Membership: East Wind, North Wind, South Wind, West Wind

Purpose: Serving the Master of the Winds, achieving mystical union with the cosmos

Affiliations: Hand, Master of the Winds (Timothy Lee)

Enemies: Elektra, Pig Malone

Base of Operations: New York City, NY;
    formerly Ningxia Hui, China;
    11th Century through modern era

First Appearance: Elektra I#9 (August, 1997)

History: (Elektra I#9 (fb) - BTS) - <11th Century> The Four Winds were founded in Ningxia, China. Through the years the Four Winds served the Master of the Winds, a hereditary figure.

(Elektra I#9 (fb) - BTS) - <8 years ago> The Four Winds went on missions for the current Master of the Winds, Timothy Lee.

(Elektra I#9 - BTS) - The Master of the Winds sent the Four Winds to NY to assassinate Pig Malone. They slaughtered Malone's police escorts, but did not kill Malone.

(Elektra I#9) - The Four Winds made another attempt on Malone's life, but were confronted by Elektra, who was being paid to protect Malone. She killed North Wind and escaped with Malone. They followed her to a cheap motel for another fight. Elektra won again, this time leaving South Wind dead, and the others in no condition to finish their mission.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan, Mike Deodato Jr. & Deodato Studios.

Were the members of the Four Winds that were active in the 11th century the same as the ones in Elektra I#9? It seems doubtful, as the group seemed used to their members dying, and East Wind twice declared that when a member of the Four Winds died their replacement would soon appear. They also mentioned a relationship with the Hand. Elektra I was full of plot threads that died when that series ended.


The Four Winds have no known connection to:

East Wind has no known connection to:

North Wind has no known connection to:

South Wind has no known connection to:

West Wind has no known connection to:

The Master of the Winds, aka Timothy Lee has no known connection to:

Pig Malone has no known connection to:

East Wind

Used razor-sharp throwing stars. After his defeat Shang-Chi, who had been following Elektra, asked him how he was defeated so easily. He responded that Elektra was still under the protection of the Hand.

--Elektra I#9(fb) - BTS (9 -BTS, 9








North Wind

Used a sword made of ice. A wound from the sword usually resulted in death from freezing. The Four Winds could easily track anyone who had been wounded by his sword. He was killed when Elektra stabbed him in the throat with her sai.

--Elektra I#9(fb) - BTS (9 -BTS, 9







South Wind

Used a staff that projected flames. He died when Elektra deflected one of East Wind's throwing stars toward South Wind's neck.

--Elektra I#9(fb) - BTS (9 -BTS, 9








West Wind

His gloves had nozzles that spewed forth dense clouds, obscuring the vision of those around him.

--Elektra I#9(fb) - BTS (9 -BTS, 9







Master of the Winds

Timothy Lee. He attracted the attention of the Kingpin when he started expanding his criminal empire outside of Chinatown. The Kingpin and Mr. Soames put pressure on assistant D.A. Walker to take care of Lee. They framed him for the murder of a prostitute, and used the actual killer, Pig Malone, as their star witness. Lee responded to this by calling in the Four Winds from China.

--Elektra I#9(fb) - BTS (9 -BTS



Pig Malone

Richard Malone. He killed a prostitute, then agreed to help the Kingpin frame Timothy Lee for the murder. He was to testify against Lee in court, so Lee retaliated by sending the Four Winds after him. The police were unable to protect Malone, so Elektra was called in. He accidentally told her that it was he who was the true killer. He further enraged Elektra by bringing a prostitute to his hotel room and beating her while Elektra was away. Elektra pitched him out a window, and with his death the case against Lee fell apart.

--Elektra I#9(fb) - BTS (9 -BTS, 9




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Elektra I#9 (August, 1997) - Peter Milligan (writer), Mike Deodato Jr. (pencils), Deodato Studios (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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Last updated: 11/13/2004

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