Real Name: Candace 'Candy' Southern

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: None;

Former C.E.O. of Southern Industries; former leader of the Defenders; former acting C.E.O. of Worthington Industries; former United Nations employee

Group Membership: None; (formerly the New Defenders)

Affiliations: Tanya Anderssen, Andromeda, Angel/Archangel, Avia, the Beast, Bernard the Poet, Johnny Blaze, Terri Sue Bottoms, Vera Cantor, Captain America (Rogers), Cloud, Colossus, Cyclops, Doctor Strange, Dolly Donahue, Robert and Madeline Drake, Argyle Fist, Gargoyle, Havok, Iceman, Interloper, Iron Man (Stark), Chris Larmouth, Lockheed, Moondragon, Nightcrawler, Phoenix/Marvel Girl/Jean Grey, Polaris, Professor X, Kitty Pryde, Sassafras, Seraph, Amanda Sefton, Roxanne Simpson, Candy Southern robot, Storm, the Thing, Thor, Tigra, Toad, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde), Wasp, Wolverine, Kathryn Worthington, Warren Kenneth Worthington, Jr., Zelda

Enemies: Arcade, Blob, Blowtorch Brand, Charlie, the Dazzler (Burt Worthington), Dragon of the Moon, Gamma Spores, Ghost Rider (Blaze), Heartbreak Kid, Hellfire Club, Cameron Hodge, Hotspur, Jicarilla Trolls, Krueger and his Freak Show, Mad Dog, Mandroids, Manslaughter, Mastermind, Master Mold, Miss Locke, N'astirh, Professor Power, Right, Satan's Saints, Dr. Stuart, Sunder, Unus the Untouchable

Known Relatives: unnamed parents

Aliases: Marvel Girl, Southern Belle

Base of Operations: None

First Appearance: X-Men I#31 (April 1967)

Powers/Abilities: None.  After Candy's death, she was bonded through a Technarx link to Cameron Hodge, and was able to sacrifice her own unliving form to stop Hodge.

History: ((New) Defenders I#144 (fb)) - Candy Southern knew General Argyle Fist when she was a small child.

(X-Men I#31 (fb)) – Candy Southern was childhood friends with Warren Worthington.  Candy did not know that Warren was the winged mutant, the Angel.  Warren moved off to college (Xavier's mutant school).  Candy Southern convinced her parents to let her get her own apartment in the city.  She got a job at the United Nations building and began taking night classes at Archer College. 

(X-Men I#31) - Candy ran into Warren near the new nightclub, the Monkee’s Paw, by New York’s Metro College.  They were thrilled to see each other, and found a quiet place to catch up on each other’s lives.  Warren told Candy about the school he attended (though leaving out the part about mutants), and when Candy considered applying there Warren quickly changed the subject and asked Candy to dance.  She agreed, but then he changed his mind, saying that he had an appointment to get to, but that he’d love to see her the next day.

(X-Men I#32) - Warren brought Candy to the Coffee A Go-Go in Greenwich Village to attend a birthday party for his classmate, Bobby Drake.  Candy met Bobby, Hank McCoy, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Vera Cantor, Zelda, and Bernard the poet.  When a motorcycle gang called Satan’s Saints burst on the scene to make trouble, Candy was impressed when Warren and his friends were able to stop them through a series of antics.  Later, Candy brought Warren back to her apartment for a drink.  When he asked her out for the following Saturday, Candy said she already had plans, and Warren left.

(Ka-Zar Quarterly I#2) - Candy Southern went with Warren to a night club. Later, when a radio bulletin revealed the murder of the Angel's father by the Dazzler's men (one of whom was named Charlie), Warren left her to change into his Angel outfit.

(Ka-Zar Quarterly I#3 (fb)) - The Dazzler kidnapped Candy to use as a hostage to extort Warren (who did he not know was the Angel).

(Ka-Zar Quarterly I#3) - The Dazzler transported Warren to his base. Warren was placed in a cell, but turning into the Angel, he managed to escape. The Angel battled the Dazzler's men, but the Dazzler pointed to Candy, telling the Angel to desist or else she would suffer reprisals.  (This was the first time that Candy saw Warren's wings).

