The Winds of Watoomb

Xander defends himself and attack with the Winds of WatoombClassification: Magic Spell

Creator: Watoomb

User/Possessors: Clea, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), a judge at the Old Bailey, James Mandarin, Ian McNee, Van Nyborg, Xander, Xandu

First Appearance: Doctor Strange I#173 (October, 1968)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Winds of Watoomb are magic winds that can perform several tasks for the caster. They can be used for defensive purposes (Abjuration), to empower some abilities (Transmutation) or even other spells (Metamagic), to teleport others (Conjuration) and to physically control creatures or objects (Evocation). The power of the Winds can be increased if the user is also the possessor of the Wand of Watoomb and of the Scrolls of Watoomb.

Aliases: None

Umar banished by the Winds of WatoombVersion: Abjuration

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Banishment of creatures back to their plane of existence, counter-spelling of some kinds of enchantments, depleting or negating their effects.

Casting Time: Few seconds
Range: Medium, approximately 90 feet
Components: Varying from version to version; one or more components among:

Duration: Concentration, maximum time unrevealed
Primary effects: A mystical wind that carries the targets toward its destination, usually far from the caster, from the caster's world, to another dimension or time.
Collateral effects: A real, physical, wind perceivable even at leagues of distances.

(Doctor Strange I#173) - The Winds of Watoomb conjured by Doctor Strange were directed against the dread Dormammu. The Winds were the perfect instrument to exploit an error done by Dormammu, because the extradimensional being had broken the vow: not to enter the Earth-dimension! So, the Winds were stronger than Dormammu could foresee, they overpowered him, empowered by his own spell (the vow). When Dormammu ceased to fight the winds, he let them carry him into a hole in the sky, to his home, the Dark Dimension.

(Sub-Mariner I#22) - The Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, used the Winds of Watoomb to force Joella Ward to revert to its actual demonic form of the Undying Ones.

(Doctor Strange II#6) - Doctor Strange banished Umar back into the Dark Dimension using the Winds of Watoomb.

(Doctor Strange II#39) - An elaborate illusion was enveloping Strange; psychic assaults and doubt clenched his mind; but he succeeded in wiping the doubt out with a counter-spell invoking the Sands of Ikonn and the Winds of Watoomb.

(Doctor Strange II#44) - The Winds of Watoomb were a component of the counter-spell of the Daggers of Daveroth, as reported in the Book of the Vishanti.
    The Daggers were cast by Shialmar the Shadowqueen against Doctor Strange. The counter-spell worked only for some moments, because the Queen transformed the counter-spell, using it for a new, different attack.
    When Shialmar attacked with the Flames of the Faltine, Strange summoned again the Winds of Watoomb, to counter-effect the magic skyfire. The Winds quenched the Flames.

The Winds banished Dormammu (Ghost Rider II#31) - The Winds of Watoomb worked even in the mind of the Ghost Rider, where Dormammu and Doctor Strange were fighting for the control of the Rider's body. When Dormammu was distracted by a physical attack (Johnny Blaze in Strange's body hitting the Ghost Rider), Strange's astral form could cast the exorcism spell that sent the Dread One back into the Dark Dimension.

(Doctor Strange II#47) - The Winds of Watoomb were evoked with a minimum concentration, without a word, by Clea, dispersing the dark Vapors of Valtorr.

(Doctor Strange II#65) - A complex spell of banishment used the Winds of Watoomb as one of the components. The Winds became cyclonic winds that dragged the demons back into the portal from where they had been called by Kerwin Havelock.

(Doctor Strange II#69) - The Winds of Watoomb were the initial component of a multi-partitioned spell of banishment. The Winds helped gathering energy coming from the Time-lost Land. Energy that later hit the Water Elementals and, in the end, hurled them back from whence they came.

(Doctor Strange II#74) - Clea and Doctor Strange cast together the spell of Eternal Banishment on Umar and Orini. Watoomb's Winds were part of the spell.

(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#13/1) - Clea used the Winds of Watoomb to send Arkon back to his homeworld. The cosmos was shaken and a dimensional gate opened. Pushed inside it, Arkon and his mount went back home.

(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#23/1) - As a counter-spell to a Mystic Whirlpool conjured by Dormammu, Doctor Strange used the Winds of Watoomb, that swirled in the opposite way.

(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#34) - The Winds of Watoomb howled while hitting Doctor Doom's shadow-self, but the spell was not stronger than the force of will of Doctor Doom's false image.

(Defenders II#12/1) - Strange banished many rock-like humanoids, using the Winds of Watoomb.

