Membership: Phay, Phee, Phelix, Phiend, Phit, Phlegm, Phlopp, Phopp, Phough, Phumm, Phy

Affiliations: Originated from Asgard, claim relation to other magic folk, such as the elves and faeries

Enemies: Alchemy, X-Factor, Excalibur, and the X-Men

Base of Operations: Crazy Gang's Wonderland ; formerly London, England

First Appearance: X-Factor I#41 (June 1989)

History: The Troll Associates claim that they are all from different branches of trolls that dwelled in England before the rise of civilization. Over the centuries, they moved underground and became less involved with mankind.

One day, Phy detected the scent of gold, which all trolls covet, and he followed the scent to the young mutant Alchemy. Learning of Alchemy's power, Phy came up with a plan: They would use his ability to transmute objects into gold to create an overwhelming surplus of gold. This they reasoned, would make everyone rich and cause all labor to cease. The resulting inflation would then shatter England's economy, causing everyone to flee, and returning the land to the magic folk who were driven out long ago.

To this end, Phy abducted Alchemy and brought him to the underground lair of his associates, Phough, Phumm, Phay, and Phee. Mistaking Phy, for a mutant, Alchemy's mother contacted X-Factor to rescue him. Having formerly posed as mutant hunters to locate and help other mutants, X-Factor journeyed to London and followed the trail of gold to the Troll Associates lair. In their first encounter, X-Factor was defeated and bound as prisoners. X-Factor broke free and disrupted their plot to turn the White Tower to gold. Phy and Phee brought Alchemy back to his flat, where they attempted to force him to swear allegiance to them by threatening to kill his mother. Alchemy broke his vow not to use the power on living beings and turned Phy and Phee to unliving gold. X-Factor then had him turn them into lead, and placed them on displace in Hyde Park for safe-keeping. Phough, Phumm, and Phay remained free.

Sometime later, Phough gathered several other Trolls, Phiend, Phit, Phlegm, Phlopp, and Phopp, beside him, and kidnapped Alchemy's mother, forcing Alchemy to do his will. Initially, Phough thought only to force him to restore the Trolls trapped in golden form. Excalibur members were at the same time investigating the sewers in search of their enemy Sat-yr9 , where they encountered the Troll Associates. Following Phough's orders, Alchemy transmuted Captain Britain, and then Meggan into gold. Meanwhile, the X-Men had received a request for aid from Alchemy, traveled to England, and joined forces with Excalibur. However, both groups fell for a trap of the Trolls, and were captured by them. Nightcrawler pretended to want to join with the Trolls, because he was an outcast among mankind, convincing them to free him. Phough decided to rally the rest of the "faery-folk" (elves, fairies, etc.) to wage war on mankind. Nightcrawler challenged Phough's claims that mankind would want to destroy them, and challenged Phough to single combat. Nightcrawler managed to keep Phough off balance until the X-Men and Excalibur freed themselves. The heroes and the Trolls allied with Phough battled until Alchemy turned Phough to gold, ending the battle. The innocent faery-folk brought to Earth by Phough then traveled to the Crazy Gang's wonderland to live a life with which they could be comfortable.

COMMENTS: Created by Louise Simonson and Arthur Adams.

All of the Troll Associates were giants and possessed some measure of superhuman strength and durability. In addition, they have a weakness to bright light.

In Marvel Atlas#1 the Troll Associates were revealed as Asgardians.

Phay (see above) is a metamorph, able to assume the form of any creature. In addition, he was extremely well read and enjoyed quoting classic English literature. He was left to guard X-Factor initially, but when they overcame Phumm, he fled. He returned to delay X-Factor while Phy and Phee traveled to Alchemy's flat. He also participated in Phough's plot to take over the world.--X-Factor I#41 (42, Excalibur I#57, 58

Phee (see above) possessed superhuman agility, in addition to a knowledge of the martial arts, including judo. He claims to have mastered all forms of attack and defense. He also has access to a flying carpet. He brought Alchemy to the White Tower and later to his own flat, were he was turned to gold.--X-Factor I#41 (42(gold), Excalibur I#57+58(gold)

Phelix acted as a prophet and advisor to the group. He was summoned after Phough came upon the idea of uniting the fairy-folk in an effort to takeover the world. He did demonstrate any true powers, and his abilities of prophecy were not foolproof. His predictions could change at any given moment when circumstances had changed. He spoke with a lisp. He may not actually be a troll.-Lord Phelix--X-Factor I#58




Phiend has brown skin, is large and has superhuman strength (presumably). He wears a battle helmet, and uses what appears to be two bladed weapons. He participated in Phough's plot to takeover the world.--Excalibur I#58

Phit has green skin and long nails. He wears chain mail armor and a horned helmet. He participated in Phough's plot to takeover the world--Excalibur I#58



Phlegm had large and pointy ears and used a large axe. He participated in Phough's plot to takeover the world.--Excalibur I#57 (58





Phlopp is seen mainly in the background, has brown skin and hair, superhuman strength, and may have some shapeshifting ability. He participated in Phough's plot to takeover the world.--Excalibur I#57 (58

Phopp is green and has pointed ears. He has superhuman strength and uses a large war club. He participated in Phough's plot to takeover the world.--Excalibur I#57 (58




Phough (see above) possessed wings enabling him to fly, as well as being covered with green diamond-hard scales and razor sharp talons. He participated in the effort to force Alchemy to transmute the White Tower, and later stayed behind to delay X-Factor to enable Phy and Phee to reach Alchemy's flat. After the first encounter, he led the Trolls and other fairy-folk in a plot to take over the world, which involved holding alchemy's mother hostage to force him to do their bidding. He was turned to gold at the conclusion of this battle.

--XFac41 (42, Excalibur I#57, 58(gold)

Phumm (see above) is immune to extreme cold, claiming to have been born and bred on the slopes of Mt. McKinley. In the past he has been known as The Abominable Snowman. He was initially left to guard and later to delay X-Factor, but was defeated by them. He also participated in Phough's plot to take over the world, and was turned to gold at the conclusion of this battle.--X-Factor I#41 (42, Excalibur I#57, 58(gold)

Phy (see above) was the original leader of the Troll Associates and both discovered and kidnapped Alchemy. He traveled to the White Tower with him, but when he threatened his mother, he was turned to gold by Alchemy. His primary ability was strength and combat ability.--X-Factor I#41 (42(gold), Excalibur I#57+58(gold)

X-Factor I#41-42 (June-July, 1989) - Louise Simonson (writer), Arthur Adams (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Bob Harras (editor)
Excalibur I#57-58 (November-December, 1992) - Alan Davis & Scott Lobdell (writers), Joe Madureira (pencils), Joe Rubinstein (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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