Membership: Dr. Vincent Fishler, David Hilbert, Superior, Jolliffe, Gruska

Purpose: Covert research and development, as well as espionage

Affiliations: United States government (specific affiliations uncertain)

Enemies: Ann + Ben Beckley, Comet Man, Max

Base of Operations: Formerly had a number of US bases, including Cape Canaveral, Florida; Manhattan, New York; Langley, Virginia; etc.

First Appearance: Comet Man#1 (February, 1987)

History: Very little is known about the Bridge, other than that it was developed and directed by the Superior. It is a high-tech, black ops-type organization, which was classified as hands-off even to SHIELD (including Nick Fury)


(Comet Man#1) - When Stephen Beckley was mutated into the Comet Man, the Superior directed Hilbert to drug him and bring him to the Bridge for testing. Other agents of the Bridge located Beckley's wife and son, Ann & Benny, and instructed them to accompany them to meet with Hilbert. When Ann resisted, the agents shot them both with tranquilizer darts.

(Comet Man#2) - Beckley escaped the Bridge, leveling one of their laboratories in the process. Ann broke free from the building in which she and Benny were being held, but electrocuted herself on the fence in the process of trying to escape the compound.
    The Bridge commandeered a NASA Construction hangar in Cape Canaveral where they began began construction of a shuttle with which they could capture Max, the alien who had empowered Beckley.

(Comet Man#3) - Agents of the Bridge set a trap for Beckley by paying off his former landlord and pretending to use him as hostage. Beckley allowed himself to be taken, but the Bridge's transport vehicle had the misfortune of running across the Hulk, who shattered it. Beckley escaped in the ensuing struggle.
    Experimentation on young Benny--in an effort to replicate his father's powers--began to take their toll, but the Superior provided a blood transfusion so they would not have to be unduly delayed.
    The Bridge launched their shuttle into space.

(Comet Man#4) - Experimentation on Benny continued to drain him to a life-threatening level.
    Six fighter rockets and an unmanned drone (containing a nuclear warhead) disengaged from the Bridge's shuttle and continued towards "Halley's Comet."

(Comet Man#5) - As Benny approached a terminal state, the Superior authorized his autopsy. The Comet Man located and saved Benny, who then slew Dr. Fishler, the head researcher. The Superior fled the base to escape the Beckleys.

(Comet Man#6) - The Bridge agents confronted Max and tried to force him to come with them. Beckley told Max of their true purpose and Max slaughtered them. The remaining agents detonated their nuclear warhead, destroying Max's comet ship, though both Max and Beckley escaped.
    Meanwhile, Hilbert tried to take down the Superior, but was instead killed by him.

BTS - The Bridge's funding was cut and the organization dismantled.

(Marvel Comics Presents#51/2) - Upon re-encountering Comet Man, the Superior attempted to requisition funding to reopen the Bridge, but was refused.



COMMENTS: Created by Bill Mumy, Miguel Ferrer, Kelly Jones, and Gerry Talaoc.

Fishler's first name was revealed in Marvel Atlas#1.


Dr. Vincent Fishler

The head of Bridge Research, he was also a former Nazi scientist. When he refused to continue working on Ben Beckley due to the life-threatening risk, the Superior threatened to tell the Israeli government who and where he was. Fishler was killed by Ben Beckley when he was energized by his father and went on a maddened rampage.


--Comet Man#3 (4, 5



David Hilbert

He was the old boyfriend of Ann Beckley and apparently an old friend of Stephen's. When Stephen apparently died the first time, he saw it as his chance to move back in on Ann. When Stephen turned up alive, Hilbert followed the Superior's orders and drugged him and brought him to the Bridge without telling Ann that he was alive. After Ann's accidental death, David began to see the horror of what he had done and what the Superior was doing. He tried to stop the Superior, but was instead killed by him.


--Comet Man#1 (2-6



Comet Man#1-6 (February-July, 1987) - Bill Mumy & Miguel Ferrer (writers), Kelly Jones (pencils), Gerry Talaoc (inks), Ann Nocenti (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents#51 (June, 1990) - Bill Mumy & Miguel Ferrer (writers), Kelly Jones (pencils), Gerry Talaoc (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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