(Doctor Strange IV#16) - Strange was trying to banish Dormammu, calling on the power of many well-known spells, among which there were the Winds of Watoomb. Crackling bolts hit the Dread One but the magic power left into Strange after the battle against the Empirikul was too feeble. The banishment wasn't working, but Baron Mordo helped Strange and Dormammu was no more.

Version: EvocationThe Winds propelled the Mists

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Ranged physical control on creatures or objects, used for ranged attacks, or for transport, from short distances, into air and water, to journeys through the void of space.

Casting Time: Few seconds
Range: Variable
Components: Probably one mandatory component among:

Duration: Maximum time unrevealed
Primary effects: A wind which force, direction and shape are under control of the caster. Shapes like a bubble of Winds enabling breathing underwater, or a shield repelling bullets.
Collateral effects: None

(Doctor Strange I#182) - Doctor Strange was in a hurry, because he needed to recover his Amulet and Cloak before the Juggernaut and Nightmare could spot him, so he used the Winds of Watoomb to quicken the levitation speed of the Cloak.

(Marvel Premiere#9 - BTS) - Strange conjured the Winds of Watoomb to travel across the universe at a speed higher than light, reaching Earth in 4 days.

(Doctor Strange II#20) - Xander used the Winds of Watoomb defending himself from Doctor Strange's magical attack (probably a simple Bedeviling Bolt), but he also used the Winds to attack Strange. The Winds reached and captured Strange having him whirling and losing concentration. Only after being flung outside the currents, Strange could erect a suitable defense, dispelling the Winds with the help of the Eternal Vishanti.

(Doctor Strange II#48) - The Winds of Watoomb transported an army of snakes back to their cages.

(Defenders I#108) - The Winds of Watoomb were used to open a door.

(Doctor Strange II#66) - The Winds of Watoomb's mystic blow conjured by Strange broke through a closed door.

(Doctor Strange II#68) - Strange conjured the Winds of Watoomb to hurl the Black Knight into a dimensional portal. They were both in an inter-dimensional zone and the casting was easier than on the Earth.

(Dottor Strange II#70) - The Winds saved some men from a fall. Their force eased the fall and also pushed the workers out of the collapsing debris of the missile they were working onto. In order to concentrate on the winds control, Strange was distracted, and was hit by Tymon and his mystics.

(Doctor Strange II#73) - The Winds conjured by Strange in the Dark Dimension had to scatter the outcast Mhuruuks around him. When the staff that hid his cloak shattered, the cloak wasn't affected by the strong winds swirling around the Doctor. Neither did the group of silent sorcerers, because they accepted Strange's provocation, joining their magic powers, calming the winds down.

The Winds carry Topaz away (Doctor Strange II#74) - Strange used the Winds of Watoomb to stop the fall of two men hurled away by the Beyonder.

(Doctor Strange II#75) - The force of the Winds of Watoomb transported the monster come from Hades, forcing it to fall into a pool.

(Doctor Strange & Doom Triumph and Torment) - The Bolts of Balthakk were conjured in conjunction with the Winds of Watoomb. The attack spell dispersed a patrol of hell's demons, having them tumble and roll apparently not hitting them. The demons recovered in less than a minute.

(Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#3) - A simple employment of the Winds of Watoomb was the capture of the flames of a fire raging Strange's library and its transport into the fireplace, where they cannot harm anymore.

(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#8/1) - Without pronouncing a syllable, with the mere laying of the hands, Strange evoked the Winds that pushed away a TV helicopter.

(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#24) - The Winds of Watoomb served Dormammu to capture and waft away Rahl and a group of rebels.

(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#28) - Strange evoked the Winds of Watoomb and their force pushed back a bunch of Dykkors that were restraining him.

(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#36) - Being flung galactic distances away in outer space by Adam Warlock, Strange needed to go back by himself in a few seconds, so he used the Scrolls of Watoomb to conjure the Winds of Watoomb. In a mere instant, the Winds transported Pip, Gamora and Strange before Adam Warlock again.

(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#49) - Surrounded by other-dimensional monsters, Doctor Strange called upon the Winds of Watoomb to increase his flying speed. His call was welcomed by Watoomb who, exceptionally, appeared before him and tried to enlist Strange to fight in the War of the Seven Spheres. Many other mystic principalities wanted Strange for the same goal, so Watoomb had to fight Cyttorak and Ikonn to take possession of Strange. Watoomb used his Winds against them.

(The Order I#2) - The Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Strange, under the curse of Gaea, cast the Winds of Watoomb. The hurricane easily dispersed the United Nations army that protected the Security Council.

