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Real Name: Munnopor

Identity/Class: Sentient extradimensional world;
    magic-user / mystic principality

Occupation: Mystic Entity

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Aged Genghis, Edward Catherwood, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Augustyne Phyffe, Rintrah, Jacob Roark, numerous other mystics;
    some association with Set; see also the Catalogue of Correspondences for Set from Ian McNee's reading of the First Tarot

Enemies: Other unidentified mystic entities involved in the War of the Seven Spheres

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Munipoor, Munnipor, Munnoper

Base of Operations: Munnopor (extradimensional realm)

First Appearance: (Named/invoked) Strange Tales#120 (May, 1964);
    (seen in humanoid form) Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#49 (
January, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Munnopor is a sentient world with vast knowledge and power over magic forces at a level comparable to demons and deities. Its surface is covered by mists and around it/him twelve moons orbit, moons which always lighten a vale. The moons are defined "Mystic"; it is reasonable to think that their own magic power increases Munnopor's still great power, but this is only a speculation.

    In humanoid form, Munnopor seems a long, dark-blue haired female, with light-purple skin and, at least, 13 orange moons painted on, or tattooed on, or part of her skin. The powers she grants to those who invoke her can vary from spell to spell. 

    The Moons of Munnopor are typically used to focus or to enforce a spell the effects of which can be varied. These spells are usually produced invoking also another mystic entity. The Moons are called "mystic" or "dozen" or "twelve" or "many," but their related spell can also be used without "help" from other entities, for example: to break an opponent's existing spell, or to banish an enemy.

    Munnopor's Moonlit Maze usually has effect on the mind of the target. It can induce a confused state, whose mind is entrapped or distracted by the mental maze, or can attract the attention of the creature.

    Mists of Munnopor are used to banish an enemy, or to hide something or someone.

History:  Munnopor's origins are unrevealed. It is one of the Principalities, god-like and/or demonic beings invoked for mystic power.

(Doctor Strange III#48 - BTS) - As many other powerful mystic beings, Munnopor was involved in the War of the Seven Spheres, a Pan-cyclic conflict between magic entities which will endure for 5000 years.

(Strange Tales I#120 - BTS) - Doctor Strange invoked Munnopor and her twelve moons, among other mystic powers, and he was granted the power and the spell he needed.

(Doctor Strange III#49) - Munnopor, looking for a champion to fight for her in the War of the Seven Spheres, thought that she had the right to enslave Dr. Strange, because of the many times she granted her help to the sorcerer to cast his spells. So, she reached the dimension where Dr. Strange was. There, she found that many other mystic entities sought for the sorcerer's services: the Vishanti, Cyttorak, Watoomb, Ikonn, the Seraphim, the Faltine, Raggadorr, Satannish, Valtorr and Denak. Unable to fulfill none of the requests, Strange pronounced the Enchantment of Emancipation, refusing to serve Munnopor and any other being in their multi-dimensional war. Munnopor and the other mystic entities then, had to accepted Strange's denial of service, so hurled him back to the Earth but negated him any help in the future.

(Marvel Tarot#1) - Ian McNee showed a map listing the order of a number of cosmic planes. The Many Moons of Munnopor are the 18th realm in a list starting with the Crossroads (as number one) and the Well Beyond the World (as number twenty). Earth and the non-mystical realms were listed as zero. And a number of "Inner planes" (created by the Elder Gods Set and Chthon as they fled Earth) are listed before Earth.
    The Many Moons of Munnopor was part of a subcategory of realms known as the Cosmic Concordance. This subcategory includes the Mindscape, the Many Moons of Munnopor, the Sacred Suns of Cinnibus, and the Well Beyond the Worlds.

Comments: Name and use in spells created by Stan Lee;
    Form revealed by Len Kaminski (writer), Geof Isherwood (pencils), Petrecca & Hudson (inks), George Roussos (colors).

    In Doctor Strange III#58, Strange revived Pura-Shamutra, one of the entities involved in the War of the Seven Spheres, whose death had caused a cosmic unbalance and had seriously damaged the tissue of the Universe. Strange convinced Pura-Shamutra that the War could lead to the annihilation of everything and that the annihilation was probably the purpose of the Trinity of Ashes. Pura-Shamutra promised to intervene to stop the destruction.
    It is my opinion that Geof Isherwood's purpose about the future events was that Pura-Shamutra and/or Strange would manage to stop the War, convincing the other mystic entities about the extreme danger related to the death of one of them, and eventually that Munipoor and the other entities who tried to enslave Strange would give him again their favor.--Spidermay
Instead, in Doctor Strange III#80, Strange revealed that he had fought BTS in the War and that he had regained the favor of the Vishanti (and, probably, the Munnopor's favor, too).

