Membership: Blackwulf (Pelops), Blackwulf (Lucian), Bristle, Lady Trident, Schizo, Skrull pilot, Toxin, Wraath

Purpose: To assist Tantalus in his attempts to position the Deviant races of every world as the prime species

Affiliations: Deviants of Armechadon, Khult, Pandara, Tantalus

Enemies: Code: BLUE, Scorch, Starforce, Stellaris, Thunderstrike, Underground Legion, Underground of Armechadon

Base of Operations: the underground kingdom of Lyonesse

Aliases: Peacemakers

First Appearance: Thunderstrike#6 (March, 1994)

History: (Thunderstrike#6)- Tantalus dispatched Lucian, Schizo and Bristle of the Peacekeepers to retrieve Pandara, and return her to Lyonesse before the super-hero Thunderstrike, and his allies Stellaris and Code: BLUE could apprehend her. However, as they fought Thunderstrike and his allies, Thunderstrike was assisted by Blackwulf, who assisted in driving the Peacekeepers off. Ultimately, Pandara was placed in police custody.

(Blackwulf#1)- The Peacekeepers were dispatched by Tantalus to apprehend Dr. Caitlin Maddox, who was believed to have made significant research into stablizing DNA, but they were opposed by the Underground Legion, who brought Maddox to safety. Subsequently, Pelops was unmasked as Blackwulf, and slain by Tantalus. Lucian then assumed the mantle of Blackwulf, and turned against his father.

(Blackwulf#2)- Lucian attempted to convince the rest of the Peacekeepers to leave Tantalus, but they refused to listen to him. He then joined the Underground Legion. The Peacekeepers were then sent to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to capture the corpses of two Skrulls who had been there since 1947. However, the Underground Legion again opposed them, and they only managed to escape with the body of the Deviant Skrull.

(Blackwulf#4)- The Peacekeepers brought the Skrull to Tantalus, and the Skrull immediately pledged his allegiance to Tantalus.

(Blackwulf#6)- Having learnt from the Skrull how to operate a Stargate, the Peacekeepers joined Tantalus in returning to Armechadon.

(Blackwulf#8)- The Peacekeepers joined up with the forces of Deviants on Armechadon against the Underground which existed there, and had been joined by the Kree Starforce and the Underground Legion of earth. In the course of battle, Schizo was rendered unconsious by Touchstone.

(Blackwulf#10)- Joined by Toxin, who had switched sides, the Peacekeepers fought alongside Tantalus against the Underground. In the course of battle, Lady Trident was frozen in time by Touchstone, and Tantalus was slain by Blackwulf. The remaining Peacekeepers, now led by Khult, returned to earth, leaving Schizo and Lady Trident behind.

Comments: Created by Glenn Herdling and Angel Medina (but first depicted by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Joe Sinnott).

by Prime Eternal

The Peacekeepers should not be confused with:

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