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Real Name: Oswald P. Silkworth

Identity/Class: Human civilian, citizen of the United States of America

Occupation: Former business manager for Wilson Fisk

Group Membership: Kingpin's criminal organization (Klingman, Ramis, Scottie, Simons, nurse Shiella and numerous unrevealed others)

Affiliations: Damage, Pleasant Valley Head Doctor, Vanessa Fisk, Frank Gibbs, Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale, aka Jack O'Lantern), Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Joy Mercado, New Enforcers (Fancy Dan, "Hammer" Harrison, Snake Marston, Montana, Ox/Ronald Bloch), Nuke, Persuader (Roland Rayburn), Sniper, Tombstone (Lonnie Lincoln)

Enemies: Beetle (Abner "Abe" Jenkins), Frank Farrow, Fogg, Hermanos de la Luna (Carlos Lobo & Eduardo Lobo), Knight, Micah Synn, Punisher (Frank Castle), Rose (Richard Fisk), Sandman (William Baker), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Split-Face Flanagan, Ben Urich

Known Relatives: None

Aliases:  "You double-crossin' creep" (nickname used by Beetle), "My friend" (nickname used by the Kingpin),  "the fat man's errand boy", "pal" (nicknames used by detective Farrow), "Boot-licker", "lackey" (nicknames used by Hobgoblin), "Egghead" (nickname used by Moe), "Spineless Yes-Man" (nickname used by the Rose)

Base of Operations: None;
                                     formerly Fisk Tower, Manhattan, New York;
                                     formerly Westport, Connecticut

First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up I#138 (February, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: The Arranger possessed no known superhuman powers. He was an expert organizer and a highly intelligent business manager, capable of thinking several steps ahead, intuitively foreseeing his employers' needs and wishes, while also making sure contingency plans were in place to deal with most unforeseen circumstances. Arranger's main task was to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Kingpin's criminal empire, a position that made him Wilson Fisk's most trusted associate and right-hand man. Loyal to a fault, Silkworth nevertheless realized his employer valued results above all. Not quick to panic but never quite comfortable when superhuman operatives threatened his life, the Arranger was not above relying on his employers' enemies such as Spider-Man to save his life. Arranger had received some training in firearms, able to hit targets with little effort. On occasion he has carried hand grenades and knockout gas. Arranger wore glasses and enjoyed smoking cigars and cigarettes.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald (black at the temples)


(Marvel Team-Up I#138 (fb) - BTS) - At some unrevealed point, the Kingpin of Crime (Wilson Fisk) hired Oswald P. Silkworth to oversee the day-to-day operations of his business empire. Now simply known as "The Arranger", one of Silkworth's first recorded tasks was making sure Kingpin's Brooklyn extortion operation would be managed efficiently. In order to achieve this, Arranger decided to reorganize the Enforcers, sending invitations to all the former members, as well as potentional new recruits "Hammer" Harrison and Snake Marston.

(Marvel Team-Up I#138) - After a brief scuffle, the Enforcers were willing to listen as Arranger further detailed Kingpin's business proposal: allowing them free reign of all off Brooklyn's extortion rings, with the understanding that Fisk received a 65 percent cut of everything they made. The team of villains happily agreed to these terms and, as the "New Enforcers" terrorized local Brooklyn merchants for the next several days, strongarming them for "protection money" .

(Marvel Team-Up I#138 - BTS) - The New Enforcers' reign of terror caused J. Jonah Jameson to send reporter Ned Leeds and photographer Peter Parker to the borough for an in depth investigation. At the same time, the recently reformed Sandman had hired a room in the home of Roberto and Rosa Cassada who owned a candystore in Brooklyn. Sandman, in his civilian guise as "Sylvester Mann" one day went to the Cassada store to find George had been brutally beaten by the Enforcers when he refused to give in to their demands. Loyal to the people who took him in, Sandman decided to avenge his landlord. At the same time, Peter Parker had donned his Spider-Man costume to look for whoever was responsible.

(Marvel Team-Up I#138) - Arranger was visiting with the New Enforcers, checking on their progress, when Spider-Man located them and attacked. However, because the wallcrawler had recently lost his spider-sense, the team was able to get the drop on him, capturing the webhead and beating him savagely while deciding what to do with him. The Enforcers considered selling Spider-Man to the highest bidder, but the Arranger reminded them they still worked for the Kingpin which meant he had to be consulted in the matter. Just then, the Sandman burst in and freed Spider-Man. Teaming up, the two made short work of the New Enforcers. Arranger kept himself out of sight, listening to Sandman explaining to his former foe that he was desperately trying to go straight. Somewhat touched by Sandman's sincere admission, Arranger still considered what was in his own best interest and decided to throw a hand grenade at the two heroes hoping that their deaths would keep him in Kingpin's good graces after the botched up Brooklyn extortion job. Sandman spotted the projectile however, smothering the explosive in his sandy form and leaving Spider-Man free to deal with the trembling Arranger. Instead of hitting him, Spider-Man webbed up the criminal mastermind, figuring the police would deal with him.

(Marvel Team-Up I#141 - BTS) - Escaping police custody through unrevealed means, Arranger resumed his duties as the Kingpin's right-hand man, keeping tabs on his various operations. While business in general was good, Arranger was worried about the reports coming in about Black Widow and Daredevil repeatedly interfering with franchises on the Lower East Side.

