Harry Markham draws with the magic crayon

Real Name: Harry Markham

Identity/Class: Normal human (1960s - Pre-Modern Era)

Occupation: Owner of a crayon factory

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: His employees (very loose), notably Willowby and an old worker (unnamed)

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: London, UK

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#104/2 (January, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: Harry Markham was a normal human with limited managerial skills and lacked compassion.

Harry Markham


(Strange Tales I#104/2) - Harry Markham managed a factory that made coloring crayons. He managed his men with stiffness and pitiless, and lacked generosity.

    One day, he demoted an employee named Willowby for being late by five minutes. Markham later noticed an old worker who was dedicating his time to a single crayon, instead of working on the production pipeline. The old worker had created a magic crayon, but Markham did not believe him and dismissed him. Wondering, Markham tried to use the crayon. He had never drawn in his life, but his hand and the crayon created a beautiful drawing. His employees congratulated him, but when he tried to stop drawing, he found that he could not. Likewise, all the efforts of the employees around him ould not stop him from drawing. Markham understood that it was an enchantment on the crayon. Desperately, asked for his workmen to go out and look for the old man who had created it. 

Comments: Created by Stan Lee & Larry Lieber (writers) and Paul Reinman (art).

The old worker was rather surprised at examining his magic crayon. It seemed he had created his first magic item. I wouldn't classify him as a magic user, in general, but he became as expert in his job and seemd to be able to imbue minor enchantments in the things he created.

Profile by Spidermay.

Harry Markham has no known connections to

The old worker

The old worker

The unnamed old worker seemed a normal man, but he had the ability to create magic crayons. The magic crayon he created could let a person draw anything they wanted with ease and speed. The old man worked in Markham's factory. He was proud to have created a magic crayon but was unsure whether or not to use it. The magic crayon forced the person who used it to draw forever, and could be dangerous. Upon seeing the aged employee work on a single crayon, Markham dismissed the worker without hearing any explanation, and the old man had to go away, leaving his creation to Markham. Markham's employees later searched for the old worker to halt the enchantment.

--Strange Tales I#104/2



Willowby was an employee in Markham's factory. One day the train he used to travel to work had an accident. He arrived five minutes late and Markham demoted him to the warehouse. 




--Strange Tales I#104/2

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Strange Tales I#104/2, p4, pan7 (Markham drawing with the crayon)
Strange Tales I#104/2, p3, pan2 (Markham, head shot)
Strange Tales I#104/2, p3, pan1 (old man with the crayon)
Strange Tales I#104/2, p2, pan3 (

Strange Tales I#104/2 (January, 1963) - Stan Lee and Larry Lieber (writers), Paul Reinman (art), Stan Lee (editor)

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