    In Doctor Strange III#48, Strange invoked Munipoor (and not Munnopor) and in the #49, a being, who called herself Munipoor, appeared!
    I don't know if the World of Munnopor has a name different than her human personification, it is reasonable to think that the entity has more than one name. In fact, on a document I found on internet, speaking about the Realms of Magic in the Marvel RPG Game, Munnopor was also called Munnoper and Munnipor.

    Reading a review on Internet about Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.#7, the author pointed out that the "...Moons of Munnopor" could be based likely on the Majipoor series by scifi grandmaster Robert Silverberg. I spent 5 minutes on Internet looking for further information. Silverberg describes a world, bigger than Saturn and Jupiter:

    Silverberg's first book on the World of Majipoor was printed in 1980, far after Strange Tales I#120 (1965), but his first novels were printed in 1959, but I don't know if they involved Majipoor.
    However, considering Ditko's tendency to keep Strange's history on Oriental flavours, like his Hymalaian origins, it is easy to find an assonance among Munnopor/Munipoor and Manipur, a little state of the Indian Republic.

    Thanks to Catherine Yronwode and her THE LESSER BOOK OF THE VISHANTI web-site, I was able to easily find some occasions in which Munnopor's name was used by Dr. Strange for his spells. The invocations which produced an effective spell could means that Munnopor was BTS. I added many other spells invoking Munnopor to the Yronwode's list, nonetheless, the list is not complete, and some spells are re-translated from Italian to English. Feel free to let us know what is missing or incorrect, specifying the issue, the caster, the effects of the spell and all the information useful to describe and understand it. In this list, when not specified, the spellcaster was Strange.--Spidermay

Strange Tales I#120: Banish: Eerie Imprisoning Mists

In the name of the Dread Dormammu!!
By the Hosts of the Hoary Hoggoth!
I call upon the Mystic Realm!
Let the fury of the ageless Vishanti show
itself -- Dr. Strange commands!
By the twelve moons of Munnopor --
my will must be done!!

[after the mists dissolve]
It is done! In the name of the venerated
Ancient One, I dismiss the powers
that be! They have served me well!
Strange Tales I#125: Oath

... I swear, by the Twelve Moons of Munnoper...

Strange Tales I#126: Strange thought an exclamation

By the Twelve Moons of Munnipor....

Strange Tales I#128: Exclamation

By the Twelve Moons of Munnopor...

Strange Tales I#129:

Strange thought an exclamation: By the Mystic Moons of Munnopor...

Strange thought an exclamation: By the Twelve Moons of Munnopor...

Strange Tales I#131: Strange created multiple illusions using hypnotism, enforcing the spell invoking the Moons of Munnopor. The illusions fooled Mordo's ghost-servants. 
By the many moons of Munnopor! Let it be so!
Strange Tales I#137: Exclamation the Moons of Munnopor...

Strange Tales I#138: Sub-title-ballon by Stan Lee: the twelve moons of Munnopor...

Strange Tales I#142: Banish: Entrapping Spell

By the mystic moons of Munnopor --
By the demons of night and day --
By the flames of the flawless Faltine --
Let yon spell be dissolved away!

[Note: the caster was a Demon]

Strange Tales I#154: Banish: Demons with Munnopor's Mists

By the Seven Rings of Raggadorr!
By the power of dark and gloom!
Let the mystic mists of Munnopor
send yon demons to their doom!
In the name of the all-seeing --
in the name of the all-knowing --
in the name of the all-freeing
let the mists be ever growing!

Strange Tales I#155: Exclamation:

By the mystic moons of Munnopor...!

Strange Tales I#157: Exclamation:

E per le mistiche lune di Munnopor spezzero' il tuo selvaggio incantesimo!

Italian version

And by the Munnopor's mystic moons--
I'll break your spell so ominous! 

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay

And, by the mystic moons of Munnopor--
I shatter your savage spell.

Original spell

[Note: Strange broke Zom's spell, so this could be considered more than a simple exclamation, however it seems that Munnopor replied to Strange.]

Strange Tales I#160: Control: "The Spell of Exorcism"

By the Vapours of Valtorr,
by Munnopor's moonlit maze --
let the shadow of thy heart
into my hands now -- blaze!

Strange Tales I#162: Cosmic Banishment: Dimensional Travel

By the Seraphim's dread shadow --
by Munnopor's moonlit vale --
get thee hence, foul spawn of evil --
far beyond the cosmic pale!

Strange Tales I#163: Control: Attract Attention

By the Seraphim's command,
by Munnopor's mystic maze,
let their struggle dim its fury!
Unto me now draw their gaze!!

Strange Tales I#167: Space: Levitation

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth --
By the many Moons of Munnopor --
Let us be borne upon the winds!

Strange Tales I#168: Banish: Subjective Vikings

May the many Moons of Munnopor banish these phantom blade-wielders to the eternal void from whence they came!