(Marvel Team-Up I#141) - Arranger joined Kingpin in the gym on the 62nd floor of his Manhattan skyscraper, where Fisk was fighting experienced martial artists even as he listend to Silkworth's briefing. Easily holding his own while the Arranger talked about interference by costumed adventurers being at an all-time low (due to most of New York's heroes being away fighting the first Secret Wars), the Kingpin's concentration slipped when Arranger mentioned Daredevil. As a result, Fisk critically injured one of his opponents. Annoyed by the unfortunate loss of control, Fisk ordered Arranger to make sure the man received the best possible care and decreed he should be paid double while recovering. He then summoned Arranger to his office so he could give a more thorough briefing on Daredevil's involvements on the Lower East Side.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#257) - Once again giving Kingpin a briefing during the crimelord's workout, Arranger informed Fisk he had begun making the necessary arrangements for a prolonged gang war with the forces of Micah Synn. Pleased, Kingpin told Silkworth he'd leave all the details to him. The last point on Arranger's agenda was the fact the Rose had allegedly hired a professional assassin (the Puma) to eliminate Spider-Man. Angered that an execution of this magnitude was ordered without his permission, Kingpin ordered Arranger to set up a meeting between him and the Rose. Some time later, Arranger showed up at Rose's penthouse headquarters, cheerfully announcing his boss demanded the pleasure of the Rose's company. Stunned, the upstart crimelord agreed.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#268 (fb) - BTS) - When the Beyonder turned one of the Kingpin's Park Avenue skyscrapers into gold following his quest to better understand humanity, Arranger worked with Fisk to keep the existence of so many tons of gold a secret (correctly assuming it would destroy the world's monetary system) even as government agent Charles Anderson started an operation to quickly cut the building apart, transporting the massive gold chunks to a ship that would drop it to the bottom of a seven mile deep trench off the coast of Puerto Rico.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#268) - Eager to get his hands on the gold, Kingpin sent Arranger and some of his men to take over the vessel carrying the skyscraper debris. Fisk planned to have the vessel dump the precious metal at a spot of his own choosing so he could retrieve it and reintroduce the metal on the market at his own leisure. However, Spider-Man (who was suspicious about Anderson's sincerty), was also on board and defeated the Arranger's forces, even as the man himself hurried to reach the ship's controls, hoping to dump the bullion before they reached the Puerto Rican trench where it'd become lost forever. Spider-Man stopped him, keeping everyone involved occupied long enough for the coast guard to catch up with them.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#274 (fb) - BTS) - As part of his ongoing duties, the Arranger had to set up a regular dinner appointment for Fisk at a local restaurant. Silkworth didn't think this was wise, since it gave the Kingpin's many enemies a prime opportunity to plan an assassination.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#274 - BTS) - As part of a wager between Mephisto and the Beyonder, the demon Zarathos was released to torture Spider-Man, haunting Peter Parker with horrific images of all the people he'd lost in his life. Spider-Man was able to free himself just in time to prevent a sniper from hitting Kingpin.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#274) - Startled by the gunshot, Arranger told his boss he still didn't understand why he insisted on this regular dinner routine, even as Kingpin gave his assistant a back handed compliment, calling his security arrangements as reassuringly efficient as ever. He then explained to Silkworth that a man in his position is subject to numerous assassination attempts, so many in fact that Fisk preferred to restrict those attempts to times and places of his own choosing.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#275) - Acting as a buffer between the Kingpin and some of his visiting henchmen, Arranger insisted their boss had very little time for them. The gangsters quickly pointed out that the Rose and his new ally the Hobgoblin (Ned Leeds) had been making somewhat impressive inroads in the New York crimeworld by gobbling up a number of small, independent gambling syndicates, fearing it was only a matter of time before they'd turn against the Kingpin himself. Fisk (who had surmised the Rose was his own son Richard) thanked and dismissed his followers and then asked Arranger for his insights. Silkworth pointed out that the Rose's ambitions were not unexpected and continued to ask what his boss wanted him to arrange. Hesitant to hurt his son, Kingpin told Arranger to do nothing for the moment.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#277) - Unaware his employer had just received the latest medical update on his ailing wife Vanessa, the Arranger decided to approach Kingpin as he arrived in his offices. Hoping to discuss all the pertinent data he'd collected on Fisk's gambling interests in the city, Arranger was brusquely dismissed by the Kingpin who brushed by on the way to his office, claiming he had more important paperwork to attend to (his wife's hospital records).

(Amazing Spider-Man I#280) - Arranger was present when Kingpin dismissed Jack O'Lantern (Macdendale) after his pitch to join his underworld organization. Fisk told Jack he'd only recently hired someone with similar expertise (from simple extortion to public assassinations) when he hired the crazed vet Nuke.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#284 - BTS) - Even as his boss Wilson Fisk lost a personal vendetta against Daredevil and temporarily dropped out, Arranger was left in charge of the Kingpin's empire. Right around the same time, a New York City gang war was brewing, with forces belonging to Hammerhead, Silvermane and the Rose stirring up trouble. Thinking back to Fisk's earlier meeting with Jack O'Lantern, Silkworth hired the mercenary to take care of Silvermane at his compound. Arranger also set up a successul drive-by shooting of Hammerhead.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#284) - Even as the hits on his two main opponents were still underway, Arranger calmed the doubts within his underlings, and forcefully reminded everyone Wilson Fisk was merely on holiday and that they should do exactly what he'd instruct them to do until the Kingpin'd return in his own, good time. After receiving news of the fact both hits on Silvermane and Hammerhead had gone off without incident, Arranger celebrated quietly to himself, briefly entertaining the notion he might end up running the Kingpin's empire after the gang war. His reverie was cut short when his associate Ramis called to inform him Richard Fisk was there to see him.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#284 - BTS) - Fisk was sent away, not even allowed to meet with the Arranger, even as the Punisher (Frank Castle) decided to involve himself with the brewing gang war by taking down Hobgoblin (Leeds).

