Membership: Deadeye Dick, Mega Max, Mini Max, Pigskin, Vance Rebus, Reckless Eric, and unnamed

Purpose: Profit

Affiliations: Deadpool, and employed by The Watch Towery

Enemies: Wolverine, Geronimo Crowe, Hardwire, Cargo, and Shooter

Base of Operations: World wide

First Appearance: Wolverine II#154 (September, 2000)

History: The Scourge is a mercenary group. Each member has extraordinary powers of unknown origin. They may have gained their abilities from the Watch Tower.

(Wolverine#154 -155) The Scourge were paid to help Deadpool apprehend Wolverine for the Watch Tower. After watching Wolverine being attacked by two other mercenaries, Deadpool sent Vance Rebus to blow up the bar Wolverine was in. After getting in a fight with the Scourge, they witnessed Wolverine being taken down by Deadpool and taken to the Watch Tower. After Geronimo Crowe popped in to rescue Wolverine, things really got exciting when he, Hardwire, Cargo, and Shooter took down the Scourge. 

COMMENTS: Created by Rob Liefeld and Eric Stephenson

I’m guessing that Pigskin, Mega Max, Mini Max, and Unnamed ("Tiny E") had some relation since they all had blue skin and wore variations of the same clothing. It also looks like Vance Rebus and Reckless Eric had some connection, as well as Deadeye Dick and the Administrator of the Watch Tower. Either that or the artist really wasn’t feeling that creative.

I would have liked a follow up on this storyline but since it seems Rob Liefeld isn’t going to work for Marvel in the foreseeable future it probably won’t happen.

This has Liefeld written all over it. Flashy costumes, all image, no substance.

I picked the name for "Tiny E" after spending about an hour editing/reformatting this profile. I guess I was getting loopy, but the fact that he was small made me think of Tiny Elvis from Saturday Night Live--Snood.

In that SNL skit, Tiny Elvis was played by Nicholas Cage--a huge fan not only of Elvis but of COMICS, too! (His last name "Cage" isn't his given one--it's a nod to Luke Cage, Hero for Hire.)--Kyle

Also, as pointed out by our very own Cisco, "Deadeye Dick" is the name of a Kurt Vonnegut Jr. novel. (It's also the nickname of the narrator of the novel, Rudy Waltz.  This may be the comic character's real name, providing an origin for the Scourge member's codename, in turn--that, or he shot a pregnant lady. Coincidentally, some literary critics have compared Vonnegut's characters to those found in comic books.)--Kyle   

Reckless Eric is probably named after Wreckless Eric--British punk rock one-hit wonder (one hit--"Whole Wide World", which, come to think of it, was covered by a musician character in one of Neil Gaiman and Chris Bachalo's "Death" comics--the second miniseries I believe)
--Zak Smith

Profile updated/edited by Kyle Sims



Deadeye Dick has no known connection to:

  • DEADEYE ( ) - Sensor Squad, wore bandana and circuitry over eyes--Moon Knight III#39
  • DEADEYE ( ) - the non-mutant Mutant Liberation Front--Punisher III#12, 14
  • DEADEYE of Earth-Amalgam ( )- Bullseye + Deadshot *D*--Assassins#1d
  • DEADEYE of Earth-Thunderguard (Clint Barton) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Hawkeye—ANext#10
  • DEADEYE of Earth-UV (Frank Hayes) - Exiles-Deming, survived explosion (app)--Exiles(uv) I#1
  • Deadeye Dick, the Kurt Vonnegut Jr. novel @ 1982 (See Comments)
  • "DEADSHOT" DARRANCE  - assassin, hired by Damon Dran to capture Black Widow, former game hunter
        --Marvel Fanfare I#11
  • other "Dead" or "Eye" characters

Mega and Mini Max have no known connection to:

  • any other "Mega" or "Mini" or "Max" characters

Pigskin has no known connection to:

  • PIG (                        ) - slave trader --[Gambit III#3], 4, 5
  • PIG (            ) - 'Vores --Marvel Comics Presents#52/3
  • PIGMAN, Col. NIGEL - Collectors/Council of Antiquarians--Black Panther I#4 (5,7,Iron Man III#22

Vance Rebus has no known connection to:

  • VANCE ASTRO - aka MAJOR VICTORY of the Guardians of the Galaxy—Marvel Super-Heroes II#18
  • VANCE COSMIC of Earth-Amalgam - Vance Astro + Cosmic Boy, Sinister Society--Magnetic Men(?)#1
    or his 2099 counterpart in the Legion of Galactic Guardians--Spider-Boy Team-Up#1
  • any other "Vance" characters



Pigskin didn’t really do a lot except for having Wolverine take him down.


Pigskin had blue skin but if he had powers none of them were shown.


 --Wolverine II#154 (155




Vance Rebus


Vance Rebus was the member of the Scourge that blew up the bar Wolverine was having a drink in. Vance Rebus also got taken out by Wolverine.


Vance Rebus didn’t seem to have any powers, but it seemed he liked explosives.


 --Wolverine II#154 (155







Deadeye Dick

Deadeye Dick was a member of the Scourge, and like all the other members he stood around and got taken out by Wolverine.

Deadeye Dick looked to be some kind of cyborg but none of his weapons or abilities were shown. His real name may be Rudy Waltz (See Comments).

 --Wolverine II#154 (155



Mega Max


Mega Max was very big and hulking but that didn’t seem to help him very much when Wolverine took him down.


Mega Max was blue and had a lot of body armor and weapons but none of them were used by him.


 --Wolverine II#154 (155




Reckless Eric

Reckless Eric was the first member of the Scourge that Wolverine encountered after the bar was destroyed. Eric was then promptly taken out by Wolverine.


Reckless Eric didn’t seem to have any evident abilities. 


--Wolverine II#154 (155







Mini Max

Mini Max was the smallest member of the group and was undoubtedly beaten by Wolverine.

 Mini Max was small and blue: probably was very agile.

--Wolverine II#154 (155




"Tiny E"

Sadly , this little guy was never named and only seen once but  Wolverine probably beat him up also.

He was blue and no powers were ever shown.  

--Wolverine II#154 (155



images: (without ads)
Wolverine II#154, p3, pan1 (main image, Vance Rebus, Deadeye Dick, Mega Max, Mini Max, "Tiny E")

p2, pan1 (Pigskin)

Other appearances:
Wolverine II#155 (October, 2000) - Rob Liefeld & Eric Stephenson (writers), Rob Liefeld (pencils), Norm Rapmund (inks), Mark Powers (editor)

Any Additions/Corrections? please let me know.

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