MEMBERSHIP: Tommy Lee (deceased), Chen, “Dome”, various unnamed

PURPOSE: ABC [American Born Chinese] street gang


Enemies: Golden Claws, Shang-Chi

BASE of OPERATIONS: Streets of New York

FIRST APPEARANCE: Master of Kung-Fu#90 (July; 1980)


(MOKF#90(fb)-bts): Two days before Shang-Chi meets the Joy Boys, their leader Tommy Lee is killed by Golden Claws

(MOKF#90): David Wu tells Leiko and Shang-Chi about the current gang war between the Joy Boys and the Golden Claws. Shang-Chi offers his help and goes to see the Joy Boys. He meets 7 of them who instead of talking with Shang-Chi decides to atack him. Shang-Chi defeats them all, and tells one of them to take him to their headquaters. There h is introduced to the rest of the Joy Boys. Who tells him that since their last leader is now deceased, they were to hold an election between “Done” and Chen, but now they want Shang-Chi as leader.

(MOKF#91): After having chosen Shang-Chi as their new leader, the gang decides to go out to get some guns. Shang-Chi decides to come along them, to try to stop them. When they arrives at the store, they breaks in and tries to steal guns, but the police arrives soon after, and arrests two fo the Joy Boys and Shang-Chi, unknown to the police, one of the Joy Boys hides, and laeter gets away with a gun. At the police station Leiko and David comes to free Shang-Chi. He tells them about the meeting between the two gang later the same evening in a park. At night, the two gangs meet in a park, and begins to fight each other, suddenly Shang-Chi and Leiko arrives to try to stop them fighting. Suddenly Chen gets the gun from the Joy Boy who stole it earlier the same day, and fires a bullet at the leader of the Golden Claws, but Shang-Chi takes the bullet for him.- The wounded Shang-Chi tries to reason with the two gangs, and finally convinces them that they should stop fighting. All of the gang members leaves the park, except Chen who is convinced that they will return, so they can fight some more.

COMMENTS: Created by Doug Moench & Mick Zeck

Profile by: The Beetle

No known connection to:

Chen is not to be confused with:

  - Chen


One of the higher ranking members of the gang, who oppose the idea of having Shang-Chi as leader, he even tried to cut down Shang-Chi later on, but failed. When the gang war with the Golden Claws ended, Chen was the only one still interested in fighting the “Claws”.

- MOKF#90 (91



- Dome


Another one of the higher ranking members of the gang, he was one of the candidates as new leader of the gang, but decided to step down as candidate because the gang wanted Shang-Chi as leader.

- MOKF#90 (91



- Tommy Lee [no picture available----Tommy Lee isn’t seen in the comics, only mentioned]

The leader of the Joy Boys, who was killed by the Golden Claws, causing problems inside the Joy Boys, who had to chose a new leader


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