Membership: None named

Purpose: Developing weapons tempered with the blood of mortal men

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: The Defenders (Angel, Beast, Cloud, Gargoyle, Iceman, Moondragon, Valkyrie), Red Wolf, the people of the Jicarilla Indian tribe

Base of Operations: Asgardian caves (attacked surface world through a portal in a mine in the Jicarilla Indian reservation)

First Appearance: (New) Defenders I#139 (January, 1985)

((New) Defenders I#139 (fb)) – A group of Asgardian trolls saw that Thor was away from the Earth temporarily and decided to attack and drain the blood of men and livestock to temper their blades with. The Jicarilla Indian tribe opened a mine to find silver, and crossed over the portal the trolls had opened into Asgard. Over the coming days, the trolls smashed the tribe’s houses, killed men and livestock, and drained the bodies of blood.

((New) Defenders I#139) – The Angel was flying over the Jicarilla Indian Reservation when he unexpectedly was spoken to by an eagle who’d been mystically granted the ability to commune with man to find help for the tribe. The Angel called the local sheriff to ask if there was any trouble, and he found out about the recent murders. The Defenders flew in to investigate. Red Wolf showed them the mine. As the Defenders descended in the mine, the Valkyrie noted that they had passed into another realm. She drew her sword, Dragonfang, and it was glowing, meaning that Asgardian enemies were near. The trolls attacked and made short work of the Defenders. The Defenders stood entranced and Valkyrie was put in chains as the troll-smith fashioned weapons tempered with blood. The smith saw Odin’s handiwork in Moondragon’s headband and attempted to remove it with a pair of old tongs. When Moondragon wrenched away from him, she fell into the vat of blood, which splashed on Red Wolf and freed him from the trolls’ spell. Red Wolf then splashed the other Defenders with the blood, freeing them as well. Simultaneously, the Valkyrie broke her chains and got free, causing an enormous cave-in over the group of trolls. The Defenders and Red Wolf escaped to the surface, destroying the gate to Asgard in the cave-in.

Comments: Created by Peter B. Gillis, Don Perlin, and Kim DeMulder.

    These trolls are connected to other Asgardian trolls, and may have appeared with any other trolls in any of their many appearances. As far as this profile is concerned, these trolls are a distinctive group with a one-time appearance.

    The Valkyrie experienced a hallucination of the Trolls in Defenders I#147, in which they attacked her in revenge.

They supposedly died during the Ragnarok in Thor II#85.

Profile by Chadman.


No known connection to

  • Troll, partner of Hag @ Ghost Rider III#23
  • Trolls of the Quadriverse @ Dr. Strange II#23
  • Trolls of World’s End @ Thor I#195
  • Trolls who tried to take over Genosha @ Excalibur III#5
  • Troll Associates of Otherworld @ X-Factor I#41
  • Troll Fee, Dr. Strange enemies @ Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/4
  • Celtic Trolls @ Heroes for Hire I#14
  • Forest Trolls @ Hulk Comic#26/2
  • Any other Asgardian or non-Asgardian troll characters


(New) Defenders I#139, pg 15, pan3

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