Real Name: Dyskor

Identity/Class: Extra-Dimensional Demon

Nature of abilities: Magic User

Occupation: Talent scout / agent for evil extra-dimensional overlords

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dormammu, Tiboro, Satannish, Mephisto

: Doctor Strange; Augustyne Phyffe

Known Relatives: Unrevealed

Aliases: The Purveyor

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes III#14/2; Summer Special 1993 (July 1993) 

Powers/Abilities: Vast magical powers, powerful enough to battle and inflict serious damage on Doctor Strange; Dyskor also controls ectoplasmic wraiths; Dyskor was able to assume a more human-like form and create a fake, magical NY subway train (and presumably an extra-dimensional pocket around it) to entrap Augustyne Phyffe.



History:  (Marvel Super-Heroes III#14/2) - Augustyne Phyffe, the son of Lord Julian Phyffe, having chosen to become a fine artist in New York, was suddenly beset by shadow creatures who attacked him and killed two of his friends. Thinking that it might be a side-effect of his repressed magical powers, he sought Doctor Strange's help, who agreed to train him as a mystic. Despite his considerable raw power, Augustyne lacked in skill. It was ultimately revealed that the shadow creatures had been sent by Dyskor, who sought to have Augustyne enter into a compact with one of the major demon lords he represented. Dyskor preyed on Augustyne's doubts, making him believe (wrongly) that his father too had signed such a contract. Eventually, Doctor Strange defeated Dyskor and drove him away.









Comments: Created by Jean-Marc Lofficier, Roy Thomas based on a concept by an Unknown Writer (writers) and Greg LaRocque (penciller) and Vince Colletta & Jerry Acerno (inks).

The "saga" of Augustyne Phyffe has a rather unusual backstory. Mike Rockwitz and Rob Tokar, then respectively editors of Doctor Strange and Marvel Super-Heroes, located two complete Doctor Strange stories in inventory, pencilled and inked but not scripted, which had been commissioned in the past (no one knew by whom), presumably paid for, but had never been used. The first story had a plot attached by a Stuart Hopen; the second story had no such credit. There were no art credits and these had to be guessed by the editors. Wanting to use the stories, Tokar asked Roy Thomas and Jean-Marc Lofficier if it was possible to script them. Lofficier came up with the idea of linking the two otherwise unconnected stories through the appearance of a bearded young man in both of them -- that character became Augustyne Phyffe -- and certain thematic similarities.

"Profile by" Jean-Marc Lofficier (yes, that Jean-Marc Lofficier!--Snood).


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Marvel Super-Heroes Summer Special 1993 Vol. 2, No. 14, p.36, panel 1
Marvel Super-Heroes Summer Special 1993 Vol. 2, No. 14, p.41, panel 3

Marvel Super-Heroes III#14 (July, 1993) - Roy Thomas & Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier (writers), Greg LaRocque (pencils), Jerry Acerno & Vince Colletta (inks), Rob Tokar (editor)

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