(Marvel Tales I#30) - When the Dazzler's base started to explode after his defeat, the Angel snatched up the Dazzler and Candy and flew away. The Dazzler impetuously struggled, causing both Candy and the Dazzler to fall from the Angel's grasp. Warren saved Candy, but could not save the Dazzler.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#2) - Zelda called Candy Southern and asked her to investigate the strange happenings at Xavier’s school, and Candy agreed, though she didn’t tell Zelda that she knew of the school’s mutant roots.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#14 (fb)) – Candy received word that Warren’s uncle, the Dazzler, was still alive, and that he was marrying Warren’s mom.  She set off to tell Warren about it.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#5) - Candy arrived at the school and reflected on what a strange headquarters for a group of mutants it was.  A security robot snared Candy in a net.  When Xavier arrived to investigate, he read her mind to discover her purpose there.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#6) - Candy verbally sparred with Xavier, baiting him with her knowledge of his school. 

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#8) - Later, Candy returned to the Mansion, Xavier having given her restricted access, but found it empty.  She was detained by a security robot until Professor X returned.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#9) - Candy finally convinced the robot to take her to Professor X, who was not happy to see her.  She let him know that she had important news for Warren.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#10) - Candy approached Scott Summers and Jean Grey (Cyclops and Marvel Girl) when they returned, and Jean confirmed Candy’s motives by reading her mind.  Candy invited herself along on their mission to find the missing Warren.  Later, on the X-Men’s jet, Jean gave Candy her Marvel Girl costume to wear to help protect her identity and the X-Men’s secrets.  They landed on an old freighter (having tracked Warren there) where they were attacked by members of Krueger’s freak show.  They found a penned Avia held captive there as well.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#11) - Candy, Jean, and Scott helped Avia, and continued battling Krueger and the freaks.  Krueger mistook Candy for Marvel Girl, and Candy allowed him to think that (because Jean suggested it telepathically).  Krueger used his powers and they all fell unconscious.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#12) - Candy soon escaped by knocking the heads of the two-headed freak together.  While Krueger sold Cyclops and Jean to the Blob, Unus the Untouchable, and Mastermind, Candy hit Krueger with a piece of heavy machinery and knocked him out.  She ran from the pursuing freaks, then got caught up in one of Mastermind’s illusions and captured.  All three were sold and put into glass cages.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#13) - Transferred to hanging cages, separated from Jean, and reunited with Warren, Warren told Scott and Candy how he’d been captured.  He was surprised to see Candy there and in Jean’s costume.  Soon the villains put the three heroes in a big top with a few clowns, and Mastermind used his powers to make it seem as if they were being attacked by a large freaky circus, and to make Angel and Cyclops believe they couldn’t use their powers.  After they discovered it was an illusion, Angel flew Candy up to a high platform so she wouldn’t be hurt in the battle.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#14) - When Krueger and the freaks arrived, they negated Mastermind’s illusions altogether and the villains were soon vanquished.  When Krueger held Jean hostage, Candy drop-kicked him and saved the day.  They then rescued Avia (who surprised Candy by rushing into Warren’s arms).  Finally, Candy was able to give Warren the news about his mom.  Candy defended Warren’s choice to not tell him teammates about his dad’s death and their battle with the Dazzler. 

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#15 (fb)) – Candy returned to the X-Mansion with the team, where Avia got medical attention.  Candy confronted Warren, and discovered that he was not romantically interested in Avia.

(X-Men the Hidden Years I#14) - They picked up Iceman and headed off to Long Island.  They met the Worthington family doctor, Dr. Stuart, and then confronted Dazzler (who temporarily blinded them with his powers).  They then greeted Warren’s mom, and discovered she was in a very fragile condition, nearing death.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#15) - Candy and the X-Men struggled with the decision to expose Dazzler at the risk of Mrs. Worthington’s health.  At the wedding, Warren beat Dazzler, and Dr. Stuart was exposed as a villain.  Warren’s mom, having been poisoned, passed away.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#16) - Candy remained with Warren at Worthington Manor while the police arrested the villains.

(Uncanny X-Men I#132 (fb)) – After the death of his parents, Warren inherited Worthington Industries, and a membership in the Hellfire Club.  Since Candy was also a member and had never attended a meeting, Warren and Candy tried visiting it, but they didn’t like it and decided not to go back.

(X-Men: the Hidden Years I#22) - Candy attended the Beast's birthday party at the Mansion alongside the X-Men.

