Real Name: Una

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Kree)

Occupation: Medic

Group Membership: served under Col. Yon-Rogg aboard the Helion;
    served under Col. Zen-Pram aboard the Pama

Affiliations: Captain Mar-Vell (lover);
    worshipped the Cotati;

Enemies: Brood, Yon-Rogg;
    possible loose rival of Carol Danvers (see comments)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: presumably a realm of the dead somewhere;
    her body was buried on an asteroid in orbit of Mars, but was later brought to Earth;
    formerly the starship Helion in Earth's orbit;
    the starship Pama;  
    the city of Kree-Lar on the planet Hala

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes II#12 (December, 1967)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled doctor with extensive knowledge of biochemistry. She also has standard Kree combat training.
    Kree abilities: Enhanced human strength and durability. Required a special chemical or apparatus to breathe Earth's atmosphere, due its relatively lower Nitrogen content than that of Hala.

History: Little of Una's past life has been revealed, with the exception of the fact that she was a practitioner of the forbidden worship of the Cotati.

(Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#1-3) - Una served as part of the crew of the Pama, under direction of Colonel Zen-Pram. It was as part of this crew that she first met Captain Mar-Vell, to whom she took an immediate shine. She participated in the search for the missing Grand Admiral Devros in the Absolom Sector, which brought them into conflict with the Brood. Only Una's medical training saved herself, Mar-Vell, and Yon-Rogg, when she devised a means to neutralize their infestation with Brood embryos. Una bravely risked her own life by testing it on herself first.
    This mission established Yon-Rogg's hatred for Mar-Vell, who captured the affections of Una as he never could.
    Yon-Rogg, as acting commander following Zen-Pram's death, was credited with the success of the mission. He was given his own ship, the Helion, and Mar-Vell and Una were assigned to his crew. Their mission: To infiltrate and study the Earthlings, and if they proved a threat to the Kree Empire, to seal their fate!

(Captain Marvel I#16 (fb) - BTS) - Prime Minister Zarek revealed that he and Ronan the Accuser had deliberately placed Una and Mar-Vell in Yon-Rogg's crew, knowing that Yon-Rogg's jealousy would drive Mar-Vell into the hands of Zarek and Ronan, as part of their own agenda.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#12) - Una watched in anguish as Yon-Rogg sent him as the sole active participant in the mission, sending him to infiltrate humanity. Both Una and Mar-Vell correctly suspected that Yon-Rogg's true objective was to send Mar-Vell to his death, figuring that with Marv out of the way, he might have a chance with Una.
    Una formulated a potion to allow Mar-Vell to breathe in Earth's atmosphere.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#13) - Una discovered Yon-Rogg's plan to "accidentally" blast and kill Mar-Vell as he returned to the ship. She pointed this out, but he had her thrown in the stockade. Mar-Vell avoided the blast, but was unable to return to the ship to gain another supply of breathing potion. Una managed to flood the Helion with "morpheo-mists," sending the rest of the crew into a deep sleep so that she could beam more breathing potion to Mar-Vell undiscovered.

(Captain Marvel I#1) - Una learned from a Mend-Mek the status of Mar-Vell's battle against Sentry#459, which Yon-Rogg had sent after him.

(Captain Marvel I#2, 3) - Una watched with tears as Mar-Vell battled the Super-Skrull. She was unable to convince Yon-Rogg to assist him, even to respond to his signal so he could locate the cloaked Helion.

(Captain Marvel I#4) - Una watched as Yon-Rogg used the Atomic Oscillatron to sabotage a US space experiment carrying dangerous germs, in an effort to release them in Earth's atmosphere.

(Captain Marvel I#5) - Yon-Rogg duped Una into revealing herself as partial to Mar-Vell in his trial under Ronan and Zarek, thus discounting her testimony.

(Captain Marvel I#6) - Una supervised Mar-Vell's testing in psycho-combat, but was unable to stop Yon-Rogg from forcing her to turn the Intensity Factor up to 180--killer level! Nonetheless, Marv survived the experience.

(Captain Marvel I#7) - Marv and Una discussed his recent orders to release Virus Z-3 into a community on Earth, in order to prove his loyalty. After he returned to Earth, Yon-Rogg taunted Una with Marv's friendly involvement with the Earth woman, Carol Danvers. However, remaining steadfastly loyal to her lover, Una disabled the "Vizeo Monitor" for a few minutes so that none watching would see that Mar-Vell actually released the virus in a town filled only with Quasimodo's androids.

(Captain Marvel I#8) - Una treated Yon-Rogg after he was injured in a battle with the Aakon. After his recovery, Yon-Rogg called her to the monitor to see Carol Danvers plant a big fat kiss on Marv's lips. Though to the point of tears, Una still sought to force Yon-Rogg to assist Mar-Vell against Cyberex, though Yon-Rogg refused.

(Captain Marvel I#9) - As Marv flew to rescue Carol, Yon-Rogg continued to taunt Una, causing her to begin to fear she could be losing her lover to the Earth woman.

(Captain Marvel I#10) - When Marv returned to the Helion, Una gave him the cold shoulder due to her jealousy over Carol Danvers. However, when she overheard Yon-Rogg order Marv's execution for his disobedience, she traveled to Earth to try to warn him. Soldiers under Yon-Rogg saw her and blasted her into unconsciousness before she could reach Marv. They then brought her to witness his death.

(Captain Marvel I#11) - Aakon warriors interrupted Marv's execution, saving him, but Una was struck by a stray shot during the combat. Mar-Vell hijacked a rocket from the nearby Cape, flew into space, and tried to save Una, to no avail. He watched in tears as her life faded. He buried her aboard on uncharted asteroid near Mars, using his own Uni-Beam to carve a memorial for her.

(Captain Marvel I#29) - Eon brought Una's body back to life, but without a soul it was just a hollow shell. Possessed of some madness, Una's body attacked Mar-Vell, who left it behind.

(Captain Marvel I#40) - An extra-terrestrial creature known as the Starleech came across the soulless body of Una and took possession of its form. Now possessing some of Una's memories, it acted on her apprehension towards Carol Danvers and flew to Earth, beating Carol savagely. Accessing the equipment of the Cape, Una/Starleech launched several missiles and even a rocket at Mar-Vell. When he overcame these threats and arrived at the base, Una/Starleech attacked him. Initially unable to overcome his love for Una, Mar-Vell took a serious beating from her strength amplified form. However, he finally realized that this creature was not the woman he loved, and so he fought back, battering her form until the Starleech died, and Una's form collapsed, dead once more.

Comments: Created by Stan "The Man" Lee and Gene "The Dean" Colan.

    I think Una's discovery of a cure for Brood infection did not receive the proper appreciation it deserved, though it was told in a ret-con story, long after her death. Nonetheless, I'd like to see a story where someone gets infected by the Brood and then follows a trail back to Hala to learn the Una Protocol to cure the infection.

    Mar-Vell always claimed Una to be his first true love. Though Carol Danvers was often all over him, he never did anything overtly to encourage nor to discourage this behavior. He may have just been going through the motions with Carol to facilitate his mission. Nonetheless, Una certainly saw Carol as a rival for Mar-Vell's affections. Despite this, she never demonstrated any hostile behavior or thoughts towards her, as we often saw with Dorma towards any female involved with Namor. Apparently she did have such feelings, at least at a subconscious level, as the Starleech acted on them from her memories.

Not to be confused with:

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