Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant or mutate

Occupation: Superhero, professional mama's boy

Group Membership: Unidentified team (see comments)

Affiliations: "Captain W" (see comments), "Chicken Hawk" (see comments), the police, unidentified alien girlfriend

Enemies: Jaywalkers

Known Relatives: Unidentified mother, unidentified father (deceased)

Aliases: Son, My son the Super-Hero

Base of Operations: Unidentified city, possibly Chicago (see comments)

First Appearance: FOOM#5 (April, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Undefined super strength and flight capabilities.

Height: Unrevealed (6'; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (200 lbs.; by approximation)
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: Unrevealed

(FOOM#5 - BTS) - His father died due to being somewhat clumsy. His father may have been a superhero leaving his son to carry on his legacy.

(FOOM#5) - He lived with his elderly mother in an apartment building and took care of her.

   He went grocery shopping with his mother and flexed his muscles at the ladies while carrying her bags.

   He got his cape stuck in the elevator door while exiting it with his mother who commented he was clumsy like his father.

   He went to dinner at a playboy club with his mother who covered their hostess' ample breasts with a menu when he began staring at them.

   He took his mother to a comic Pop Art exhibition at an art gallery.

   Carrying his mom in his arms, the Super-Hero swooped inside a room to avoid stepping on the floor where an elderly man was on his hands and knees possibly looking for a lost contact lens all the while being filmed by a lady with a movie camera.

(FOOM#6) - His mother, while cleaning house, questioned her son about him having to wear his costume to watch TV.

   With a smile on his face, he left a house of ill repute as a couple of ladies of the night quip about his image being shot to Hell.

   He invited his friend, a fellow superhero in a bird costume, over and his mother asked why he couldn't bring anyone over that she could introduce to her friends.

   When it was cold winter weather, he wore a scarf and earmuffs while flying over the city on one of his patrols.

(FOOM#7) - He flew alongside a fellow superhero and asked in conversation what the average man was doing.

   During one of his crimefighting escapades he apparently lost the fight and ended up on crutches with a heavily bandaged right leg, a bandaged left arm in a sling and a large bump on his head.

   A couple of cops witnessed him violently take down a couple of jaywalkers while commenting about him doing so in the past.

(FOOM#8) - He brought his alien date home to meet his mother who commented in private to her son that she did not care how many planets her father owned, she still looked cheap to her!

   He was attempting to change into his costume in a phonebooth when his mother interrupted him saying that he needed to hurry up as a nearby gentleman needed to make an important phone call.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee & Marie Severin.

This character concept was a proposed black and white funny superhero book called "My Son the Super-Hero" geared towards an older audience that Stan Lee and Marie Severin had planned to produce but due to both of their busy schedules at the time was never completed. Between the two of them they only made a series of twelve one panel comics, which were featured only in the pages of Marvel's fanzine FOOM. According to the introduction to the character's first appearance the proposed book was thought of several years before Marvel printed the Not Brand Echh Comic series (August, 1967) making its proposed publication date to be around 1960.

No origin or back story was ever revealed but it was hinted that his deceased father was once a superhero and may have been active during WWII. He was referred to as being clumsy by the Super-Hero's mother which may have led to his death and that her son was just like him. The Super-Hero may have been part of a superhero team, but this too was unrevealed, but he did team-up with a few other heroes that were unidentified. For clarifications I named them the "Chicken Hawk" and "Captain W" and are both subject to change if ever (highly unlikely) featured in another comic.

Even though no base of operations or home city was mentioned, I believe the Super-Hero likely lived in Chicago. My reason for this is simply due to the timeline that this comic strip was first conceived (1960) and one of the cartoon panels taking place inside a Playboy Club. The only Playboy Club opened in 1960 was in Chicago and was the first to do so in the United States. Other clubs opened the following year in 1961 in Miami and New Orleans. New York City did not open a Playboy Club until 1962.

Profile by AvatarWarlord.

The Super-Hero has no known connections to:


She was an elderly widower and mother of the Super-Hero. Her son seemed to be overly protective of her and went with her no matter where she needed to go (such shopping and visiting friends). Her motherly instincts and prudish behavior tended to try to shield her son’s often lurid stares and attention getting poses around the ladies when out in public. She did not appear to like his taste in women. --FOOM #5-8

"Captain W"

He was a fellow superhero that joined him in patrolling the city from the skies.


"Chicken Hawk"

He was fellow superhero that was invited over for a visit.


unidentified alien girlfriend

Her father was said to have ruled many planets. She began dating the Super-Hero and was brought home to meet his mother who took her son aside and said she looked cheap.


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FOOM#5, p30, pan2 (Mother)
FOOM#6, p12, pan3 (Chicken Hawk)
FOOM#7, p12, pan1 (Captain W)
FOOM#8, p2, pan1 (alien girlfriend)

FOOM#5 (April 1974) - Stan Lee (writer), Marie Severin (artist)
FOOM#6 (April 1974) - Stan Lee (writer), Marie Severin (artist)
FOOM#7 (April 1974) - Stan Lee (writer), Marie Severin (artist)
FOOM#8 (April 1974) - Stan Lee (writer), Marie Severin (artist)

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