Membership: Blackwulf (Pelops), Blackwulf (Lucian), Dr. Oliver Broadhurst, Dr. Caitlin Maddox, Mammoth, Prime Skrull, Sentry#459, Sparrow, Touchstone, Toxin, Wildwind

Purpose: To defend humanity against the schemes of Lord Tantalus and other citizens of Lyonesse

Affiliations: Giant-Man, Mason, SHIELD, Starforce, Underground of Armechadon

Enemies: Deviants of Armechadon, Lord Khult, Peacekeepers, Scorch, Tantalus, Ultron

Base of Operations: William Amos' mansion, New York

First Appearance: Blackwulf#1 (June, 1994)

History: (Blackwulf#1) - The Underground Legion opposed the Peacekeepers during their attempt to capture Dr. Caitlin Maddox, a specialist in genetic research. They brought Maddox back to their base, where she joined the Legion, and learnt how the Underground had been secretly waging war against Tantalus for ages, with the support of the US government. The Underground's leader, Blackwulf, attempted to bring his younger brother Lucian into the Underground, but was found out by Tantalus, and slain.

(Blackwulf#2) - Sparrow informed the Underground that Blackwulf was dead, and Mammoth assumed leadership of the group. After learning that Wright-Patterson Air Force Base had the corpses of two Skrulls from 1947-- one of them a non-Deviant-- the Underground journeyed there, leaving Sparrow behind due to her grief at Blackwulf's death. At the base, they met up with Lucian, who had assumed his brother's identity of Blackwulf. They fought the Peacekeepers, who had come for the Skrull bodies, but were unable to prevent them from making off with one of the bodies. They attempted to flee in a stealth fighter, but were fired out of the sky by Scorch, a military officer who had been transformed by a serum he had created from the Prime Skrull still in his care.

(Blackwulf#3) - Wildwind was slain in the explosion of the stealth fighter, while the rest of the Underground fought Scorch. Although the Underground was able to fend Scorch off, he was soon joined by military forces, and the Underground chose to stand down, turning themselves over to Scorch's custody.

(Blackwulf#3/2) - Meanwhile, the Underground's CIA contact, Mason, convinced Sparrow to set off on a mission to Ottsville, Pennsylvania, where she discovered Ultron was transforming the population into living machines.

(Blackwulf#4) - However, Dr. Maddox set herself free from Scorch, and with the help of the revived Prime Skrull, she set the rest of the Underground free. Blackwulf left the others to recover Wildwind's body from Scorch, and they managed to escape the base without further incident.

(Blackwulf#5) - After turning Wildwind's body over to Broadhurst, the Underground learnt of Sparrow's mission and set after her, alongside Giant-Man. Although they found themselves battling an entire town of people converted into living machines, they were able to defeat Ultron's agent, Sentry#459, and Giant-Man devised a program to convince the townspeople that they had their free will, so that they would think they had been cured of Ultron's scheme.

(Blackwulf#6) - Sentry#459 was turned over to Dr. Broadhurst, who set about reprogramming it, while the rest of the Underground recuperated. Sparrow got into a fight with Blackwulf during this time, resulting in Blackwulf storming off the premises.

(Blackwulf#7 (fb)) - After Sentry#459 detected the Stargate in earth's solar system opening, the Underground decided it was more of Tantalus' handiwork, and prepared to set after him. When they found that Blackwulf was gone, they chastised Sparrow and sent her to find him. They asked Dr. Maddox to stay behind on the mission, but she followed after them.

(Blackwulf#7) - The Underground obtained a space vessel from the Club Galaxy fundraiser, and set off into outer space. Along the way, they met the Kree Starforce, who informed them that Tantalus would be heading towards Armechadon. The two groups joined forces to set after him.

(Blackwulf#8) - The Underground and Starforce arrived at Armechadon, where they met the Underground based there, led by their own Blackwulf. The three groups then waged war against Tantalus, and the Deviants of Armechadon. In the course of battle, it was revealed that Schizo of the Peacekeepers was Touchstone's sister.

(Blackwulf#9) - Dr. Maddox confronted Tantalus, and was surprised when his Black Legacy failed to slay her. Toxin fought Tantalus, but his armor was destroyed, causing him to revert to what he had been before. Wildwind also fought Tantalus, and was shocked when he revealed to her that she was a robot.

(Blackwulf#10) - The remaining members of the Underground fought Tantalus and the Peacekeepers, who were now joined by Toxin. Sparrow and Blackwulf also arrived from earth, and Blackwulf saved Mammoth from Tantalus' Black Legacy by slicing off his left arm before it could spread. Touchstone also lost several of her lives to the Black Legacy, before Blackwulf slew Tantalus. Khult then recovered the Peacekeepers, including Toxin, while the Underground were left to pick up the pieces.

Comments: Created by Glenn Herdling, Angel Medina and Bill Anderson.

The Underground Legion has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook.

by Prime Eternal

The Underground Legion should not be confused with:

Blackwulf#1-4 (June-September, 1994) - Glenn Herdling (writer), Angel Medina (pencils), Bill Anderson & Richard Rankin (inks)
Blackwulf#5 (October, 1994) - Glenn Herdling (writer), Keith Pollard (pencils), Sandu Florea (inks)
Blackwulf#6-8 (November, 1994 - January, 1995) - Glenn Herdling (writer), Angel Medina (pencils), Bill Anderson, Sandu Florea (#7-8) & Mike Machlan (#8) (inks)
Blackwulf#9-10 (February-March, 1995) - Glenn Herdling (writer), Angel Medina (pencils), Buzz & Scott Koblish (inks)

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