(Incredible Hulk Annual I#7) - Candy and Warren renewed their romance with a weekend at Warren’s New Mexican mansion.  Iceman and Terri Sue Bottoms (who was quite taken with the Angel) joined them.  Later, Candy talked to Iceman in the pool when Master Mold attacked.  She rushed up the stairs with Terri Sue and locked the door.  She watched as Master Mold carried off an unconscious Iceman while Warren pursued them.  After the battle was ended, presumably Warren and Iceman returned to finish their vacation.

(Uncanny X-Men I#132) - Still living in their New Mexican mansion, Warren and Candy welcomed Scott, Professor X, and Jean with the new X-Men (Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine) to stay for a vacation.  Candy caught Warren greeting Jean with a kiss and playfully threatened him.  Candy offered the guests lunch.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#68) - Warren and Candy went out to a disco club, where Warren met the Thing.  When Candy tried to get him to dance, he suggested she take another guy on the floor instead.  Warren and the Thing ended up doing battle with the Toad.  Weeks later, Warren, Candy, and the Thing all attended the opening of the Toad's new amusement park, Toadland.

(Dazzler I#1 (BTS)) - Warren visited with Candy in New York while the X-Men trained.

(Uncanny X-Men I#143 (BTS)) - At Christmastime, Warren went to meet Candy for a long overdue date.

(Uncanny X-Men I#145-146 (BTS)) - Arcade and Miss Locke used robots of several of the X-Men’s loved ones, including Candy Southern, to draw the X-Men into battle.

(Avengers I#214) - Candy Southern and Warren Worthington were speeding at 190 mph in the mountains of New Mexico.  Ghost Rider sped past them and blocked the road.  Warren's driving skills saved them from crashing, but Ghost Rider ripped the door free and taunted the Angel into racing him, threatening Candy in the process.  Angel, flying, raced a biking Ghost Rider but Angel was hit with a penance stare and crashed.  Candy got the comatose Angel to a hospital, and later called the Beast at Avengers Mansion for help.  Since the Beast had resigned, Captain America took Tigra, Thor, the Wasp, and Iron Man to Alkali Flats, New Mexico to help her. The Avengers helped stop Ghost Rider and the Angel recovered.

(Marvel Fanfare I#1) - Candy greeted Tanya Anderssen at she and Warren’s home, and listened to Tanya’s tale of how Karl Lykos became Sauron.  Warren left for the Savage Land to see if he could help.

(Uncanny X-Men I#169) - Candy returned to she and Warren’s penthouse to find Warren gone and scattered feathers left behind.  Candy called Xavier for help (on speed-dial) when she heard someone downstairs.  Her call was interrupted by the attacking Sunder, who said he was there to hurt her.  After Sunder knocked Candy through the penthouse window, a teleporting (and wet and naked) Nightcrawler snatched her from the air, teleported, and dropped her in his bathtub with a naked Amanda Sefton.  Later, a recovering Candy explained what had happened to the X-Men (Nightcrawler, Sefton, Kitty Pryde, Lockheed, Colossus, and Storm).  Candy watched the team leave to go rescue Warren from the Morlocks.

((New) Defenders I#127) - Candy attended a dinner party at Robert and Madeline (Iceman’s parents) Drake’s home with Warren.  Later, Candy was driving the group home and making plans with Warren for the evening, when Angel, Iceman, and the Beast ran off to fight the Mandroids, leaving Candy to watch Sassafras (Beast’s dog).  Candy wondered when Warren would grow up.

((New) Defenders I#129) - Candy took Sassafras back to the Mansion and had a heart-to-heart talk with Dolly Donahue over doughnuts and coffee about how she hated sharing Warren with the Defenders.

((New) Defenders I#130) - Professor Power attacked the Mansion and swatted Candy to the side when she tried to stop him.  He held Candy, Dolly, and Sassafras hostage until the Defenders arrived and defeated him.  Four days later, Candy helped Warren re-blueprint the Mansion.

((New) Defenders I#131) - Candy relaxed by the pool with some of the Defenders, subtly staking her claim on Warren to the intrusive Moondragon.

((New) Defenders I#133) - Candy and Warren flew the team to their residence in San Francisco and bought them all new clothes.

((New) Defenders I#135) - Candy brought in medics to tend to the wounded Angel and Valkyrie, who’d been injured by Manslaughter.  Candy had flown in from San Francisco when she’d heard the news of the battle.  She helped nurse Warren back to health, and helped him manage Worthington Industries while he was laid up.  She joked that Southern International would buy Warren out.