(Amazing Spider-Man I#285 - BTS) - After learning the Arranger was the one responsible for the attack on his life, Hammerhead allied himself with the Rose to take down the Kingpin's right-hand man. As luck would have it, Hammerhead was present at a junkyard used by the underworld to process stolen cars at the exact same time Jack O'Lantern decided to ransack the place on Arranger's orders. Shocked to find Hammerhead and his forces at the scrapheap, Jack O'Lantern beat a hasty retreat, with Hammerhead vowing he'd make the Arranger pay.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#285) -  Arranger was once again assuring Kingpin's underlings he had everything under control, even though his subordinates felt Fisk would have dealt with the gang war by now. The Arranger answered that steps were already being taken to settle the conflict and restore the normal trade practices. Right then and there, he was called away to a meeting with Richard Fisk who had returned once again for a visit with his sickly mother Vanessa. Arranger allowed Richard ten minutes with his mother, who didn't even seem to recognize her own child.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#285 - BTS) -  Arranger and Fisk agreed to a meeting of the Kingpin and the Rose's factions at Fisk Tower, unaware the Arranger's close associate Moe was actually working for Hammerhead. Unbeknownst to everyone, the Punisher had learned of the meeting and planned to take out everyone by firing a bazooka.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#285) - Using the confusion and panic caused by the Punisher's bazooka shot, Moe showed his true colors and pulled a gun, ready to kill the Arranger. Rose came to his new ally's aid though, ordering Hobgoblin to take down Moe, even as the Arranger's hired gun Jack O'Lantern swooped in as well. Both vigilantes teamed up to take down Moe. Intrigued by the Rose's concern for his well being, the Arranger agreed with the Rose's proposal to strengthening their ties, even forcing sworn enemies Hobgoblin and Jack O'Lantern to work together.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#286 - BTS) - Arranger, annoyed at Richard Fisk's continued tendency to visit his mother late at night, sent his underling Klingman to accompany Richard to Vanessa. On the way, Klingman informed Fisk that the Arranger didn't approve of his behavior. Ticked off, Fisk told Klingman the Arranger was a "spineless yes-man", before going in to spend time with the slightly less delirious Vanessa Fisk.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#287) - After settling some business in Europe and making sure it was safe for his wife to go back there, the Kingpin returned to New York where he was greeted by the Arranger. To prevent his return from becoming public knowledge, Kingpin took a cab to the service entrance of Fisk Tower. After welcoming his boss back and claiming his city had missed him, the Arranger was surprised by the arrival of Hobgoblin, Kingpin's newest ally, who handed the crimelord an envelope before flying off. Once inside his offices, Kingpin confided to the Arranger that Hobgoblin had contacted him in Europe to propose an alliance. As part of the deal, the costumed mercenary would reveal the identity of his former boss, the Rose. Kingpin handed Arranger the envelope however and told him to burn it unopened, for he already knew who the Rose was and was planning to use that information to destroy him.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#288) - Kingpin immediately went to work putting his house in order, first by killing his wife's physician because he felt Doctor Zachary had failed him. He then fired Jack O'Lantern as his chief assassin, even though Jack protested that he'd even saved Arranger's life. Next, he tasked Arranger to eliminate two operatives who had failed to take down Ben Urich and Matt Murdock during a staged hit.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#288 - BTS) - Another part of the Kingpin's house cleaning was getting rid of several of his corrupted lieutenants. Via the Arranger, Kingpin contacted the authorities and struck a deal: in return for Vanessa getting to Europe safely, he'd set up a situation in which all the undesirables from his organization could be arrested. 

(Amazing Spider-Man I#288) - Arranger joined Kingpin on stage when the crimelord hosted a giant New Year's Eve party at Fisk Tower, attended by all his lieutenants and closely monitored by Spider-Man and Daredevil (who had been tipped off by the police who were nearby, waiting to move in). The Kingpin caused quite a stir when he announced to everyone present they were being fired. In the commotion, the made men reached for their weapons forcing Daredevil and Spider-Man to step in and engage the gangsters. Using the commotion, Arranger and Kingpin quickly made sure Vanessa left safely and without anyone noticing even as the cops began arresting his former lieutenants.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#29) - Arranger approached Spider-Man moments after the webslinger had finished fighting a street gang along with Wolverine. Driving up in a black limousine, Silkworth rolled down the window and informed Spider-Man that the Kingpin wanted to meet with him at his earliest convenience.

(Daredevil I#248 - BTS) - Hoping to get Daredevil involved in his latest scheme, the Kingpin ordered the Arranger to set up a law firm and hire the blind hero's closest ally Foggy Nelson. The Arranger told Foggy that the owners of the firm were an amalgam of corporations and stockholders. Foggy's first case was defending Kelco Industrials, a New Jersey chemical plant (owned by Fisk as well) suspected of pollution.

