Real Name: Zamu (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (R'Zahnian) (Pre-Modern era)

Occupation: Spy, stage-magician

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: R'Zahnian leader

Enemies: Doctor Druid

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Zemu (see comments)

Base of Operations: His home in an unidentified American city;
   originally from the planet R'Zahn (second from sun), Lahj'kk star-system, Milky Way Galaxy (see comments)

First Appearance: Amazing Adventures I#3/3 (August, 1961) [Weird Wonder Tales#20/2 (January, 1977) (see comments)]

Powers/Abilities: The red-skinned Zamu was a malevolent extraterrestrial who possessed no paranormal abilities; he wore a full-head mask (and presumably flesh-colored gloves) to disguise himself as a human.

Zamu utilized various instruments of R'Zahnian technology, including giant magnets, and a view-screen to communicate with his leader; he was armed with an "infra-ray detector/delta-ray gun".

Height: 5'10" (by approximation)
Weight: 170 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Red
Hair: Red

(Amazing Adventures I#3/3 (fb) - BTS) - The past of Zamu is largely unrevealed, but he somehow came to Earth (see comments) and disguised himself as a human. He became famous as a stage-magician by using his world's advanced technology to accomplish seemingly impossible feats.

(Amazing Adventures I#3/3) - At one such performance at a theater, Zamu levitated stunned members of the audience, and he claimed he possessed the power of true magic--other professional magicians where unable to explain Zamu's tricks, and some were even inclined to believe his claim.

   Zamu's popularity grew, and he soon became the top draw in show business; at a news-conference, Zamu announced his future plans--he was going to enter politics and run for governor of the state. A few weeks later, Zamu embarked on a tremendous political campaign, and at his rallies, he promised to use his magic power to improve conditions throughout the state if he were elected.

   Zamu's activities attracted the attention of Dr. Druid, who went to the theater where Zamu had performed his feats of "magic"; Druid's investigation quickly determined that Zamu was no magician, but that he had actually used ultra-modern devices to perform his tricks.

   A few hours later, Dr. Druid sneaked into Zamu's home and remained hidden while he spied upon him; Zamu's true nature was revealed when he removed his mask, then activated a view-screen to report to his leader about the progress of his mission. Druid used ventriloquism and threw his voice behind Zamu, and the startled alien took out a ray-gun to use against the unseen intruder. But Dr. Druid took Zamu by surprise, then used hypnosis to place the alien in a trance.

   Once assured that he was in control of Zamu's will, Dr. Druid summoned the authorities and had the alien confess his plot to the police--Zamu was going to use his influence as governor to pave the way for an invasion by his people.

   Presumably, the police took Zamu into custody, but his subsequent fate is unrevealed.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer) and Jack Kirby (pencils)

When this 5-page story was originally published in Amazing Adventures I#3/3, it featured Dr. Droom battling Zemu; when it was reprinted in Weird Wonder Tales#20/2 (using the magic of retroactive-continuity), it was redrawn and re-lettered to make Dr. Droom into Dr. Druid, and Zemu became Zamu (probably to avoid confusion with Zemu/Xemu of the Fifth Dimension)--all subsequent references refer to him by this name.

It was unrevealed exactly how Zamu came to Earth--unless he was teleported, possibly he had a spaceship hidden somewhere.
--Ron Fredricks

Zamu was originally an invader from Saturn, but Weird Wonder Tales#20 changed his homeworld to R'Zahn.
Maybe the R'Zahnians had a base on one of the moons of Saturn (much like the Kronans/"Stone Men from Saturn"), or maybe their invasion fleet was orbiting the ringed planet.
--Ron Fredricks

Zamu's eye-color and height are based on the R'Zahnians entry from The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#15: Appendix: Alien Races.

I really do love the adventures of Zamu and Krogg, which assure us that there's no such thing as magic-- just alien life-forms bent on our destruction! Makes me sleep better at night!

Profile by Prime Eternal. Expansion by Ron Fredricks (additional images, sub-profiles, etc.)

Zamu should not be confused with:

Zamu's giant magnets

Some of the advanced R'Zahnian technology utilized by Zamu for his performances, the magnets were installed on the rooftop of a theater.

The magnets were used by Zamu to "magically" levitate some theater patrons, but were later discovered by Dr. Druid.

--Amazing Adventures I#3/3

Zamu's "infra-ray detector/delta-ray gun"

Hidden in a drawer in Zamu's home, it was a handheld weapon that was apparently capable of finding an unseen target (possibly by using infra-red radiation to locate the target's heat-signature), and firing "delta rays," which would presumably disintegrate the target.

When Dr. Druid sneaked into Zamu's home and used ventriloquism to startle the alien, Zamu grabbed the ray-gun and threatened to use it on the unseen intruder. But Dr. Druid took the alien by surprise and placed Zamu in a hypnotic trance before he had the chance to use the weapon.

--Amazing Adventures I#3/3

R'Zahnian leader

Zamu's unidentified superior, he communicated with him from their homeworld via a view-screen--he questioned Zamu about the progress of his mission.

Zamu enthusiastically reported to the leader that he would soon be elected governor of the state, and he would use his political influence to pave the way for their invasion of Earth--unbeknownst to the two extraterrestrials, Dr. Druid was eavesdropping on their conversation, and he would soon foil their plan.

--Amazing Adventures I#3/3

images: (without ads)
Amazing Adventures I#3/3, p4, pan6 (Main Image - Zamu, holding "infra-ray detector/delta-ray gun")
Amazing Adventures I#3/3, p3, pan7 (Headshot - Zamu, about to remove his human mask)
Amazing Adventures I#3/3, p3, pan9 (Headshot - Zamu)
Amazing Adventures I#3/3, p1, pan3 (Zamu in his magician's attire)
Amazing Adventures I#3/3, p2, pan3 (Zamu (standing in spotlight, in magician's attire) announces his plans to enter politics at news-conference)
Amazing Adventures I#3/3, p1, pan2 (audience in theater, levitated by Zamu's "magic")
Amazing Adventures I#3/3, p3, pan3 (Dr. Druid discovers Zamu's magnets on theater rooftop)
Amazing Adventures I#3/3, p4, pan5 (Zamu reaches for "infra-ray detector/delta-ray gun")
Amazing Adventures I#3/3, p4, pan1 (R'Zahnian leader (on view-screen) speaks with Zamu; Dr. Druid (left))

Amazing Adventures I#3/3 (August, 1961) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Jack Kirby (pencils), Dick Ayers (inks) - [original, as Zemu]

Weird Wonder Tales#20/2 (January, 1977) - same as above - [reprint, as Zamu]

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