Real Name: Sir Wulf

Identity/Class: Terrestrial animal mutate

Occupation: Knight, personal guard to High Evolutionary

Group Membership: Knights of Wundagore; New Men

Affiliations: Bova; High Evolutionary

Enemies: Man-Beast

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Lord Anon

Base of Operations: High Evolutionary's Citadel of Science on Wundagore Mountain

First Appearance: Quicksilver I#11 ( September 1998)

Powers/Abilities: As a Knight of Wundagore Sir Wulf would have been well trained in the use of swords and other energy weapons employed by the group. He would also have had his own atomic steed. Given he was evolved using Isotope E, he might have had powers that his fellow Knights, who were mutated by other isotopes, didn't, but if he did that was never revealed.

History: (Quicksilver I#11 (fb)) / (Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver '98#1 (fb)) - After the Acolytes of Magneto's first attack on the High Evolutionary the HE decided to create more Knights for the coming war for Wundagore. He created at least three Knights: Lady Vermin (a rat not fully mutated to humanoid form), the White Tiger (a humanoid white tigress who could turn back to her original form at will), and Sir Wulf. Because of how the HE's first mutated wolf (Man-Beast) turned on him the He had never tried to mutate another wolf until he decided that he would need a wolf's ferocity in the coming war against the Acolytes, so he created his second humanoid wolf, Sir Wulf (see comments). Believing that his other Knights would never trust another wolf because of Man-Beast's war against him, the HE decided to armor Sir Wulf from head to foot so not even his scent could be smelled by the other Knights, and gave him the alias Lord Anon, until such time the other Knights trusted 'Lord Anon' enough to handle his true species.

(Quicksilver I#1-BTS) - At some point after Man-Beast was broken out of the Vault (in Heroes for Hire II #1) he came to Wundagore Mountain and evidently killed Sir Wulf and took his place as Lord Anon. (see comments)

(Quicksilver I#11) -- While preparing the infirmary underneath Wundagore for the expected casualties (HE and the Knights were going to attempt to drive the Acolytes off Wundagore), Bova found the skeleton of a humanoid wolf wearing Lord Anon's colors stashed inside a medical cabinet, and alerted the other Knights that the Anon they thought they knew was an impostor (Man-Beast).

Sir Wulf created by John Ostrander & Joe Edkin (writers), Derec Aucoin, Chris Renauld (pencilers), Rich Faber, Mark Lipka (inks).  The 'Lord Anon' look created by Tom Peyer (writer), Rob Haynes (layout artist), Casey Jones (penciler), and Jason Martin (inker).

I am not sure if Lord Anon was always intended to be the Man-Beast, since there was a writer change between Peyer and Ostrander, with Joe Edkin bridging the gap between the two. The reveal, though, didn't mess up anything with how the character was previously portrayed, so maybe it was planned all along.

The Random House Webster's Dictionary defines 'anon' as 1. in a short time; soon. 2. at another time. Which I guess works fairly well as a temporary name.

While Sir Wulf's history is first given in Quicksilver I #11, he is not given a name until his origin is retold in the joint Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver '98 annual.

Bova mentions Sir Wulf and Man-Beast as the only two wolves ever evolved by the High Evolutionary, but I swear that I've seen a list of New Men someplace that lists a third wolf-guy that's neither of these two on it.  IS there a third (very minor) evolved wolf running around someplace, or did I imagine seeing one listed someplace?

Soooo, the best way to get a group of people who hates one wolf-guy with a passion to trust a different wolf-guy is to disguise wolf-guy #2 so no-one can tell what species he really is and give him a false name until such time the group 'trusts' #2 enough to be told the truth? Uhm, wouldn't it have been easier, and a lot more respectful to both the old Knights and the new Knight, for the High Evolutionary to dispense with the 'Lord Anon' ruse altogether and just introduce Sir Wulf as 'not the Man-Beast' instead? Given how the Knights tend to obey the High Evolutionary's orders without questioning him, had the HE told the Knights upfront that Sir Wulf was their newest member odds are very good they would have accepted Wulf without any major difficulties, and spared all concerned a fair bit of heartache later. Perhaps the HE was in the middle of one of his evolutionary 'downturns' when he came up with that plan? Or else the HE just has a major problem himself with wolves, and really shouldn't be evolving any more until he can teach himself to treat them with a BIT more dignity and respect? One of Bova's comments in the H4H/Q annual (when she's recapping the origin and fate of Sir Wulf for Lord Delphis, she calls Lord Anon 'the new Sir Wulf') can be taken to indicate that the HE had given both his wolf creations the same original name -- Sir Wulf! (Remember 'Man-Beast' is apparently not that character's real name, just the name he uses most often.) Or maybe not. . .

A few things I feel I should mention about the death and later discovery of Sir Wulf's body. One is that while it is pretty heavily implied that Man-Beast killed Sir Wulf and took his place as Lord Anon, at no point in the 'Siege of Wundagore' (the storyline where the Lord Anon reveal takes place) does anyone ever ask MB directly if he was the killer, nor does MB ever brag that he was the killer of Sir Wulf. Meaning if anyone is ever inclined to reveal a different killer and/or fate for Wulf, there's enough wiggle-room there to do it in.

Sir Ram, when he first sees Wulf's body in the medical cabinet, states that the body had been there at least a year. There are a few problems with this. One is that a year does not seem to have passed between Man-Beast's release/escape from the Vault in H4H #1 and the discovery of Wulf's remains, though a year might have passed from when Wulf was created to when his body was found (%$*@!! unevenly applied sliding time-scale). I'm not an expert on the subject, but I think that a body left to decompose in a cabinet for several months to a year would leave a large smelly drippy mess long before the bones appeared. Which, in a group of people with enhanced noses, is really not likely to remain unnoticed for long. Possibly Man-Beast used his powers to 'blast' the flesh from the bones, but that then leaves the question of why he'd then put the body where it could be quickly found by the very people who'd have known immediately a fraud had been perpetuated on them. Most likely scenario is that Man-Beast (or whoever) killed Wulf and originally stashed the body somewhere else in Wundagore's forests/caves (where it could decompose unnoticed by the other Knights), then the body was later found by an Acolyte and stashed in the cabinet as a joke on someone else. Or else that skeleton actually belongs to one of the Knights who died fighting Chthon back years ago (the battle that took place the night Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were born) and someone(s) unknown made it up to look like it was Wulf's body for an unknown reason(s) (would any of the Knights present in that scene have enough forensic/anthropology knowledge to tell on first glance that was a wolf's body rather than, say, a jackal's body or some other evolved canine's body?). Or I'm fishing for reasons/ways to bring back a character I rather liked without destroying his origins in any way. . . . . . :) U decide. . . . . :)P

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Quicksilver I #11 ( September 1998), p30, pan2 (detail) -- main
Quicksilver I #11 ( September 1998), p30, pan3 (detail) -- headshot
Quicksilver I #11 ( September 1998), p28, pan4 -- skeleton

Quicksilver I #11 ( September 1998) -  by John Ostrander & Joe Edkin (writers), Derec Aucoin & Chris Renauld (pencilers), Rich Faber & Mark Lipka (inks), Mark Bernardo (editor)
Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver '98 (1998 annual) - John Ostrander (writer), Paschalis Ferry (penciler), Jaime Mendoza, w/ Canderlario, Floyd, Perry assisting (inks), Mark Bernardo (editor)

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