(Daredevil I#248) - Arranger reported back to Kingpin, but wondered why his boss was going through all this effort when it was more cost effective to clean up Kelco's act. Puffing on a cigar, Kingpin assured his right-hand man that Kelco would remain good and dirty, so dirty only one man could clean it up.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#33) - Informed that Vicky, the mentally unstable wife of his associate Frank Gibbs, was about to go public with some sensitive information regarding her husband's dealings, Arranger contacted Frank. Eager to keep his position within the Kingpin's employ, not to mention his life, he agreed to the Arranger's proposal to have her immediately committed to Pleasant Valley, a psychiatric clinic bankrolled by Fisk (that also conducted unethical experiments on patients).

(Web Of Spider-Man I#33 - BTS) - Arranger let the clinic know of Vicky's imminent arrival, ordering the staff to permanently medicate her to such a degree she wouldn't even be able to speak anymore.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#133) - Worried about reports from Pleasant Valley that mentioned a man calling himself Spider-Man had been committed (actually Peter Parker, heavily drugged out), Arranger went to see Kingpin for advice. The crime mogul's only answer was asking Silkworth to remind him what his job was: making decisions. Properly chastized, Arranger contacted the Pleasant Valley doctor and told him nothing was to compromise the security of the ward and to start experimenting on "Spider-Man" all he wanted. Somewhat hypocritically, the Arranger then chewed out the doctor for not having made his own decisions.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#133 - BTS) - After Peter Parker befriended a Pleasant Valley nurse and convinced her to switch the patients' daily dose of sedatives with harmless vitamins, a massive riot erupted. Peter fought the head doctor's drugged up patients turned assassins, even as Frank Gibbs infiltrated the facility to rescue his wife. Putting a gun to the doctor's head, he forced him to cooperate.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#133) - Figuring the best way to clear the Kingpin of all charges was to go public with it themselves, the Arranger called a press conference to reveal the "deplorable situation" at the health institute bankrolled by Wilson Fisk, making sure the head doctor was the one to take full responsibility.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#38) - Frustrated he hadn't been getting any work from the Kingpin in months, Hobgoblin (Macendale, the former Jack O' Lantern) invaded Fisk Tower on his glider, attacking people left and right, while yelling to see the crimeboss. He was met by the Arranger who informed him Kingpin was out of town. Inviting the mercenary into his office, the Arranger explained in no uncertain terms why Hobgoblin had been blacklisted, calling him a truly hopeless, incompetent idiot and a boor for thinking that stealing another man's identity was something that people would respect him for. Properly angered, Hobgoblin accepted Arranger's proposal for a test. To prove he was worthy of the Hobgoblin persona, Macendale was to kill Spider-Man. Eager to show his worth, Hobgoblin agreed just as Kingpin's newest associate Tombstone walked in. With their business concluded, Arranger opened the large window in his office, allowing Tombstone to throw Hobgoblin out. As Macendale was falling to his death, Arranger told Tombstone he really enjoyed discarding waste. However, moments later they were startled by Hobgoblin's glider bursting through the door and out the window, remote controlled to save Hobgoblin at the last possible moment. As he flew off, Hobgoblin swore to the Arranger he'd first kill Spider-Man and then he'd return to finish Silkworth off. Somewhat impressed, Arranger speculated he might succceed in his former endeavor.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#138 - BTS) - Arranger learned of the existence of Roland Rayburn, a Wall Street stockbroker with the mutant power of charisma and persuasion. Hoping to "acquire" him and his talents, the Arranger sent Tombstone to Rayburn's office to collect him. Tombstone proved immune to Rayburn's powers, forcing the man to accompany the albino assassin back to Fisk Tower.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#139) - Tombstone took Rayburn to Arranger's office, where the Kingpin's right-hand man explained he had been aware of him and his abilities for a few months, repeating the offer to work for Kingpin. Once again, Rayburn refused and used his powers to convince the Arranger to let him go. Silkworth was swayed and ready to release "such a nice young man", but Tombstone managed to snap him out of it. Considering that little display definite proof Rayburn possessed the powers he was claimed to have, he nevertheless felt some discipline was needed and ordered Tombstone to dislocate Rayburn's arm. Still defiant in spite of the pain, Rayburn continued to refuse his cooperation. Arranger then called in the Kingpin's nurse Shiella, who injected Roland with drugs, while Arranger assured Rayburn he'd help him one way or another.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#139 - BTS) - During Rayburn's questioning, Tombstone got a call from his old associate, Daily Bugle editor Joe Robertson who wanted to settle their decades long feud. The two agreed to meet in Battery Park. Spider-Man, worried about Joe meeting with a notorious killer, went looking for clues and learned Tombstone had recently been hired by Arranger.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#139) - Storming into Arranger's office, Spider-Man demanded to know where Tombstone was. Silkworth denied there being a man of that name currently in Wilson Fisk's employ. Spider-Man, after promising not to hit him, managed to get Arranger to speculate about Tombstone's possible whereabouts, with Silkworth suggesting Spider-Man might try and look in Battery Park.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#139 - BTS) - Thanks to the Arranger's tip, Spider-Man arrived at the park in time to find Robbie, his back broken after his showdown with Tombstone.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#140) - Arranger was on the phone with Kingpin, informing him of the progress in the Roland Rayburn case when a hopping mad Spider-Man broke the connection and threatened the Arranger with physical violence if he didn't reveal where Tombstone was hiding. Remaining eerily calm, Silkworth stated that he was a respectable business man and knew nothing about criminals and their activities. Furthermore, he showed Spider-Man that their entire conversation had been recorded on video tape. Frustrated at being foiled, Spider-Man smashed the monitor as Arranger called in his security guards to "escort" the wallcrawler out. Spider-Man managed to escape, leaving the Arranger to call the Kingpin and explain what happened. Afterwards, as he made his way to see nurse Shiella and Roland Rayburn, the Arranger couldn't help but think Spider-Man should really be dealt with, even though the Kingpin was more obsessed with Daredevil. Arriving at Shiella's facility, with Rayburn all strapped up and drugged out, Arranger was pleased to find her drugs had finally broken Rayburn's will. He ordered the dosage reduced, assuring Roland he'd be himself again soon. Just then, Tombstone walked in to inform him the Punisher had been spotted in New York City to look for him, just as the Arranger had predicted.