Real Name: Andy Morgan

Identity/Class: Human, technology user (Old West Era)

Occupation: Stage magician, witch doctor

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Black Feather

Enemies: Kid Colt, Tall Bear

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Morgan the Mystic

Base of Operations: Mobile in Sagamore Territory

First Appearance: Kid Colt, Outlaw#100 (September, 1961)

Powers/Abilities: Warroo was a talented stage magician who wore an elaborate costume to keep people's attention away from his actions so that they would think he possessed supernatural powers. He could seemingly create earthquakes by hurling dynamite and create fire and thunderclaps from his staff (actually gunpowder explosions). He also carried a pistol.

History: (Kid Colt, Outlaw#100 (fb, BTS))- Morgan created the identity of Warroo, and convinced Black Feather of the Comanches that he was a powerful witch doctor, so that he would have the Comanches' support in overthrowing towns in his schemes to plunder Sagamore Territory.

(Kid Colt, Outlaw #100)- Morgan was performing his magic show in a tent, when he noticed Kid Colt amongst the crowd. Fearful that Colt would disrupt the plans he made in his guise as Warroo, he pointed Colt out to the audience, but Colt managed to escape capture. Later, Morgan caused a dynamite explosion on top of a mountain as a sign to Black Feather. Black Feather showed the fire in the sky to his fellow Comanches as supposed proof of Warroo's powers.

Kid Colt had witnessed Black Feather's attempt at assuming command of the Comanches and set out to warn others, only to run into Warroo. Warroo made it seem like he could create earthquakes by surreptitiously hurling dynamite, and took advantage of the confusion to knock Colt off his horse with a blast of gunpowder from his staff.

Colt revived, and followed Warroo's trail back to the Comanches' camp, where Warroo and Black Feather were about to sacrifice the life of Tall Bear, chief of the tribe. However, Colt shot Black Feather in the back, and challenged Warroo to combat. Warroo attempted to frighten Colt by seeming to create fire with his staff, but Colt had guessed that the staff contained gunpowder, and that he had simply sprinkled it on the ground then hurled a spark at it. He shot Warroo's staff from his hand, then brought him down with a flurry of blows. Warroo attempted to shoot Colt with his pistol, but Tall Bear kicked the gun from his hand, and Colt turned the disgraced Morgan over to the Comanches.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Jack Keller.

Colt didn't take Morgan with him when he left Tall Bear's camp, so it's anyone's guess as to what the Comanches did to him. Considering the way he tricked them, I'm guessing he didn't live a long, full life.

Warroo's first name was revealed in Marvel Westerns: The Outlaw Files

by Prime Eternal

Warroo should not be confused with:

Black Feather was a Comanche who was loyal to Warroo, and helped perpetuate his status as a witch doctor, intending to use his influence to overthrow Tall Bear and become their tribe's new chief. He was shot dead from behind by Kid Colt.

--Kid Colt, Outlaw #100

Tall Bear was the chief of a tribe of Comanches in Sagamore Territory. He was a blood brother of Kid Colt's (like every second Native American Colt seemed to meet). Tall Bear was nearly slain by Black Feather, but was saved by Kid Colt, and was able to resume control over his tribe after Warroo was exposed as a fake.

--Kid Colt, Outlaw#100

Tall Bear is mistakenly called "Tall Feather" at one point.

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Kid Colt, Outlaw#100, page 12, panel 1
Kid Colt, Outlaw#100, page 2, panel 2
Kid Colt, Outlaw#100, page 11, panel 1
Kid Colt, Outlaw#100, page 4, panel 1

Kid Colt, Outlaw#100 (September, 1961) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Jack Keller (artist)

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