Real Name: Ogor

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Martian)

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: His masters on Mars


Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Thing in Human Form" (in story title), "The Beast that Walks Like a Man" (reprint story title)

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout Earth; originally from Mars

First Appearance: Tales to Astonish I#14/3 (December, 1960)

Powers/Abilities: Ogor was about 8-feet tall and had great strength and durability.

Ogor was equipped with a faster-than-light spaceship (see comments).

History: (Tales to Astonish I#14/3) - During the fifth year of the great war between Mars and Jupiter, Martian intelligence reported that a scientist on Earth had discovered a new secret weapon more powerful than atomic or hydrogen bombs. Thinking if they had such a weapon that they could defeat Jupiter, the Martian rulers sent Ogor to Earth to kidnap scientist John Cummings and bring him back to Mars.

Landing his ship in a swamp near Cummings' house, Ogor first had to wrestle an alligator that attacked him, then hid in the swamp. The next night, Ogor went to Cummings' home, where the scientist just happened to be having a costume party, which allowed Ogor to blend right in.

Ogor grabbed Cummings and carried him as he jumped out a window, then headed back to his ship in the swamp. But Cummings broke free of Ogor's hold and the Martian was stunned by the Earthman's strength. They battled for several minutes, and Cummings knocked out Ogor. The scientist then dragged along the unconscious Martian, boarded his ship, and took off, leaving Earth.

When Ogor regained consciousness, he found himself in chains. Cummings told him that they were going to a place where they had wanted to capture a live Martian warrior for years. As he removed his disguise, Cummings told Ogor that it had all been a trap and that he only pretended to be a scientist as he revealed himself to be...Zeno, the master spy of Jupiter!

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck.

In this issue of Chamber of Darkness, one of the four stories was an original, while two others were reprints, however after checking a few different sources, I could find no reprint information about this particular story -- it may have been an old story retitled, or it may have been an inventory story that was never printed. If anyone can provide any further information, it would be appreciated! -- So granted; the reprint "The Beast That Walks Like a Man" was from Chamber of Darkness#8; the original is "The Thing in Human Form" from Tales to Astonish I#14. -- Prime Eternal

In regards to Ogor's ship: As written in the story, "Within two days, the faster-than-light ship reaches Earth..."

Scientific Fact: Mars is anywhere between 35 million to 250 million miles from Earth, but even travelling at "only" light speed, Ogor could have reached Earth in a matter of minutes...I dunno, maybe he couldn't activate his ship's hyperdrive in the gravity of the solar system (or else he musta taken a heckuva wrong turn or somethin') -- Hey, Stan! Do I get a No-Prize?

Profile by John Kaminski

Ogor has no known connections to:

Zeno/"John Cummings" has no known connection to:


The master spy of Jupiter, Zeno had come to Earth and established the identity of scientist John Cummings, inventor of a powerful new weapon, all for the sole purpose of capturing a live Martian warrior for his leaders on Jupiter.

--Tales to Astonish I#14/3











Chamber of Darkness#8, p19, pan2 (main image)

p20, pan2 (head shot)
p22, pan8 (Zeno)

Other Appearances:
Tales to Astonish I#14 (December, 1960) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Don Heck (artist)

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