Real Name: Willis Striker

Identity/Class: Human mutate (supernatural?), post-WWII era

Occupation: Tree;
    formerly businessman

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Billings

Enemies: "Old Man"

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Tarryville, in the Catskills
     formerly unrevealed

First Appearance: Marvel Tales I#105/4 (February, 1952)

Powers/Abilities: As a normal human, Striker possessed no powers. Once turned into a tree-like being, he was apparently rooted to the ground, and lived the same way a tree would.


(Marvel Tales I#105/4) - Businessman Willis Striker arrived in the town of Tarryville for his annual vacation. However, when he went to Billings' shop to rent out his usual cabin, he was told he couldn't have it, as there was a weird old man there that refused to leave. Billings warned Striker that the man was evil, but Striker ignored him.

    Striker arrived at the cabin to find a deformed old man tending a human-shaped tree, and chased the old man off. He tried to enjoy his vacation, but became restless, and investigated the "tree," finding that its sap was almost blood-like. Later that night, he realized that he had some sort of plant-growth on his arm that kept growing. It eventually spread across his body. Striker realized that he had to destroy the tree, but before he could reach it with an axe, his own roots tied him to the ground. Once he was rendered immobile next to the other tree, the old man returned to tend to them.




Comments: Created by Stan Lee or Larry Lieber, and Joe Sinnott.

Profile by Madison Carter


Willis Striker has no known connections to


Shop-owner who warned Striker about the weird old man who refused to leave the rental cabin.

--Marvel Tales I#105/4

Old Man

An evil old man, whose body and face were twisted. He tended to the humans who were transformed into tree-things.

--Marvel Tales I#105/4

Marvel Tales I#105, story 4, page 2, panel 3 (main and Billings)
     page 5, panels 3-4 (tree form)
     page 1, panel 1 (old man)

Marvel Tales I#105 (February, 1952) - Stan Lee or Larry Lieber (writer), Joe Sinnott (artist), Stan Lee (editor)


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