Real Name: Dynorr

Identity/Class: extraterrestrial (Alpha Centaurian) technology user

Occupation: leader of raider fleets

Affiliations: Kormok (ally);
    led an Alpha Centaurian fleet (including the scientist Yennon)

Enemies: Namor, Triton (Inhuman);
    humanity, any other races that he attempts to victimize

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Stalker

Base of Operations: Formerly Alpha Centauri

First Appearance: Sub-Mariner I#17 (September, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: Like all Alpha Centaurians, Dynorr possesses gills enabling him to breathe the liquid of his native world. He can also breathe under water, though he finds the waters of Earth to be foul. It is unclear whether he can breathe in air or not.

    Dynorr's strength level is unknown. He is strong and durable enough to withstand the ocean depths and to restrain the Sub-Mariner (Class 25). He also had various forms of advanced weaponry, suck as his siphon device, which could create a virtual vacuum around others, displacing the fluid from them.

(Sub-Mariner I#17 (fb) - BTS) - For countless ages, the water vapor of Alpha Centauri had been slowly escaping into space.  In more recent years, the process of dehydration had accelerated, leaving its cities exposed to the burning rays of its twins suns and its very civilization in danger of total annihilation. The Alpha Centaurians devised funnel-disks to atomize the hydrogen-oxygen liquids of other worlds and teleport them across the void of space to replenish the fluid of their world. They began to send out expeditions to planets with vast quantities of water and use their funnel-disks to steal their water.
    Dynorr was the leader of many such expeditions.

(Sub-Mariner I#18 (fb)) - On Earth, Dynorr ambushed the Inhuman Triton, capturing him and bringing him aboard their ship. Dynorr managed use some of his technology to probe Triton's thoughts and learn of the existence and amphibious nature of Namor. Dynorr the contacted the treacherous Atlantean priest Kormok and made an alliance with him.


(Sub-Mariner I#17) - Kormok sent Namor out to undergo an Atlantean ritual and walked into a trap of Dynorr's men. Namor escaped a snare sent by some of Bynorr's men only to be attacked by Dynorr himself. Namor punched him down, but Dynorr drained the fluid from around him, weakening him. Dynorr then called for his ship to use the funnel-beam against Namor, who recovered in time to push Dynorr instead into the beam.

    Dynorr returned shortly thereafter and ambushed Namor again. Namor pummeled Dynorr into submission and then walked away after checking to see that he had no heartbeat. However, Namor did not realize that Alpha Centaurians have two hearts, and that the second one starts when the first stops. Dynorr then recovered and activated the funnel-beam, catching Namor unawares and pulling him up to the ship in space.

(Sub-Mariner I#17) - On electro-probing Namor, Dynorr discovered that he had both functional gills and lungs, the latter of which allowed him to breathe air from a gaseous medium. The Alpha Centaurians hoped to learn from him how to regenerate their own vestigial lungs. However, after learning that Triton was their prisoner as well, Namor helped him escape his holding tank and the two attacked their alien captors. Namor was cast out into space, but his constitution enabled him to survive until he could be brought back on board. While he was outside, however, he had used the trident of Neptune to alter the position of the funnel-disk in hopes of preventing it from draining the water from  Earth. When Dynorr taunted the exhausted Namor and activated the funnel-disk, he did not realize it until too late that it had actually been reversed, and Alpha Centauri was instead drained dry, and burst into flames under the heat of the sun.

    Furious, the Alpha Centaurians turned on Dynorr, defeating him. The one who then succeeded Dynorr as leader felt shame over his peoples' actions against other worlds decided to let Namor and Triton go in peace. However, as a result of energies to which he had been exposed, Namor temporarily lost function in his gills and could no longer breathe underwater.

(Maximum Security#1, [2,3]) - The Dynorr may have languished in a prison for years. When next seen, he was one of the inmates beamed to Earth by the Intergalactic Council during the events of Maximum Security. In Manhattan, Dynorr struggled against Johnny Storm, the Human Torch.
    Later, several of the extraterrestrials beamed to Earth joined with the heroes of Earth to fight Ronan and the Kree/Ruul to break the barrier surrounding Earth. Dynorr may have been involved in this, but was not seen. He was most likely extradited from Earth, but his subsequent fate is unknown.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas and Marie Severin.

No known connection to:


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