(The Order I#6) - The Winds of Watoomb controlled by Clea saved Ardina from Silver Surfer's attack, carrying her away.

Wind shield (Secret Defenders#6) - The Winds of Watoomb were evoked by Xandu, using the Wand of Watoomb. Their force pushed away the iron gate of the Asylum where he was kept.
    Shortly after Captain America reached the Institute and confronted Xandu, who used again the Wand, and the Winds, against the Avenger, hurling him against a tree. Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch helped Cap to avoid serious injuries. Xandu enforced the Winds around himself so strongly that he waited for Spider-Man to catch him, sure that the Web-Slinger would die trying, but Doctor Strange stopped the Arachnid. When Xandu escaped into the Death Dimension, the wind kept on blowing for a while.

(Secret Defenders#7) - Using the full power of the Wand of Watoomb, Xandu started to merge the Death Dimension with Earth's. A rift in the sky of Manhattan, leading to the Death Dimension, let the Winds of Watoomb invade the skies and strike like a hurricane. Mystical thunderbolts came randomly down.

(Secret Defenders#8) - The Death Dimension was still merging with Earth, the Winds shook New York. Xandu traveled back to Earth, to recover Melinda Morrison. When some policemen shot at him he erected a Wind shield that shot the bullets back at them. Again, the Winds drove Captain America back, away from Xandu.
    Shortly later, the Winds over New York ceased to blow when Xandu lost possession of the Wand of Watoomb.

(Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#6) - Modred the Mystic was pushed away from the strength of the Winds of Watoomb, but, using the power the book of the Darkhold granted him, he took control of Doctor Strange's spell, doing the same with him.

(Darkhold: Tales from the Book of Sins#7) - Strange evoked again the Winds of Watoomb and Modred empowered them thanks to his control over the elements. The Winds pushed back the great flight of Japanese airplanes from WWII, onto the open sea.

(Incredible Hulk III#82) - The spell, cast by a judge at the Old Bailey, wasn't completed. It was probably intended to carry Hulk away.

(Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch) - Ian McNee invoked the Winds of Watoomb to form a mystic helmet to allow him to breathe underwater as he sought the Serpent Crown at the ocean's depths. The Winds helped him swimming faster, and when he finally freed them from his control, they flung him at high speed in the sky above the sea.

(Doctor Strange: From the Marvel Vault#1) - The final purpose of the spell was to put out a fire. The Winds of Watoomb helped and were helped by the Mists of Munnopor to extinguish magic flames created by Tyanon's familiar.

The Winds teleports a group of people away

Version: Conjuration

Powers/Abilities/Functions: To teleport a high number of targets even across the universe. To open dimensional portals to enable the passage to Earth.

Casting Time: Few seconds
Range: Almost limitless
Components: Probably a mandatory component among:

Duration: Instantaneous, in the case of teleport; permanent or at least very long, in the case of a portal
Primary effects: The targets are transported in another place,
previously known or well-determined by the caster or connected through a portal.
Collateral effects: Flash of light *without* any gust of wind.

(Incredible Hulk II#126) - Van Nyborg performed a ritual to send Bruce Banner on another plane of existence. The disk where Banner was restrained on whirled like the Winds of Watoomb. A portal opened and Banner was transported in the realm of the Slitherer in the Shadows. The portal remained open, and also Barbara Norris was hurled inside arriving before the Night-Crawler.

(Doctor Strange I#180) - The Winds of Watoomb teleported Doctor Strange near the dinosaurs that were invading New York.

(Doctor Strange II#22) - In a flash of light, the spell of the Winds of Watoomb teleported a group of people far from the street where Doctor Strange was fighting Clea. The spell that Clea had cast over the bystanders absorbed their energy to fuel her Champion summoned from another reality. So, when Strange's teleport removed the people, the Champion had only to count on his own power.

(Marvel Fanfare I#8/1) - James Mandarin performed a complex ritual that opened a dimensional portal. The Winds of Watoomb were the first part of the enchantment. Once completed, the Slitherer in the Shadows and his demons crossed the portal, reached Earth and possessed Mandarin.

(Defenders: From the Marvel Vault) - The spell, rather complex, helped a group of disbanded aliens to join the rest of their race. Not only did the Winds teleport them, but, thanks to Silver Surfer's power cosmic, the Winds could previously find the rest of their fugitive race scanning throughout the universe.

The Winds help the Shield
Version: Metamagic

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Increase, empower, extend other spells' effects

Casting Time: few seconds
Range: Unrevealed, probably anything seen or perceived by the caster

Duration: Concentration, maximum time unrevealed
Primary effects:
The Winds can provide a greater resistance to the Shield of the Seraphim, and even restore its integrity if it is damaged.