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#140 - BTS) - During his investigation of Tombstone, the Punisher learned of Lincoln's connection to Joe Robertson. Putting in an anonymous call to the Daily Bugle, Castle told Peter Parker to meet him on Liberty Island. Parker showed up as Spider-Man, and after dodging a hail of bullets, encountered the Punisher who offered not to kill him if Spider-Man told him where he could find Tombstone.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#142 (fb) - BTS) - Arranger provided Rayburn with a special costume that enhanced his abilities, as well as additional training that helped focus his powers even more. He also gave him his codename: the Persuader.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#141 - BTS) - Even as Arranger was getting Rayburn ready for his first mission, he sent Tombstone and his men to stage a hit on Punisher who had entered into a temporary alliance with Spider-Man. Punisher had taken Spider-Man to his mobile base of operations, the "Golden Girl", a yacht Castle had berthed at the local marina. After Spider-Man left, Tombstone's men attacked. Easily beating them, Punisher forced one of the men to tell him the plan: they weren't supposed to kill him, only get him riled up enough so he'd follow them to the New York Cloisters where the actual ambush was being planned. Punisher, armed to the teeth, infiltrated the cloisters, slashing and shooting his way to the heart of the monastery until he spotted a black town car.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#141) - Inside, he found the Arranger, who introduced Punisher to the Persuader. Rayburn immediately used his powers on the battle mad Castle, with Arranger explaining they needed to get him riled up because Persuader's powers work better on subjects whose adrenalin levels and pulse rates are both elevated. Castle tried to resist, but eventually was taken over by the Persuader.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#142) - After ten fruitless hours of trying to break Punisher's will completely, Arranger started to lose confidence in Persuader's abilities. Mocking him in front of his men, Silkworth unwittingly angered Rayburn enough to give it one, final and successful try. Arranger apologized to the Persuader, as he looked into the Punisher's vacant eyes.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#142 - BTS) - After a prolonged battle, Spider-Man finally confronted Tombstone and managed to beat him.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#142) - Arranger watched television footage of Tombstone being taken into police custody, thinking it a shame to lose an operative who had come so highly recommended. He then turned his attention to the Punisher, who came in to announce he was ready to assume his new role as the Kingpin's personal hitman.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#143 - BTS) - The Arranger sent Punisher and Persuader to Dallas, Texas where they were to deal with Carlos and Eduardo Lobo, two influential latino gangsters recently freed after a mistrial.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#143) - During a briefing with the Kingpin, Arranger eagerly explained the myriad intricacies of his plan to have Punisher kill the Lobo Brothers. Annoyed by his underling droning on, Kingpin tossed the files aside, claiming the very reason he hired Silkworth was to no longer have to deal with these day-to-day matters, adding that Arranger should do with the Lobos as he pleased, his true concern lay with Daredevil. Frustrated by being dismissed and his boss' borderline obsessive behavior regarding Daredevil, Arranger thought to himself that the Lobo Brothers might be Kingpin's downfall if the Punisher failed to take them down.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#143 - BTS) - Due to Spider-Man's involvement, the Punisher and Persuader failed to kill the Lobo Brothers. Freed from his control, Castle shot Rayburn through the heart before leaving. Carlos and Eduardo swore revenge on "the fat pig in New York" who had tried to kill them.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual I#22) - Arranger assisted Kingpin in trying to deal with the High Evolutionary's forces who were sent out by their master to stamp out drug use by attacking production sites in South America, thereby cutting into Fisk's profits. Fisk's forces managed to capture one of the Evolutionary's Purifiers who were tasked with killing drug addicts in New York. Arranger watched as Fisk personally tortured the Purifier, grilling him for information before subtly passing that information on to Spider-Man and Daredevil who used it to tackle the problem (with some help from Speedball, inadvertently). Arranger then personally visited local upstart drug peddler Split-Face Flanagan, "convincing" the man to turn himself in, before returning to Fisk Tower where he found his employer in a dour mood. Despite the fact things were getting back to normal with Flanagan out of the way and drug production starting back up, the Kingpin confided in Silkworth, confessing that he felt that everything was changing, the city, the country, even the world and that for the first time in his life, he was starting to worry.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#146 - BTS) - Determined to carry out their revenge on the Kingpin, the Lobo Brothers travelled to New York where they began hitting businesses owned by Fisk. First, they committed a slasher killing at the zoo and several nights after that they killed 20 of Kingpin's lieutenants who were attending a private function at the Fisk owned Starlight Room in Manhattan. Both times, they left the warning "Kingpin - Wolves kill" at the scene of the crime, written in their victim's blood.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#146) - Arranger visited the scene of the crime the next day and was greeted and grilled by Ben Urich and detective Frank Farrow, who was having nothing of Silkworth's usual routine about Fisk being a respectable businessman. Farrow correctly assumed there was a gang war about to break out and if either Arranger or Fisk didn't tell what was going on, he'd haul them both in for questioning. Seemingly undisturbed by these threats, Silkworth left.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#48) - During the demonic infestation known as "Inferno",  the Arranger was leading a business meeting at Fisk Tower when a demon suddenly materialized and announced he was going to eat them all. Silkworth ordered his men to shoot it, but the creature proved impervious to gunfire. Turning his attention to the Arranger, the monster told the scared Oswald that his master N'astirh had decided they could play and eat here now. The commotion attracted the attention of the Kingpin who pulverized the unwelcome visitor with a single blow. Once again irked that he had to step in to clean up Arranger's messes when all he really wanted to do was take down Daredevil, the Kingpin retorically wondered if perhaps he should contemplate Silkworth's employment. Trembling with fear, the Arranger promised to take care of everything, including whatever was happening to the city.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#149 - BTS) -  Around 2.45 A.M., Eduardo Lobo, in his wolf form, disrupted the Kingpin's men just as they were busy delivering the day's profits to the vault at Fisk Tower. Lobo murdered all seven of and once again left a message in blood for the crimelord, this time it read "Kingpin: the wolves come for you".

