Classification: Ancient burial chamber, located within the interior of the Atlas Mountains in the Sahara Desert

Creator: Unrevealed

Residents: King Solomon (deceased), Ogar, Warrior Guardians

Features: King Solomon's Tomb was home to many unusual wonders, including a disintegrator, the Flame Chariot, King Solomon's Frogs, Ogar, and the Warrior Guardians. Additionally, it is filled with several chambers of valuable treasures, guarded with advanced lock technology, and has an airport runway.

First Appearance: Black Panther I#1 (January, 1977)

(Black Panther I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The burial chamber of King Solomon, constructed around 970-928 BC in the Atlas Mountains of the Sahara Desert, stored the incalculable wealth King Solomon acquired during his lifetime, as well as many unusual objects he obtained during his reign. The most coveted of all King Solomon's possessions were the two Brass Frogs, which formed a time machine. The only person known to have mapped the tomb was Azzari the Wise, grandfather of T'Challa, the Black Panther.

(Black Panther I#1 (fb)) - Many years after King Solomon's death, a team of thieves robbed his burial chamber -- one of them, a young man named Aladdin, accidentally activated one of the Brass Frogs, summoning forth a huge monster. From that time on, that Brass Frog passed through the hands of many others over the centuries, finally coming into the possession of the Black Panther, who was determined to return the Frog to its rightful place, back in the tomb with its twin.

(Black Panther I#3) - The Panther, along with Mr. Little and Princess Zanda, managed to fly through the hidden opening in the mountains that hid the tomb from the world. Pursued by Hatch-22, a being accidentally summoned from the future by the Brass Frog, they made their way through the tomb to find the second Frog, so they could send the future-man back to his own time.

   After passing through the entrance to the actual tomb, they were assaulted by the Ogar, one of the tomb's guardians; while the Black Panther fought it, Mr. Little drew Hatch-22 to the scene, and the Ogar was destroyed when the Black Panther dodged one of Hatch-22's blasts, which struck the Ogar instead. Another of Hatch-22's blasts inadvertently disintegrated a wall, revealing many of King Solomon's treasures. The three adventurers frantically searched through the artifacts, until they recovered the second Frog; after connecting the two Frogs together, the completed time machine sent Hatch-22 back to his own era.

(Black Panther I#4) - With Hatch-22 defeated, Mr. Little and Princess Zanda argued over which of them would take possession of the artifacts they had found; but the Black Panther warned them of the possible dangers posed by the ornaments; wanting nothing of their quarrel, the Panther threw the Brass Frogs aside, creating an explosion which caused a chain reaction that began to destroy the entire tomb.

   As the ancient structure began to collapse, the Panther, Zanda, and Little managed to escape using the Flame Chariot, but it too exploded after their escape, leaving them without any artifacts to show for their adventure.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby.

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King Solomon was seen in the Magar the Mystic story in Red Raven Comics#1 (his ghost summoned to oppose the Third Reich during World War II), and King Solomon also appeared in Bible Tales For Young People#4 (February, 1954). Marvel Preview#19 revealed that a magical staff once owned by King Solomon eventually came into the possession of Solomon Kane, who used this staff in many stories, such as the Sword of Solomon Kane mini-series.

Comicartville has an article on the Bible Tales For Young People series.

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A mechanism designed to guard King Solomon's Tomb, it was placed there in ancient times, and possessed superhuman strength. It was evidently an artificial life-form, crafted through mystical means, although its creators are not known.

The Ogar fought the Black Panther during the Panther's quest for the second Brass Frog of the tomb, but it was destroyed by Hatch-22 when the Black Panther dodged a blast intended for him.

--Black Panther I#3 (d)

Warrior Guardians

They were supplemental guards of King Solomon's Tomb, similar to the Ogar, although equipped with shields and war-hammers.

Mr. Little inadvertently activated one of them while examining the tomb, but managed to destroy it using a disintegrator.

--Black Panther I#4 (d)


One of the ancient artifacts in King Solomon's Tomb, it was an ornamental box bearing the symbol of "omega," for destruction.

Mr. Little was able to decipher the codes on the box, determined its capabilities, and used it to destroy one of the tomb's Warrior Guardians. He intended to keep the disintegrator, but the Black Panther took it away from him and returned it to its place in the tomb.

--Black Panther I#4

Flame Chariot

An ancient but advanced vehicle located within a chamber of King Solomon's Tomb, it was activated by two hand-bar controls with a button on each. When the operator pressed the left-hand button, two spurts of flame shot forth from the rear of the vehicle, and it was thereby propelled at high speed along the metal rails of its runway.

At the end of the runway outside the tomb, there was a thousand foot drop, but great wings would snap open from the sides of the Flame Chariot if the operator pressed the right-hand button, giving the vehicle the power of flight.

Mr. Little, Princess Zanda, and the Black Panther used it to escape the destruction of King Solomon's Tomb; but shortly afterwards, the engine broke down, and the vehicle exploded before either Mr. Little or Princess Zanda could claim possession of it.

--Black Panther I#4 (d)

images: (without ads)
Black Panther I#3, p15, pan3 (disintegrated wall reveals treasures in tomb; Abner Little, Princess Zanda, Black Panther, Hatch-22 (foreground))
Black Panther I#3, p16, pan1 (Princess Zanda, Abner Little, and Black Panther among treasures of tomb)
Black Panther I#4, p3, pan5 (Black Panther warns about dangers of the tomb's treasures)
Black Panther I#3, p9, pan1 (Ogar)
Black Panther I#3, p10, pan1 (Ogar battles Black Panther)
Black Panther I#4, p1, pan1 (Warrior Guardian attacks Black Panther; Abner Little (foreground), Princess Zanda (background))
Black Panther I#4, p2, pan1 (Warrior Guardian gets flipped by Black Panther; Abner Little (background))
Black Panther I#4, p2, pan5 (disintegrator, held by Abner Little)
Black Panther I#4, p3, pan1 (disintegrator beam destroys Warrior Guardian)
Black Panther I#4, p6, pan1 (Flame Chariot)
Black Panther I#4, p8, pan3 (Flame Chariot in flight mode)

Black Panther I#1 (January, 1977) - Jack Kirby (writer/pencils/editor), Mike Royer (inks/letters), Dave Hunt (colors), Archie Goodwin (consulting editor)
Black Panther I#3 (May, 1977) - Jack Kirby (writer/pencils/editor), Mike Royer (inks/letters), Petra Goldberg (colors), Archie Goodwin (consulting editor)
Black Panther I#4 (July, 1977) - Jack Kirby (writer/pencils/editor), Mike Royer (inks/letters), Irene Vartanoff (colors), Archie Goodwin (consulting editor)

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