((New) Defenders I#138) - While the Defenders were gone, Candy equipped their Mansion with a new infirmary and a new hologram security system designed to put up images to frighten people away.  When the team returned, a hologram of Hulk with a tommy gun stopped them.  She demonstrated many other holograms, then saw the injured Gargoyle to the new infirmary.  Later, the Beast and Angel called a team meeting and proclaimed Candy to be team leader and chief executive officer of all non-battle issues of the Defenders.  A surprised Candy accepted, and received a shirt that said “The Brains Behind the Defenders” and a Defenders cap.

((New) Defenders I#139) - After Moondragon fought a personal battle with a Mantis-manifestation (made by the influence of the Dragon of the Moon), Candy offered to take Moondragon to the infirmary.  Days later, Candy greeted Warren after an early morning flight during which he had communed with ah eagle.  She helped him realize the meaning of this, and supported the Defenders when they left to battle the “Jicarilla Trolls.”

((New) Defenders I#140) - Candy relaxed with the team, eating snacks.  She swatted Warren when he stated he would miss Moondragon’s plunging neckline (now that Moondragon had a new more modest costume).  Later, she watched the team leave to confront the Heartbreak Kid.

((New) Defenders I#142) - Warren and Candy looked over the body of Chris Larmouth, an employee who’d been infected with the Gamma Spores.  They had a serious conversation about their responsibilities.

((New) Defenders I#143) - Valkyrie woke Candy up and ordered her to take Dolly and Sassafras and leave at once as the Dragon of the Moon was about to attack.

((New) Defenders I#144) - Candy drove with Dolly and Sassafras through the rain and flooding roads.  She called the Beast and told him, Iceman, and Cloud to get back and help the team as soon as possible.  Candy asked Dolly to pull some guns out of the back seat, just in case.  She rushed them to the army base of General Argyle Fist, who she’d known since she was a small child, for help.  She flew in with Fist on an army helicopter, but the Defenders battle with the Dragon was already finished.  Moondragon had left the team and several members had been injured, and Warren had been struck blind.

((New) Defenders I#145) - Candy informed Fist that she was in charge of the Defenders now.  She rushed to the infirmary to find the wounded Angel.  Later, as the Defenders considered disbanding, Candy pepped them up and convinced them to stay together.

((New) Defenders I#146) - Candy watched Warren, blind, fly through the sky with Cloud navigating.  She asked Cloud to put on a jumpsuit so that he wouldn’t be naked.  Candy was offering suggestions for new members to bolster the team when a silly display of the hologram security system interrupted them.  She bid farewell to John Blaze and Roxanne Simpson, who’d been visiting for a few days.  Candy and Warren heard the news from the doctor that the blindness was incurable.  General Fist ordered the team to vacate the Mansion for a time, and they flew to Doctor Strange’s Mansion to stay (which freaked Candy out) with Specialist Nancy Turpin (secretly Seraph in disguise).  Later, Candy watched the team leave to battle Hotspur.

((New) Defenders I#147) - While waiting for the team to return, Candy sat down with Nancy Turpin (Seraph) for tea.  Seraph had drugged the tea, and Candy drifted off to sleep.  (Later, Seraph revealed that she was there to help Cloud discover her true origins, and had only drugged Candy to get access to Cloud).

((New) Defenders I#148) - Candy questioned new teammate Andromeda about her origins and welcomed her to the team.

((New) Defenders I#151) - Candy beat the team back to the now opened Mansion, only to find Manslaughter there.  He dressed Candy in a ridiculous costume, gave her the codename of Southern Belle, and then tied her to a bed.  He hid behind a hologram of her and kissed the Angel when the team arrived back, knocking Angel unconscious.  Iceman found Candy on the bed and tried to free her, but triggered a trap set that folded the bed up on both of them.  After getting free and joining with the rest of the team, Manslaughter set fire to the Mansion and threatened to let Angel die unless they made him a Defender.  Candy refused to give in to him.  Luckily, Interloper arrived, put out the fire, and stopped Manslaughter.  Then Moondragon returned and the Dragon of the Moon attacked again.