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#149) - At 3.18 A.M, one of his underlings woke up Arranger in his East Side apartment to inform him of events, leaving Silkworth briefly stunned in bed as he absorbed the news.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#50 - BTS) - The Lobo Brothers continued their reign of terror, this time striking at a Fisk controlled marina, leaving behind bodies and another message: "Wolves take revenge".

(Web Of Spider-Man I#50) - The Arranger visited the marina the morning after the massacre, not only worried about the death toll that kept stacking up, but also about the negative publicity this was generating in the press. Running into detective Farrow at the scene of the crime, Arranger persisted that he knew nothing about the possible murderers, let alone  their motivation. Just then, he was called away to answer his car phone. To his shock, it was the Lobo Brothers who promised Silkworth that both he and his fat boss would die for their attempt to take them out.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#150 - BTS) - Spider-Man happened to swing by one of the Lobo killings, though he only caught a glimpse of what he figured was a man in a wolf suit. He spotted a single survivor among the bodies and rushed him to the hospital, learning along the way that the men worked for Kingpin. Spider-Man promised the man to tell Kingpin what had happened and after getting him the care he needed paid a visit to Fisk Tower. The Kingpin was less than pleased to see him, but became intrigued when Spider-Man mentioned someone was trying to destroy his mob because that was the first he'd heard of it. After Spider-Man left, content that he'd been able to make the crimeboss nervous, the Kingpin realized the Arranger had been keeping the gangkillings a secret from him. He called in Silkworth to have "a word" with him.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#51) - Heading home in his chauffeured town car, the Arranger was attacked by Eduardo Lobo in his wolf form. Lobo was about to kill Silkworth for ordering the hit, but was narrowly rescued by the arrival of Spider-Man. Their fight caused the car to crash, but Arranger's driver still managed to get out and fire four bullets into Lobo, causing him to run off. Startled and frazzled, even ignoring Spider-Man's crack about having saved a bad guy, the Arranger proposed an alliance between the Kingpin and the wallcrawler. Initially uninterested, Spider-Man was eventually convinced when Arranger brought up the fact that many innocent people would be killed if the gang war between Fisk and the Lobos was allowed to continue unopposed.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#152 - BTS) - Spider-Man and the Arranger continued to share information for several weeks, without Silkworth telling the Kingpin of their alliance. When he received a tip the Lobo gang was about to receive a weapons shipment, Arranger sent Spider-Man to check out the scene and take some pictures for proof. At the location, he not only discovered "enough weapons and ammunition to make New York as fun a place to live as East Beirut", but also Eduardo Lobo who immediately attacked.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#152) - Escaping with his life, Spider-Man made his way to Fisk Tower to share his findings with the Arranger who was less than pleased to have the wallcrawler there, reminding him the deal was they'd only contact each other by phone or at Silkworth's condo. When Spider-Man revealed the Lobos were indeed arming for a gang war and suggested the Kingpin might be better off suing for peace, the Arranger coldly dismissed this, claiming the Lobos were out for blood. He also added that either Spider-Man helped stop the arms shipments, or share responsibility for the violence that would engulf the city. Spider-Man agreed to continue to play it Oswald's way for a while longer. Watching the wallcrawler go, the Arranger thought to himself that once the crisis was over, he'd be rid of the hero once and for all.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#53 - BTS) - Acting on a tip from the Arranger, Spider-Man managed to intercept one of the Lobo's weapon shipments. Questioning the henchmen, he learned the Lobo Brothers planned to move against Kingpin that night.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#53) - Arranger was stunned and a little desperate when he received Spider-Man's call, telling him the Lobos were coming that night, especially since he had yet to inform the Kingpin about any of it. Spider-Man simply answered that handling the big guy was Silkworth's problem, not his. Dreading what he had to do, and fearing he might receive the blame for this, Arranger made his way to the Kingpin's office to inform his boss.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#53 - BTS) - After his meeting with Kingpin, the Arranger went to work fortifying Fisk Tower for the expected assault.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#53) - At around 22.00 hours, Arranger was inspecting the rapidly beefed up perimeter defences and added security measures. The increasingly more nervous Silkworth then reported back to the Kingpin who was sitting in his office waiting for what was to come. Before he left, Kingpin assured Arranger that after this was over, they would discuss Silkworth's responsibility for the current "difficulty" with the Lobo Brothers. Closing the door to his boss' office, Arranger couldn't fathom how Fisk was able to remain so calm, not even breathing noticeably.