Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human/Mutate (Earth-84041)

Occupation: Pencil-pusher/superhero

Group Membership: None

Generic Girlfriend; Generic Boss

Enemies: Parsons, Sanderson, Emily Carstairs

Known Relatives: Unnamed Mother, Unnamed Father,
Bobby (Younger Brother)

Aliases: None

Base Of Operations: Manhattan, NY

First Appearence: Generic Comic Book: Type Super-Hero Action Adventure#1 (April, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Slightly enhanced strength, Super speed (Um... Around 30mph, I guess...), enhanced leaping abilities... Basically he became an Olympic-level athlete. Along with all that, he had a complete and total lack of shame and silver hair

Weaknesses: Negative thinking

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White (formerly brown)

History: (Generic Comic Book#1) Our unnamed hero walks his girlfriend to the bus stop, where she is catching a bus to her Aunt Clara's, who is sick. Seeing her off, he stops by at the hospital to visit his comatose little brother Bobby. On his way home, he is held up at gunpoint by muggers who take all his money, leaving barely enough for a subway ride home in change. After sneaking in, he gets so angry about his status in life that he smashes his favorite glow in the dark snowglobe of 3 Mile Island. See, that's his hobby. Collecting glow in the dark stuff. Yep. Anyway, after spending 19 years of his life surrounded by glow in the dark doohickeys, he is awakened to the sound of popping. As he reaches his bathroom mirror, he realizes it was just the sound of his muscles popping out! Also, his hair is now silver! At the breakfast table he worries about his parents noticing his changes, but they're too busy with their morning rituals. Sneaking out to catch the bus, he rips the screen door right off it's hinges. Just missing it, he runs to catch it... And does! His boss compliments him on his recent muscle growth, but Parsons, who has always hated him, says he can't fool him with a padded suit. Emily Carstairs, the office flirt, hits on him, but there's something important he has to do... Look in the phone book for a store selling superhero uniforms! A little low on money, he has to buy the tacky economy superhero outfit. Sneaking into his house late, he gets past his parents, who are watching some kind of prime time soap. Putting on his costume, he sneaks out his window to do super stuff. Spotting some hooligans trying to mug some lady, our hero dives into action. He quickly disposes of them, until the evil genius Sanderson shows up and plants negative thoughts in his mind. While our hero is trembling in fear, Sanderson slowly walks up to him to hit him with his super special... Punch to the gut! When the hero wakes up, he heads for home, but it's already time for work. Barely making it through the daily grind, he takes a short nap and paints his old football helmet white to match his costume. Easily taking care of Sanderson's cronies, he gained revenge on the mad genius, revealing that he had put a self-help tape in his football helmet. As the police showed up, he took Sanderson's helmet and made a hasty exit. After his success last night, he walked into work the next morning feeling like he owned the world. Unfortunately, the cops are there and arrest his boss for hiring Sanderson last night! Realizing that now Parsons is his boss, our hero wonders if this is the reality he'll hafta put up with from now on.

Comments: Created by Steve Skeates & Dave Morris.

To quote Mr. Generic, about his $29.95 costume, "I'll probably have to miss a few lunches this week!"

The Generic Super-Hero's adventures could easily occurred in the MU, but until clarified, they're fringe adventures, and will be lumped into an alternate Earth (Earth-Generic, naturally), until clarified as otherwise--Snood.
Or Earth-84041 as it is now!
--Markus Raymond

The Generic Super-Hero got a full entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook.

Profile by: Zerostar

Clarifications: Generic Super-Hero is not to be confused with:


A former "respected scientist" who gave up the sweet life for a career on the mad side. He invented a helmet which, when combined with his insults, brutally injured anyone's self esteem. After Super-Hero beat up the muggers, Sanderson recruited them as his thug squad. Despite his success in their first encounter, Super-Hero's self help tape proved to be too much for his insults and he was quickly defeated. Afterwards he confessed to the police that Super-Hero's boss hired him to rob some place to cover for him dipping into company assets.

Generic Girlfriend:

Super-Hero's main squeeze, she left town to help her sick aunt. She seemed very supportive and loving of Super-Hero (God knows he needs all the help he can get... GLOW IN THE DARK STUFF, I TELLS YA)


Bobby has been in this "same pathetic coma for over three months now!" Apparently he's waiting for an operation, as Super-Hero mentions that getting a promotion and a raise will help him somehow. Poor kid is probably STILL in a coma.


Generic Boss

: The hero's boss at his dayjob. Hired Sanderson to rob some place to cover for his embezzlement. He seemed like a nice enough guy and liked Super-Hero's work around the office though.



All around mean dude. Liked to put down Super-Hero every chance he got, but after the boss was fired, he became Super-Hero's new boss. DOH!


Emily Carstairs:

The office flirt. After Super-Hero's transformation, she hit on him, but he was having none of it.

Generic Comic Book: Type Super-Hero Action Adventure#1 (April, 1984) - Steve Skeates (writer), Dave Morris & "Many Hands" (pencils)

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