((New) Defenders I#152) - The Dragon vowed to destroy Candy and Warren’s love just as he had Warren’s sight.  The Defenders got the Dragon to flee, and Candy embraced Warren for comfort.  Moondragon attacked again and made Candy and Warren vanish.  She held Candy upside down telekinetically, with a blade against her throat, then gave Warren his sight back to see what he would do.  Warren was later able to free Candy, but not until the battle was over.  The Dragon had been defeated, but Moondragon, Gargoyle, Valkyrie, Interloper, Manslaughter, and Andromeda had all been seemingly killed.

(X-Factor I#1) - While their home in New Mexico was being rebuilt, Warren and Candy decided to just take it easy for awhile.  Hank and Bobby packed up their things to move out, and said goodbye to Warren and Candy, who were swimming in the pool.  Candy commented on Warren’s sadness about no longer being a hero, and the three mutants wondered if they should start fresh.  When some construction workers fell from their scaffolding, the mutants saved them.  Warren and Candy headed inside and Candy answered the phone and told Warren that Reed Richards was on the phone for him.  After taking the call, Warren rushed out without explanation.

(X-Factor I#4) - Candy called Warren at X-Factor Headquarters to ask for help in handling his business, but Warren quickly hung up, telling Candy that she could handle it.

(X-Factor I#10) - Candy was chairing a meeting at Worthington Industries when an aide let her know the latest news: Warren had been exposed as a mutant and that his company was backing the controversial X-Factor group.  Candy rushed off to speak with Warren.  When she arrived, she found Warren and Jean Grey in an embrace.  Furious, she told them both off, quit Worthington Industries, threw a briefcase at Warren, and stormed off.

(X-Factor I#34 (fb)) – Cameron Hodge, a childhood friend of Warren’s who had grown up hating Warren and all mutants, had exposed X-Factor, torn down Worthington Industries, and been behind Warren having his wings amputated.  (Warren had become the razor-winged Archangel).  When Candy discovered that Hodge was the founder of the anti-mutant organization the Right, she threatened to go to the press.  Hodge kidnapped Candy as part of a last revenge scheme against Warren.  He had Candy brutally tortured, but kept her alive on life support, though she was brain dead.

(X-Factor I#34) - Warren arrived to rescue Candy and battled Hodge, who had operatives with new powers bestowed on them by the demon N’Astirh.  Warren defeated the operatives and fought an armored Hodge.  During the battle, explosions wracked Candy’s already damaged body, then Hodge disconnected her life support.  Warren beheaded Hodge, then cradled Candy’s deceased body in his arms.

(X-Factor I#36) - After destroying Hodge’s organization, Warren flew away with Candy’s body and confronted N’Astirh.  He presumably buried her body later.

(Uncanny X-Men I#306 (fb)) – At the moment of Candy’s death, she became cognizant and saw Warren trying to rescue her.  Though her body died, her mind was assimilated by the Technarx/Phalanx as part of their plan to gain information on the X-Men through the X-Men’s loved ones.  Cameron Hodge’s mind was also assimilated, and he bonded himself to Candy so that he could have one last revenge on Warren.  Candy was kept in stasis, presumably, unaware of her new state of being.

(Uncanny X-Men I#306) – A year after Candy’s death, Warren and Jean Grey were at his home in Colorado and Warren was mourning Candy when she unexpectedly appeared.  Warren reacted with disbelief, thinking Candy was some sort of imposter.  Candy stated that it was her and she would never hurt Warren, and Jean confirmed it telepathically.  At Candy’s request, in an attempt to understand what had happened to her, Warren and Jean entered Candy’s mind on the astral plane.  They learned of the events after Candy’s death just before Hodge attacked.  Hodge used Candy’s life for energy as he battled the X-Men.  When Candy realized that she was connected to Hodge, she began ripping her own techno-organic form apart, knowing that her sacrifice would lead to Hodge’s demise.  Her plan having worked, Candy faded away for the final time, confessing her forever love to Warren before she expired.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Werner Roth, and John Tartaglione.

Candy Southern's histories spans a lot of series and a lot of years, but she was always closely attached to the Angel.  Hers is a heroic story with a tragic ending.  She is easily one of my favorite supporting characters ever. 

Thank you to Doc Savage for providing synopses for the Ka-Zar Quarterly and Marvel Tales issues.

    Candy's last name was actually spelled Sothern in her first appearance. Usually we go with first appearance spelling, but the X-Men index clarified that it was misspelled in her first appearance. The vast majority of her appearances DO have it spelled Southern.

Profile by Chadman

Candy Southern has no known connections to

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