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#53 - BTS) - Later that night, Spider-Man tracked down the Lobo gang at a local airfield, where he learned there were two werewolves. While they fought, their men loaded up an army surplus military assault helicopter and took off, with the Lobos jumping on board at the last possible moment. Spider-Man tried to hang on to the craft with a webline, but was forced to let go when the crew opened fire.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#53) - At 23.14 hours, Arranger was in office, contemplating his fate and convinced Kingpin would blame him for the Lobo disaster. He then heard the sound of an approaching helicopter, turning to the window he spotted the aircraft carrying the Lobos hovering right outside.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#54) - The Lobos and their men landed on the roof of Fisk Tower at 23.15 hours, with the Arranger listening to the fight in his office, hearing his men beg him for reinforcements while they died. Moments before the Lobos made their way to his office, the Arranger decided to use the escape elevator he had installed in his office in case of emergencies. The Lobos watched him go, but decided not to pursue and instead focus their attention on the Kingpin.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#54 - BTS) - Even as Arranger escaped, the Lobos faced Kingpin and jumped him, only to find he had replaced himself with a dummy outfitted with a speaker unit through which he could project his voice. Annoyed at being tricked, the Lobos decided to draw the crimeboss out of hiding.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#154 - BTS) - Hoping to discover where the Kingpin was hiding out, the Chameleon took on the form of the Arranger and ordered one of Fisk's lieutenants, Mister Vermicelli, to look for their employer.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#154) - In preparation for the inevitable showdown with the Lobos, Arranger acquired a gun with special silver-lined bullets. When the owner of the shop jokingly inquired if Silkworth was going hunting for werewolves, the Arranger told the man he'd better keep idle gossip and suggestions like that to himself, before blowing the head of the target dummy straight off.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#55) - A month passed since the attack of the Lobos on Fisk Tower and Arranger was getting nervous, waiting for the inevitable counter attack. Carrying his gun with silver bullets with him everywhere, he was inspecting the repairwork of Kingpin's office when he was startled by the sudden appearance of his boss. Unimpressed by his quivering lackey and his weapon, Fisk told Silkworth to put the gun away and arrange a meeting between himself and the Lobos so they could hammer out a peace treaty.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#55 - BTS) - The news of a meeting between Kingpin and the Lobos was overheard by Chameleon who had infiltrated Fisk Tower, posing as a construction worker. Together with his fellow crime boss Hammerhead, Chameleon planned to disrupt the negotiations in order to increase their own sphere of influence. Spider-Man tracked the Lobos meanwhile, following them to the spot where they were supposed to meet with Fisk at dusk.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#55) - Joining Fisk when he went to meet with the Lobos at the 1964 World's Fair Park, the Arranger's biggest fear came true when the Lobos told Kingpin their price for peace was the life of the man who ordered the hit on them. Just then, the forces of Chameleon and Hammerhead arrived by car, immediately opening fire and disrupting any chance of a peaceful resolution. Spider-Man intervened as the Lobo Brothers turned into wolves and attacked. Carlos spotted the Arranger and was ready to kill him, yelling this was all his fault. Before Oswald could pull his gun and shoot the werewolf, Spider-Man pushed him out of the way, which caused him to drop the gun. Arranger begged Spider-Man to help him kill the wolves, reminding him of their previous agreement. Spidey ignored him, forcing Arranger to hide behind the Kingpin who effortlessly took on Hammerhead's men while berating his second in command for his poor job performance "arranging" things. Kingpin even managed to knock Carlos Lobo unconscious, hitting the werewolf with the head of his cane, which he had enhanced with pure silver beforehand. Even though Spider-Man was still fighting the other Lobo brother, Kingpin and the Arranger left the scene before the police could arrive.

(Punisher War Journal I#17) - Not pleased with the reliability and longevity of his most recent string of assassins, the Kingpin wished to establish a stable of killers with a variety of skills and personalities that can be matched to various jobs. He tasked the Arranger with the responsibility of "interviewing" some of these potential recruits.

(Punisher War Journal I#18) - While researching possible candidates for Kingpin's new assassin squad, the Arranger came across a newspaper article on Jaimee Ortiz, a former member of the Bunsen Burner street gang, heavily injured by the defenses of the Punisher's Battle Van. Recalling how Bullseye had suffered similar injuries only to become one of the Kingpin's best operatives, Silkworth wondered if it could be done again.

(Punisher War Journal I#19) - Late one night, Arranger visited the hospital where Ortiz was being treated. Knocking out the single guard with some gas, Arranger examined Ortiz' medical file, noting that his injuries were quite severe, with very little remaining of his extremities, making Jaimee the perfect "damaged" goods for the Kingpin.

