MEMBERSHIP: leader; Various unnamed

PURPOSE: Japanese street gang in New York City



BASE of OPERATIONS: Streets of New York City

APPEARANCES: Master of Kung-Fu#91 (August, 1990)






(MOKF#90-bts): Two days before the events Tommy Lee leader of the Joy Boys is killed by members of the Golden Claws

(MOKF#90-bts): David Wu tells Shang-Chi and Leiko about the current gang-war between the Joy Boys and the Golden Claws

(MOKF#91): The Joy Boys meet the Golden Claws in the park to fight them for revenge for killing their leader. Shang-Chi and Leiko arrive to try to stop the fighting; during the fight Chen, one of the higher ranking members of the Joy Boys, gets hold of a gun stolen earlier the same day, and tries to shoot the leader of the Golden Claws, but he is saved by Shang-Ch. Shang then convinces all the members of the two gang, that there should be no more fighting, they should all return home, and both gangs do that




COMMENTS: Created by Doug Moench and Mick Zeck

Profile by: The Beetle

The Golden Claws are not to be confused with:

  • Golden Angel, a professional wrestler, @Fantastic Four I#14
  • Golden Angel, aka Janus, the son of Dracula and Domini, @ Tomb of Dracula I#51
  • Golden Beetle, @ Master of Kung-Fu#26
  • Golden Daggers Sect, @ Master of King-Fu#40
  • Golden Dawn @Moon Knight Special#1
  • Golden Dragon @Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu#12
  • any of the dozens of other "Golden"- somethings

    “Leader of the Golden Claws”


    Unnamed leader of the Golden Claws, a Japanese immigrant, and gang leader, who is saved from a bullet from the leader of the Joy Boys by Shang-Chi

    - MOKF#91





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