Attilan

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#131 (February, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: Omega possessed superhuman size, strength, and durability. He stood around 15' tall with roughly Class 25 strength, but he absorbed power from the guilt (and apparently the anger and hatred, as well) the Inhumans felt towards the Alpha Primitives.
    When his body was taken over by Ultron, he also had the ability to mesmerize others and fire energy blasts.

Height: 15' 0"
Weight: 3.3 tons


(Fantastic Four I#131 (fb) - BTS) - Maximus constructed a device to feed on the negative emotions the Inhumans felt towards the Alpha Primitives. As the device appeared to be harmeless and serve no known function, Black Bolt allowed his brother to work on it, hopefully as therapy for his damaged mind. He apparently had previously constructed Omega, or had instructed the Alpha Primitives in how to do so.

(Fantastic Four I#131) - As tensions continued to rise between the Inhumans and Alpha Primitives, energy was transmitted via Maximus' machine to Omega. As Omega gained in power, he began to damage the foundations of the city, causing earthquakes in Attilan. Crystal, Quicksilver, and the visiting Human Torch investigated the subterranean catacombs in which the Alphas dwelled, and were confronted by Omega, who quickly took Crystal hostage.




(Fantastic Four I#132) - Quicksilver and the Torch freed Crystal, but a large number of Alphas joined the fight against them. As the Alphas and the Inhumans reached the level of open warfare on the surface of Attilan, Omega burst free, larger and more powerful than before. The rest of the Fantastic Four joined the fight, which continued to escalate, but Reed Richards overheard Maximus muttering and learned that his machine was involved with Omega. Reed sought to destroy the machine, but Crystal stopped him, and instead convinced him to stop the fighting so she could explain what was going on. Aware of the effects their negative emotions were having, the Inhumans accepted their guilt and decided to dismantle their slave program. Without a power source, Omega was left an inert statue, standing as a reminder of their shame, and existing as a threat that could return if the Inhumans ever sought to elevate themselves by trampling others.

(Marvel Team-Up I#11) - Spider-Man visited the Inhumans and saw the statuesque form of Omega, and learned of its history from Triton.


(Avengers I#127) - Maximus contacted Ultron to be his ally, but Ultron instead blasted Maximus and took his plans for himself. Ultron removed Omega's head and had his own head placed in its stead. As the Avengers came to visit the Inhumans to attend the wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver, Ultron--now using the alias Ultron-7--mesmerized groups of Avengers, Inhumans, and Fantastic Four members and caused them to attack the Alpha Primitives on several occasions. This eventually caused the Alphas to revolt against the Inhumans, and the violence between the two races led to the seeming revival of Omega. The heroes were gradually wiped out by paralyzing waves of energy, and Omega pulled up his mask and stood triumphantly over them as Ultron-7.

(Fantastic Four I#150) - Omega/Ultron-7 continued to blast the brains of those present, threatening to dissolve their brains from within. However, as his onslaught escalated, the energies stimulated the then-comatose mind of Franklin Richards, who awakened and lashed out with his psychic powers, shutting down Ultron-7.

(Avengers III#20) - Ultron-7 was rebuilt as a drone controlled by the prime Ultron, and used as part of his plot in the takeover and slaughter of Slorenia. Along with the other Ultron-1-15, it battled the Avengers.

(Realm of Kings: Inhumans#4 (fb) - BTS) - On Medusa's order Maximus rebuilt Omega and placed it in the Chamber of Devices on Attilan during the Inhumans' reign over the Kree Empire.

(Realm of Kings: Inhumans#4) - Though it was was unfinished Maximus activated the Omega construct to attack the investigating Crystal, Ronan and Gorgon. After a short battle Gorgon knocked Omega down to the ground and smashed the robot's brain with his mace through the missing plating on Omega's head.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Ross Andru, and Joe Sinnott.

He was named Omega, in reference to the ALPHA Primitives...they were the start, and he was the finish--or the ultimate weapon for them.

Yeah...don't trust Maximus...ever...he helped that one time against the Enclave, and every other time he's betrayed his race to anyone he can.

Profile by Snood. Realm of Kings update by Markus Raymond.

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