(Punisher War Journal I#20 - BTS) - Arranger had Jaimee Ortiz moved to a very private medical clinic in New York City where doctors began preparations for his restorative surgery.

(Punisher War Journal I#20) - Arranger oversaw the operation that was to turn Ortiz into the bionically enhanced assassin called Danger. According to Silkworth, his history with the Punisher made him the ideal candidate, describing Ortiz as "just a bundle of bones and tendons, held together by hate.". When it seemed like Damage wasn't going to survive the cybernetic augmentation process, Arranger ordered the doctors out of the room and gave the struggling thug a pep talk, reminding him of his hatred for the Punisher and how he'd only been able to get his revenge if he fought to survive. This was enough to bolster Ortiz' spirits, as much to his physicians' surprise Damage's lifesigns stabilized. Arranger told the stunned staff that all it took was motivation.

(Punisher War Journal I#21) - Hoping to add another member to the Kingpin's assassin cadre, Arranger travelled to East Germany where he recruited the Punisher's old enemy Sniper (Rich van Burian).

(Ghost Rider III#3 - BTS) - Fed up with the mysterious Deathwatch causing trouble for his Brooklyn operations, the Kingpin had the Arranger summon all available men to search Brooklyn for the vigilante.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#164 - BTS) - Hoping to improve his standing with the Kingpin after the Lobo Brothers fiasco, Arranger made plans to kill Spider-Man. He contacted the Beetle, newly escaped from prison, and invited the armored villain to come to Fisk Tower to discuss possible work assignments.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#164) - When the Beetle flat out refused to kill Spider-Man, claiming he'd had his fill going up against superheroes, the quick-witted Arranger came up with a ruse. Pretending he was sending Beetle out to seize a diamond transport scheduled to pass through New York the next day, he then called the Daily Bugle and invited Joy Mercado and Peter Parker over for an exclusive interview. During their conversation, officially to disprove the claims Fisk was a criminal, Arranger gave Parker the tip that Beetle was planning to rob the diamond transport. As Peter rushed out to "inform" Spider-Man, Joy stayed behind and continued her talk with Silkworth, who tried his best to schmooze her.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#164 - BTS) - The Beetle was shocked to find Spider-Man waiting inside the otherwise empty truck, and realized the Arranger had duped him. However, before he could act on it, Spider-Man caused his armor to malfunction and he seemingly fell to his death when he dropped into the funnel of a passing cruise ship.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#164) - When Arranger got word Spider-Man had survived the fight, he became visibly nervous and had his men activate the defenses around his office while he tried to continue casually entertaining Joy Mercado. Suddenly, the Beetle burst through the floor, having pushed his armor through sixteen other floors to reach Arranger.  Silkworth tried to deny his involvement, but Beetle wasn't having any of it. Both Arranger and Mercado were saved by Spider-Man who swooped in to resume his fight with the Beetle, egged on by the Arranger. However, as soon as Joy Mercado left, Arranger looked around his devastated office and dreaded what was to come: a summons by the Kingpin to come and tell him what all the commotion was about.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#165 - BTS) - Aware he had thoroughly disappointed his employer and that retribution was imminent, Arranger did not know Kingpin had already secured the services of the British assassins Knight and Fog to take him out. Hoping to get help, Silkworth sent word to the Daily Bugle that he wanted to meet with Spider-Man.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#165) - When Spider-Man showed up, Arranger pleaded with the hero to take him to safety but after he'd only recently tried to have the Beetle kill him, the webslinger flat out refused to even consider taking Arranger's story seriously. As night fell and he felt his time was running out, Arranger became desperate. Looking for protection, he reached out to Hammerhead, Chameleon and even detective Farrow, ready to turn state's evidence. None of them wanted anything to do with the desperate Silkworth, who finally decided to call Peter Parker (who he tracked down at a dinner party at J. Jonah Jameson's). As he was speaking to Peter, Fogg burst through the window, with the only sound Parker heard was the Arranger's screaming. Excusing himself from the party and rushing to the Arranger's apartment as Spider-Man, he found Oswald P. Silkworth dead on the floor of his living room, the victim of a broken neck.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Greg LaRocque, Mike Esposito

You have to hand it to the Arranger... not too many characters manage to debut in a latter day issue of Marvel Team-Up only to eventually achieve a starring role in the Kingpin's criminal empire for most of the mid to late 1980s. Of course, the fact his creator Tom DeFalco kept reusing him even before he became editor-in-chief might have something to do with the Arranger's continued popularity.  Pet character or not, it made sense for the Kingpin to have a second in command that seemed more like an accountant than a thug. What better way for Fisk to maintain his public image as a mere "humble dealer in spices"? That having said, underlings referred to Silkworth as "Arranger" within earshot of law officials, hardly the smartest thing to do.

I've decided not to include the Arranger's alleged appearances in Daredevil after #248. The man appearing in #253, 254 & 255 shares little to no visual similarities with Silkworth (for one, he has a full head of brown(!) hair), and writer Ann Nocenti should be intimately familiar with the character's looks, seeing as she wrote him earlier during her Spider-Man run. A more compelling argument: the Arranger repeatedly stated his job was taking care of the Kingpin's empire while Fisk focused on Daredevil. It stands to reason the Kingpin had another aide who assisted him in those endeavors.

Arranger received profiles in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#1 (2008) and All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#1 (2006)

Profile by Norvo.

Arranger should not be confused with

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