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Real Name: Princess Zanda

Identity/Class: Human, Ruler of Narobia

Occupation: Ruler, collector

Group Membership: The Collectors/Council of Antiquarians

Affiliations: Afrikaa (Khairi Ngala), Black Panther (T'Challa), Man-Ape (M'Baku), Moses Magnum, President N'Dingi, Queen Ororo

Enemies: Storm (Ororo Munroe);
    almost everyone in the world

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Paris Hilton of Africa" nickname used by Storm

Base of Operations: Narobia

First Appearance: Black Panther I#1 (January, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Ruthless and ambitious, Zanda is also haughty and somewhat delusional.

Height: 6' (by approximation)
Weight: 160 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(Black Panther I#1) - While flying in a jet-copter, Black Panther and Abner Little are attacked by a group of unknown men who try to bring the jet-copter to the ground. Abner and Black Panther manage to escape and land the jet-copter in Abner's secret hideout. There Black Panther and Abner are attacked by Zanda and her men. Abner is shot by one of them, and when Zanda's men tells her that he is dead, they ask her if they should kill the Black Panther as well, but she tells them she'll have use for him later. Princess Zanda and her men try to get Black Panther to talk, but he begins to fight them, he is almost successful in defeating them, and kicks the brass frog out of Zanda's hands, seizing it for himself. Zanda orders one of her men to shoot the brass frog out of Black Panther's hands. They succeed, but suddenly the brass frog begins to glow and brings a mysterious creature named Hatch 22 to the hideout.

(Black Panther I#2) - Black Panther, Princess Zanda and her men try to overpower Hatch-22 but are easily defeated themselves. Hatch-22 uses his powers to disintegrate one of Zanda's men, but Black Panther manages to knock Hatch-22 out. When Zanda tries to shoot the creature, T'Challa stops her.

(Black Panther I#3) - Along with the Black Panther and Abner Little, Zanda tries to find King Solomon's tomb, in order to find the machine that sends Hatch-22 back to where he came from. Before finding the tomb, Black Panther has to fight a guard. In the meantime, Hatch-22 wakes up and begins to hunt Abner Little. He tries to blast Abner, but Abner manages to evade the beam. Instead the beam hits the guard, which is destroyed. Zanda tries to knock Hatch-22 down with a stone, but Hatch-22 hits the rock with a beam, dissolving the stone and striking a wall instead, revealing the tomb behind. In the tomb the three find the machine and manage to send Hatch-22 back to his own time.

(Black Panther I#4/Black Panther III#48 (fb) ) - In King Solomon's tomb, The three "partners", Little, Black Panther and Zanda herself begin to argue whether or not to take something with them from the tomb. Black Panther takes the brass frogs from Zanda and throws them away. When they hit the floor and shatter, the tomb begins to fall apart, and the three of them manage to escape just in time.

(Black Panther I#4) - After the incident at the tomb of King Solomon, the three of them go to Princess Zanda's homecountry of Narobia. When they arrive, Zanda's men throw Abner and T'Challa into a room, where they're attacked by a samurai. After having defeated the samurai, Abner and T'Challa are freed and taken to a large chamber in the royal palace, where T'Challa is introduced to the other Collectors. Princess Zanda tells Abner that they have found a map of the legendary Samurai City.

(Black Panther I#5) - Zanda asks Black Panther to find the legendary Samurai City, to try to find the water-skin which gives eternal life, but the Black Panther refuses. Princess Zanda shows Black Panther that she has missiles pointing at Wakanda, and won't hesitate to use them if Black Panther refuses to bring back the water-skin. T'Challa finally agrees to go to the Samurai City with Abner Little.

(Black Panther I#7) - In Narobia, Zanda greets Abner Little and Black Panther and welcomes them home after their mission to the Samurai City. Upon learning that they don't have any of the water-skin, she is angered, but when it is revealed that Abner actually got a small portion of the water-skin, begins to fight the other Collectors to posess it.