Doctor Strange I#170: Exclamation: By the many moons of Munnopor!

Doctor Strange I#171: Exclamation: By the myriads moons of Munnopor!

Strange Tales I#172: Banish: Young Women

By the roving Rings of Raggadorr
which bind the cosmic night --
by the mystic Moons of Munnopor
which bathe the stars in light --
by the power of great Satannish --
by the might of Oshtur's name --
let the captive girls now vanish --
return from whence I came!!

Doctor Strange I#173: Exclamation: By the moons of Munnopor!

Strange Tales I#176: Banish: A Cube of Nothingness Composed of Ribbons of Nihility

By the seven Rings of Raggadorr --
by the dozen Moons of Munnopor --
may the bonds that now beset me sore --
be now cast off -- forevermore!

Strange Tales I#178: Conjure: Crystalline Imprisonment

By the roving Rings of Raggadorr
by the myriad Moons of Munnopor --
may yon brutes which sprang from founts unseen --
be encased in prisons crystalline!!

Doctor Strange I#180: Exclamation: By the moons of Munnopor!

Sub-Mariner I#22: Exclamation:

By the Moons of Munnopor!

Incredible Hulk II#126: Space: Teleportation to Earth

By the Seraphim's silent chant --
by Munnopor's mystic Moon --
may omnipotent Oshtur grant --
this fateful final boon!!

Doctor Strange II#4 : Exclamation: 

By the twelve moons!

Giant-Size Defenders#4: Conjure: Munnopor's Moonlit

Defenders I#38: Exclamation

By the moons of Monnopor!

Doctor Strange II#28: Exclamation: the mystic moons...

Doctor Strange II#34: Conjure: Mists of Munnopor

Defenders I#69

In the name of the Dark Satannish...
by the Mystic Moons of Munnopor...
let Omegatronic power vanish...
and leave you but a man once more!

Doctor Strange II#47: Conjure: Munnopor's maze

Doctor Strange II#53:

Per le lune di Munnopor e di Seraphim lo scudo,
che la cosa che mi confonde, innanzi a me si riveli.

Italian version

By the moons of Munnopor, by Seraphim's shield,
let the thing which confuses me be revealed.

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay


Doctor Strange II#57

Che il labirinto di Munnopor blocchi le loro grida!
Che la luce onniveggente attiri i loro occhi!
Voi tutti disperdetevi! Che voi cadiate innanzi al mio incanto
ma lasciate uno di voi!

Italian version

Let the Munnopor's maze stop their cries!
Let the all-seeing light capture their eyes!
Begone! Fall before my spell of fear--
but let one of you remain here!

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay


Moon Knight I#36: Exclamation:

Moons of Munnopor!

Dottor Strange II#69: Strange conjured the Mists of Munnopor to hide an entire ship to a Sea Serpent.

Doctor Strange & Doom Triumph and Torment

By the Mists of Munnopor,
'loose the power of Hoggoth's hands--
clear away this alowed door,
this the Genghis now commands! 


Strange Tales II#12: Exclamation: 

Moons of Munnopor!


Strange Tales II#19: Exclamation:

By the Moons of Munnopor, it shall not pass!

[Note: Jacob Roark invoked the Moons of Munnopor while launching some unnamed enchantements against some demonic creatures.]

Thor Annual#14

Possa la mano di Hoggoth,
che impugna le lune di Munnopor,
fermare al mio comando la chiusura di tal portale.

Italian version

Let Hoggoth's hoary hand,
wield the Moons of Munnopor,
and stop at my command--
the closing of this door!

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay


Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#5: Control

By the Seven Rings of Raggadorr--
and the Dozens Moons of Munnopor--
I hurl thee to the Park's green floor!

[Note: Casted by Strange upon an unknown assailant who actually was Rintrah hiding behind a bush.]

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#6

By the Seven Rings of Raggadorr...
by the dozen Moons of Munnopor...
may the bonds that do beset me sore...
be now cast off--forevermore!

[Note: already used in Strange Tales I#176.]

Marvel Comics Presents#44:

Animation Incantation

Per le Mistiche lune di Munnopor...
dove luce e tenebre si sfidano tetre...
possano ora, questa pergamena, questo scrigno e quest'anfora,
dal grande potere delle lune prendere vita!

Italian version

By the Munnopor's Mystic Moons...
where light and darkness grimly fight...
this scroll, this amphora and this cask might
take life from the great power of the Moons.

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay

Animation Incantation - Rintrah

Per le mistiche lune di Munnopor...
dove luce e tenebre si sfidano tetre...
possa ora, quest'umile e domestica scopa...
dal grande potere delle lune prendere vita!

Italian version

By the Munnopor's Mystic Moons...
where light and darkness grimly fight...
this humble domestic broom might...
take life from the great power of the Moons.