(Doctor Strange II#29) - The magic of the Winds of Watoomb was used to strengthen the Shield of the Seraphim. The Shield conjured by Strange was crumbling under the Proton Cannon's beam at highest intensity, shot by Death-Stalker. Thanks to the further force provided by the Winds, the cracks closed, and the Shield deflected the beam.

(Doctor Strange II#40) - The Shield of the Seraphim was strengthened by the Winds of Watoomb called by Strange. The mystic had perceived that his attacker, Azrael, had powers he still had to recognize. In order to contrast them he tried to buy time using a stronger defense. But it didn't work, the fast-aging power of Mordo's thrall, broke the winded shield with no effort and in no time.

(Doctor Strange II#57) - Margali Szardos shattered Doctor Strange's Seraphimic Shield, leaving the mage amazed, so Strange renewed the Shield's strength with the Winds of Watoomb. The following blast of Margali's Wand was even greater than the previous, but this time the protection was enough to save Strange and to deceive the old witch.

(Doctor Strange II#61) - The Shield of the Seraphim created thanks to the force of the Winds was totally ineffective against the armored warriors that attacked Strange and his allies. The warriors were actually animated armors without men inside, and were empowered by Baron Mordo's magic.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Gene Colan and Tom Palmer.

The somatic component to cast the spell without words

    The Winds of Watoomb can be evoked by the nether regions (Doctor Strange I#173).
    In the same issues, Dormammu created the Maelstrom of Madness by some unspecified cosmic winds. In one occasion, when the Winds of Watoomb were created by the Wand of Watoomb, they were called "cosmic winds" (Secret Defenders#6).

    In Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#8/1 Strange confirmed that being the possessor of the Wand of Watoomb and the Scrolls of Watoomb gave him a surer and quicker control over the Winds of Watoomb.

    The ripple in the space-time fabric (a dimensional gate), created by the Winds of Watoomb, could be caused by the Winds' "storm-like song". The song could be a particular sequence of vibrations, or sounds, caused from the whistles of the Winds or from the boom of the thunders.

    In Amazing Spider-Man II#58, Strange opted for battling Dormammu using magic without verbal components. He started spelling one but he didn't complete it so we don't know what effects had: "By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, the fires of Ikthalon, the all-seeing eye of Agamotto and the winds of Watoomb...".

    In Defenders: From the Marvel Vault, the part of the spell that found the other group of aliens (disbanded in the universe) was a clear example of Divination.

    In a RPG manual by TSR it is reported that Strange said about the Winds of Watoomb "have sped me past light-years of real distance trough unreal ways". The same thing happened when he used the Scrolls of Watoomb to cast the Winds that brought him back before Adam Warlock, after Warlock had used the Space Gem to hurl Strange at galactic distances in the open space.

    Invoking powerful Entities to bolster and strengthen defenses, attacks, purposes and so on is quite logical. It could happen not only when a long verbal formula is spelled, but also with simple exclamations like "By Vishanti!". Few examples involving the Winds of Watoomb follow.

Doctor Strange I#181: Comparison: "The...chamber spins around if smitten by the whirling Winds of Watoomb themselves!"

The Incredible Hulk II#126: Comparison: Van Nyborg used a ritual spell to open a one-way portal to the Realm of shadows. In that ritual, the Winds of Watoomb were mentioned but apparently not called:

Let the spinning disk be whirled,
like the Winds of wild Watoomb --
let the man who thus is hurled
usher in a planet's doom --
let Satannish grant thee power
let Dormammu give thee speed --
that ere long may sound the hour
the Undying Ones are freed!

    However, the magic ritual that James Mandarin used to open a portal from the Realm of shadows years later used the Winds of Watoomb. The ritual had been written by Van Nyborg's into his book "The Secrets of Lights and Shadows".

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#47: Fear, opposition: "By the Winds of Watoomb-- NO!"

Profile by Spidermay.

The Winds of Watoomb are strongly connected to the Wand of Watoomb and to the Scrolls of Watoomb, but have no known connections to:

  • The Winding Way, mystical path followed by certain mystics, involves alternating pathways of power and weakness, @ X-Men I Annual#4
  • The cosmic winds used by Dormammu to build the Maelstrom of Madness, @ Doctor Strange I#173
  • The Four Winds, Chinese ninja assassins serving the Master of the Winds, Elektra foes, @ Elektra I#9
  • any other item or character with a similar name.

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