(Iron Man III#21/2) - Zanda arrives alongside Count Zorba in the Canadian Nunavut territory, where they are looking for the lost treasure, a temple. They are reunited with Abner Little.

(Iron Man III#22) - Escapes from Inferno's fury. After Inferno has left, Tony questions Zanda, Abner and Zorba about their interest in the temple. Abner tells Tony that neither Zanda nor Zorba can be trusted, whereto Tony answers "No more than I trust you....., and that goes for all of you". Zorba and Zanda decide to tell Stark about the temple and the rest of them, and the four of them alongside Dr. Mann decide to go to another temple that their partner Colonel Nigel Pigman has uncovered. They arrive there and are reunited with Pigman. Pigman is surprised to see his "partners" and Tony Stark, and asks him if he has joined their group. Suddenly Zorba is gone, and a bright light appears, and then a creature appears before them. The creature calls himself Carnivore, and is revealed to be Zorba who now has somehow acquired powers. Carnivore attacks his former partners, but Zanda uses her gun to shoot Carnivore, who is stopped for a minute. The Collectors learn more about the temples, and how they were built for eight great entities, and that the first human who touched the totem created by the entities would be turned into an Exemplar.... a living embodiment of that power.

(Black Panther III#42) - Zanda was revealed to be working "undercover" at a KCF drive-in, where her enemies would never look for her. Suddenly Abner, the Black Panther (the "new nutty one") and Ross appear at the drive-in, wanting her to go with them on a mission to recover the Brass Frogs once more.

(Black Panther III#43) - Onboard a craft alongside the Black Panther, Nightshade, Abner Little and Ross, Zanda goes to Kiber Island. On Kiber Island they fight Kiber the Cruel and his men, all because of the Brass Frogs, who (according to the Black Panther) have created a temporal loop in time, so they find themselves in another era. After fighting Kiber and his men, Zanda claims victory holding the Brass Frog.

(Black Panther III#44) - Alongside the Black Panther, Nightshade, Ross and Abner Little, Zanda returns with the Brass Frog to T'Challa.

(Black Panther III#45)-  Zanda, with the Black Panther, Abner Little, Ross, Nightshade and Monica Lynne use their craft to go to Washington.

(Black Panther IV#16 (fb) - BTS) - Zanda was exiled to Southern France under unrevealed circumstances.

(Black Panther IV#16) - Learning of the Black Panther's engagement to Storm (Ororo Munroe), Zanda became enraged that T'Challa had dared get engaged to anyone but her. Though their past encounters had been defined more by combat than romance, she still felt that he had been entranced by her, and that she was destined to marry T'Challa and unify Africa. Despite being wanted by the law in 15 countries, she instructed her servant to book the next flight to wherever T'Challa was.

(Black Panther IV#17 (fb) - BTS) - Zanda arrived in Manhattan and began shopping for "her upcoming wedding to the Black Panther." Due to her size and body type, some store owner's mistook her for Storm (reasoning she had simply dyed her hair).

(Black Panther IV#17) - Having heard the rumors of someone claiming to be the future wife of T'Challa, Storm ran into Zanda at another store. Zanda told Storm that T'Challa would choose her as soon as she told him that she would not reject him, and that he did not have to settle for Storm. Annoyed, Storm knocked Zanda through a display with a gust of wind. Zanda got up in Storm's face, threatening to use her armies to drain her powers and grind her into dust. Storm punched out Zanda, who threatened to sue Ororo, but Storm just ignored her and left.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1) - Zanda was present at the Pan-African Congress on the Treatment of Superhumans.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby (writer/pencils), Mike Royer (inks).

The 'craft' that they flew in for these issues (Black Panther III#43-45) was the helicopter from Black Panther volume 1 that Mr. Little supplied. --- Bob Almond

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Princess Zarda has no known connections to

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Black Panther III#43, p4, pan6 (working undercover)
Black Panther IV#17, p22, pan3 (threatening Storm)

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