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay

Rintrah conjured an Incantation of Cloaking

Animation Incantation

Per le mistiche lune di Munnopor...
dove luce e tenebre si sfidano tetre...
possa ora, questa sudicia pila di cibo rancido...
dal grande potere delle lune prendere vita!

Italian version

By the Munnopor's Mystic Moons...
where light and darkness grimly fight...
this filthy pile of rancid food might...
take life from the great power of the Moons.

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay

[Note: Rintrah animated a pile of debris.]

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#18: Exclamation:

By the Moons of Munnopor...

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#19: Banish

By the Mystic Moons of Munnopor--
by the roving rings of Raggadorr--
These tendrils which now toward us roll--
be driven back into their hole!

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#31/1

By the blinding white of Hoggoth's hoary swarm--
by the awesome eye which gleams on Agamotto's brow--
by the moonlight thrust by Munnopor like a sword--
let me enter the mind of this being--now!

[Note: Strange entered in Silver Surfer's comatose mind.]

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#33/1: Exclamations:  

By the Moons of Munnopor!

Moons of Munnopor...

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#36: Exclamation:

By Munnopor's Moon

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#37

By the darksome void where chaos reigned--
by the myriads Moons of Munnopor--
the Silver Surfer be now constrained
by the Roving Rings of Raggadorr!

Marvel Super Heroes III#11: Strange removed the curse on the diary of the Aged Genghis:

By the Roving Rings of Raggadorr,
which bind the cosmic night...
by the Mystic Moons of Munnopor,
which bathe the stars in light...
by the might of Oshtur's name--
return whence you came!

[Note: very similar to the banishing spell used in Strange Tales I#172.]

Marvel Super Heroes III#14: Augustyne Phyffe tried to perform a spell of Dimensional Exploration 

By the Seraphim's silent chant--
and by Munnopor's mystic moon--
may omniscent Oshtur grant
this servant's humble boon...!

[Note: the spell wasn't performed perfectly and Dyskor the Purveyor appeared. The spell is very similar to the one used in Incredible Hulk II#126.]

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#41: Exclamation:

By the Moons of Munnopor!

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#48: Conjure Space-Time Singularity: Dimensional Door

Magia di Hawking, Einstein e Bohr che occulto e quanti vuoi intrecciati
la porta dello spazio-tempo aperta sia da equazioni e calcoli invero acuti
Seraphim, Vril e Munipoor piegate le leggi della relatività
aprite il passaggio in fuga da un pericolo
di non lieve gravità.

Italian version

Magic of Hawking, Einstein and Bohr
with the occult science so joined
let the space-time door
by calculus and equations be opened.
Seraphim, Vril and Munipoor
bend the laws of relativity
open the passage to flee before
a danger of great gravity!

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay


Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#49: Emancipation Incantation

Satannish, Watoomb e Raggadorr
Ikonn, Seraphim e Cyttorak
Agamotto, Oshtur e Munipoor
Hoggoth, Faltini, Valtorr e Denak!
Voi che ho nominato e voi che ho omesso
voi che minacciate la mia amata libertà udite questa sentenza: ciò non sarà permesso.
Le vostre pretese su di me rigetto
le richieste di servitù devo rifiutare
per la vostra saggezza ho grande rispetto
ma per essa è troppo alto il prezzo da pagare!
Il sentiero che percorro deve essere solo mio.
Ascoltate queste parole: che il mio destino lo decida io.

Italian version

Satannish, Watoomb and Raggadorr
Ikonn, the Seraphim and Cyttorak
Agamotto, Oshtur and Muniporr
Hoggoth, the Faltine, Valtorr and Denak!
Those whom I named plus other I'v omitted
whose who threatened my cherished liberty
hark to this irrevocable decree:
such enslavement will not be permitted
your claims on my person I now reject
all demands of servitude I must deny
for your wisdom and might I've the utmost respect
but the price for its use is far too high
better the path I walk be mine alone
hear now these words: let my fate be my own!

Original version


Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.#7: Conjure Demon

I Blind the Vishanti.
I shred the shade of the Seraphim and scatter them.
I put the moons of Monnopor to the torch.
I have made your mark in the blood of French Canadians.
You cannot deny my contract.
Listen! I Summon you!

[A representant of the Beyond Corporation succeded in summoning Rorkannu of the Faltines.]


Profile by Spidermay.

Munnopor has no known connections to any other "Moon" character.

Doctor Strange III#49, p8, pan3 (Munnopor)

Doctor Strange III#49 (January, 1993) - Len Kaminski (writer), Geof Isherwood (pencils), Bob Petrecca & Don Hudson (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Marvel Tarot#1 (2007) - David Sexton (writer/designer), Jeff Youngquist (editor)

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